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    Passions CAST - Tabitha Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tabitha Lenox Played by Juliet Mills on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Juliet Mills

    Birthday: November 21, 1941
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married to Maxwell Caulfield
    Real Name: Juliet Mills
    Height: 5' 2"


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    Julian Finds Out About Vincent

    Tuesday, February 26 2008

    Still under the table, the demon elf zaps himself into miniature size and hides in one of the shelves in the kitchen. Kay and Tabitha rehash their argument about using their powers and Tabitha says the day she gives up magic for good is the day a monkey flies out of her knickers. The demon gets an idea and makes stuffed monkeys come out of Tabitha's backside. He then zaps a barrel of monkeys and they run around the kitchen wreacking havoc. The women wonder where the monkeys came from and then see the demon in the shelf who tells them their herbal concoction didn't work because they can't get rid of the devil with potpourri.

    Too Good To Be True

    Monday, February 18 2008

    Kay and Tabitha watch through the bowl as Noah falls. Kay worries that her brother is dead. Hearing that someone might be dead wakes up the demon elf who is still hiding under the table. Kay is later relieved to see her brother is alive, but the demon is disappointed. Tabitha then points out that the scaffolding fell again and they worry that Paloma will only do more harm than good by pulling on the frayed ropes.

    Paloma continues to try and pull Noah up as Kay worries for her brother. Tabitha tells Kay there's only one way to save Noah - by using magic, but Kay hesitates. Tabitha thinks Miguel would understand that she used magic to save her brother, but Kay doesn't know what to do. Tabitha decides to check in on the action in Mexico.

    Tabitha and Kay watch as Theresa makes her way to her family and wonder what's wrong with Theresa. Tabitha thinks it means Theresa is dead and then switches back to seeing Noah and Paloma. Tabitha asks if Kay has made a decision regarding Noah and Kay says she will use magic to save her brother.

    Upon hearing Noah's beautiful sentiment, Kay decides not to use magic to save her brother. Tabitha incredulously asks why not and Kay explains that Noah is being really sincere and if he makes Paloma forgive him then it could mean a whole new relationship for them. Tabitha thinks if it doesn't work they will be scraped up off the sidewalk, but Kay wants Paloma to save Noah on her own in order to save their love.

    Kay says she knew it would work and that Paloma will forgive Noah, but Tabitha says magic would have done the same thing, but without putting anyone in peril. Kay doesn't think so and says Miguel was right, they don't need magic when they have love and leaves the room. The demon elf doesn't agree and blows green dust Noah and Paloma's way. Tabitha looks into the bowl and sees that it has gone black again.

    Ethan Knows Everything!

    Wednesday, February 13 2008

    In her kitchen, Tabitha looks into the magic bowl and the demon elf wakes up from sleeping under the table. Kay enters and hypocritically yells at Tabitha for going back on her word to Miguel about not using magic. Tabitha doesn't think taking a peek at the present and future is doing any harm. Tabitha tempts Kay into looking in the bowl and Kay sees Noah giving roses to Paloma. Tabitha suggests Kay throw one little spell to fix Paloma and Noah's relationship, but Kay reminds her the last time she used magic the demon elf returned. Tabitha wants to use her powers to rid them of the elf, but Kay insists they can't. They realize he's not terrorizing them right now, but Tabitha is sure he's around. Under the table, the elf says he's off the clock and doesn't do overtime. Kay thinks she could just take a peek at Miguel to see if he's okay. She looks in the bowl and sees Miguel looking sad (before they find Theresa). They both look in the bowl and see everyone who's there, but realize Theresa isn't in the picture. Kay then asks to be shown Theresa, but it doesn't show anything. Tabitha specifically asks the bowl to show them Theresa, but they still don't get a picture. They then ask to see something else of interest and they see Paloma. Kay marvels at how much her brother loves Paloma and wonders why he would cheat on her, unless someone was trying to break them up. Tabitha says it wasn't her, but maybe Alistair is involved because of Fancy.

    Kay and Tabitha watch in the bowl as Noah falls and Kay says, "My brother is dead!"

    The Search for Theresa Continues

    Tuesday, February 12 2008

    At Tabitha's, the demon elf wrecks havoc in the kitchen by breaking all the dishes and Kay and Tabitha enter. They're horrified to learn the demon elf is still around and panic when they see that Paloma and Noah are approaching. Tabitha threatens to do him harm if he doesn't stop throwing dishes around and steam comes out of her nose. This stops the demon from creating more chaos just as Paloma and Noah enter the house fighting. The two argue over Fancy and his standby excuse that "strange things happen in Harmony." Noah tries to get through to Paloma saying he loves her, but it's no use. The demon elf tries to cause trouble by making the table float and Kay distracts Noah and Paloma so they don't see it. Kay tells Paloma that things aren't always as they seem and maybe she should give Noah another chance. Paloma tells Noah that she will forgive him if he swears he loves her and that Fancy meant nothing to him. The demon elf sees this as an opportunity to cause evil and blows green dust Noah's way. Noah tells Paloma he loves her even if Fancy is a better kisser than she is! Noah says he's sure Plaoma can be a better lover eventually and Paloma is crushed. Kay tries to diffuse the situation by telling Paloma that Noah is just tired and acting weird as a result of all the weird things in Harmony. Noah returns to normal and tells Paloma of course he thinks she's a good kisser and doesn't know why he said those things, but Paloma wonders why all the weird things in Harmony break her heart. As Paloma starts to soften, the demon blows the green dust on a bowl and makes it explode. Noah says the explosion proves his point that weird things happen, but Paloma says she can't do it anymore because he broke her heart by kissing Fancy and leaves. Noah thinks he was getting through to her and Tabitha tells Kay he would have if they had sent the demon back to the dark side with their magic.

    The Demon Elf Returns

    Monday, February 11 2008

    Kay comes back to the kitchen when she can't sleep because she's worried about Miguel. She goes to make some tea and the demon elf appears. He sneaks over to the stove and turns up the flame under the kettle making it explode. He thinks Kay is a stupid witch because she inadvertently summoned him through the portal. As Kay turns down the flame, Tabitha enters with a facial mask on because she has to resort to mortal means to keep her face looking fresh. Kay tells her what happened and Tabitha notices some odd fingerprints on the knob and says the demon elf is back. The elf reveals himself, explaining that Kay brought him back. Tabitha is outraged that Kay would perform magic behind her back. Kay explains she used magic to save Miguel's life and the women discuss how they can dispatch of the elf. Kay says they can't use magic, but Tabitha tells her she already broke her promise to Miguel and she needs to send the elf back right now! Kay says she will, but without using magic. Tabitha eventually relents and says they can try incense and herbs to get rid of him, but it will probably take a lot more than that to do the job. As the witches prepare their concoction, the demon laughs at them for thinking something so simple could get rid of him. Kay dumps their mixture on his head and the demon starts to choke. They think it's working, but the demon lets them know he was fooling them and it will take more than incense and herbs to get rid of him. He starts to choke again the whole house starts to shake. The demon elf disappears and Kay is thrilled that they didn't have to use magic to get rid of him. She thanks Tabitha and hugs her. After they leave the kitchen, the elf reappears and smugly smokes his cigar.

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