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    Passions CAST - Tabitha Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tabitha Lenox Played by Juliet Mills on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Juliet Mills

    Birthday: November 21, 1941
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married to Maxwell Caulfield
    Real Name: Juliet Mills
    Height: 5' 2"


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    Pretty's big Secret.

    Wednesday, June 25 2008

    Tabitha and Esme search around the house without luck. It doesn't help that Esme has so many voices in her head distracting her. They slump in the living room and decide to have a drink. Tabs conjures up some martimmis and they drink them down. "It's so nice to have a witch for a friend. It's almost as nice as having a pharmacist for a friend," Esme laughs. Tabitha asks her if she has any children. "Not that I know of," she says, explaining that she never even thought she was motherly until Viki came along. She doesn't even take her lithium until she drops Viki off at school. She worries about all the chaos surrounding her little niece and how much horror she's seen. Tabitha bites her lip, knowing that Viki is the cause of most of it. She wonders if the girl actually has something to do with the disasters coming. As Esme gets drunker, Tabitha starts to fill her in on Viki. "She's a serial killer," she explains. But Esme has passed out on the couch and missed this detail. Tabitha laughs. "For a party girl she sure can't hold her martimmis," she quips before zapping her off to her own bed and zapping Brad Pitt in bed beside her. Tabitha sits down and, tired, calls for her daughter again, begging her to come before the disaster "eight years in the making" hits.

    She's not Dead!

    Tuesday, June 24 2008

    In her attic, Tabitha agrees to grant Esme three wishes so long as she reunites her with Endora. The witch explains that Endora is stubborn and doesn't want to leave. Tabby understands; she's been there for four hundred years and doesn't want to go. Esme compliments her on the work she must have had done. Tabitha reminds her that she's a witch, she doesn't get work done, and they need to concentrate and get out of Harmony before it blows. Esme gets an idea and calls to order something. As they wait, Tabitha searches for her daughter, kicking herself for asking Esme to help, someone whose tongue is as loose as her morals. Esme insists that she isn't a floozy, even if she enjoys men on a daily, if not more often, basis. As she starts looking around, she knocks over a box of old love letters to Tabitha, as well as some papyri from King Tut and a stone tablet. Getting nostalgic, Tabitha recounts how Fu Manchu used to feng her shui and giggles. They go through her other lovers: Attila the Hun, Shakespeare, Jack the Ripper... Esme begs for more details; she wants a who's who of history to fall for her too. She wonders if it was all magic. Tabby points out that magic doesn't solve all problems; she never needed or used it to get a man. "All I ever did was smile," Tabitha explains. "You are my new role model," Emse chirps. Tabitha's flattered and then remembers that they've both bedded Julian. She advises Esme to plan her own exit from Harmony. She says she will but her meds keep her in denial. They talk about Pilar's family and the danger facing them; Esme thinks they're too cute to be corpses. Tabitha wants Kay to be happy. Esme's delivery suddenly arrives. She hurries downstairs to get it and comes back with a bag. She unpacks some makeup and eyeshadow and explains that Endora is a little girl and little girls are curious about these things. She sets up the table and they wait for the little girl to take the bait. Tabitha points out that Endora doesn't need makeup when she can turn herself into a grownup whenever she wants. They make an act of leaving and hide in wait. Peeking through the door, they spot the little witch playing with the makeup. "Esme you're a genius!" Tabitha exclaims. "I might be an overly medicated, always inebriated, sexaholic, but I know what makes little girls curious," Esme says. They rush at her while she looks in the mirror.

    Macho Gorilla.

    Monday, June 23 2008

    Tabitha is in her attic searching for her daughter and panicking that they won't be able to get out of town before the great disaster. She worries that the Dark Side may have kidnapped her again. As she calls out to the forces of Evil, Endora suddenly announces herself: She's turned herself into a stuffed bunny. Tabitha picks her up and demands that she materialize right away. The little witch refuses and won't go anywhere. She turns herself into a stuffed dog and continues to refuse. Tabitha argues with her but she jumps from one stuffed animal to another. Tabs decides to cast a spell that turns all of the non-Endora stuffed animals into gorillas. This lets her corner her daughter. She grabs her and grounds her for life. Before they can go, Endora zaps herself off. She floats and continues to defy her mother. "Not even you can fight the Evil that is coming to Harmony," Tabs insists. Endora is sure she can fight off anything and begins throwing things around the room.

    As stuffed animals float in the air, Esme walks in. She's shocked and begins popping pills. "How do you do it? Are you on the same prescriptions I am?" she asks the witch. Tabitha says it's not what she thinks. Fireworks go off and the ghosts of Esme's dead lovers float by. Esme reminds Tabitha of all the strange things she's heard about. "I know exactly what's going on!" she gasps. Tabs shrugs and admits it, after all, they could all be dead soon. Esme is excited: She sometimes thinks she's a witch when she gets her prescriptions mixed up. She asks if Endora is a witch too. Tabby admits it. Esme gets an idea: She wants three wishes granted in exchange for her help in finding Endora. The witch cringes and wonders why she should make a deal. Endora teases her mother and Tabitha agrees to Esme's help. She asks for a perfect man, one with all the parts connected properly and a little kinky. Annoyed, the witch agrees, but Esme won't get anything until they get Endora back. They shake on it.

    You Killed Roberto?

    Wednesday, June 18 2008

    In her attic, Tabitha is packing up her things while Endora hides in her old crib, not wanting to leave. Tabitha reminds her that she's already spent time in Hell so nothing can be scarier than that. Endora still isn't happy and tells her mother to go away. Tabs tells her about how they can visit with nurse Precious and play with alligators. After promising her sweet pea that things will look better in the morning, she wonders how she can get her daughter to snap out of this. They have to leave whether she likes it or not. Suddenly, the Hourglass of Destruction materializes to countdown to the end. "That is the darkest warning the dark side has ever sent us," Tabs cringes. As she continues to pack, she finds some of Timmy's clothes and tearfully recalls the doll-boy. Timmy's spirit shines down on her for a moment before vanishing. In the distance, she can hear Fluffy growling. She had forgotten all about her pet. "I can't take her to see nurse Precious. Orangutans are an endangered species," she realizes. Where could she find a temporary home for Fluffy? Conjuring up a magical phone, she starts to call around, regaling people with tales of how they ate pilgrims together. She catches herself and claims to only be joking and then conjures up her old photo album and faxes the animal shelter a picture. As she sends it, she promises her pet that she will pick her up again as soon as this is over. Once the fax goes through, the person on the other end starts to scream and hangs up. She continues to call around, but the only person who will take her pet is a witch doctor on Skull Island. "Be careful who you eat," she warns her pet. After giving her a little pat on the claws, she sadly sends her off. Turning, she panics again about getting away and worries that nothing will be left standing. As soon as she packs her bag, the house starts to shake. She pleads with the spirits not to let the evil come just yet. The shaking stops. Immediately, she tries to wake Endora but the little witch has vanished.

    The Whine Festival.

    Tuesday, June 10 2008

    As Miguel walks into Tabitha's living room, Kay informs him that Tabby has sold the house. His jaw hangs open. "Close your mouth or you'll be catching flies," Tabs quips. Harmony will be dull without her, but they'll have to get used to it. Miguel wonders who could have bought the place. The disguised Juanita walks in and announces herself, shaking Miguel's hand. She seems remarkably familiar to him. Juanita downplays the remark but Miguel finally announces that he knows where they've met before. She turns her back and takes a gun from her bag. "At the church fun fair. You were the lady in the dunking booth," he says. She puts the gun away and turns around to tell him she's never been in the town before. He accepts this and welcomes her to town. Juanita says to herself that this would be the perfect chance to kill him, but she's waiting to kill him with his entire family.

    Tabitha continues to pack up her things. Kay reminds her that she's always full of doom and gloom; why should now be so different? The Book of Disasters lights up. Tabitha carries a box out of the room, repeating that this time the disaster will be huge. Kay walks over to Miguel and tells him that she is going up to check on the kids. Juanita tells Miguel that he and Kay are very lucky. He agrees, telling her that they, and their daughter, are very happy. He asks her if she has any children. "My children were taken from me," she says, bottling in her rage. He tells her that she should talk to his mother; she knows how hard that is. "You, Miguel, will know what it's like when Maria is killed before your eyes," she thinks to herself.

    Kay continues trying to convince Tabitha to stay in town. Tabitha reminds her that she and Endora have tried everything without luck. Kay wishes she knew where the threat was coming from. The Book of Disasters flips open and turns red. "That's the hottest page I've seen since Jackie Collins took up a pen," Tabitha says. She turns and stares at Juanita. Pushing past Kay, she tells Miguel that she just learned something and needs to talk to him. When she asks to speak to him alone, Juanita asks what she has to say that she can't say in front of her. Tabitha asks Miguel if his brother knocked up another Crane. Miguel says that's old news. Even Mrs. Hernandez has heard it. They start talking about Alistair and then Juanita, who he says is even worse. Juanita asks to hear all about her. Miguel explains that she has a vendetta against his mother and they are planning a trip to escape from her. Juanita tells him he should be worried. Miguel thinks his mother is overreacting and wonders if he should just get her some tranquillizers. He and Kay remember that they still have to invite Paloma. Juanita listens as they go over the wedding details. She slips away to talk to her henchman about all her new information. She's sure that this will be a spectacular bloodbath. After hanging up, she offers to do whatever she can to help. Kay and Miguel ooze about the wedding while Juanita listens with a grimace. Tabitha sits at her desk and looks down at the Book, wondering why she got a warning flash about Miguel and Mrs. Hernandez. Opening the Book, she sees a picture of a black wedding cake bursting into flames. Tabitha realizes that this is a clear omen of doom.

    I Learned From the Best.

    Monday, June 09 2008

    Kay wanders into Tabitha's house and finds the witch stuffing boxes. She assumes she's just redecorating and is happy to see it. Tabitha corrects her: She's not redecorating, she's moving out. Kay asks why, though that's not much of a question considering the doom on the way. Kay argues that they can use magic to stop the trouble coming. Tabs disagrees. She even did a tarot card reading and it told her that death is coming to her front door. Mrs. Hernandez (Juanita in disguise) strolls in with some groceries. Kay is still in denial: Pigs will fly before Tabitha Lenox moves out of Harmony, she says. Tabitha points out that some did at the local ranch that afternoon. Juanita explains how happy she was to have talked Tabs into selling the house. She introduces herself to Kay and asks about Miguel, saying how eager she is to meet him and his family. Once she leaves to put her groceries away, Kay wonders how Tabby can sell her house. She needs to protect Endora, the witch explains. Kay seems heartbroken. Tabitha already has plans for where to go. She quickly calls nurse Precious and tells her the news. The monkey ooos and ahhhs as Tabitha fills her in and asks if she and Endora can come visit. The monkey is happy, but disappointed to hear that she won't be bringing Luis along.

    Juanita returns and asks Kay for details about her upcoming wedding. Kay isn't in the mood to talk about it; she still can't get her head around Tabitha leaving. "She's an institution in this town like the bank or the Cranes or the loony bin," she explains. She asks to talk to Tabs alone. Juanita walks out, deciding to go upstairs and search Kay's room for information on Miguel. Kay continues to ask Tabitha why she's leaving. Tabitha admits that it hurts her to leave, but she has no choice. Nothing is going to survive: Not the human, supernatural or in-between. Kay informs her that she is leaving town soon too. As she explains her plans for a trip around the world with Pilar's family, Juanita stands in the hallway and eavesdrops. She smiles as her plans for mass murder comes into focus. Kay continues telling Tabitha not to go. Tabs reminds her that Harmony won't even be around for much longer. Bats from the attic file through the living room, followed by the skeleton that normally babysits Maria. All of the bags and ghouls go to the door, announcing that they will go to New York where no one will notice them. Kay doubts that Mrs. Hernandez will be letting her stay either. Before the ghouls can leave, they reminisce with Tabitha about torturing Puritans and eating soldiers during the Revolutionary War. After they leave, Tabitha tells Kay again that she can't stay either: "Doom is coming!" Juanita returns and tells Kay she understands why she is so reluctant to leave. All the while, she smiles and thinks about how death is coming to them all.

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