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    Passions CAST - Jessica Bennett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jessica Bennett Played by Danica Stewart on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Danica Stewart

    Birthday: 1983-08-02
    Birthplace: Richland, Washington
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Danica Stewart


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    Wednesday, January 31 2007

    Spike tells Jessica to cheer up, ‘nobody likes a whiner’ and then leaves her alone with Paloma. They sit down and Jessica tries to explain that Spike loves her... in his own way. Paloma is only there to return something which Noah left in her bed. ‘What? You’re sleeping with my brother?’ Paloma explains that nothing happened and Noah was a perfect gentleman. Jessica can’t even imagine something like this. Her friend reminds her of how lovely she is; she just needs to drop Spike. She goes on to explain that she may be falling in love with her brother; she feels like she’s dancing on a cloud, but she doesn’t want to jinx it. Jessica misses her mom and Paloma gives her a hug. She’d had hope when she heard that Grace was returning, but now she’s dead and she can’t be the girl she once was; she has to make the best of what she is. Her friend continues to encourage her to change when Noah arrives and adds his support. She’s convinced that it’s too late, but Noah thinks that their mother would want her to break away from Spike. When she believes that she is truly loved, she’ll have the power to do anything, he tells her. She stifles her tears and walks away.

    Through the Looking Glass

    Monday, January 22 2007

    Noah is getting drunk at the bar. Paloma comes to take him home. He says it’s good Grace is dead– that way she didn’t have to see Jessica with her husband. Spike stops a guy from trying to pick up Jessica, telling him that he’ll have to pay if he wants to play. Jessica says that he’s disgusting and accuses him again of being Fancy’s rapist. Spike insists on his innocence and that, compared to Kay and Ivy, he’s a saint. Spike wants to go home and have sex, but Jessica reminds him that her mother just died. Noah and Paloma come over and ask if she needs help. Noah wishes Spike was dead but Jessica defends him; Spike has always been there to help her. Noah says that she has her family to help her, but she believes that it’s her family that chased her mother away and got her killed. Noah tells her that he loves her and she should leave Spike for someone who knows how to love. He asks her what Grace would of thought if she met Spike? She should leave him, that’s what Grace would have wanted. Spike tells them to stop upsetting his wife while she mourns her mother now resting in pieces. Noah continues trying to justify Grace leaving them, but Jessica is unconvinced. After Spike lists the many problems of the Bennett family and puts his arm around her, she says that she’ll look out for herself. Noah is depressed that he can’t take sense into his sister. Paloma can’t understand it and doesn’t believe anything will change as long as Spike is around. Noah says all of this has reminded him of what he wants. He pulls Paloma onto his lap and kisses her.

    Fancy's Nightmares

    Tuesday, January 16 2007

    Sam is pacing with his family when Ivy runs in to say how sorry she is. 'My wife is dead and you're alive. I'd give anything for it to be the other way around.' He walks away from her and Eve begins telling her that this is their fault. She can't believe that Ivy has the nerve to go after Sam now. Jessica jumps at Ivy, slaps and starts to choke her. Miguel tries pulling her off. He calms her down by stroking her hair. Kay tries to help, but Jessica pushes her away. She tells everyone to roast in hell and walks off. Kay cries in Fox's arms while Miguel says that he's sorry that her mother just died and her husband will be dead soon. Kay accuses Miguel of exploiting the situation to make trouble with Fox. He leaves and Ivy becomes distraught again about Fox's impending death. Fox tells her not to think about it. Sam returns and Ivy says that he has to forgive her. This nauseates him and he tells Ivy she's the worst person she's ever met. She and Eve watched him and his family be destroyed all this time without ever saying anything; they're the most selfish, evil b***** that he's ever seen and he'll hate them till the day he dies. After he walks out, Ivy imagines that he'll come around; she did what she did out of love. Eve slaps her until Fox holds her back. Kay runs out after Sam as Fox and Miguel follow her.

    Jessica is in the kitchen drinking again when Spike finds her. She asks him if he's been in Fancy's room; she saw the mask, she knows that he's the rapist. He tells her he'd never do anything like that. She strides off to tell Luis but he grabs her, smashing her bottle and holding it to her throat. If she says anything about him, he'll have to say everything he knows about her and all the johns she's killed. Sam runs in and plows Spike across the room. As he holds him by the throat, he asks Jessica to tell him what’s going on. 'It's nothing, I was just upset about mom,' she tells him. Sam eases off when Luis walks in and takes a turn grabbing Spike. He demands to know if he was just in Fancy's room. Sam has to ask Luis to step back, but he's just as suspicious as Luis is. Luis excuses himself, he has something to take care of. Sam kisses Jessica and offers her help, but Spike intervenes to say they’ll be okay; couples grieve together. Sam leaves and Spike tells Jessica to walk home; he has things to do. Jessica can't believe what she's become.

    Jared Discovers Chad's Lover

    Monday, January 15 2007

    While Fox tries to make love to Kay, she starts crying because he’ll be dead soon. He says that, if Eve could cure Pilar’s blood disease, maybe Dr. Gasparro can cure him. Kay promises not to talk about dying anymore. Unfortunately, Jessica barges in to tell them that Grace is dead and it’s Kay’s fault. Jessica is drunk and Kay doesn’t understand how their mother is dead. Jessica keeps repeating that ‘mom’s dead’ while Kay tries to talk her down and wait until they know for sure. Sam runs in, ignoring Kay, and takes Jessica in his arms. Sam confirms that Grace is dead. Kay starts screaming NO! while Fox tries to comfort her.

    Spike walks down the hallway when he hears Jessica talking about Grace’s death. He walks in and tells Jessica how sorry he is about her mother. Sam doesn’t understand how he got back on the grounds. Spike tries to comfort her while Sam tells her that she needs to stop blaming Kay; they have to pull together as a family. Eve rushes in and asks Sam if it’s true. She starts crying and Jessica begins attacking her for helping Ivy; she’s as bad as Kay. Fox tries to calm her down and Spike starts defending his wife until Whitney interrupts. Eve takes her out to explain what happened. Eve will never be able to earn back Grace’s friendship now. Whitney says that Chad is missing. Eve turns back into the room and Sam asks her if the guilt is eating her alive. Jessica starts shouting again. Sam stops her, but says that she’s right. He apologizes and Jessica cries with him. Spike seems genuinely upset. Eve apologizes and everyone stares her down. Spike tells her not to worry, ‘you get used to be hated after awhile.’

    It's Not a Honeymoon For Everyone

    Friday, January 12 2007

    Jessica is searching the grounds for her father. She needs to tell him that Spike had a ski mask just like the rapist wore. Luis explains again to Sam how Grace died. He can’t believe that it’s true... she was coming home. He refuses to believe it and tries calling her cell phone—it’s just static. Jessica walks in and overhears them talking. Luis explains and Jessica falls into her father’s arms. Sam still isn’t sure she was on the bus. Jessica thinks they should go to London now and search for her. They can barely speak. Sam tells his daughter that they need to stay calm until they know for sure. Jessica can’t lose her mother all over again; she was trying to become the good girl her mother left, but she’s really a drunk and a wh***. She drifts away into the corner to get drunk. Luis promises to keep an eye on her. Sam goes home while saying that, ‘this was going to be the day our lives turned, all those dreams are gone.’ Luis calls around about Grace before calling for an update on Fancy’s attacker. Jessica overhears and stumbles over to him to tell him about Spike. Before she can say anything, Fancy starts screaming and Luis runs up to her.

    News About Grace

    Thursday, January 11 2007

    Sam and Jessica are eagerly awaiting Grace’s return. As the reception progresses, he’s disappointed that she still hasn’t arrived. There was something important she had to tell him, he says to Noah before teasing him about getting married. Noah jokes that he’s waiting to be tamed by the right woman. They look over at Spike wrestling around with Jessica. He thinks that she’s boring now that she’s sober. She can’t turn the clock back though; she can’t be a goody-two shoes anymore. Jessica was happy back then. Spike tells her that she didn’t know what happiness was until she met him. He’s bored and decides to leave. A black ski mask falls out of his pocket and Jessica wonders if he’s Fancy’s rapist. She’s got to tell her dad it could be Spike.

    The Wedding Ends

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    Jessica asks Spike where he keeps disappearing to while he starts stuffing his face. He’s been drinking and making phone calls, he claims. Jessica just wishes her mother was there to give Kay advice.

    Miguel Tells Kay Everything

    Friday, January 05 2007

    Chris and James get tired of waiting for Sheridan to come down and decide to go home. Spike arrives and Jessica tells him he missed the ceremony, or what there was of it. He drags her in to have a drink although he says that he just had one.

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