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    Passions CAST - Kay Bennett

    Full detailed profile on Kay Bennett Played by Heidi Mueller on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Heidi Mueller
    Kay Bennett

    Actor: Heidi Mueller

    Who played Kay Bennett over the years

    Heidi Mueller (2003 - present)
    Deanna Wright (September 2000 - October 2003)
    Gina Marie May (August 2000 - September 2000 - temporary)
    Taylor Anne Mountz (July 1999 - August 2000)
    Stephanie Patton (May 2003 - flashback)

    Useful information on Kay Bennett

    * Daughter of Sam and Grace.
    * Spent the better part of many years trying to break up Miguel and Charity.
    * Was rendered infertile and is not able to have more children.
    * Sold her soul to Hecuba.
    * Learned how to use magic from Tabitha.


    Current: Fox Crane's Assistant
    Former: Cannery Employee


    Kay is the sister of Noah and Jessica. She rarely gets along with Jessica as she is always teasing her. She developed a crush on Miguel while she was still a teenager. She stopped at nothing to win him over. She even used her best friend, Simone, and his best friend, Reese, to get closer to him. However, Miguel fell in love with her cousin, Charity. Kay then began working on anything she could do to get rid of Charity. Her crush on Miguel seemed to become the most important thing in her life. Even after finding out that Charity's long lost aunt might be Kay�s mother and would make her mother happy to meet her, Kay did all she could to make sure the two never met. While trying to break Charity and Miguel up, she pretended to support their relationship. Kay worked even harder after Miguel admitted to her in a mineshaft that he probably would have asked her out if Charity had never come to town.

    In an effort to get Miguel, she sold her soul to Hecuba and helped to arrange for the demons of Hell to attack Charity, but at the same time, the demons were after Kay too. Fortunately for Kay, she was able to get her soul back and escape Hell�s demons. After finding the Book of Spells, she decided to work some magic to take care of Charity. Her first spell entombed Charity into a block of ice and then she created a Zombie Charity. The plan began to backfire as the Zombie Charity started forming a mind of her own with her own plans. The Zombie Charity began to make threats to Kay's family along with Miguel. To protect everyone, Zombie Charity was defeated and Kay moved on to even more means of winning over Miguel.

    The next plan was to use essence from Charity to make Miguel think that she was actually Charity. This worked and Miguel and Kay slept together, but he was appalled when he found out the truth. Charity was finally found and Miguel was so happy to have her back. Kay was obviously upset and more determined to have Charity dead. She also became upset with her mother, Grace, and started yelling at her and blaming her for everything that was going wrong in her life and was upset that she would not help her destroy their relationship.

    Charity and Miguel started making plans for their wedding. The day the wedding came, Kay fainted in the church and everyone found out that she was pregnant. This did postpone the wedding, but did not break up the couple. Miguel made sure that everyone knew that he would have never gone after Kay. Kay ended up moving out of her parents� house during a blizzard out of anger because she could not live with their rules. Tabitha let her move in with her, but only after Kay blackmailed her. Kay also decided that she wanted to learn and practice witchcraft like Tabitha so that she could put an end to Miguel and Charity's relationship. Miguel avoided Kay even more after finding out about her dark side.

    Kay gave birth to her child, Maria, and even though Maria's life was in danger several times, Kay could not give up trying to get Miguel. She proved just how heartless she could be when it came to winning over Miguel - using her own child�s health issues and the death of her niece as new means. Tabitha and Simone both tried telling her they would never be together because of love if it were something she forced to happen.

    To Kay's excitement, Miguel and Charity broke up after he caught her with Reese. Miguel still wanted to be with Charity however and Kay had to work even harder to get him. She turned to Tabitha and witchcraft. For fear of going to prison, Kay did not want to kill her, but the spell Tabitha put on her turned her into a dog so she could attack Charity and not be recognized. Kay, in dog form, almost killed Charity, but Miguel was there and threw a spear at the dog. Once hit, she turned back into her human form, but no one saw this happen. Miguel found her with the spear and thought he had missed the dog and accidentally hit her. The damage left her unable to ever have another child again. Kay was so angry with Miguel because he would not leave Charity and blamed him for everything that had ever gone wrong.

    Miguel decided to leave Harmony, which finally helped Kay get her life back in order. She continued to live with Tabitha and started working extra to make money for her and Maria. She also made amends with her family for all the hurtful things she had done to them. She later met Fox Crane and formed a relationship very quickly. They spent a lot of time together and wanted to do something very special for him and turned to Tabitha again for a little witchcraft. Although Tabitha warned her that she would have to pay the price, Kay still wanted her to cast a spell on him to help him be more successful in his business. The price: he started spending more and more time at the office - and with Valerie.

    Once Valerie was no longer in the picture, Kay and Fox�s relationship really started to grow. That is until Miguel came back to Harmony after giving up on his search for Charity. Miguel admitted his love for her. Although she could not help still be attracted to Miguel, she told him that her and Fox were really happy together. Later on, Miguel started up a new relationship with Siren who had just come to town, which made Kay very jealous. Kay learned that Siren was a mermaid and was scared that he would fall under the mermaids curse. Kay tried telling people but no one believed her.


    Fox Crane (deceased)


    Fox Crane
    Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald


    Sam Bennett (father)
    Grace Standish (mother)
    Noah Bennett (brother)
    Jessica Bennett (sister)
    Hank Bennett (uncle)
    Faith Standish (aunt - deceased)
    Charity Standish (cousin)
    Ethan Winthrop (half-brother)
    Ethan Crane (biological half-nephew)
    Sarah Winthrop (half-niece - deceased)
    Jane Winthrop (half-niece - 2004)


    Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald (daughter with Miguel)



    Thursday, August 07 2008: There is Finally Harmony in Harmony.

    Kay zaps Father Lonigan to the church and tells him she needs him to baptize Tabitha. He says, “There’s no way in Hell I will ever baptize that witch.” He admits Alistair told him that Tabitha is a witch and he has known for years. He thought he could fight her evil better if she never knew that he knew. Everyone tries to convince him to baptize Tabby or else they will all be dead before dawn. Father Lonigan thinks everyone is trying to trick him and Tabitha lashes out at Father Lonigan. He wonders how she could have been allowed in a church without bursting into flames. Esme fills him in on how Tabitha gave up her powers and Tabitha continues her tirade against the Father. Tabitha asks Endora to zap them out of there so they can leave these mortals to die because it’s what they deserve and she storms out of the room.

    Kay stops Tabitha and urges her to stay and get baptized because it’s what Timmy said would save Harmony. Tabitha isn’t questioning Timmy’s honesty, she’s just disgusted with Father Lonigan's holier than thou attitude. Lonigan backs down and says he had no idea she had embraced goodness and sacrificed her powers to save others. He apologizes for judging her and Tabitha accepts. He says he will need to hear Tabitha’s confession before he can baptize her. Tabitha thinks that could take awhile.

    The crowd from the basement joins those in the church and they catch everyone up on what just happened with Theresa, Ethan and Juanita. Julian and Eve then reciprocate and explain about the volcano and the lava. The earth starts to shake again and Father Lonigan and Tabitha stand around the holy water, but they are having a hard time because the dark side is trying to prevent her from becoming baptized. Julian asks Endora to use her magic to help things and Endora zaps the bowl of holy water. The shaking stops and Father Lonigan baptizes Tabitha, but the volcano erupts again. Miguel says it didn’t work and Kay thinks the good side just needs some time to prevail over centuries of evil. Everyone is confused and Esme explains how Tabitha is a witch and gave up her powers for the good of the town. Esme tells everyone that Endora and Kay are witches too and Sam is shocked. Kay explains that all the Standish women have powers. They all listen to the volcano as it quiets down and Julian says Timmy was right, baptizing Tabitha saved their lives. Suddenly a bright light shines on everyone and they all stand with arms raised up to it. Tabitha cries and tells Endora that she’s truly happy for the first time in all her lifetimes because she knows what it is to feel happiness born of God’s love. Endora says she’ll live an eternal life like Timmy. Tabitha thanks Timmy because there was forgiveness for her after all and she will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Tabitha says there is only good magic in Harmony now – no more evil or demons. Sam asks, “What about the Cranes?” Julian responds that his father is dead and from now on Crane Industries will only do good things. Ivy says, “Redemption or not; I really need a drink!” Esme is way ahead of her with a bottle of pills and champagne.

    Gwen and Rebecca are zapped into janitor’s outfits and Theresa says it’s God’s way of telling them to clean up their acts! Gwen and Rebecca are mortified that they are in hideous polyester and Rebecca recalls that the last time she wore anything this tacky was when they went to Vegas a few years back. Gwen doesn’t remember it and Rebecca says Gwen was really upset about Theresa and Ethan for the millionth time and ended up marrying that guy she met. Gwen freaks out and says Rebecca told her it was all a dream, but Rebecca assures her it was not, but recalls that she never got divorced. Ethan and Theresa realize that his and Gwen’s marriage is null and void and they can get married now. Theresa asks her new sister-in-law Kay to hocus pocus Rebecca and Gwen off to go mop something. Kay zaps them and they disappear. Ethan asks Father Lonigan to marry him and Theresa and he says he’d be honored to.

    Everyone takes heir seats and Endora takes off Father Lonigan's sunglasses. When he opens his eyes, he can see! He is thrilled and says everyone is just as he imagined him or her. He thanks Endora for giving him back his eyesight and says, “God bless you.” Endora says he already did because he saved her mommy. Father Lonigan agrees and says God forgives all those who come to him. Ethan interrupts him saying they really want to get married. Father Lonigan says, “Let’s get on with it!” Theresa notices she doesn’t have a proper dress on and Kay zaps her into a bridal gown. Sam says, “Having a witch in the family is going to be fun!” Miguel is finally okay with it too. Endora says this is perfect, but Tabitha say it's almost perfect thinking about Timmy. Endora says she doesn’t have to settle for almost perfect and Timmy’s hand reaches out to Tabitha.

    As Theresa walks down the aisle Fancy tells Luis that she’s pregnant. Luis is thrilled and Sheridan tells Antonio that will be them some day. Noah comments to Paloma that they will wait to have babies until they have more money, but Paloma tells him she’s pregnant too. Eve tells Julian there’s finally harmony in Harmony. Julian says all is quiet on every front and sadly looks down at his lap and says, "A little too quiet." Kay and Miguel tell him that everyone knows what happened and Kay offers to fix it. Julian and Eve say they would be most grateful and Kay takes his hand and magically corrects his “member” much to Eve and Julian’s delight.

    Wednesday, August 06 2008: I Wallowed in Love but it's Wrong.

    Upstairs, Tabitha laughs after Kay tells her that she was just in Heaven. Kay's not sure why they let her in, but it was beautiful. Eve's having a hard time dealing with this: "First everyone goes to Hell and then everybody goes to Heaven... who is your travel agent?" Tabs just wants to hear about Timmy but the thought is interrupted when baby Endora suddenly appears. She tells her mother that Timmy told her how to stop the disaster. Eve wants to drink the sacrificial wine. Julian tells her to stop; life may be strange, but they can face anything as long as they're together. Kay explains that Tabitha needs to do something to save Harmony. Endora bursts out laughing. A drunken Esme stumbles in looking for the weddings. She wonders where the priest is; she needs to make a confession again - she was down at the wharf when the fishing boats came in and she became the catch of the day. She strolls out, saying that she saw lava running down the street outside.

    Back upstairs, Kay kneels down and tells Tabitha that she has to be baptized. "Let some decrepit old priest pour water on my head and consecrate my life to the wrong side? No, not me!" Tabs snaps. Kay tells her that God is the right side. "Not where I come from," Tabs insists. There's no way she's doing this. The last time she had anything to do with a baptism, John the Baptist's head ended up on a platter. Kay and Endora beg her to save the town. She refuses. Miguel reminds her that the magma is outside the church. She still refuses; she's always been a Dark Side witch. Julian reminds her she's not a witch anymore. Tabitha still refuses to betray the Dark Side. Julian tells her to give something to the town. She continues to refuse. Kay tells her that being baptized is actually a gift. Tabitha doesn't follow. Miguel explains that it means eternal life. Tabs had that before she gave up her powers. Kay says this isn't the witch version of eternal life where you're condemned to spending centuries doing evil. "Some of us like that sort of thing," Tabs points out.

    Meanwhile, Kay makes the pitch for Heaven again but Tabitha doesn't like all the singing and dancing or the wings. Kay reminds her that Timmy is there and may never see her again if she doesn't do this. Tabitha misses the boy, but she'd have to die to see him. Miguel explains what eternal life means but Tabs thinks they all just want to save themselves. Eve argues that if Julian can change and use the Crane empire for good, she can be good too. Tabitha wants to stay evil. Kay tells her she stopped being evil when Timmy came into her life. "I wallowed in love but it's wrong," Tabitha insists. Kay has never met another witch who has friends and makes sacrifices for her neighbors. Tabs is tired of being bullied and insists she doesn't have a heart. Endora conjures up a device so that she can hear her heart beat. She's baffled; she doesn't have a heart, she repeats. Kay says that love has made her human. Everyone continues prodding her to be baptized. This is Endora's dream, the only way she and her mother can be together forever. Looking in her little girl's eyes, Tabs finally agrees to do it for her. Everyone except Tabitha is relieved. Kay tries to zap up Father Lonigan to perform the ritual but gets Esme instead.

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