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    Passions CAST - Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald Played by Eva Tamargo Lemus on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eva Tamargo Lemus

    Birthday: 1960-12-24
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Michael Lemus with a son and daughter
    Real Name: Eva Tamargo Lemus
    Height: 5' 5"


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    If I Didn't Know Better...

    Tuesday, May 27 2008

    On the phone, Juanita tells a distressed Pilar that she’s coming to kill her and her family. Juanita tells her how she’s been tracking her and knows she’s been using the bookstore as her billing address for her phone. Juanita tells Pilar that her friend from the store is about to take a short swim in deep water and cackles. Pilar lashes out at Juanita for harming her friend and Juanita says anyone close to her is fair game. Juanita continues to threaten Pilar and says while Theresa may be dead, she knows she has beautiful sons and grandchildren and she’s coming for them. After a final warning, Pilar hangs up with Juanita and thinks that her whole family has to run away from Harmony and never look back.

    Are You Ready to Die?

    Monday, May 26 2008

    While Ethan performs CPR on Gertrude, Little Ethan pleads with him to not let his mom die. Pilar whispers to her grandson not to let their secret out while Ethan and Gwen look confused over him calling Gertrude “mom”. Ethan says Gertrude is breathing again and then asks Little E why he called Gertrude “mom”. Pilar interjects and says that Little E has been traumatized by Theresa’s death and needs a mother figure and sees Gertrude as that. Ethan tries to call 911 to get Gertrude help, but the phone lines aren’t back up yet due to the earthquake. Pilar notices the color coming back into Theresa’s cheeks and prays that she will wake up. Ethan stares at Gertrude and Gwen asks him what’s wrong. He says he doesn’t know, but flashes back to telling Gertrude about Theresa and then him and Theresa having sex. Gwen asks Ethan to stop staring at Gertrude because it’s giving her the creeps and Ethan says there’s just something strange about her. Ethan tries to call 911 again and Gwen wonders what’s going on with him. Pilar notices Theresa’s wig coming off and panics while trying to put it back on without Ethan and Gwen noticing. She succeeds and Ethan kneels down next to Gertrude, as she opens her eyes. Ethan thanks her for saving Little Ethan’s life and she says any woman would have done the same thing. Gwen thinks to herself, “I have had it with this woman. She has got to go!” Ethan flashes back to his drug induced night with Theresa again and wonders why Gertrude makes him think about her.

    Ethan carries Gertrude up to her room and puts her in bed. Pilar tells Ethan she can take care of Gertrude now if he wants to leave and Gwen say that’s a good idea. Ethan says not yet and thanks Gertrude again for saving Little E’s life. Gwen takes Ethan’s hand and leads him out of the room. Little E comes to Theresa’s bedside to make sure his mother is okay. Theresa and Little E hug over both of them being alive.

    Pilar comes back to Theresa's room after putting Little E to bed and tells her how proud she is of her for protecting her son. Theresa says any mother would have done the same and Pilar says that’s how she feel about her family and Juanita. Theresa tells Pilar not to worry because she feels like she’s been protected ever since the night with the sharks, but Pilar tells her to be careful. As Theresa falls asleep, Pilar gets a feeling like someone just walked over her grave and tells her sleeping daughter that Juanita is close, maybe closer than she thinks.

    Pilar goes downstairs in the Crane mansion and sees that her friend called her. She calls back, but worries that she shouldn’t be making the call. Juanita answers and asks if Pilar is ready to die.

    Let the Games Begin!

    Wednesday, May 21 2008

    Downstairs, Pilar and Theresa take cover and Theresa worries about her kids. Pilar tells her to stay put because if something happens to her the kids will be at Gwen’s mercy. Little Ethan appears in the doorway and says he’s scared! Theresa tells him to stay where he is, but Little Ethan tries to make it across the room. Theresa sees that a bookshelf is about to fall and jumps to protect her son, but the shelf falls on both of them. Pilar cries and tries to lift the bookshelf off of Theresa and Little Ethan.

    Ethan and Gwen come out of the kids’ room and marvel that Jane and Jonathan slept through the quake. They go downstairs and see Pilar trying to pick up the bookshelf. Pilar tells them that Gertrude and Little Ethan are trapped under there and Ethan runs to help Pilar, as Gwen thinks at least she won’t have to fire Gertrude now. Ethan hears breathing and says they are still alive and Pilar tries to call for help, but the phones are down. Ethan lifts up the bookshelf and he and Pilar tend to Gertrude and Little Ethan. Ethan can’t believe Gertrude would sacrifice herself for Little Ethan and calls her incredible. Pilar carries an unconscious Little Ethan to the couch and Ethan realizes Gertrude isn’t breathing and says he can’t feel a pulse! As Ethan gives Theresa mouth to mouth, he flashes back to the night Theresa drugged him and they had sex. Ethan stops and looks confused for a moment, but then goes back to trying to revive Gertrude. Pilar worries that Ethan will realize Gertrude is really Theresa, while Gwen wishes Gertrude would wake up or die already. Little Ethan comes to and sees Theresa passed out on the floor and yells out, “Don’t let mommy die!” Ethan wants to know why Little Ethan called Gertrude mommy.

    Destruction Hits Harmony!

    Tuesday, May 20 2008

    Pilar praises Theresa for writing the letter stating that said she didn’t want Little Ethan and Jane to go to boarding school. Theresa just bemoans the fact that she can’t be with Ethan and that she has to watch him with Gwen.

    In her hideout, Juanita waits for Pilar to call and demands to know why she hasn’t yet. The tied up government agent named Henderson says they don’t have a set schedule and he doesn’t know when she will call again. Jaunita's henchman says it will only be a matter of time, but Juanita says she has waited decades and she wants Pilar and her family dead now! Henderson’s phone rings and it's Pilar asking for news on Juanita. Henderson hesitates and tells Juanita he can’t put Pilar in danger. Juanita threatens that he will if he wants his family to live. The henchman tells Henderson to keep Pilar on the line so he can trace the call. He tells Pilar that the lead he had on Juanita proved to be false and then stalls by trying to console Pilar over her situation. He asks her where she is at and Pilar wonders why he asks. He covers and Pilar tells him that she is in the northeastern part of the U.S, but Juanita probably already knows that. Henderson tells Pilar he’ll keep her posted on Juanita and hangs up.

    Pilar tells Theresa that something sounded different in Henderson’s voice and it sent shivers down her spine. Theresa tries to make Pilar feel better, but Pilar thinks something is wrong.

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