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    Passions CAST - Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald

    Full detailed profile on Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald Played by Eva Tamargo Lemus on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eva Tamargo Lemus
    Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald

    Actor: Eva Tamargo Lemus

    Who played Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald over the years

    Eva Tamargo (July 5, 1999 - present)

    Useful information on Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald

    * Loving mother and wife.
    * Assisted Theresa with the drugging and rape of Ethan Winthrop.
    * Believed that Martin was dead or missing for many years.
    * Former maid of the Crane family.


    Current: Not working
    Former: Cannery Employee
    Former: Maid to the Crane's
    Former: Maid to the Winthrop's


    Pilar is the loving mother of the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Her love and patience have certainly been tested over the years between her husband disappearing for many years and her daughter Theresa�s relentless pursuit of Ethan Winthrop. Pilar has been a resident of Harmony for many years but was born in Mexico. She loved her life with her husband Martin but her world was turned upside down when he disappeared and left her all alone to raise their five children. She struggled for many years to make ends meet and worked as the maid of the rich and powerful Crane family. She became loyal to Ivy over the years and even managed to keep the secret truth about her son Ethan�s paternity.

    Thanks to Theresa's probing (borderline stalking) of Ethan, that secret eventually got out and Pilar tried her best to keep Ivy from meddling in Sam and Grace's life. Pilar finally reached her breaking point with Ivy�s threats against her daughter, and she attacked a wheelchair bound Ivy while Theresa and Ethan said their vows. She was hospitalized briefly and had a relapse, but seemed to get much better when her husband Martin showed back up in town. She was obviously happy at first, but not so much when she got all of the details of what had happened over the years. The battle was on with Katherine for the love of her husband. As Pilar and Martin began to put their life back together, and even made it all the way to their vow renewal commencement. Pilar found Katherine and Martin together and decided to wash her hands of the situation even though he insisted that he only wanted to be with Pilar.


    Martin Fitzgerald




    Antonio Lopez (father)
    Maria Lopez (mother)
    Florencia Lopez (sister)
    Francisco Lopez (brother)
    Maria Lopez (sister)
    Six unknown siblings
    Ethan Crane (grandson)
    Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald (granddaughter)
    Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (grandson - deceased)
    Jane Winthrop (granddaughter - 2004)


    Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Martin - deceased)
    Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Martin)
    Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (daughter with Martin)
    Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Martin)
    Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (daughter with Martin)


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    Wednesday, August 06 2008: I Wallowed in Love but it's Wrong.

    Esme stumbles into the basement and tells everyone how much she was looking forward to sitting through four boring weddings. She stumbles toward the priest's office and knocks the camera on the floor. Theresa clutches at it. "Oh no! I'm never going to be able to prove what Gwen and Rebecca did!" she gasps. Theresa cries about how unfair this is. Fancy prompts Esme to apologize. Rebecca says Fate must not want Theresa to win. Ethan says it looks like nothing was on the tape anyway. Theresa clings to Ethan and refuses to let it end this way. Luis threatens to bring the camera to the crime lab. Gwen is smug. Pilar starts swearing. Gwen declares that the order of the universe has finally been corrected and she and Ethan will be together for good.

    Back downstairs, Theresa cries and apologizes for ruining everyone's wedding day. Ethan asks for a moment alone with her. "I don't like to see you cry," he tells her. He just got her back and now he is losing her again, but he doesn't have any hope for them. "I'm only half a man right now without you," he says. She cries about everything they've lost. He knows that everything she did was just because she loves him. He promises that their hearts will always be one. Gwen reminds him that they have a plane to catch. Ivy stops her. "Do you think you'll ever be able to make him happy?" she asks. Gwen does. She breaks Ethan away from Theresa and tells him that he's had enough time with Theresa. Gwen takes Ethan to the door and tells everyone that they have their true loves and she has the right to have Ethan. Pilar tells her that her marriage is a joke. Gwen tells her she and her family are bad Catholics. Esme calls her a word that rhymes with witch. Ethan tells her to stop embarrassing herself. Theresa continues to beg Ethan not to leave. She runs into Ethan's arms again and tells him she can't live without him. He loves her, but Gwen is his wife. Before he can leave, Sam walks in with the camera: It's been fixed. It plays and they can hear that Gwen and Rebecca exposed Ethan to the tabloids. Gwen tries to pull him out but he pushes her away.

    Tuesday, August 05 2008: The Truest Lovers in Harmony.

    In the church basement, Ethan has successfully disarmed the bomb. Luis tells Theresa that everything will be okay. "All my dreams have died," she says. Pilar tells her that everyone is safe now. Juanita laughs, promising that this is only a temporarily set back. Theresa is more concerned about Ethan. Gwen reminds her that Ethan just renewed his vows to her. Theresa wouldn't want Ethan to betray God would she? Sheridan tells her old friend not to rub it in. Antonio tells Gwen that she should be willing to give Ethan up if she loves him as much as she says. "You people are so ridiculous!" Juanita laughs. Pilar runs across the room to clobber her but Sam holds her back. Juanita still wishes she could kill them all, but knowing Theresa will be tortured by being separated from Ethan is enough to make her happy. The church begins to shake. Juanita imagines this is a sign from God. So does Theresa, but she is sure it's a sign that God doesn't want Ethan to be with Gwen. "Are you going to keep us apart forever?" she asks Ethan. Gwen thinks they should talk to Father Lonigan. Theresa tells them to get an annulment. Ethan tells Theresa that he wants her but he has a duty to his wife.

    Theresa tells Ethan that he can't be with Gwen after she ruined his life. "You'd be head of the empire if it wasn't for her," she claims. They go over the story all over again and Theresa repeats that there must be proof somewhere. She realizes that Juanita must be able to back her up and asks for her help. Juanita laughs. She won't help Theresa; she deserves a life of pain. Theresa tells her that Gwen and Rebecca don't like Mexicans. Juanita refuses to fall for that. Sam promises her that she'll be in prison for the rest of her life, but he offers to put a good word in for her if she helps. Gwen is irate and says that a crazed murderer like Juanita will do anything for a break. Juanita is offended so she explains that Gwen spoke to her. Theresa leaps in and says that Gwen is the one who tipped her off about Pilar. Juanita says that Gwen never told her anything; she only spoke to her when she was dressed as a nun. Sam drags her out. She leaves, screaming that she will be back for blood.

    Theresa continues begging Ethan to believe her. "I'm sorry," he says. Theresa explains that she's been blackmailed by Gwen and she's been keeping something from him, but now she has nothing to lose and can tell him the truth. "Little Ethan is your biological son," she says, reminding him of the first time they had sex. He can't believe that she's kept the truth from him for so long. Luis, Pilar and Paloma all say that she wanted to tell him. He's shocked that everyone else seems to have known. Ethan remembers that she tried to tell him once before. "Can you forgive me?" she asks. "You just gave me the best news of my life," he sobs. They begin fumbling with each other. Gwen's had enough. Pilar lashes out at her, saying she will be punished for her lies. Gwen wonders when Theresa will be punished for hers and lists her many crimes. As the women yell at each other, Gwen repeats that Theresa has no proof of anything and, as long as there is no proof, he must stay married to her.

    Little Ethan runs down to the basement. "You've gotta see what's on this camera!' he shouts. Rebecca follows and tells her daughter how worried she is. Gwen tells Ethan they should leave and start their honeymoon. Little Ethan notices his mother is out of her disguise. As she explains what's happened, Rebecca grabs the camera away. Another earthquake hits and Ethan grabs the camera back. He asks his son why he needs to know what's on the tape. Little Ethan doesn't know, but it seemed important. He hugs his father. "It felt like you are my son and you are my son," Ethan says. Gwen and Rebecca try to stroll out while they hug. Ivy and Sam point them out, explaining that Rebecca tried to destroy the camera. "No one's going anywhere till I find out what's on this tape," Ethan says.

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