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    Passions CAST - Alistair Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alistair Crane Played by John Reilly on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Reilly

    Birthday: November 11 1936
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Liz in July,1981
    Real Name: John Reilly
    Height: 6' 2"


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    I Love You...Only You

    Tuesday, August 28 2007

    Gwen is pacing in the halls of the inn. Rebecca offers her daughter an eclair but Gwen refuses to eat or drink anything that Alistair may have had contact with. Rebecca sadly drops the possibly poisoned pastry and tells her daughter that she should start planning her future with Ethan. Meanwhile, Alistair begins choking Theresa while they stand over Ethan's body. Soon, Chad and Whitney run in. Chad jumps his father and wrestles him away. As Alistair fights him off, Theresa tries to send Whitney off for the police. Pulling out a gun, Alistair stops her and promises them that they'll all be dead soon. When Gwen and Rebecca walk in, they're shocked to see Ethan sprawled out on the bed. Chad refuses to stand by and let Ethan die. As he picks up the phone, Alistair reminds him that he will shoot him. Theresa and Gwen begin blaming each other for all of this and demanding that someone call 911. Alistair tells them it's pointless: They are all going to die; he's come back to clean up his mistakes. Chad tries to wrestle the gun away, unable to imagine his father would actually shoot him. He does. 'But I'm your son,' Chad says as he drops to the floor bleeding. 'You're no son of mine,' he says. Everyone in his family has disappointed him and they're all going to die. He turns to Theresa, leveling the gun in her face. 'Our marriage was forged in Hell so you're going to be very comfortable down there,' he says. Suddenly, a pair of security guards run in with their guns drawn. Alistair shoots at them before jumping out the window and running. As he escapes, Whitney tries to stop Chad's bleeding but it's too late. 'I love you...only you,' he says before his eyes roll back. He's dead. As she cries over him, Theresa screams at Gwen to get away from Ethan.

    Luis chases Fancy through the Crane grounds. He catches up with her and tells her again that he refuses to leave her. She tells him that she'll destroy his life. That doesn't make any sense to him so she lists all of the cursed relationships that the Crane's have had. She runs into the night and he follows her. When she thinks she's finally alone, someone runs out of the dark and grabs her, running off with her thrown over their shoulders. As she screams, the man puts her down. It's Luis and he kisses her, vowing to take her away, against her will if he has to, and convince her that there is no Crane curse. When she says no, he throws her over his shoulder again and strolls away. He takes he to a bedroom and tells her that she needs to stop being an idiot. 'I love you,' he says, putting his arms around her and slowly kissing her neck. Eventually she returns his 'I love yous'. As they fall into the bed, Alistair appears in the window. Luis took Sheridan from him and now Fancy. 'You cross me once: You die, you cross me twice: You die in agony,' he growls.

    I'm a Monster

    Monday, August 27 2007

    At the inn, Theresa screams for help when Ethan appears to be dead. Alistair saunters into the room and tells her that her husband is 'very much alive.' Shocked to see him, she starts to pray for help. Alistair makes some jokes about her embracing her mother's fanaticism, no doubt thanks to her grief at losing him, he sarcastically remarks. She points out that something is wrong with Ethan. 'Yes, I can see that,' he pithily remarks looking at his half naked, breathless body. He explains that he poisoned the strawberries... they were meant for her though. She's appalled that he doesn't seem to care that his former grandson is lying there dead, but he's unphased. Instead, he picks up the last strawberry and pushes it in her face, commanding her to eat it. She doesn't understand why he is doing this. He knows about her bastard child: She's made a fool out of him and he won't let anyone find out. She begs him not to take away her final chance at happiness. When she refuses to play his games and tries to run away, he slams the door and won't let her leave. She tells him that she never knew that Ethan was the father until she was in Rome. He refuses to believe a word she says. 'Ethan is dead and you are about to die,' he declares, grabbing her by the throat and choking her.

    Great Minds Think Alike

    Friday, August 24 2007

    At the inn, Rebecca explains to her daughter that, since Alistair isn't dead, Theresa is actually a bigamist and not legally married to Ethan. Gwen assumes that Ethan will just love Theresa more knowing that Alistair is still alive. Rebecca encourages her to keep silent as Alistair's demanded though; otherwise Mr Crane might silence them. Gwen doesn't care though; she wants Theresa to pay for all the years of torture she's gone through. As she rushes for the door, Alistair appears. He's not surprised that he couldn't trust them. Now he'll have to take measures to make sure that neither of them can tell Ethan the secret. Gwen is defiant; she needs to punish Theresa. Alistair understands and promises her that her enemy will suffer, but not at the expense of his reputation. He can guarantee that Theresa will never stay with Ethan: He just sent her a tray of poisoned strawberries. Gwen smiles. Rebecca says that this is best for everyone and he begins to laugh. He pours them champagne while Rebecca fantasizes about Theresa in her coffin wearing a sombrero and fake mustache. He tells them that everything will be okay as long as little Ethan's paternity is never revealed. Smiling, he walks out and Gwen shrugs. She wanted to see the look on Theresa's face when Ethan rejected her, but now she'll just have to settle for her being dead.

    Beauty Treatment, or Torture?

    Thursday, August 23 2007

    'Little Ethan is your son!' Gwen proclaims as the door opens. To her shock, a nearly nude old man opens the door. Assuming that he must be hiding Theresa, she grabs him, demanding to know where she is. He doesn't have a clue though. He explains that there are two honeymoon suites and the other one is at the other end. As Gwen and Rebecca start to walk away, his female companion comes out, recognizing Rebecca instantly. After Rebecca explains that she doesn't do autographs, the woman slaps her. She explains that Rebecca tried to steal her husband years ago and then tells 'skank and little skank' to get lost. After the woman pushes the man back into his room and shuts the door, Gwen wonders if her mother has slept with every man in Harmony. They hurry across the building to the other honeymoon suite but, before Gwen can knock, someone grabs her arm. Turning around, they're shocked to see Alistair staring back at them. He twists Gwen's arm and demands that she leave Theresa alone. When she refuses, he wrenches her arm harder. He hates Theresa as much as they do and he will make her pay. He's not going to let the public discover that he's been duped by the bastard child that he named his heir and the child's devious cuckolding mother. If Gwen or Rebecca say one word about little Ethan, they'll both die. After he walks away, Rebecca tells her daughter to relax. Now Alistair can take care of everything and, since he's not dead, that means Theresa can go to jail for being a bigamist.

    Your Dream is My Dream

    Wednesday, August 22 2007

    At the mansion, Fancy and Pretty are shocked to see that their grandfather is arrive. Fancy keeps repeating that it's impossible. 'It would take more than a train blowing up to get rid of me,' Alistair says, sitting at his desk and pulling out a cigar. He explains that you can get a lot more done when people think you're dead. Marty is dead, he insists, and Beth probably is. Anyway, he doesn't want to talk about any of that: He's only there to get Fancy, the one member of his family he actually wants. She refuses to go anywhere with an evil monster like him. Pretty eagerly offers to go with him but he coldly pushes her away, referring to her as a 'gargoyle' and telling her that it's about time she rename herself. If a Crane woman isn't beautiful, she's not worth anything, he states. When she protests that it's not her fault she's disfigured, he still says that the good looking one is okay and 'ugly' is just a disgrace and should go back into hiding. She offers again to help him but he turns her down, telling Fancy that it's time for them to leave. When she refuses, he explains that Luis already knows the truth about her and won't want her anymore. She should thank her aunt for saving her from a life of mediocrity with Luis. When he turns his back, she pulls out a gun and points it at him, threatening to send him to jail. This disappoints him; it's bad enough that she degraded herself by going after Luis at the police academy, but she actually seems to like being a cop. She tells him that his game is over and calls the police for backup. Pretty rushes to his side and offers to help him escape. Running to the door and shutting off the lights, she yells for him to run. By the time Fancy gets the light back on, her grandfather is gone. Pretty grabs the phone away from her sister and they begin to fight over the gun until it goes off.

    What Have I Done?

    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    At the prison, Alistair is furious when Vincent breaks the news that little Ethan isn't a biological Crane. This ruins everything he has planned, he screams. Vincent tells him to look on the bright side: At least he still has him. Somehow that doesn't make Alistair feel better. 'To hell with you! To hell with everybody! To hell with them all!' he continues to scream. Down the hall, Eve and Julian can hear the screams coming out of their son's cell. When they rush over to the cell, they find the door open and their son gone. As they search, Vincent and Alistair escape from the prison with ease. Julian and Eve find a guard and tell him that their son has escaped. Soon, Sam arrives and looks around for clues, suggesting that someone must have helped Vincent escape. Luis arrives, shocked to hear about the escape. As Eve and Julian worry that the police might hurt their son, Luis finds a list of the names of people Vincent plans to kill. He runs off to search for Vincent, knowing who his targets are. Sitting down, Sam and Julian tap into the surveillance footage using Julian's laptop and can see clearly that someone helped Vincent escape. But who?

    Luis searches the grounds for Fancy. She's sure that he must hate her now that he knows the truth about her. Finally she sneaks away to the mansion and hides in the dark of Alistair's library. As she thinks back to fighting with her sister in the pool house, the light suddenly comes on, startling her. Pretty is sitting at their grandfather's desk. She recalls all of the times that Alistair defended his little princess Fancy to the detriment of everyone else. Fancy is sick of having her sister lash out at her; she regrets what she's done but now she just hates her sister for taking away all of her hopes and dreams. 'I'm sorry,' Pretty says. Fancy doesn't take the apology well; everything her sister has done to her has been intentional. 'I hate you and I have never hated you before,' Fancy proclaims. No wonder Alistair never liked her. Pretty always tried to get their grandfather to pay attention to her, but he only ever cared about Fancy. She's still sure that, no matter what Fancy says, her attack on her face was deliberate. This time, at least, Fancy won't get everything she wants. Fancy smacks her sister for saying this, just as Alistair strolls in, shocking both of them. 'Grampy? But you're dead?'

    This Ruins Everything!

    Monday, August 20 2007

    Disguised as a guard, Alistair easily makes his way into the terrified Vincent's cell. As Vincent cowers and crawls into a ball, Alistair tells him blankly that he is going to kill him. When Vincent begs for mercy, reminding him that he's a Crane too, Alistair calls him 'simply a sickly byproduct.' Like every other descendant he's had, Vincent has failed him. As he grips Vincent's throat with his arm, he tells him that this will be his reward for failing in his mission. And this after he had given him more of a chance than anyone else in his life ever has. Before he can kill him, Vincent offers to tell him a secret. Alistair drops him and demands to know what it is. It's a secret about little Ethan. Alistair grabs him again and threatens him with excruciating agony if he doesn't tell him everything immediately. 'Julian isn't little Ethan's father... Ethan is,' he blurts out. Alistair is shocked and refuses to believe it. Vincent tells him that he has proof. Alistair is furious and begins to scream: 'This ruins everything! Everything!'

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