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    Passions CAST - Tabitha Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tabitha Lenox Played by Juliet Mills on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Juliet Mills

    Birthday: November 21, 1941
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married to Maxwell Caulfield
    Real Name: Juliet Mills
    Height: 5' 2"


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    Don't call me a Serial Killer!

    Wednesday, June 04 2008

    Tabitha welcomes Juanita into her home. Juanita introduces herself as Amelia Hernandez, a widow, and starts complimenting the witch on her taste in decorating. She explains that she is planning on moving to Harmony and heard that Tabitha rents rooms. Tabs is surprised and asks her why she'd want to do something like that. Juanita asks her about running a boarding house and wonders who her tenants are. When Tabitha explains it's Kay and Miguel, Juanita recognizes the names and begins asking about Pilar and her family. Tabitha says they're nice and have exciting lives. She offers to tell her whatever she wants to know. Juanita grins. Tabitha says you could write a gossip magazine about them, the children anyway since Pilar is just a boring saint. Tabitha tells her how Luis, the "bedroom genius", has worked his way through the Crane women one by one. Then she talks about "obsessive-compulsive" Theresa. "If you cut into anyone in that family, sex, not blood, would drip out," Tabitha laughs. "I doubt it," Juanita says. Tabitha still doesn't understand why she wants to move in. There's nowhere Juanita would rather be. Tabby says she doesn't have room. Juanita pleads, though it sounds as if Tabitha doesn't want to live there either. She admits that she doesn't. Juanita offers to buy her house. The witch is perplexed, but Juanita says it's simple. Tabitha looks around at her home. "I've lived her for so long... four hundred years," she says, before covering by claiming it's just been a long time. Juanita suggests that she's in a bit of a rut and she should kick up her heels somewhere else. Tabitha wonders if it's about time that Endora meet some of her relatives... She agrees and shakes Juanita's hand. Juanita hugs her, telling her she won't regret it. "But Pilar and her family will," she thinks to herself. They discuss price but money is no object for Juanita... she does have one condition though: She wants to be introduced to all of the neighbors, starting with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

    Nice Shot!

    Tuesday, June 03 2008

    At her house, Tabitha hopes to stave off the impending doom the Book of Disasters predicted and casts a spell, but can’t get the book to reveal its plan. She casts another spell and the book gives off a red glow, which means an evil entity has just arrived in Harmony. Tabitha wonders who it is and what they are up to. Tabitha asks the bowl to show her what new evil has arrived in Harmony, but nothing comes up. She hears a noise and goes to check it out. After she leaves, the bowl shows an image of Juanita. Tabitha returns, but misses seeing Juanita in the bowl. She casts another spell to delay the devastation that is coming to Harmony.

    After the spell wears off, Tabitha says the evil is stronger than she thought because the spell isn’t easy to break. Tabitha covers up her bowl because her spells aren’t working. She gets a cold chill that means the evil that’s coming to Harmony is closer than she thought. The doorbell rings and she opens the door to a disguised Juanita who is holding a gun behind her back.

    Let the Games Begin!

    Wednesday, May 21 2008

    At the hospital, Kay and Tabitha try to figure out a way to save Harmony from the disaster that’s being unleashed. Sam and Ivy enter and Kay tells them Alistair has been shot and they think he’s dead.

    Kay tells Tabitha there must be something they can do to stop the quake and Tabitha casts a spell. Kay and Tabitha shoot bolts out of their hands and the earthquake stops. Tabitha says all they’ve done is delay the inevitable because Alistair was killed for revenge and Harmony will be destroyed another time. Kay thinks maybe the book of disasters isn’t as powerful as she thinks, but Tabitha assures her Harmony’s fate is sealed and the sea will rise up and take what’s hers. Kay gets a call from Miguel who tells her that he heard reports of people seeing fish with legs walking out of the ocean onto the beach. Tabitha says, “Soon all of Hell will break loose in Harmony!” Kay gets back on her phone and sees a report that people are seeing statues come to life and walking around. Kay worries that everyone she loves will die and Tabitha tells her there is still time to tell them to get out of town, but Kay doesn’t think anyone will believe her. Kay then thinks she can have a destination wedding, which will get everyone out of Harmony. A nurse wheels a dead body in the waiting area that Kay and Tabitha are in and leaves him there. The dead person comes to life and talks to a shocked Kay and Tabitha. He asks where he can get a good burger and they direct him to a nearby restaurant. He leaves and Kay says they should stay in Harmony and find a way to divert disaster.

    Destruction Hits Harmony!

    Tuesday, May 20 2008

    At her house, Tabitha drinks a Martimmy and the book of disasters starts sparking. Kay enters, as the book shoots fire and asks what’s going on. Tabitha says Harmony is about to be destroyed along with everyone who lives there. Tabitha tells Kay the predictions in the book will destroy them all. Kay thinks that since they are witches they can’t die. Tabitha corrects her by pointing out that she and Endora are true witches and therefore immortal, but Kay is a mortal with supernatural powers destined to die at some point. She then rethinks her statement and says it may not matter, because death and destruction will come to everyone, human or otherwise. Tabitha tells Kay that legend has it humans have stolen so much from nature that nature will take back everything and more by having the ocean rise up and kill all of human kind starting in Harmony. Kay says they have to stop it, but Tabitha says there’s nothing they can do because every time she tries to sneak a peek at the book to find a way to stop it, the book zaps her. Kay thinks they should try again and the witches zap the book together. The book stops throwing fire and Tabitha looks through the book. She finds a page that says a revenge killing of the most hated person in Harmony is what is going to set off the destruction of their town. Tabitha and Kay realize Alistair is the most hated person in Harmony.

    The book of disasters starts to spark and shows Tabitha and Kay an image of Julian shooting Alistair. The book suddenly slams shut and won’t let Tabitha open it back up. Tabitha and Kay try to call for help to prevent Alistair from dying, but both their phones are dead. Tabitha says they need to go to the hospital themselves to save him or else everyone in Harmony will die.

    Kay and Tabitha arrive at the hospital and hope they aren’t too late, but an earthquake hits and Tabitha says Alistair must be dead! Theresa and Pilar feel the earthquake and Pilar says if this doesn’t kill them, Juanita will!

    The Lies That Come Out of My Mouth.

    Tuesday, May 13 2008

    Tabitha sees an image of Noah and Paloma in her book and says that every page in the Book of Disasters is focused on Harmony and notes that Paloma’s vision is of the future. She says if Juanita makes it to Harmony, she will kill everyone in the L-F family, including Paloma. Tabitha sees Noah and Paloma kissing and disgusted, closes the book. She wonders what it is about the couple that bothers her so much and thinks it’s all the gushy romance. She would however like to watch Paloma with Roberto because that would be hot! She recalls an interlude she had with Zorro and then makes herself a drink. The book then starts to spin around, sparking and giving off black smoke. Tabitha is curious to see who the next victim will be and the book shoots a bunch of sparks to the ceiling which makes Tabitha nervous.

    Noah and Paloma kiss, undress and fall back on the bed but the sparks shoot straight through the mattress. Freaked out, they leave the room and run downstairs draped in sheets. Noah demands an explanation and Tabitha just laughs at him, saying the tea he made for Paloma earlier was left over from the Summer of Love in the 60’s and was drugged, so they were just hallucinating. They chastise her for leaving drugged tea around where the kids could get into it and Tabitha assures them she will throw it out. Noah and Paloma head back upstairs and the book starts to spark again. Tabitha says, “Sometimes the lies that come out of my mouth amaze even me.” She thinks Noah shouldn’t worry about the tea so much, but should be concerned about the grim reaper.

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