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    Passions CAST - Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald Played by Eva Tamargo Lemus on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eva Tamargo Lemus

    Birthday: 1960-12-24
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Michael Lemus with a son and daughter
    Real Name: Eva Tamargo Lemus
    Height: 5' 5"


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    The Room Stinks Long After She's Left.

    Wednesday, June 11 2008

    Pilar goes to Sheridan's cottage to visit her and Pretty. She tells them about the family vacation around the world. Both women remind her that they need Luis around; he's the father of their children. Pilar tells them that they have to come with her. The women suspect there is something she's not telling them. "If we don't leave Harmony right away, we're all gonna die," Pilar informs them. She will give them the details once they're worked out. She leaves and Pretty wonders if things can be as bad as she thinks. Sheridan is sure that they are, if not worse. The women decide that they are not going to let Luis go off around the world with Fancy. They are both determined that he will wind up married to them.

    Luis and Fancy are packing her many things. He hates to "run from some whack job" like Juanita. Fancy says they have to obey Pilar's wishes, for once. She then reminds him that he needs to keep his promise and keep the truth from Pilar; she can't know that he knows. "Why not? You broke your promise to mama?" he says. It's hard for him to leave. "Even after the workout I put you through," she lewdly remarks, admiring his member and telling him he'll have a hard time getting it through airport security. "It won't fit in the overhead compartment either," he says. She says it's a big problem and offers to solve it. They get into bed. After sex, she tells him that she'll do whatever she has to do to keep him committed. Pilar knocks on the door. They get dressed in their robes and let her in, covering up the saddle by the bed which they were using for non-horse related activities. Pilar informs them that Sheridan and Marty will be coming. Luis confronts her about her fears and she repeats that she won't let her family be murdered. Sheridan and Pretty arrive next, they watch from the doorway before coming in. Fancy tells them they're all leaving right away. Pilar is relieved that everything is working out and leaves to tell everyone downstairs that things are settled. Taking her aside, Pretty vows to Sheridan that Luis will never marry her sister.

    I Learned From the Best.

    Monday, June 09 2008

    Pilar goes into Fancy's room at the mansion and worries about Juanita. Fancy tries to calm her. Luis and Miguel walk in: They have something to tell her: They've all decided to go on the trip around the world with her. She's thrilled, embracing them and crying in joy. She takes Fancy aside and asks her how she convinced her stubborn son. It took a lot of convincing, she says. After the men walk off, Pilar repeats how evil Juanita is, far worse than Alistair ever was. Fancy tries to tell her how wonderful this trip can be... even if they no longer have Theresa. Meanwhile, Luis and Miguel are talking about how their girlfriends are manipulating them, blackmailing them with sex to force them into taking the trip. "Are we going to let them get away with this?" Luis asks his brother. Miguel assumes that Kay is up to her old tricks. They decide that they have to be tough men who can't be manipulated by sex. They quickly cave though and decide that the best thing to do is to go along just so they can make sure they get what their girlfriends have promised them. They return to Fancy and Pilar and they toast to how wonderful this trip can be.

    Don't call me a Serial Killer!

    Wednesday, June 04 2008

    Theresa runs around the mansion obsessing over Ethan. Her mother wishes she'd snap out of this when there is a mad woman ready to kill them. Theresa repeats that she doesn't care if she dies if she can't have Ethan. She is going to stay just to make sure that Gwen and Ethan can't re-commit. Pilar explains that Fancy and Kay are convincing their men to leave right now. Theresa doesn't think it will happen. Pilar is increasingly frustrated. She explains that Juanita has already killed her friend Carmelita. Suddenly, Carmelita calls. She doesn't even know how she's still alive but she's leaving the country as soon as she hangs up and recommends that Pilar do the same. Pilar starts to apologize to her friend. Carmelita explains that Juanita found the photo of Luis. "Get out of Harmony! She wants your blood!" Carmelita warns. After she tearfully says goodbye and hangs up, Pilar blames herself for everything. "We're dead! We're all dead!" Pilar says to her daughter. Theresa starts talking about Ethan again, insisting that she is in no danger as long as Juanita thinks she is dead. Her mother thinks she's being foolish. Theresa refuses to listen, no matter how many times Pilar repeats her warnings.

    Nice Shot!

    Tuesday, June 03 2008

    In the Crane Mansion, Fancy and Kay ask why Juanita would want revenge on her. Pilar spills the whole story as Kay and Fancy listen in disbelief. Fancy asks why she didn’t tell her sons the truth and Pilar says she was worried they would want to stay and fight Juanita. Luis and Miguel enter asking what the women are talking about. Pilar says they were talking about the trip and Luis and Miguel tell her now is not a good time to leave town. Pilar sends the boys into the kitchen to get coffee and cookies and Pilar tells the girls that Juanita is more vicious and cruel than Alistair ever was and that they have to get them to leave town. Fancy gets an idea and whispers it to Kay. They tell Pilar to leave it up to them because they will have them packed in no time. Fancy and Kay take their men and tell them they should go to bed. The foursome leave and Pilar prays that whatever they have planned, it will convince them to leave Harmony before Juanita gets here.

    A Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde.

    Monday, June 02 2008

    Luis and Fancy meet Miguel and Kay at the police station and update them on Ivy being found in the hospital closet and Sheridan getting thrown over the falls. They grab coffee and donuts as Pilar enters thinking she needs to convince them all to leave Harmony before Juanita finds them. Luis fills a stunned Pilar in on what’s been happening and they all wait for word on Ivy and Sheridan. Pilar suggests the family take a trip around the world to honor Theresa’s memory and insists they leave tonight. Luis can’t because of work and Miguel cites the wedding, but Pilar suggests the ceremony take place somewhere tropical. Kay, knowing that Harmony will soon be destroyed, supports the idea, but Luis and Miguel shoot the idea down. Pilar gets upset and Luis and Miguel wonder why she wants everyone out of town all of a sudden. Pilar just says it would be nice to go away, but the boys say it’s not a good time. Luis says they can plan a trip for next summer, but Pilar says it will be too late and she insists on going right now. Luis says then it will be without him because he has work to do. Pilar thinks she needs to find another way to leave Harmony before Juanita gets there and thinks Kay and Fancy are the key to convincing her sons to leave town. She asks the women to go back to the house for some girl talk and the three of them leave.

    Pilar, Fancy and Kay sit at the mansion drinking tea while Pilar tries to convince them to take a vacation. Fancy says she can’t because of Ivy and Kay doesn’t want to get married without her dad who will have to stay in Harmony due to work and Ivy. Pilar gets angry and tells them that Juanita is coming to Harmony to kill her entire family and their loved ones!

    As Emotional as a Snake.

    Wednesday, May 28 2008

    Pilar panics over Juanita coming to kill her family, as Gwen, Ethan and Gertrude come downstairs. Gwen tells Pilar she and Ethan are renewing their vows and Theresa quietly tells her mother that watching them get remarried will kill her. Pilar tells her, “Lots of things can kill you.” Theresa tells Pilar if they go through with their vow renewal, she will never have a chance with Ethan because he told “Gertrude” that even if Theresa were alive, if he renewed his vows with Gwen, he would never leave her. Theresa asks Pilar how she’s supposed to live without him, while Gwen and Ethan sit on the couch and discuss details of their ceremony. Theresa wants to tell Ethan right now that she’s alive, but Pilar tells her she can’t. Theresa says she won’t spend the rest of her life as Gertrude, while Gwen tells Ethan the ceremony will be a fresh start for them. Theresa looks on and wonders if after everything she’s been through, she’ll have to watch Gwen and Ethan spend their life together. She imagines life many years down the road when she’s old and gray and confined to a wheelchair and is forced to watch Ethan and Gwen live happily together.

    Gwen wants to continue making wedding plans, but Ethan asks Pilar if the ceremony upsets her, because if it does, he will postpone it. Gertrude pipes up and says maybe they should wait awhile since Theresa just died. Gwen tells her it’s none of her business and says that they are joining Kay & Miguel and Paloma & Noah’s ceremony because that was the only date that was free. She points out if they can move on so soon after Theresa’s death, then her and Ethan should be able to as well. Ethan says if Pilar is uncomfortable with it, he will put a stop to it because he doesn’t want to disrespect her feelings. Theresa hopes Pilar will put the kibosh on it, but Pilar tells Ethan and Gwen she hopes they will be happy and gives them her blessing. Ethan and Gwen are surprised, but pleased and they thank her.

    As Gwen and Ethan discuss the ceremony, Theresa asks her mother how she could betray her like this. Pilar tells her that Juanita called her and that she’s coming to kill them all. Pilar fills Theresa in about her friend at the bookstore and says that their whole family needs to leave Harmony before Juanita finds them and slits their throats. Theresa doesn’t think being on the run is the best solution, especially for the children, but Pilar thinks they will die if they stay. Theresa thinks the government will help them, but Pilar reminds her that they haven’t caught Juanita yet and says they have to run or they will all die. Theresa doesn’t think her siblings will go along with the plan and says without Ethan she doesn’t care if she lives.

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