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    Passions CAST - Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald Played by Eva Tamargo Lemus on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eva Tamargo Lemus

    Birthday: 1960-12-24
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Michael Lemus with a son and daughter
    Real Name: Eva Tamargo Lemus
    Height: 5' 5"


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    What Would Julia Child do?

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    Upstairs, Sam stands at the altar, standing in for Father Lonigan. Noah and Paloma rehearse their vows while Pilar and Ivy watch. They admire the love the children have. Pilar misses the days when she was that much in love and wonders if her daughter will ever be with the man she loves. Across the room, Gwen and Ethan smile and embrace as they think about starting their new life together. Pilar watches them and worries about where Gwen might have sent Theresa.

    With Paloma and Noah, Pilar goes down to the basement and hear Gertrude gasping in a locked room. They try to open the door without luck. Smelling the gas leak, Pilar starts to panic even more. They get Noah to break the door down. Rushing in, they find Gertrude unconscious on the floor. "Save her! Save my daughter!" Pilar begs. A baffled Noah looks at her before giving Gertrude mouth to mouth. She starts to cough as she wakes. "You called her your daughter. I get it. Theresa is alive," Noah says. Unfortunately for them, Juanita and her henchman are standing around the corner eavesdropping at the time, but they have some difficulty hearing. Pilar starts making excuses to cover, insisting that Gertrude is just "like a daughter". Noah accepts this. The women ask him to take the dead rat away. Gertrude is groggy and they help her out. As they all head upstairs, Juanita and her henchman prepare to set their bomb.

    Back upstairs, Gwen and Ethan are rehearsing their ceremony with Sam. They hurry through it. Ethan says they've gone through it enough times that they have it down pat by now. He just wants to kiss the bride. As he starts kissing Gwen, Gertrude walks in and watches from the end of the aisle. As Paloma and Pilar stand beside her, she wonders how she could have lost Ethan again. "It's Juanita. It's always Juanita," Pilar says. Gwen turns to her mother and they spot Gertrude at the back. Rebecca wonders how she will manage to keep Theresa away from the actual ceremony. "I may just have to kill her," Gwen smirks. Sam announces that it's time for dinner and everyone begins filing out and into the dining room. Rebecca gets called away to visit Pablo in the stable while everyone else sits down. Vincent and Viki go around from table to table, serving the meals they've prepared. "I like a piece of steak but it's supposed to be bad for you isn't it?" Sam jokes. "But what a way to go," Ivy smiles.

    Dolly the Evil Genius.

    Tuesday, July 01 2008

    Ivy asks Sheridan where she went wrong. One son is dead and one daughter is in a mental hospital. At least she has Ethan and Fancy, Sheridan reminds her. Ivy explains that she has an order with the florist to send flowers to Pretty everyday. Looking over at Luis and Fancy, she's happy that one of her daughter's is doing well. As Ivy walks over to congratulate the couple, Sheridan wonders if she is really any better than Pretty is. Meanwhile, Ivy hugs Pilar and hopes that they can be close again like they were in the past. Pilar would like that too, but it will have to wait until after the family trip. Later, Ivy and Sheridan talk again about how awful it was to see Pretty be taken away. The topic turns to Sheridan's Great Grandmother. "All Crane women fear that they will go mad like her," Sheridan says. Ivy thought they all went crazy when someone they loved was taken from them. "I'm glad you didn't go crazy when you lost Luis," she comments. Sheridan looks uncomfortable.

    Paloma asks her mother to be happy and enjoy the weddings, but Pilar is still paranoid with worry about Juanita. Meanwhile, Ethan, Rebecca, Gwen and Gertrude all arrive. Ethan walks off to hang up their coats while Gwen tells Gertrude that she has a special task for her to do. Moments later, Theresa takes her sister aside to congratulate her and give her a hug. Paloma knows this must be hard for her. Theresa claims she's over Ethan. "Liar," Paloma says. Theresa admits it; now she has to watch the man she loves renew his vows to a woman she hates. Gwen walks over and reminds Gertrude that she has a task for her. She sends her down to the basement to get a box for Ethan. Rebecca strolls over, guessing that that was part of her daughter's plan to keep Theresa away.

    Lose the Battle, but Win the War!

    Tuesday, June 17 2008

    In the corridor, Theresa complains to her mother that if Ethan goes through with the vow renewal ceremony she will have lost him forever. She vows to never give him up, but Pilar adamantly tells her to think about what’s at stake, namely her kids. She urges her daughter to go on the trip with the rest of the family so they can elude Juanita. Theresa tearfully tells her mother she’s right, she can’t put her children’s lives in danger and will protect them even if it means giving up the man she loves. She asks if Pilar talked to Ethan about taking the children on the trip and Pilar says not yet. Little Ethan runs downstairs and asks if their charade will end sometime soon. He says he loves his mother so much and wants her to be happy. Theresa says she wants to be happy too and that she loves him as well.

    As Ethan and Gwen kiss, Pilar, Theresa and Little Ethan enter and Ethan tells Little E that he and Gwen are moving their wedding date up. Little Ethan is less than thrilled and Pilar asks Ethan if she can take Jane and Little E with her on her family trip. Ethan is taken aback because he’s not sure he wants to be separated from the kids, but Gwen thinks the timing is perfect so they can go on their honeymoon. Ethan isn’t sure, but Gwen convinces him it’s a good idea. Ethan tells Little E that the trip sounds like fun, but Little E yells that he won’t go and runs out of the room.

    Little E comes back in the room agreeing to go on the trip, but wants Gertrude to go with him. Everyone eventually agrees and Gwen is happy that she and Ethan are getting married. Ethan says, “This time it’s for keeps.” Theresa looks devastated, but Pilar tells her that they won’t be gone forever. Theresa tells Pilar that she will go on the trip and never return to Harmony.

    Too Late?

    Monday, June 16 2008

    In the hall, Theresa is distracted from her eavesdropping by her plotting. She repeats to herself that Ethan only needs to read the letter in order to put and end to the ceremony. Her thoughts are interrupted by her mother. Pilar starts telling her daughter again how important it is that they pack up and leave town before Juanita can kill them. Theresa continues to refuse, unable to leave Ethan behind and repeating that life without Ethan is worse than death. Pilar continues trying to reason with her, pointing out that staying won't just mean death for her, but for everyone she cares about. Theresa continues to refuse, sure that, once Ethan reads the letter, her problems will be solved. Pilar doesn't think that's going to happen. Glancing over, they see that the letter is in Gwen's hands. "I think it's too late," Pilar concludes. They watch as Gwen tears up the pages of Theresa's letter and disposes of them before Ethan can return.

    As Ethan walks down the hall with food and champagne, he runs into Pilar and Gertrude. He tells them of he and Gwen's plans to move up their re-commitment ceremony. Theresa hides her horror, Pilar congratulates him and puts on a happy face. He assures her that he will always miss her daughter and she will always be in his heart. As he passes by them to return to Gwen, Theresa's heart breaks as she watches the couple toast to their wedding. This is enough to finally decide things for her and she agrees to leave. Pilar is relieved, but not for long. Theresa's mind twirls and she quickly backtracks, deciding that she can still stay and fight for the man she loves. Pilar is infuriated and reminds her daughter that such a choice might not only cost her life, but the life of Little Ethan as well. Theresa refuses to listen, adamant that she still has a chance to win Ethan back.

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