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    Passions CAST - Alistair Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alistair Crane Played by John Reilly on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Reilly

    Birthday: November 11 1936
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Liz in July,1981
    Real Name: John Reilly
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Destruction Hits Harmony!

    Tuesday, May 20 2008

    Eve points the gun at Alistair and says it's payback for ruining Vincent’s life. Alistair runs around the room trying to protect himself, as Julian enters and insists Eve not kill Alistair. Alistair thanks Julian for trying to save him, but Julian says he’s just trying to save Eve from going to prison for killing him. Julian stands in between Eve’s gun and Alistair and Eve begs Julian to let her pay him back for everything he did to their son. Julian agrees that Alistair has to die, but not at the cost of Eve going to prison for the rest of her life. Eve cries and gives the gun to Julian. Julian points the gun at Alistair and the elder Crane laughs. He taunts Julian about his upside down penis and calls both him and Eve pathetic and weak. Julian says he didn’t want Eve to kill him because he wanted the pleasure himself.

    Alistair laughs and Eve exclaims that Julian shot him! Alistair points out that he’s still standing, but then notices blood coming from his chest. He starts to fall to the ground and Julian says he should have done this years ago. Julian lists all the awful things Alistair has done over the years and he and Eve say goodbye and good riddance! Alistair begs for help, but Eve and Julian just stand there expressionless watching him gasp for breath and then Alistair keels over.

    The New Sheridan Crane!

    Monday, May 19 2008

    Eve walks into Alistair’s hospital room with a knife and tells him she’s going to kill him. Alistair says she can’t because no one in Harmony ever succeeds at killing him. She says he is at her mercy now and he will pay for what he did to Vincent. Alistair taunts Eve about what a freak Vincent is and Eve starts to cry. She blames Alistair for how he turned out and she runs at him with the knife. Alistair jumps out of the way before Eve can stab him and then gets the upper hand by getting a hold of the knife. He holds it to Eve’s neck and Eve spots a syringe. She grabs it and stabs him in the leg with it. He falls to the floor and Eve pulls out a gun from her bag. Alistair says there must be something they can do to work this out and offers to set her and Vincent up some place far away so she can give him everything he needs. Eve says he can’t buy his way out of this because the only that will make her happy is to see his heart stop beating and fires the gun, but misses. She says she won’t miss again and points the gun at Alistair.

    Ethan Must Die!

    Tuesday, January 15 2008

    In the Crane living room, Viki gets a call from Alistair who tells her that Ethan must die. He asks if she understands and she says yes. He tells her he left something for her by the fireplace and to contact him once Ethan is dead. Viki wonders if she can really kill Ethan because he's been so nice to her. Ethan and Esme come in the living room and Viki hides. Viki hears them laughing and says, "Ethan must die!" Esme and Ethan see Viki and ask if she'd like a snack. Viki says yes and as they walk out of the room, she sees them passionately make out. It's not real however and Esme and Ethan head off to the kitchen.

    Pretty comes to see Alistair in the hospital and yells at him for sending Spike to kill her. Alistair blows it off and requests her help in breaking up Fancy and Luis. Pretty tells him she will never help him again. He retorts that if she doesn't help him she will never have Luis for herself. Pretty tells him that she can't forgive him for what happened in the basement, but Alistair explains that everything he did and said was for effect and he never intended to harm her. Alistair says that he didn't think she'd really fall in love with Luis, but if she wants him, she can have him. He explains he wants her to be happy and needs her help in getting Fancy back under his control. Pretty hesitates and Alistair reminds her that Luis is the only man who has treated her like a woman and that she should take Luis away from Fancy because of what she did to her. Alistair tells Pretty that if she wants Luis, she deserves him, but thinks to himself, "The biggest fool always gets the booby prize." He then reminds Pretty that Fancy was living the high life while she was having surgeries to repair her face. Pretty comes around and says that she will take Luis and make Fancy pay for what she did to her. Pretty tells him they are partners once again and leans over, as Alistair whispers his plan in her ear.

    Ay Carumba!

    Wednesday, January 09 2008

    Sam goes to see Alistair in the hospital and tells him to enjoy the nice soft bed while he can, because they don't have anything that soft in prison. He then asks who stabbed him, but even though Alistair remembers seeing Viki as his attacker, he tells Sam that even if he did know, he wouldn't tell him. Sam leaves, but since her back is to him, he doesn't see Viki in her candy stripers outfit in the corner of the room.

    As Alistair sleeps, Viki injects his IV with the syringe she filled with bleach. As she turns to leave, Alistair grabs Viki's arm. While they struggle, Viki yells, "Leave me alone!" Alistair is surprised to hear her speak and asks if he lets her go, will she talk to him? She shakes her head yes and Alistair relents. Viki asks if he will turn her in and Alistair says he hasn't done so yet. Viki wants to know why and Crane says he admires her strength and focus and wishes his children had her talent and pure evil. He says he won't turn her in if she answers one question. He doesn't care about her other victims, but wants to know why she's trying to kill him. Viki explains that her parents were taken from her and Esme is all she has left. She says, "I can't lose her!" Alistair assures Viki that Esme's not going anywhere because she's broke, but Viki fears that a man will take her away. Viki worries that Alistair will send her to jail, but Alistair tells her he has no intention of ratting her out, but he does want her to work for him as a killer. Viki doesn't think she can do it, but Alistair says she's already left a wake of dead bodies. Viki asks who he wants her to kill and Alistair says Ethan. Viki doesn't think she can do it because Ethan is a nice man, but when she looks out in the hall, she sees him hugging Esme and gets a vengeful look on her face. Alistair smugly asks what she thinks now and Viki says, "Bad Ethan."

    The New Darrin Stevens

    Thursday, January 03 2008

    With the knife stuck in his back, Alistair runs after the killer and tells him/her they will pay for this! The killer gets away and Esme wakes up. Sam runs in with his gun pulled and is thrilled to find Alistair so he can finally arrest him for Chad's murder. Sam sees Esme on the floor and arrests Alistair for killing Chad and attacking Esme. Sam cuffs him as Alistair begs for medical attention. Sam isn't too concerned for Alistair's health, but does pull the knife out of his back and callously pushes his thumb in Alistair's wound. Sam tells Alistair and Esme that he had an informant on the Crane staff that let him know Alistair was there. Alistair says he has no proof that he killed Chad, but Sam rattles off a list of people who are willing to testify against him. Sam thinks Esme stabbed Alistair in self-defense, but Alistair insists she didn't. Sam then asks if not Esme, then who stabbed him? After Alistair gets cleaned up by his doctor, he tells Sam he doesn't know the identity of his attacker. Sam questions Esme about what led up to Alistair being stabbed, but Esme doesn't know how to answer. She eventually tells Sam that Alistair didn't attack her and that she just fell and hit her head and doesn't remember anything else, but Sam doesn't quite believe her. Esme suddenly recalls that Alistair saw someone and was surprised by their identity. Sam realizes that Alistair knows who stabbed him and asks why he won't give that person up. Alistair keeps mum and Sam grabs the old man to take him to jail. Alistair tells Sam that Esme set him up to be killed and should be considered an accomplice. Sam asks for proof that Esme was involved in him being stabbed, but Alistair can't come up with anything. Sam starts to haul Alistair off to jail, as Viki enters the room. She goes over to Esme and quietly asks what's happening. Esme explains everything and Sam asks Viki if she saw anyone running through the corridors. Viki has nothing to say and Sam again asks Alistair who attacked him. Alistair won't say anything, but flashes back to seeing Viki as the person who stabbed him.

    The Killer Targets Alistair

    Wednesday, January 02 2008

    At the Crane Mansion, Esme continues her seduction of Alistair in hopes that the killer will claim him as their next victim. Esme does a little striptease complete with a feather boa, but Alistair doesn't want to play games and asks if she's avoiding him. Esme says she just likes to spice things up before the main event. Alistair informs her that he knows all about the men who have died after sleeping with her and calls her out on trying to get him killed. The killer stands in the hallway with a knife, as Esme tells him she would never do such a thing. Alistair becomes violent with her and throws her to the ground. Esme lies passed out after hitting the floor and Alistair gets on top of her and starts to undress. The killer sees this and throws the knife in his back. Alistair struggles to stand up, sees the killer and says, "You."

    At the Stroke of Midnight

    Monday, December 31 2007

    At the Crane mansion, Esme reads a magazine in her robe in the library when Fancy comes in the room. Fancy asks if she has a date for New Year's Eve, but Esme is staying in because everyone she dates ends up dead. Fancy tells her that she and Luis are back together and are going to the Blue Note. Esme is happy for her friend, but reminds Fancy that Luis slept with both her aunt and sister. Fancy says it bothers her more that he didn't tell her about Marty being alive. Fancy again asks if Esme wants to come out with them, but Esme is afraid anyone she meets will end up dead. She thinks that maybe she should date someone evil because if they end up dead then she'll be performing a public service. Fancy gets ready to leave when Alistair enters the room. Fancy lashes out at her grandfather for killing Chad and for almost killing Luis and forcing him to sleep with Pretty. While Fancy and Alistair argue, Esme again thinks that if she sleeps with someone evil, he'll end up dead and that no one is more evil than Alistair Crane.

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