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    Passions CAST - Jessica Bennett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jessica Bennett Played by Danica Stewart on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Danica Stewart

    Birthday: 1983-08-02
    Birthplace: Richland, Washington
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Danica Stewart


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    Fox's Warning

    Wednesday, January 03 2007

    Kay, Simone and Jessica are carrying all of her things in so that she can start preparing. Simone asks Jessica if Spike is coming. ‘Of course,’ she says, he’s outside or around... but he’ll behave and she’s staying sober. Simone wonders why Kay doesn’t look more like she’s having the happiest day in her life. Kay tries to be happy, but Simone knows that she still loves ‘that lying jerk’ Miguel. Kay finally gets her dress on and Simone remarks on how beautiful she is. Simone asks her if she’s sure that she wants to marry Fox and Kay tries to convince herself that Fox is the man who is good for her and truly loves her. Sam knocks on the door and asks for a word alone with his daughter. They’re uncomfortable, so Jessica has to encourage them to talk. Sam admits that he’s still angry but, this is her day and he loves her. They embrace and Kay starts to cry. He wants them to be a happy family again. Grace calls to says that she won’t make it home for the wedding. She tells Kay how much she loves her and looks forward to seeing her. The priest eavesdrops and mumbles to himself, ‘I wouldn’t count on it. You know too much and we can’t allow you to live.’

    What Jessica Saw

    Thursday, December 21 2006

    The actor's take off their masks for some fresh air while Jessica watches, unable to believe what she's seeing. The actress thinks that Fox's plan is cruel, as she recounts it, Jessica gasps. Hearing her, they run off before Jessica heads off to tell Kay what she just heard. She rushes through the door, still drunk, and tells everyone what she just saw. Fox panics and his eyes dart around. But even Miguel thinks she's just drunk. 'It made no sense…but it was so real,' Jessica claims. Noah says that this is absurd and Fox opens the vodka bottle in her hand to show that she drank the whole thing. He suggests that she's hallucinating and she claims that he was behind the whole thing. Tabitha perks up at this and Endora starts shaking her head. Jessica thinks that it must have been aliens and then collapses on the couch. Fox starts to worry that she might say the same thing when she's sober. He tells Kay they need to start helping Jessica out with her problems. Miguel starts staring daggers at Fox.

    It's a Drag to be JT

    Wednesday, December 20 2006

    Outside, Fox is sending his actors off to have changes done to their masks. The actress is still bothered by his plot but he tells her stop complaining when he's paying her. Inside, Kay is thanking God that Fox still wants to marry her since she now knows that Miguel still loves Charity. Tabitha tries to tell her the truth, but Endora puts another frog in her throat. Paloma, Noah and Jessica arrive from the church. Noah says that Christmas is the time to start over. Kay wonders if that means they've forgiven her. He and Jessica say that they will try and be nice for the season. Miguel marches in to ask Kay again if she wants to go through with the wedding to Fox. She says that she should never have wavered. Fox walks in and she kisses him passionately while Miguel looks in disgust. Fox gets a call and breaks away while Kay asks Jessica about her bridesmaid's dress. It's being sent over and they're all going next door to get decorations to do up Tabitha's for a 'perfect Christmas.' Kay says to herself, 'It would have been more perfect if the man I loved didn’t stab me in the heart.'

    The jovial Noah and Paloma return and start decorating. Jessica is bored and wants to go outside but Noah panics. She says she'll be fine outside for ten minutes. She goes down to the waterfront while a series of perfect couples walk by depressing her. She sees a bar and goes in for a drink. Fox's actors appear and sit down to rehearse their lines. Half-drunk, Jessica comes out with a bottle in a bag and thinks that she hears Charity's voice. She turns the corner and is shocked to see the actress taking off her mask.

    Gwen Panics, Spike Smirks and Endora Gets a Present

    Tuesday, December 19 2006

    Father Lonigan tells Chris and James that he's glad they're there to look after Sheridan. Paloma, Noah, Jessica and Spike all arrive. Jessica tells the father that she has a lot to make up for. Jessica is worried about Grace coming back; Spike isn't exactly an ideal son-in-law. Noah tells her not to worry about that and Spike blows him a kiss. Paloma and Noah wander around the church and he talks about how much he hopes that his mother will help Jessica get away from Spike. Paloma ask him what else he wants for Christmas. 'This,' he says as he kisses her.

    Thanksgiving Harmony Style

    Friday, November 24 2006

    Simone is spending her holiday helping feed the needy at the church. Rae has come to help too. Father Lonigan welcomes her to St. Margaret Mary's. Rae says she is already a member but she hasn't felt welcomed in a while because she is a lesbian.

    Father Lonigan doesn't have a problem with her sexuality. She is as welcomes there just like Simone is. After Father Lonigan goes to check on the other volunteers, Rae discusses her discomfort at being there. Jessica suddenly shows up at the church. She didn't know where else to go. "Nobody wants to be with me."

    Jessica is sorry for how she acted at the shower. Simone assures her Kay will forgive her. Their conversation is halted when some teens come in. Rae assumes they are they to make trouble and goes over to confront them. The teens think she needs an attitude adjustment. "You think because I'm a lesbian I go around with a chip on my shoulder?" Rae plans on calling the police on them. When a boy asks for Father Lonigan, Simone assumes the gang is going to kill Father Lonigan. Father Lonigan returns and greets the boy. They are there to help with the Thanksgiving dinner.

    Rae feels terrible for judging the teens by their appearance. "I did the very thing I don't want people to do to me -- label me as a gay woman and think that I'm someone who wears flannel shirts and plays pool and changes the oil in my truck for fun." She decides to give Father Lonigan another chance. Simone thinks Kay will give Jessica another chance, too.

    All "Heaven" is About to Break Loose

    Wednesday, November 22 2006

    At Tabitha's, Fox is trying very hard to stop Kay from telling him about Miguel until after Charity makes her appearance. Kay chases after him trying to do that very thing. She is finding it harder than she thought to break their engagement.

    "Hey, look at me!" Kay turns around just in time to get slapped by Jessica.

    "You don't deserve to be getting married."

    Fox defends Kay but Jessica doesn't want to hear him. It is obvious she has been drinking. She admits she drank because she is angry at Kay. Kay helped ruin her life. "I hate you!" She hauls off and slaps her again. Fox grabs her to stop her from doing any more harm to Kay. He warns Jessica if she touches her again he will forget she is a woman and knock her into next week.

    Ethan condemns liars

    Friday, October 27 2006

    Inside the Bennett house, Fox supports Kay. He doesn't care what Kay did. He loves her and he still wants to marry her. Kay thanks him for not judging her. He is her rock.
    Fox offers to get her something to drink.

    After Fox leaves, Sam comes back in the house. Kay tries to apologize to him but he doesn't want to hear it. He just came to get his keys and then he wants "to get the hell away from her. Noah arrives. He asks why Sam is so angry at Kay. Sam orders Kay to tell him. Kay explains how Sam knows about the whole charade Ivy cooked up to ruin his marriage. Sam wants her to tell Noah her part in it. Kay confesses she knew about it the whole time. Jessica and Spike come in and overhear her. Spike finds it hilarious that Kay has taken his place as black sheep of the family.

    Jessica accuses Kay of being worse than Ivy. Kay is repentant. She asks for Noah and Jessica's forgiveness. Noah doesn't even want to talk to her. What he did when he pretended to be in grad school only hurt himself. What Kay did hurt them all.

    Kay begs everyone for their forgiveness. She is very sorry. Sam isn't ready to forgive. Kay runs away from their condemnation.

    Ivy walks from the kitchen. Sam is livid. He yells at her to get out. He will never marry her. Ivy keeps declaring her love for him. Ethan tells Ivy to let it go. She leaves the room. He apologizes to Sam for his mother. Jessica hugs Sam as he stares out into his loss. "Lies. All lies."

    Kay walks alone in the park. She is feeling very sorry for herself. Everyone hates her but Fox. She prays that Miguel will understand. She turns around and sees Miguel.

    Terrible Triangle Tangle

    Thursday, October 19 2006

    Spike and Jessica are on the back streets of Harmony. Jessica is in her working clothes. Spike is pimping her to whoever will pay. Jessica doesn't want to turn any more tricks and begs Spike not to make her. Spike threatens to tell her father how she murdered the johns if she doesn't. Spike yanks her to make her focus. It's either the gas chamber or prostitution. He sees two potential customers and sends Jessica over to them.

    Sam, Paloma and Noah show up just as Spike is paid by Jessica's johns for services rendered. Sam calls out his daughter's name. Spike and Jessica look across at them. Spike rubs it in their face about what Jessica was doing. Jessica looks pained and helpless.

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