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    Passions CAST - Edna Wallace

    Full detailed profile on Edna Wallace Played by Kathleen Noone on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kathleen Noone
    Edna Wallace

    Actor: Kathleen Noone

    Who played Edna Wallace over the years

    Kathleen Noone (June 28, 2002 - January 2003 - recurring; August 31, 2004 - August 3, 2005; November 24 2005 - January 4, 2006; June 20, 2006 - present)
    (January 2003 - August 30, 2004 - contract)

    Useful information on Edna Wallace

    * Mother of Beth Wallace.
    * Had Tabitha use her magic to make her young again.
    * Swept away by the tsunami.
    * Caregiver at one point was an orangutan.


    Current: Local Harridan


    Edna is very free with words for her daughter, abusing her both verbally and emotionally. Her primary goal in life is to rob Beth of any happiness she can possible receive, in part because she blames Beth for something that happened when Beth was just a teenager. To Beth's surprise, her mother actually seemed to care when she realized that Beth actually loved the child and offered to help her get out of Harmony with the boy. Later that night Edna walked in and found Beth about to make love with Alistair...her father! Edna had to tell the truth at this point. She then realized that Tabitha was a witch and talked her into making their powers useful by making her young and beautiful again. She loved her new life and her new look, but she unfortunately got swept away by the tsunami that hit Harmony. She ended up in a psychiatric ward rambling on about her stories of witchcraft and babies that could do magic. While in the psychiatric ward, she met up with a new friend, fellow patient Norma Bates. The two escaped and constructed a plan to kill Tabitha. After their plan backfired, they left Harmony but later turned up in Rome.


    Mr. Wallace (by common law)


    Numerous unnamed men
    Alistair Crane
    Mr. Wallace
    Norma Bates




    Beth Wallace (daughter with Alistair - deceased)


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    Tuesday, August 05 2008: The Truest Lovers in Harmony.

    Across town, fire shoots out of Tabitha's bowl. She wonders what they should do now. Endora suggests that they need to have more love involved. Maybe they need some true love in the mix? Julian and Eve are too distracted to concentrate so they should try someone else. She decides to zap over "the truest lovers in Harmony". Norma and Edna suddenly materialize, still in their wedding clothes and still making vows to each other. They're confused to have been brought back. Tabitha brings them to the bowl and shows them the volcano. As she talks about the doom coming, Julian wonders how his daughter can stand living with such a downer. Endora explains that she needs the power of their love to give her the power she needs to stop disaster. Norma and Edna cry about the power of their true love. Endora calls everyone to join together and feel the love. They call out to each other about their love. Their power forms a magic beam and shoots into the bowl, the lava doesn't stop. Endora decides they need to call Kay and Miguel over to help. She quickly beams them over. "I thought you were finished with magic!" he says. Kay notices the erupting volcano. Endora explains what's going on and the house starts to shake again. Everyone screams as flames leap out of the bowl. Tabitha expects the end but everything stops. A force field which looks like a bag of popcorn begins to bloom out of the bowl. Tabs tells Kay to join with Endora; it may be their only hope. She asks Miguel if it's okay. "Maybe magic can do some good for a change," he says. The women join hands and chant. A bright light shines on them all. Everyone expect for Kay and Endora vanish as the force field explodes.

    Norma, Edna, Tabitha, Julian, Eve, Miguel and Fluffy are all zapped into the church. They're confused and realize that Kay and Endora are absent. They hear Tabitha's house explode. Norma and Edna wonder if they should go on the run. The church starts to shake and they run out the side door. Tabs is sure the church is surrounded by lava. Suddenly, Kay and Endora are zapped in. They tell Tabitha that they were in Heaven and Timmy told them how to save Harmony.

    Tuesday, July 22 2008: I'll Never be Separated From Your Skull.

    Tabitha is frustrated searching for Endora at the church. She worries about what trouble a baby witch can get into. Edna tells her to relax. Tabs doesn't want parenting advice from the mother of Beth. "Single mothers have a tough row to hoe," Norma says defending, her Eddy and wondering if Beth would have been better off if Norma had been with her back then. "If I'd have been a good mother, I would have found a nut house to take her to when she was five," Edna says. They search for Endora and spot a strange man down the hallway. Norma chases after him but he disappears. Tabs says it doesn't matter; they need to get out of there right now. Norma stops her and pulls out her ax. "You ain't goin' nowhere Tabby cat!" the ax killer growls. Tabitha's not impressed. Norma and Edna burst out laughing. Edna says Norma doesn't kill people anymore. Norma keeps her mouth shut but thinks about all the women she's killed because they gave her Eddy the "glad eye". Tabitha is ready to leave again but Norma stops her, saying they need a favor first.

    Norma and Tabitha stand in the courtyard. Since the sisters of Sappho can't get married inside with a priest, they'll get married outside with a witch. They hum the wedding march and Edna walks out, wishing Endora could be a bridesmaid. Tabitha wouldn't have let her; she doesn't want her to have nightmares. "Doesn't she make a lovely bride?" Norma says of her Eddy. "I trust that's a rhetorical question?" Tabs quips. She tells them that she has no authority to marry them: It won't be legal. They don't care about the law; hundreds of people would still be alive if they did. Norma starts chanting "bananas, rice, cheese" and cuddling Edna. They babble until Tabitha starts the ceremony. Norma reads her own vows, though she accidentally begins by reading her lunch order. "I'll love you 'till the day you die... and after. When the big day comes, I'll steal your head and boil it down. I'll never be separated from your skull," Norma vows. Edna's touched, but asks her to make sure her front plate is super-glued in so the teeth don't fall out.

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