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    Passions CAST - Jessica Bennett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jessica Bennett Played by Danica Stewart on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Danica Stewart

    Birthday: 1983-08-02
    Birthplace: Richland, Washington
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Danica Stewart


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    Wedding Day.

    Wednesday, July 16 2008

    At home, Tabitha reads the newspaper article about the storm when Kay comes down in her wedding dress. Tabs sighs and checks her out. They're giddy until Tabitha tries to back out of going to the wedding. Sam interrupts before she can do so. He takes his daughter's hand and tells her how beautiful she looks. He's sure that she and Miguel will be happy. She just wishes that Jess could have made it back to the wedding. On cue, Jessica runs in and hugs her sister.

    Later, Tabitha and Sam talk about what happened at the church. He brings up Vincent's accusation that she is a witch. "I can honestly say that I am not a witch," she claims, somewhat sadly. Sam tells her that she has been a great neighbor and a good friend. Tabs smiles. Meanwhile, Kay wishes that her sister could be her maid of honor. Jessica can't; her sobriety still isn't set in stone and she'll have to get back to the program. She tells her sister that she is planning to go to college when she finishes and then maybe she will hook up with Reese. They've been talking again since she began reforming and he may be moving back. Jessica tells her sister that she deserves to be happy with Miguel after all she's done to get him. Sam and Tabitha walk over to them. Kay wishes her mother could be there to see them so happy. "She knows Kay. Grace knows," Sam smiles as he looks up to Heaven. Tabitha looks away, not having the heart to tell them this happiness won't last. Kay is ready to get to the church. Sam hands her a note from Simone. It tells of how busy she is raising the baby with Whitney and TC and wishes her all the best. Simone also sent along some earrings for Kay's outfit. Jessica remembers how much help Simone gave her and what a good friend she's been. The sisters hug and cry before Sam has to end their tender moment and bring Jessica back to rehab. As soon as they're gone, Tabs looks for a way out of going to the wedding. She hands Kay a gift first. It's what Cleopatra gave her on her wedding day. "Unfortunately I wound up helping her die," Tabitha says, recalling her dozens of marriages. "I've always cherished this bracelet as I cherish you," Tabs says, hugging her crying friend. Kay hurries off and Tabitha holds back her tears: "Unless some miracle happens, this is the last day of everyone's life in Harmony."

    The Witchcraft Way

    Monday, January 07 2008

    Sam walks in his living room and sees Jessica sitting on the couch with her baby. As he gushes over his grandson, Jessica admits she was worried that he wouldn't love the baby because he's part Spike. Sam says it's not the baby's fault and vows to never let Spike get near her again. Jessica tells Sam she named her son Samuel after him. Sam is touched and promises to be a good role model for him. He asks Jessica if Spike tried to get a hold of her while she was away and Jessica says he didn't. She explains she left Harmony to have the baby because she felt like people were judging her, but she feels safe at home now. Sam leaves the room to get Samuel his bottle.

    After Sam leaves, Spike walks in and grabs Jessica. He tells her that he is going to take his son and warns her to keep quiet or else he will kill her. Jessica says Sam will arrest him once he gets back from the kitchen, but Spike says if that happens he will escape, track her down and sell his baby on the black market. Jessica tells Spike that she will send him photos of their son from time to time along with divorce papers, but Spike says he wants to be a part of his son's life. Jessica tells him, "No way!" Spike threatens to take Samuel from her if she doesn't let him see his son and instructs her to name the kid after him. Jessica says she already put Samuel on the birth certificate, so Spike tells her to use Herbert (Spike's real name) as the baby's middle name then.

    Sam comes back to the living room and Jessica worries that he saw Spike. Spike hid in time though and Sam asks what the boy's middle name is. Jessica says it's Herbert and Sam thinks it's a great name. As Sam hugs Jessica, she sees Spike hold up a knife warning her to keep quiet.

    Going to the Dark Side

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Next time on Passions:

    Gwen warns Theresa if she tells Ethan about Little E he'll be as good as dead.

    A drunk Eve tells Julian that Vincent is in her house.

    Cleaning Up After Kay

    Tuesday, August 14 2007

    Next door, at Sam's, Kay protests as her father places her under arrest for all of the murders. When he tries to drag her away, she explains that this is all magic and neither she nor Jessica are the murderer, Spike is. That sounds crazy so Kay starts to do magic, which keeps malfunctioning and zaps her all over the room until her handcuffs vanish. Miguel starts pointing at her and saying that she's a devil while Sam thinks they should call an exorcist. Kay insists that she is only trying to help catch Spike and runs out the back. They all run after her.

    Back at Tabitha's, they hear Kay running over with everyone trailing behind her. Sam declares that he is there to arrest his daughter until Tabitha points to Spike and reminds him that he is the one he wants. Sam doesn't have much evidence against Spike though. While Tabitha tries to talk him into making the arrest, Edna watches Spike escape. Kay asks Endora for help. The little witch sighs: 'I always have to clean up Kay's mess.' After a zap, Sam snaps out of the trance he was in but is now even more confused. No one understands why the living room looks like a resort, why they are there or exactly who he should be arresting. Sam only knows that he was ordered to arrest Jessica. He and Paloma arrest her again while Kay worries about how to get Spike to confess. Endora zaps Spike back, just before Sam can take her away. At first, everyone is too confused by Spike's slave clothes, so Endora puts him in his regular clothes, an act which confuses everyone even more. Sam tells Paloma to arrest him but, before she can, he grabs Jessica and threatens to cut her with a letter opener. When Spike tells them that they should be arresting Tabitha for her freak show, Tabitha kicks him and Kay starts to argue with him. When she tries her confession spell again, she misses Spike and the spell only hits Norma and Edna who begin confessing that they never floss their teeth and that they steal candy from babies. Endora has to step in and cast the spell properly. Finally Spike drops down on his knees and begins confessing to all of the killings. Sam places him under arrest while Edna sadly watches her slave boy being cuffed. Spike starts to cry while Sam asks Jessica to forgive him; he will never let her go, he promises. Noah and Paloma start to kiss as Spike snaps out of the spell and starts to claim that he's innocent. Simone laughs at him. She and the Bennetts then go over to Sam's while he calls a squad car to pick up Spike. Before they can come, Norma takes the opportunity to kick Spike around one last time.

    Stringing Me Along

    Monday, August 13 2007

    At Sam's house, Kay, Miguel, Noah, Paloma, Simone and Jessica sit in the parlor talking about the recent miracles. Simone wonders how her mother could have delayed revealing the truth about Luis for so long. Sam walks through the front door and asks Jessica to stand up. To everyone's horror, he says that he has to arrest her for multiple homicides. They just received a complete report with fingerprints, saliva and DNA evidence that lays the blame on her for all of the dead bodies they've been digging up. Kay starts to panic and tries to think of a way out of this. She freezes them to give her more time to come up with a plan. When she doesn't come up with anything, she leaves them all frozen so that she can go and talk to Tabitha.

    It's You!

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    As everyone stares down at Jessica's dead body, Kay wanders away to see Tabitha and the Demon Elf. This is just the beginning, the elf promises as his demons fly off into the night. Kay feels awful, but, as Tabitha points out, this is all because she never listens. Returning to Miguel's arms, she watches as Sam tries to revive his daughter. Eve arrives and starts looking Jessica over while Spike hopes that she is really dead. Suddenly, Jessica begins coughing after Eve gives her oxygen. 'Dammit!' curses the elf. Now his demons will be coming back after losing the power of possession. He stomps off angrily to find someone else to boost the power of his demon brigade. Kay is smug to see him go, but Tabitha wouldn't count him out yet. Meanwhile, Spike tries to act concerned and swears that he will make whoever did this to his precious wife pay. Jessica swats him and then kicks him in the groin before revealing everything that he did to her. Sam places him under arrest and they drag him away. Watching this, the Demon Elf thinks that he's just spotted someone to give him his power back.

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