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    Passions CAST - Alistair Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alistair Crane Played by John Reilly on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Reilly

    Birthday: November 11 1936
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Liz in July,1981
    Real Name: John Reilly
    Height: 6' 2"


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    At the Stroke of Midnight

    Monday, December 31 2007

    While Sheridan later naps on the couch, Alistair enters the cottage. He taunts his daughter about Luis being with Fancy and her being all alone on New Year's Eve. Sheridan tells her father that she hates him and that it's so overwhelming that it almost keeps her warm at night. Alistair is pleased and thinks that she could actually be worthy of his name one day. After a little more yelling from Sheridan, Alistair reminds her that he returned Marty to her. Sheridan is skeptical of the gesture and wants to know what his motives are. Alistair instructs his daughter to use Marty to break Luis and Fancy up.

    Alistair returns to his library and finds Esme lying on the couch in a negligee. Alistair is tempted and tells her that she's a delightful surprise, but wonders if she's acting as Fancy's ally. Esme says Fancy's been a bore lately and tells him it's a crime to spend New Year's all alone. As the clock strikes twelve, Alistair kisses her neck, while a repulsed Esme wishes the murderer would hurry up.

    Harsh Reality

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    At the warehouse, Luis strangles Alistair and says he’ll kill him. Alistair zaps Luis with an electric current from his watch. Luis goes flying and Pretty accuses Alistair of killing him. As Luis lay unconscious, Pretty feels for a pulse, but can’t find one. Alistair kicks him a few times and then Pretty feels a weak heartbeat. She tells her grandfather to get help or else Luis will die. Alistair tells her that they can both rot down there for all he cares and leaves.

    Alistair goes out to the docks and Spike approaches. Alistair admonishes him for keeping him waiting and then tells Spike to kill Luis. Spike asks about Pretty and Alistair tells him that he doesn’t care if she gets caught in the crossfire, saying if she dies too, C’est la vie.

    Little Ethan Learns the Truth

    Monday, December 10 2007

    In the warehouse, Luis and Pretty are still having sex and Pretty thinks that this is what love must feel like. Luis on the other hand thinks that he's only having sex with her to get free and to get Marty back. Alistair interrupts their romp saying he's surprised Luis gave in to his demands, as he thought Luis would stay true blue to Fancy. Alistair tells him that Sheridan and Fancy will be crushed when they find out, but Luis insists he only did to get out of there. Alistair ridicules him for giving in after only a few hours of captivity and says that he has no morals or scruples. Pretty defends Luis saying he's the best man she's ever met. Alistair angrily tells her she is as stupid as she is ugly and berates her for falling in love with Luis just like her aunt and sister. Alistair tells his niece that Luis doesn't return her feelings and that no man wants her. Pretty tells Alistair that it wasn't just sex and that Luis loved her, but Alistair retorts that Luis doesn't love her and never will. Pretty starts to crumble under Alistair's words and Luis assures her that a man will love her one day and she asks "One day?" Alistair laughs that she thought Luis would love her after one roll in the hay and says that Luis pities her like the last dog in the pound that no one else wants. Luis says that's not true, but Alistair continues to break Pretty's spirit. Luis consoles Pretty and lashes out at Alistair for treating his granddaughter so poorly. Alistair laughs at Luis and says that he has ugly plans for Pretty, plans as ugly as she is. Alistair then taunts Luis saying if Pretty is pregnant, he will steal that child too in order to give Marty a playmate. Luis grows angry and attacks Alistair.

    A Good Reason to Drink

    Thursday, November 29 2007

    In the warehouse, Pretty and Luis kiss as Alistair watches from another room. Alistair worries that Luis will figure out that Pretty isn't Fancy before they complete the act. Luis tells Pretty how beautiful she is and touches her face. Pretty freaks out and tells him not to touch her there (because of her scar) and Luis snaps out of it, realizing that Pretty isn't Fancy. Luis recoils and asks what she was doing. Pretty turns the tables and accuses him of attacking her while she was sleeping and slaps him. Alistair watches and laughs. Pretty accuses Luis of going along with Alistair's plan. Luis says he would never force himself on a woman and Pretty forgives him. Luis says there must be away to get out of there without giving in to Alistair's demands. Alistair says to himself that Luis will die in that room unless he can impregnate Pretty.

    Alistair continues to watch Pretty and Luis from the other room as Spike enters and tells him that Sheridan is expecting to hear from him. Spike calls Sheridan and says no one can find Luis. After he hangs up, Alistair says he's been waiting for him for hours. The two hear Pretty yell at Luis and they turn to watch them. Alistair and Spike panic when Pretty mentions Spike's name.

    Jane's a Match

    Wednesday, November 28 2007

    In the warehouse, Alistair talks to Pretty and Luis via computer and tells Luis to sleep with Pretty or they will both die in that room. Luis says he won’t get Pretty pregnant and Alistair asks what’s one more bastard Lopez-Fitzgerald? The computer then goes dark and Alistair’s image is gone. Luis is distraught thinking that Sheridan is expecting him to bring Marty home and tells Pretty that his son is alive. Pretty is shocked and then says she thinks she’s going to be sick.

    Pretty goes into another area of the warehouse and talks with Alistair. She asks him what he wants her to do next and he says to get pregnant. Pretty is surprised that he wants her to really sleep with Luis and Alistair asks, “How else are you going to get back at Fancy?” Alistair tells her she can’t disappoint him now after all he’s done for her. Pretty says it seems extreme and Alistair says that Cranes don’t worry about things like that and tells her he’s disgusted by her attitude. Pretty gives in and says she’ll do it.

    Luis tries to find a way out and uses a crowbar to try and pry a wooden panel open. Alistair sees him and zaps an electric current that shocks Luis and knocks him out. Pretty and Alistair walk over to him as Luis starts to wake up and says Fancy’s name. Alistair tells Pretty to pretend she is Fancy. Pretty hesitates and Alistair tells her not to forget what her sister did to her. Alistair leaves and Pretty lies next to Luis and kisses him. Luis calls out Fancy’s name again and Pretty thinks to herself that she finally knows what it’s like to be wanted by a brave sexy man like Luis. She pulls Luis on top of her and Luis opens his eyes. He thinks she's Fancy and says she’s beautiful and continues to kiss her. Alistair watches from another room and thinks that once Luis gets Pretty pregnant, Fancy and Sheridan will be finished with him forever.

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