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    Passions CAST - Edna Wallace - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edna Wallace Played by Kathleen Noone on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kathleen Noone

    Birthday: 1945-01-08
    Birthplace: Hillsdale, New Jersey
    Real Name: Kathleen Noone


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    The Truest Lovers in Harmony.

    Tuesday, August 05 2008

    Across town, fire shoots out of Tabitha's bowl. She wonders what they should do now. Endora suggests that they need to have more love involved. Maybe they need some true love in the mix? Julian and Eve are too distracted to concentrate so they should try someone else. She decides to zap over "the truest lovers in Harmony". Norma and Edna suddenly materialize, still in their wedding clothes and still making vows to each other. They're confused to have been brought back. Tabitha brings them to the bowl and shows them the volcano. As she talks about the doom coming, Julian wonders how his daughter can stand living with such a downer. Endora explains that she needs the power of their love to give her the power she needs to stop disaster. Norma and Edna cry about the power of their true love. Endora calls everyone to join together and feel the love. They call out to each other about their love. Their power forms a magic beam and shoots into the bowl, the lava doesn't stop. Endora decides they need to call Kay and Miguel over to help. She quickly beams them over. "I thought you were finished with magic!" he says. Kay notices the erupting volcano. Endora explains what's going on and the house starts to shake again. Everyone screams as flames leap out of the bowl. Tabitha expects the end but everything stops. A force field which looks like a bag of popcorn begins to bloom out of the bowl. Tabs tells Kay to join with Endora; it may be their only hope. She asks Miguel if it's okay. "Maybe magic can do some good for a change," he says. The women join hands and chant. A bright light shines on them all. Everyone expect for Kay and Endora vanish as the force field explodes.

    Norma, Edna, Tabitha, Julian, Eve, Miguel and Fluffy are all zapped into the church. They're confused and realize that Kay and Endora are absent. They hear Tabitha's house explode. Norma and Edna wonder if they should go on the run. The church starts to shake and they run out the side door. Tabs is sure the church is surrounded by lava. Suddenly, Kay and Endora are zapped in. They tell Tabitha that they were in Heaven and Timmy told them how to save Harmony.

    I'll Never be Separated From Your Skull.

    Tuesday, July 22 2008

    Tabitha is frustrated searching for Endora at the church. She worries about what trouble a baby witch can get into. Edna tells her to relax. Tabs doesn't want parenting advice from the mother of Beth. "Single mothers have a tough row to hoe," Norma says defending, her Eddy and wondering if Beth would have been better off if Norma had been with her back then. "If I'd have been a good mother, I would have found a nut house to take her to when she was five," Edna says. They search for Endora and spot a strange man down the hallway. Norma chases after him but he disappears. Tabs says it doesn't matter; they need to get out of there right now. Norma stops her and pulls out her ax. "You ain't goin' nowhere Tabby cat!" the ax killer growls. Tabitha's not impressed. Norma and Edna burst out laughing. Edna says Norma doesn't kill people anymore. Norma keeps her mouth shut but thinks about all the women she's killed because they gave her Eddy the "glad eye". Tabitha is ready to leave again but Norma stops her, saying they need a favor first.

    Norma and Tabitha stand in the courtyard. Since the sisters of Sappho can't get married inside with a priest, they'll get married outside with a witch. They hum the wedding march and Edna walks out, wishing Endora could be a bridesmaid. Tabitha wouldn't have let her; she doesn't want her to have nightmares. "Doesn't she make a lovely bride?" Norma says of her Eddy. "I trust that's a rhetorical question?" Tabs quips. She tells them that she has no authority to marry them: It won't be legal. They don't care about the law; hundreds of people would still be alive if they did. Norma starts chanting "bananas, rice, cheese" and cuddling Edna. They babble until Tabitha starts the ceremony. Norma reads her own vows, though she accidentally begins by reading her lunch order. "I'll love you 'till the day you die... and after. When the big day comes, I'll steal your head and boil it down. I'll never be separated from your skull," Norma vows. Edna's touched, but asks her to make sure her front plate is super-glued in so the teeth don't fall out.

    I'm a Monster.

    Monday, July 21 2008

    At the church, Tabitha frets about where Endora has gotten to now. Her daughter knows about the prophecy of disaster so where could she be? She hears what sounds like a car crash and sticks her head out the door to see what "fresh hell" could be coming. "Gadzooks! As long as I've lived, and I once rode a woolly mammoth, I have never seen such a ghastly sight!" she gasps. Norma and Edna soon stumble through the door for their nuptials. They heard about all the weddings and Edna decided it was time to make Norma an honest woman. "Can you make her a woman first?" Tabs jokes, reminding them that no priest will marry them. Norma is sure she can pass as a Norman; besides, the priest is blind. Edna has her heart set on getting married. "What's another disappointment in your tragic life?" Tabitha asks. Eddie starts to cry and bellow until Norma repeats her promise to give her the wedding of her dreams. Tabitha reminds them that a cataclysm is coming that will kill them all. They need to forget the rainbow wedding and run. Norma thought that their smell of sulfur and brimstone would protect them from the ravages of Hell. Tabitha tells them another smell they have will get in the way. "She means your leaky faucet," Norma says to Edna.

    In the vestibule, Sam congratulates the couple and promises them that his video of the ceremony will be waiting for them when they get back. He hugs Miguel, asking him to call him "Dad". After he runs off, Norma and Edna run over and congratulate them. Norma tells Miguel she has some wedding night advice for him, "stud to stud". She flashes him some K-Y warming oil and starts to quote from their ads. As she and Eddie talk about lubricating, Miguel forces a smile but doesn't turn down the bottle of liquid inspiration. "I bet Kay will like it," he thinks to himself. The two couples catch up on their travels to other dimensions. Kay admits they didn't find a way to avoid the coming disaster. Norma tells them they may be eloping to Lesbos and advises Miguel never to skimp on the foreplay. Eddie agrees to give Kay any advice she needs on men before she finally switches teams. Tabitha wishes that she had been inside watching the wedding. Kay asks her why she wasn't since she's not a witch anymore. Norma and Edna are shocked. Tabs doesn't want to talk about it. Norma and Edna wish she would "come out of the broom closet". Tabitha tells her friends to get out quickly and starts shouting for Endora again.

    Viki and Vincent Poisoned Everyone.

    Tuesday, July 08 2008

    A storm begins to rage outside. At home, Tabitha calls for her daughter, telling her they can't keep Nurse Precious waiting. Norma and Edna suddenly walk in wearing surfing gear and ask her if they are doomed to die along with everyone else. Tabitha explains that they are the only ones who aren't doomed. "I don't understand. We're not supernatural beings," Norma says. "Except in the sack," Edna jokes. Tabitha explains that if you've lived in Hell, like her or them or Kay and Miguel, a demon will only smell the sulfur and pass by you. The witch sniffs at Norma and cringes. Norma explains that she's had a shower and a shave; Edna even changed her diaper today. They're thrilled by this news and start going through their "bucket list" of things to do. Tabitha doesn't want to listen to this: She still needs to find her daughter. As she complains, Endora continues to be stubborn and demands that they help the people of the town. Edna suggests that Kay help the people of the town. Tabitha explains that Kay is already off in another dimension with Miguel and Maria trying to stop the coming catastrophe, but it won't work. Everyone is destined to be dead meat. Edna tells Endora that she better listen to her mother or she'll end up like her Bethy did. Tabitha tells the women that they will have to whisper their plotting. The women suggest pretending it's Thanksgiving. Tabs doesn't think there's time and tells them to get away from Harmony. Norma can't leave her and Endora behind. Edna just wants to see Precious but Norma reminds her of all the sacrifices that Endora has made for them. "You are right. This is one time duty calls and we don't hang up," Edna says as Norma gives her a kiss. Norma pulls her and Tabitha into a bear hug and vows to find the little girl.

    Tabs gets an idea and conjures up some flash cards to explain it so Endora won't clue in. The cards say that they'll pretend evil has come back to get Norma and Edna and this will force Endora to come to their rescue. Tabitha conjures up a cage for the women and traps them. "If you think Edna stinks now, you should see how she reeks when she's sweating!" Norma calls out. Tabitha plays along, saying she doesn't have the power to help them alone. She begs Endora for help, asking her to get in the cage with them. Endora zaps herself in and the women grab her. Tabitha zaps the women out of the cage and Endora into a tiny cage. "You are one clever little witchling!" Tabs says, picking up the cage. Now that she's safe in there, they can get out of town. Tabitha looks around the room and gets nostalgic: "All the time I've spent it's over..." She wonders if she's really getting soft in her old age. Four hundred years is a long time to call a house a home. She remembers all the spells she cast and the people she destroyed... and then little Timmy... She thought that Endora would grow up there, get married and have children of her own. Endora asks her again to help save the town. Norma suggests that, together, they could save the town. Tabitha repeats that everything is doomed to death and destruction.

    Life In Harmony Will Change Forever!

    Tuesday, April 29 2008

    Edna and Norma have breakfast at Tabitha’s kitchen table and discuss booking their next gig. Tabitha enters and Edna makes her some tea. Norma reads the paper and points out all the strange things that have been happening in Harmony like a cat giving birth to puppies and a dead person turning up alive. Tabitha asks to see the paper and then gets out her book of disasters. Edna wants to know if the book includes NBC’s programming decisions like extending the Today show to four hours and thereby canceling a hit soap! Tabitha says if all the strange occurrences are true, then happily ever after is not in the cards for Harmony. Norma and Edna are distressed by this, as Edna wants to keep a vacation home in Harmony. Tabitha then says the papers are just trying to sell papers with sensational stories and Edna and Norma are relieved.

    Alone in his hospital room, Julian wishes he had some company and Edna and Norma burst in dressed as candy stripers. He wonders how they knew he was there and Esme enters gloating that she told them. Julian is less than thrilled, but Edna and Norma say he’s lucky to have two performers of their caliber give him a private showing. Julian thinks he needs a sedative, as Edna and Norma start to do a striptease. Norma Vogues, Edna strips and Julian cowers under his covers.

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