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    Passions CAST - Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald Played by Eva Tamargo Lemus on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eva Tamargo Lemus

    Birthday: 1960-12-24
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Michael Lemus with a son and daughter
    Real Name: Eva Tamargo Lemus
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Follow Your Heart.

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    Pilar looks at a photo of Theresa in the Crane Living room, as Paloma enters and they commiserate over losing Theresa. Pilar notices Paloma is down for other reasons and Paloma says she's confused about Noah because she saw Noah kissing another woman. Pilar tells her daughter to follow her heart and to listen to her inner voice. Paloma brings up Roberto and admits she may still have feelings for him. Paloma says she's confused and Pilar tells her to have faith. Paloma thanks her and they go upstairs to see Little Ethan.

    Theresa dreams about Ethan dancing with Gwen and wakes up saying she never should have come back to Harmony. She thinks watching Ethan and Gwen together is too much for her and she should have stayed dead and gone. Little Ethan stands by her bed and says, "Please don't say that." He tells her he's glad she's back and urges her to stay as the nanny, but Theresa isn't sure she can continue to watch Ethan with Gwen. Little E says he and Jane need her. Theresa eventually gives in and tells her son that she will never leave him and his sister and will somehow deal with watching Ethan build a life with Gwen. Since she's sticking around, Theresa prepares to get in her nanny outfit just as Paloma and Pilar enter the room. Paloma exclaims, "Dios Mio!"

    The Best Revenge.

    Monday, April 07 2008

    At the Crane Mansion, Pilar tells Ethan she has something to tell him about his relationship with Little Ethan. Before she can spit out that he is Little E's father, Gwen comes in the room interrupting them. Ethan tells her Pilar has something important to say, but Gwen says Little E needs him right now and Ethan leaves the room. Gwen demands to know what Pilar is doing and Pilar tells her Ethan deserves to know the truth about his son. Gwen insists she won't let that happen and threatens to call Juanita if she tells Ethan the truth. Ethan returns and says Little E didn't need him and asks Pilar what she wanted to tell him. Pilar thinks to herself that Gwen really will tell Juanita where her family is and then they'll all die, so Pilar tells Ethan that Little E is emotionally fragile and that he needs to be careful with him. Ethan promises to always be a good father to him because he loves him as his own. Little Ethan enters the room and Ethan suggests they go raid the refrigerator. Gwen, Ethan and Little E leave and Pilar thinks that Gwen will get hers sooner than she thinks.

    As Ivy and Rebecca go over the rules of the house with Gertrude, Ethan, Little E and Gwen come in the room. Little E goes to the kitchen and Ivy and Rebecca introduce Gertrude to Ethan and Gwen. Ethan shakes her hand and asks if they know each other. Gertrude says she doesn't know him, but Ethan gets a flash of Theresa's face. Ethan says she reminds him of old friend. Gwen pulls Rebecca and Ivy aside and asks where they found such an ugly nanny. They explain Ethan will never be distracted by her, but Gwen wonders if she will be good at her job. Pilar enters the room with Jane, and Gwen takes the little girl in her arms. Gwen tells Gertrude that Jane has a hard time with strangers, but Gertrude asks if she can hold her. Gertrude takes Jane and everyone marvels at how at ease Jane is with her. Gwen is shocked because Jane never likes strangers and Ethan says the only other person that could put Jane at ease was...and thinks "Theresa." He says Gertrude reminds him of Theresa because of her nurturing way. Pilar introduces herself to Gertrude, takes Jane back and heads upstairs with her. Little Ethan returns with a sandwich and he is introduced to Gertrude. He asks, "Haven't I seen you before?" Gertrude says maybe she was a nanny to one of his friends, but Little E doesn't think that's it. Ethan and Gwen talk to Gertrude, while Little E wonders where he's seen her before. He suddenly blurts out, "Mom!"

    My Pregnant Son is a Serial Killer!

    Wednesday, April 02 2008

    Pilar enters their room and thanks Ethan for the lovely service. Pilar sees that Gwen is drinking champagne and asks her what she's celebrating. Gwen takes a drink and smugly says some people just like to drink champagne. Ethan apologizes and Pilar asks how Little E's adoption is coming along. Ethan says it should happen any day. Pilar is thrilled and says as far as she's concerned Little E is his true son, and while looking at Gwen, says he will be a constant reminder of Theresa's love. She continues to stick it to Gwen by saying Jane looks just like Theresa and hopes it won't be too hard on Ethan to see her everyday. Pilar then starts to cry and says she misses Theresa and that there was no reason for her to die, as she shoots daggers at Gwen.

    Ethan leaves to get Pilar a tissue and Pilar lashes out at Gwen. Pilar says she will remind her every chance she gets that she's the reason Theresa is dead. Gwen defiantly says she never meant for her to die, but Pilar assures her that karma will come after her. Gwen brushes it off, but then breaks her champagne glass and lightly cuts herself. Pilar says, "Karma." Ethan returns, but leaves again to get Gwen a band-aid for her cut. Gwen tells Pilar that Ethan loves her, but Pilar say Ethan doesn't even really know her. Pilar is happy that Little E will be around to remind her everyday that the only reason she's with Ethan is because of murder. Ethan returns again and Pilar and Ethan talk about Theresa. Gwen can't take anymore of it and leaves to check on the children.

    Ethan tells Pilar that he's always felt like Little E's father and wishes that he really were. Ethan says he loves Jane, but he really wanted to have a son with Theresa. Pilar says there's something he should know about his relationship with Little E. Gwen walks up to the door and overhears Pilar say she wants to tell Ethan the truth about Little E.

    She's Just English.

    Monday, March 17 2008

    In the kitchen, Kay tries to convince Pilar that Tabitha isn't a witch, as Tabitha worries Pilar will find out the truth. Pilar says that weird things have been happening in this house for years, but Kay explains it by saying Tabitha is just English. Pilar admits she may be wrong, but asks Kay to think about moving out because she doesn't want her granddaughter growing up around Tabitha. Pilar walks away and Miguel asks Kay what's going on. Kay fills him in and they both worry Pilar will find out she's a witch. Miguel says that shouldn't be a problem because both Tabitha and Kay took a vow to not use witchcraft, right?

    Tabitha serves everyone sandwiches while Noah, Paloma, Theresa and Miguel plan their wedding. Noah suddenly says they can't get married and that the wedding is off. He says since Paloma broke up with him they aren't engaged anymore and they need to fix it. Noah leaves the room and Tabitha gets a headache from all the "icky, sicky love and romance." Noah returns with balloons, gets on one knee and proposes to her. Paloma agrees to marry him, as the demon's eyes show up and start popping the balloons. Tabitha realizes it's the demon, but tries to explain it to everyone by saying the heat in the kitchen caused the balloons to pop. Kay asks Tabitha what happened and she says she doesn't know. Kay doesn't buy it and asks if the elf is back. Miguel comes up behind them and asks, "What elf?" He demands to know if they are using magic again and the women swear they are not. Tabitha says Elf is a nickname she gave to one of Endora's pets. Tabitha walks away and Miguel suggests to Kay that they go down to the pier and get some cocoa. Pilar leaves and Miguel, Kay, Noah and Paloma head off to the pier.

    Elf Attack!

    Wednesday, March 12 2008

    Pilar walks in Tabitha's house and asks everyone what's wrong. Tabitha tells her the foursome is talking about a double wedding again. Pilar is pleased and asks why no one looks happy. Miguel tells his mother they are delaying the wedding because they want to give her time heal regarding Theresa's death. Pilar hugs everyone and says she's touched that they would sacrifice their happiness for her sake, but after losing two of her children she's learned how short life is and they should enjoy every second they can with the people they love. She says Theresa would want them to go ahead with the wedding and she wants it too. They decide to keep their original date and Kay asks if Pilar is sure she's okay with it. Pilar says she'll be okay and they discuss how difficult it is to lose a child. Pilar says she feels Theresa close in her heart.

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