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    Passions CAST - Alistair Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alistair Crane Played by John Reilly on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Reilly

    Birthday: November 11 1936
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Liz in July,1981
    Real Name: John Reilly
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Enough is Enough!

    Tuesday, September 25 2007

    Out in the hallway, Alistair chastises Pretty for lashing out at Ivy and Fancy and fears she's ruining his plan. After a pep talk, Pretty assures Alistair she's back on track and he tells her he knows she won't let him down.

    On the other side of the door, Ivy tells fancy she feels sorry for Pretty, but there's nothing she can do now. Fancy says she's afraid that Pretty is right about her when she calls her two-faced, and recalls slapping Luis. Ivy tells her daughter not to spend too much time beating herself up as these are strange days. Fancy tells Ivy she's scared because she felt the way she imagines Alistair always feels when she hit Luis. Ivy agrees that it's scary, but that she's nothing like her grandfather. They debate their individual personality traits and agree that the Cranes are a dysfunctional family. Ivy blames it on living in the mansion under Alistair's thumb. Ivy urges her daughter to learn from her mistakes and apologizes for casting her children aside for being Julian's children when all she wanted was to be with Sam and Ethan. Pretty reenters the room and tells them she has something to say to both of them. Pretty apologizes for her outburst and tells Fancy it's not her fault she didn't take the time to get to know Fox and tells her mother she knows she did the best she could. "No I didn't, but it's nice of you to say," Ivy responds. Pretty consoles her mother and tells her she'll do her best to not make things harder for her. The women seemingly call a truce so they can all grieve over Fox together, but as Pretty hugs her sister, she thinks, "Being nice to these two b****es it killing me." The women discuss Fox, and Ivy says she thinks Julian could be right about Kay killing him. Fancy reminds Ivy that she needs to watch what she says about Kay around Sam if she wants to hold on to him. Ivy brings up how Kay treated Fox, but Fancy defends Kay reminding Ivy how Fox deceived her. Ivy tells her daughters not to make the mistakes she made and that they shouldn't turn their back on love. Fancy assures Ivy she loves Luis and wouldn't turn him away, but Pretty thinks, "Grandfather will rip him away from you and there's nothing you can do to stop him." Ivy tells Pretty the bright spot of the day was her apology and hopes they can all get along, especially considering Fox's death. Ivy leaves to take a bath and Alistair watches from a cracked door across the hall. Pretty tells Fancy she wants her to be happy, but worries about Sheridan and how badly she wants Luis back. Fancy assures her sister that Luis is hers and hers alone, as Alistair overhears and makes plans to the contrary.

    The Parent/Child Bond

    Monday, September 24 2007

    Over in the Crane kitchen, Sheridan raises the knife to Alistair's back while he looks in the fridge. As they discuss his killing Chad and her desire to kill him, she puts the knife down before he can see it. Alistair tells his daughter that he can still expose secrets and control people from beyond the grave. Sheridan brings up Marty again, and Alistair tells her, "The boy is dead; you have to forget this and move on. If you want a child then buy one." "Thank you for your kind words," Sheridan says as she looks at her laptop photo of Marty and raises the knife to Alistair's back again. Alistair turns around and sees the knife. "Patricide has always been a staple with [the Cranes] and you would be the first female to take down the head of the family." Alistair taunts his daughter to stab him right in the heart, as he tells her she's weak and has no guts. As Sheridan raises the knife, Luis walks in and asks, "What the Hell are you doing?" He tells her to stop, but she says her father is evil because he won't tell her about Marty and that he has to die. Luis agrees, but doesn't want her to ruin her life over Alistair and tells her that Marty is gone. Sheridan lowers the knife and breaks down in Luis's arms. "All Talk, no action," Alistair remarks. Luis asks what Crane is doing there saying he liked him so much better dead. He threatens Alistair telling him the authorities are looking for him and he will arrest him. When he says Sam can back him up since he's already in the house, Sheridan asks why the chief of police is there. Luis breaks the news to Sheridan about Fox and she breaks down again. Luis explains what happened and Sheridan blames Esme. Luis defends the socialite and Sheridan asks who would want to shoot her nephew. She asks if there are any other suspects and Luis tells both of them that Julian blames Kay and Miguel. As Luis and Sheridan hug, Luis tells Alistair he's going to arrest him, but turns to find Alistair has fled. Sheridan stops Luis from going after her father and shows him the photo of Marty. Luis thinks it's a trick, but Sheridan assures him "It's our boy. Alive and well."

    Next time on Passions:

    Alistair tells Pretty to control her temper or he'll do it for her.

    Gwen and Ethan hug, as Gwen plots to make him hers.

    Pretty walks in on Fancy and Ivy and tells them she has something to tell them.

    Close, but No Cigar

    Thursday, September 20 2007

    In the kitchen, Alistair goes to Sheridan's laptop and asks, "Where did you get this? Who set this up for you?" Sheridan tries to cover, but he wants to know what secrets of his she knows. Sheridan continues to play dumb, but Alistair presses her demanding to know why she's spying on Luis and Fancy, as the laptop's screen has been switched from Marty's photo to surveillance of Fancy's bedroom. Alistair taunts his daughter over Luis and Fancy's relationship, saying she'll never have the man she loves again. In tears, Sheridan swears to herself she will get Luis back. Sheridan tells her father that everyone knows about his surveillance system and how he's been spying on the entire town for years. Alistair compares himself to Zeus and tells her the wrath of a god is vicious. He then blames Luis for Marty's death, but Sheridan tells her father Marty never would have been on that train or with Beth if it weren't for him. Alistair continues to tell Sheridan her son is dead, but she demands proof, such as his gravesite. Sheridan wants to know where Marty was buried, but Alistair says he doesn't know. Alistair lashes out at his daughter saying he's glad Marty blew up in that train. They argue over their history and Alistair's role in Marty's death and Sheridan again demands that Alistair tell her the truth about Marty being alive. Alistair tells Sheridan, "Your son is dead. I'm not keeping him from you." Sheridan presses him to swear on it and Alistair says, "May God strike me down if I am." Sheridan looks to the kitchen knives and gets an idea. Picking up a butcher knife, she goes over to her father whose back is to her as he looks in the refrigerator.

    Next time on Passions:

    Theresa tells Gwen she doesn't believe the baby is Ethan's.

    Kay and Tabitha create a spell that zaps them out of the room.

    Sheridan holds a knife on Alistair.

    Deceit and Manipulations

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    At the Crane kitchen table, Sheridan looks at a recent photo of Marty on her laptop and tells him they will be a family again. "Such a waste, all this time apart. What did I do to ever have my child stolen from me?" Sheridan asks out loud. She suddenly realizes she needs to tell Luis that Marty is still alive and picks up the phone. She leaves a voicemail telling him to call her back immediately and tells the photo of Marty that his mother and father are coming for him. She promises that once she has him back safely, there will be hell to pay for Alistair. As she continues to look at Marty's photo, Alistair enters the kitchen. Sheridan accuses him of being a murderer and Alistair wants to know what she's doing there. Sheridan tells him she hates him and throws a glass at him. She then runs to attack her father and Alistair tells her she was always a hysterical child and now she's a mess and an alcoholic. She assures him she's not drunk and demands to know where Marty is. "You're bastard brat is dead," he coldly tells her. Sheridan calls him a liar and asks again where her son is. After Alistair assures her Marty is dead he wonders why she thinks he's alive. Afraid if he knows she's on to him he'll move Marty, Sheridan tells her father she just assumed that since he survived, Marty could have too. Alistair tells her she's wasting her time because her son is dead and that people might think Sheridan is crazy if they overheard their conversation. He wants to know what she thinks she knows and asks about what's on her laptop. Sheridan gets a look of panic on her face as Alistair moves to see what's on her screen.

    Upstairs, Fancy tells Luis he's had that slap coming and that she's furious with him. Luis is clearly confused and tells her, "I've never seen you like this." Just then Fancy has another headache and doubles over. Going back and forth from good to evil Fancy, she lashes out every time Luis tries to call 911. When Luis asks what's wrong, Fancy retorts, "There is nothing wrong with me your absence won't cure." Luis then gets a call from Sheridan and Fancy becomes furious accusing him of always thinking about her aunt. Luis lets the call go to voicemail, but that doesn't appease Fancy, as they continue to fight over Sheridan. Fancy tells Luis she's sick of Sheridan and she's sick of him! Fancy continues to convulse and twitch from Alistair's device as Luis tries to get through to her. After Alistair turns off the device, Fancy is back to normal and Luis tries to smooth things over with a confused Fancy. Luis starts to leave so she can get some rest, but Fancy calls for him not to go after she can't figure out why she was so angry with him. Luis tells her he understands why she would be so upset after all the upheaval in their lives lately, but next time maybe she could lash out at a pillow or something.

    Watching Fancy hit Luis, Alistair remarks, "A Crane is born!" Pretty marvels that Alistair's device actually works, as Alistair gives Fancy an extra jolt to show Pretty how a true Crane treats the working class. As they watch Fancy and Luis's relationship implode, the Cranes take great delight in what they've accomplished. Suddenly, Alistair turns the device off and Pretty questions his actions. As it's been fun for her to watch Fancy dump Luis, Pretty asks Alistair if she can take a turn at controlling Fancy so she can punish her sister. Pretty complains that she will never know what it's like to be truly loved because of what Fancy did to her and Alistair offers to buy her a man. Not exactly what she had in mind, Pretty tells him she wants Fancy to feel the pain that she feels and Alistair promises that Luis will either be gone or dead.

    The Ties That Bind

    Tuesday, September 18 2007

    Watching the live feed of Fancy and Luis, Alistair toys with the device that controls his granddaughter. Pretty urges him to stop, but Alistair won't hear of it. Alistair insists Fancy will be a true Crane again. "Unless she dies first," Pretty says. "No Pain. No gain," Alistair retorts. Alistair tells Pretty that Fancy is his last hope for a family member to run the Crane dynasty. Pretty questions that remark thinking she was his favorite. He dismisses her and Pretty accuses him of not caring about her at all. He silently agrees with her, but tells her it's not true. Pretty sees through his lies, and tells Alistair she will tell Fancy and Luis the truth about what he's been doing to his granddaughter. As Pretty tells her grandfather that she'll tell her sister everything, Alistair tries to cover, but Pretty accuses him of lying to her this whole time. Alistair tells Pretty he doesn't want her to be burdened running the family business and wants her to enjoy life. "As much as a hideous gargoyle can," he thinks to himself. Pretty somehow buys this line and tells Alistair she believes him. They turn to the monitor and notice that Fancy has returned to her old self and Alistair turns up the power on the implant.

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