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    Passions CAST - Martin Fitzgerald

    Full detailed profile on Martin Fitzgerald Played by Richard Steinmetz on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Richard Steinmetz
    Martin Fitzgerald

    Actor: Richard Steinmetz

    Who played Martin Fitzgerald over the years

    Richard Steinmetz (May 14, 2004 - October 2006)
    William Bumiller (1999 - 2001 in flashbacks)

    Useful information on Martin Fitzgerald

    * Fled to Mexico with Katherine because of Alistair Crane.
    * Was believed to be dead or to have abandoned his family and friends.




    Martin was an exceptional father and devoted husband to Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald. He left Harmony for many years because he got tangled up in a marital dispute between Alistair Crane and his wife Katherine. Both he and Katherine feared for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. They were forced to allow their families to believe that they were dead so that they could all continue to live. Martin and Katherine relocated to Mexico and over time became romantically involved since they were each other's pillars through the whole ordeal.

    Martin made the decision to return to Harmony when his daughter Paloma (who lived in Mexico) almost died because Alistair found out where they were. He returned to a family that loved him, but was furious that they had been allowed to believe that he was dead or missing all of these years. Pilar had mourned for Martin this entire time and wanted desperately to build their future together. Martin could not turn off his feelings for Katherine, but managed to eventually get over her and focus on his life with Pilar. On their wedding day, Pilar found Martin and Katherine talking and washed her hands of the situation.


    Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald


    Katherine Barrett


    Brian Fitzgerald (father)

    O'Leary (mother)
    Ethan Crane (grandson)
    Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald (grandson)
    Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (grandson - deceased)
    Jane Winthrop (granddaughter)


    Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Pilar - deceased)
    Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Pilar)
    Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (daughter with Pilar)
    Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Pilar)
    Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (daughter with Pilar)



    Wednesday, March 12 2008: Elf Attack!

    A motorized toy car comes into the room out of nowhere and Tabitha yells, "Everybody down! Elf attack!" Tabitha and Endora hide under the table and Noah realizes he sat on the remote control, which made the car move. Pilar thinks Tabitha's reaction was odd and wonders what she meant by elf attack. Endora thinks, "This should be good!" Tabitha makes up something about a game her and Endora play. She then tries to change the subject back to Theresa, but Pilar won't let it go saying she always heard about the strange things that happen in her house. Paloma says it's not just this house, but all of Harmony. Tabitha says she doesn't notice, but Pilar says it's like there's an aura around the entire property. Pilar keeps asking questions about Tabitha and the house and Kay tries to distract her by bringing up the wedding.

    Wednesday, December 20 2006: It's a Drag to be JT

    The jovial Noah and Paloma return and start decorating. Jessica is bored and wants to go outside but Noah panics. She says she'll be fine outside for ten minutes. She goes down to the waterfront while a series of perfect couples walk by depressing her. She sees a bar and goes in for a drink. Fox's actors appear and sit down to rehearse their lines. Half-drunk, Jessica comes out with a bottle in a bag and thinks that she hears Charity's voice. She turns the corner and is shocked to see the actress taking off her mask.

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