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    Passions CAST - Alistair Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alistair Crane Played by John Reilly on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Reilly

    Birthday: November 11 1936
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Liz in July,1981
    Real Name: John Reilly
    Height: 6' 2"


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    The Ties That Bind

    Tuesday, September 18 2007

    Meanwhile, Luis tries to convince Fancy to go the hospital, but she insists she's fine. When her nose starts to bleed again Luis sees it, much to Alistair's dismay. As Luis tries to help Fancy, she turns on him and yells at him to back off, much to Alistair's delight. Apparently his device is stating to work! Confused, Luis tells Fancy he was just trying to help and Fancy returns to normal apologizing for her behavior. Luis questions Fancy about not wanting to go to the hospital and Fancy reminds him of how much they've gone through and is afraid of getting more bad news. Just when Luis thinks they're ok, he offers again to take Fancy to the hospital and Fancy turns on him yet again. Fancy thinks to herself, "I want to slap Luis." With good and evil voices battling in her head, Fancy fights with herself not to slap the man she loves. With the implant at full power, Fancy continues to battle with the dueling voices in her head as Luis calls the ER. Fancy gets up and slaps Luis and the phone goes flying. Clearly shocked, Luis wants to know "What'd you do that for?" as Alistair laughs in delight.

    Next time on Passions:

    "My son. You're a live!" Eve exclaims into the phone

    Alistair tells Pretty, "Luis will either be gone or dead."

    Passions is Back with a Vengeance!

    Monday, September 17 2007

    As for Fancy, Pretty accuses Alistair of killing her sister as Fancy doubles over in pain. While Fancy's nose bleeds uncontrollably, Luis calls 911, but Fancy passes out first. Alistair worries if Luis gets Fancy help, it'll reveal the implant. He tells Pretty to stop Luis from calling 911 and gives her a two-way transmitter so they can communicate. Luis goes to call for help when Pretty walks in. He hands the phone to her to make the call. "Thank god I got here in time," she remarks. "I'll say," Alistair concurs, watching from the monitor. Pretty fakes being put on hold with 911 and Fancy wakes up. Pretty hangs up and Luis questions why she would do that. "She says she feels fine," Pretty replies. Luis still wants to take Fancy to the hospital, but Alistair talks to Pretty through the device and tells her to make sure that doesn't happen. If she can't stop him, then Alistair thinks out loud to himself, "I will kill Fancy and Luis himself." Luis still wants to take Fancy to the hospital, but Pretty talks him out of it and Fancy agrees. As Fancy lies in bed, Pretty tells her sister she's worried about her. Fancy tells Pretty she's happy things are finally getting back to normal between the two of them, as Alistair manipulates the transmitter in Fancy's head. Pretty goes back to Alistair and tells him to stop messing with Fancy. Alistair says he wants to secure Fancy's place in the family or see her in the mausoleum. Luis asks Fancy if she's sure she doesn't want to go to the hospital. Fancy says she's fine and covers up the fact that her nose is still bleeding.

    This is Our Son

    Friday, September 07 2007

    At the mansion, Luis interrupts Fancy and Pretty's little tea party. The sisters hug before Pretty leaves. Luis is happy to see them finally getting along. Meanwhile, Alistair watches Luis and Fancy through his surveillance network. Pretty soon appears at his side while he laughs about Pilar ending up with two dead sons on her hands. They watch as Luis and Fancy start making out on her bed. He's angry when he sees that the chip doesn't seem to be working. Fancy should be attacking Luis and she's not. As he starts to fidget with the controls that are supposed to dictate her behavior, Fancy starts to have an adverse reaction. Pretty begs him to stop before he hurts her sister. When Luis starts to suggest that Fancy go to a hospital, Alistair starts to panic. Lucky for him. Fancy insists that she's okay and only asks Luis for water. Suddenly, her nose starts to bleed uncontrollably until she collapses.

    I'm Not Drunk, I'm Destroyed!

    Thursday, September 06 2007

    Alistair starts to panic when Fancy's heart suddenly stops. The doctor grabs an adrenaline shot and trusts it into her chest in an attempt to revive her. As she starts to breathe again, Alistair tells her that he can't bear the thought of losing her. When she is taken away to be examined, Pretty starts to worry that she isn't her grandfather's favorite anymore. He tells her to stop being so insecure. She begins hugging him until he sends her off to help with her sister. Alone, he admits that he doesn't care about her at all; this is all just his new plot to destroy Luis using the new love of his life: Fancy. They go back upstairs and the doctor reminds Alistair that there is still a chance that Fancy might remember everything that has just happened. Pretty asks what they'll do if she does. 'Kill her,' grandfather says, handing her a gun. He sends the doctor out and hides in the closet as Fancy wakes. She lifts her head, feeling disoriented. Her sister explains that she put some vodka in their lemonade and it must have had quite a kick. Fancy keeps thinking of all of Alistair's plots against Luis and Sheridan; she can't believe that she was so taken in by him for all those years. Pretty hides the gun while Fancy hugs her and tells her that she wants to be real sisters with her again.

    Goodbye to You and Me

    Wednesday, September 05 2007

    At the mansion, after being drugged by her sister, Fancy passes out with her head on the table. Alistair and his doctor rush in to take her unconscious body away. Pretty realizes that her grandfather has just been using her and threatens to call Luis. He apologizes to her but she lashes out, accusing him of always favoring Fancy, even before she was scarred and unlovable. He insists that he loves her more than her sister; he just isn't good at showing his affections. 'I'm absolutely blown away by your unwavering loyalty to me,' he offers, hugging her and telling her that he loves her. She's convinced and he ushers her out. As they wheel Fancy out, Alistair grabs the nurse and tells her to kill Pretty if she makes any problems. They take Fancy down to his underground lab. Pretty starts to have second thoughts again and says so. This makes Alistair quite furious and he reminds her that her sister destroyed her life. The doctor takes out a chip and starts to insert it into Fancy's brain. This will break her up with Luis and bring her back to where she belongs, Alistair explains. 'Or kill her,' the doctor adds. After the operation, Alistair hopes aloud that this will finally get her back to her old self and make her grampy's favorite once again. 'I thought I was your favorite?' Pretty asks. Suppressing his growing annoyance at his granddaughter, he manages to calm her insecurities but then turns back to Fancy and whispers to her: 'We can go back to the way it used to be...just you and me.'

    I Have a Son

    Tuesday, September 04 2007

    In one of his secret rooms, Alistair urges a reluctant Pretty to help him fulfill his revenge plot against Fancy. After a long pause, she agrees to do it, just for him. Taking his phone, she places a call to her sister, telling her that she needs to see her right away. Luis thinks that's a bad idea but, as Pretty begs for another chance with her sister, Fancy agrees. At the same time, Sheridan searches for Luis so that she can break the news that Marty is still alive. She walks by Fancy's room and sees Luis making love to her. Sheridan goes to the door anyway. Luis doesn't want to talk to her. Fancy stands by his side and tells her aunt that she's not welcome. Sheridan insists that this is important. Fancy decides to get dressed and go see her sister; she has to take the chance to talk to' s the only way to avoid murder, she jokes. Meanwhile, Alistair is impressed that his granddaughter is such a good little actress (too bad about her face, he think again). He hands her a vial of fluid. She knows what she has to do with it.

    Fancy and Pretty meet in her room where she has all of her sister's favorite treats waiting. Pretty admits that she was always jealous but she wants to put that behind them. 'We're sisters,' she says. It's a great relief to Fancy to hear that; she's been worrying about her sister for years. As she hugs her sister close, Pretty rolls her eyes before asking her to sit down while she gets her some lemonade. As she pours it, she drops the drug in and hands it to her sister. They toast: 'To the Crane sisters: Both of us finally getting what we deserve!' They toast again but Fancy is drinking slowly and already showing signs of tiredness. She always fantasized about doing things like this with her sister. Now she hopes that they can be best friends for the rest if their lives. Alistair impatiently watches the scene through his video surveillance system, taking a drink and laughing before calling a doctor to ready the next step in his plot. Fancy becomes sleepy and starts to yawn.


    Friday, August 31 2007

    Watching this from outside, Pretty tells her grandfather that Fancy is crazy to pick Luis over him. He apologizes for calling her ugly before, but he was just so upset by the mess he found on his return to Harmony. She forgives him: She loves him and will do anything for him. He tells her that Fancy is now dead to him; her recent behavior is uglier than any scar. Pretty finds it hard to believe that he would accept her so suddenly, but hugs him close anyway. He's disgusted at her touch but hides it. He offers his granddaughter a chance for revenge but she is having a change of heart. Alistair tells her not to fall for her sister's act. 'Fancy needs to be punished,' he insists. After a moment, she agrees and smiles. He starts to whisper his plan in her ear before bringing her into one of his hidden rooms in the mansion. She's shocked to see this place. She's lived in the mansion her whole life and had no idea that there was anything like this. After asking him how many other secret places he has hidden away, he teases her, realizing that she's ludicrously naive. This all seems to be going over her head. She tells him that she doesn't know why everyone doesn't love him like she does. Smiling, he admits that he doesn't know that either. Then, he tells her that they have to work together to destroy her sister's happiness: It's only fair. He hands her his phone so that she can 'call the b*** that ruined her life.'

    I Hate Them Both

    Thursday, August 30 2007

    Outside, Alistair watches them. 'You'll never be with my granddaughter because you're going to be dead,' he sneers. How could she, his favorite Crane, betray him with such a peasant? Pretty comes out of the shadows and asks him what he's doing. She wants to show him how much she loves him. Looking inside, she sees her sister and Luis. It didn't take him long to forgive her for what she did to him, she remarks. She can't understand how everyone loves Fancy despite all of the terrible things she does. It's not fair! This will all change very soon though, Alistair is sure of that. He tells Pretty that Luis and the rest of his family corrupt everything they touch and it's time for them to pay dearly. Pretty is disgusted as she watches her sister and Luis. She can't understand what he sees in her. Alistair explains that Luis is a simple minded man and rarely understands anything. 'I hate them both,' she says. He offers her the chance to prove to him how much she loves him. She smiles at the offer.

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