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    Passions CAST - Alistair Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alistair Crane Played by John Reilly on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Reilly

    Birthday: November 11 1936
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Liz in July,1981
    Real Name: John Reilly
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Alistair Sets His Plan in Motion

    Monday, November 26 2007

    Looking through Alistair’s controlling device, Pretty watches Fancy as she sits in the kitchen. Pretty pushes some buttons to make Fancy act out, but it doesn’t work. Alistair walks in and tells Pretty he shut the deivce off. Pretty can’t understand because she thought they were supposed to destroy Fancy and Luis’s relationship. Alistair assures his granddaughter that Luis and Fancy will be utterly devastated, but he has come up with a more amusing way to do it. Alistair says that he needs to make sure neither Fancy nor Sheridan want anything more to do with Luis. He marvels over how the woman think Luis is so honest and true blue, but that they won’t think that once he’s finished with him. Pretty wants to know how Alistair will get “Dudley Do-Right” to do wrong and Alistair says he will make Luis get another woman pregnant. Pretty wants to know who would go along with such a scheme and Alistair says, “You.” Pretty is shocked, but Alistair says his plan will make Luis, Sheridan and Fancy miserable for the rest of their lives and tells Pretty he’ll forever be grateful for her help and in return she’ll get his trust forever. Pretty hugs him and says she’ll do whatever he says.

    Sheridan looks at her laptop in the kitchen and Alistair walks in. Sheridan asks where Marty is and Alistair says he’s dead. Sheridan tells him that she knows he's been keeping Marty from her and Alistair smugly asks, “Have I?” Sheridan asks where Luis is and Alistair says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She demands to know if Marty and Luis are safe and Alistair says he’ll show her. He goes to the laptop, types a few keys and Sheridan exclaims, “Marty!” Sheridan wants to know where her son is and demands that Alistair show her Luis as well. Alistair asks his daughter if she wants Marty or Luis, because she can’t have both of them. He then tells Sheridan she’s a bad mother and that she won’t see either one of them and leaves.

    Sheridan's Lucky Day

    Tuesday, October 02 2007

    Back in the hospital, Alistair taunts Theresa about her love for Ethan. He reminds her that he will kill Ethan before he lets him publicly claim Little E as his son. Alistair then tells Theresa her dream of having a family with Ethan and their children is dead. He assures her that she will never be happy with Ethan and that her fate is to spend the rest of her days with him as his wife. Theresa lashes out at him and he reminds her that all she has to do is keep the secret and she will reap all the benefits of being a Crane. She angrily tells him she will never let him take Ethan from her--ever! They go back and forth arguing over Ethan and Alistair tells her to pull herself together so Ethan doesn't come back and see that she's upset.

    Ethan enters to see Alistair and Theresa together. He tells Theresa to call his father so he can arrest Crane, but Alistair tells him that won't be necessary. Ethan then asks what he's doing there and "What are you doing with my wife?" Alistair reminds him Theresa is still married to him, but Ethan retorts that Theresa will divorce him and they will be remarried. Alistair turns to Theresa and asks if that is true or "Is Ethan just confused after eating those tainted strawberries?" Ethan says of course Theresa wants to divorce him and Ethan asks Gwen and Theresa to call the police. Alistair abruptly leaves the room ushering Gwen out with him. Ethan is upset over Alistair being back and promises that he won't let Crane hurt Theresa again and that everything will be ok. Theresa thinks to herself, that nothing will be ok because she must keep the secret so Alistair won't kill Ethan. Ethan tells a distraught Theresa that all he wants is for them to be a family with Little E and Jane.

    In the hallway, Alistair tells Gwen she must be there for Ethan when he and Theresa break up. She promises she can win Ethan back and Alistair says, "Excellent."

    Crazy Eyes

    Monday, October 01 2007

    At the hospital, Theresa continues to explain why she didn't tell Ethan the truth about their son. She says she was afraid Gwen would convince him to take Little E away from her the way she did with Jane and then she was blackmailed by Vincent. She tells Ethan that she now needs him to help protect her and Little E from Alistair. When Ethan doesn't respond, Theresa thinks he's sleeping because the covers are pulled up over his head. Just then, Alistair pops up to reveal she's been talking to him the whole time. Theresa demands to know what he's done with Ethan. Alistair tells her he sent him away for some tests and says, "If you don't do what I say you're gonna wish you were never born." Theresa tells Alistair to go away and be dead for real this time. She vows to divorce him, but Alistair warns her he can cause a lot of pain. He then tells her he always gets what he wants and if she tells Ethan that Little E is his son he will torture her and her loved ones in ways she can't imagine. She tells him she will confess the truth no matter what, but Alistair reminds her that she is his wife and will always be. Alistair marvels at how she was able to keep the truth from him and warns her that if the truth gets out he will look like a fool. He then threatens to kidnap Little E if anyone else finds out Ethan is his father. Alistair reminds her how when Sheridan defied him Marty ended up dead. He tells her to keep quiet or her son will suffer a similar fate. Alistair continues to warn Theresa against telling Ethan or else he will kill Ethan and will stop at nothing to have his way. He asks his wife if she'll keep quiet or "Do I have to get deadly?" Theresa backs off and promises not to tell Ethan the truth.

    Next time on Passions:

    Sheridan and Luis get hot and heavy

    Theresa tells Alistair she won't let him take Ethan away from her.

    Tabitha continues to plot evil things.

    Mind Games

    Thursday, September 27 2007

    Next time on Passions:

    Alistair tells Theresa that she must do exactly as he says.

    Luis sees proof that Marty is alive.

    Eve sees Julian kissing Valerie.

    Going to the Dark Side

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Still in Fancy's room, Pretty tells her sister she only has her best interests at heart when she warns her about their Aunt Sheridan. She then asks where Luis could be right now trying to create doubt in Fancy's mind. Fancy decides to go and find Luis, playing right into Pretty's hands. Alistair enters applauding her performance saying how pleased he is with the seeds of doubt Pretty planted. Pretty basks in his praise, but Alistair secretly thinks how stupid his granddaughter really is.

    Upstairs, Luis and Fancy make out by her door and then go inside her room. Pretty runs up to the door and frets that her plan to tear them apart isn't working. Alistair tells her to use more finesse and that she needs to practice patience. As Luis and Fancy continue to get intimate in Fancy's bedroom, Pretty tells Alistair something needs to happen to stop them. Alistair tells her to wait for it, and just then Luis' phone rings. It's Sheridan telling him she has a lead on Marty. She tells him to come back to the kitchen, but he says he's in the middle of something. Sheridan reminds him he promised that nothing would get in his way of finding her son. Luis tells Fancy he has to go to work and Fancy wants to come with him incase there's news on Fox. Luis tells her he's working on something else, but can't say anymore when Fancy presses him for info. Alistair and Pretty hide behind the wall when Luis leaves the room and Alistair tells his granddaughter that his plan is working perfectly. Fancy finds Luis' s phone and rushes after him, but he's already gone. She checks out his phone records and sees that his last call came from Sheridan. Alistair and Pretty revel in how angry Fancy sounds and Alistair tells Pretty he must go to find his wife, because Theresa left him and "No one ever leaves me. She has to be punished."

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