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    Passions CAST - Tabitha Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tabitha Lenox Played by Juliet Mills on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Juliet Mills

    Birthday: November 21, 1941
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married to Maxwell Caulfield
    Real Name: Juliet Mills
    Height: 5' 2"


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    I've Finally Solved a Case!

    Monday, July 14 2008

    Tabitha goes home to see her daughter. Endora watched everything that happened in the magic bowl and thanks her mother for saving Julian. "Now we can leave," Tabitha announces, asking her daughter to materialize so they can go. Endora explains that she's tried, but the spell isn't working. "This is exactly why I didn't want to lose my powers!" Tabitha says. Now, she has no powers to help her. Endora is sure that she can figure something out. Tabitha feels terrible; she can't even hug her daughter. Endora turns into a stuffed animal for her mother to hug. Tabs cries as she clings to her. Endora tells her that they can accomplish anything if they do it together.

    Doesn't Everyone Look so Peaceful?

    Wednesday, July 09 2008

    As the storm rages, Tabitha paces around her house, terrified that all of the evil is on the way. "I've seen worse," Endora says. Tabitha is not amused. Endora still refuses to go. "Mortals die," Tabitha explains. They just need to get used to it; soon they will be with Precious and they can forget about everyone else. Esme runs in. "Help them Tabitha! You have to save them from certain death!" she begs. Tabitha knows what's going on and jokes that everyone's in the right place to die. Esme begs her to try helping for once. Tabitha insists she's helpless. "Can you really just walk away? Do you think you could live with yourself?" Esme asks. Tabs tells her to blame her own family. The witch doesn't see why she should stop any of those families from dying out; each of them has been trying to kill her for centuries. Tabitha talks about being an outsider, even when she was at witch school. Esme thinks that she is just punishing people for never being part of the in-crowd. If she thinks that people should be kinder, she should try being a trendsetter and save some lives. Tabitha still refuses, sure that no one would even thank her for saving them. Esme tells her to take a leap of faith. The only leap Tabs wants to take is out of Harmony. Endora listens in and asks if her daddy is trapped in the church. Esme reads the word bubble and asks who her daddy is. Endora tells her it's Julian, much to Esme's shock. "He certainly gets around! We should compare notes sometime," she says before telling Endora that her daddy is probably dying a horrible death. Endora begs her mother to save him. Tabitha refuses to ignore hundreds of years of Crane cruelty. "I'm half-Crane," Endora points out, much to her mother's annoyance. Tabs still refuses and Esme accuses her of being as petty as a mere mortal. She tries quoting Scooby Doo to win Tabs over but it fails. Esme realizes there must be something else stopping the witch from going into the church. Reluctantly, Tabitha explains that if she steps foot in the church, she will lose her powers and she won't do that for anyone. Endora asks if she will do it for her. "Bad things happen to bad people," Tabitha quips. Endora offers to protect her. Tabs has always been a witch: "I couldn't bare to be a mewling, puking, sniveling mortal! Please don't ask me not to be who I am." If she loses her powers, all her enemies will come after them. Endora says she has enough magic to protect them both. She begs her mother again. Tabitha wonders... but the pressure is too much and she agrees to do it. Tabs lets her daughter out of the cage, but makes her promise to stay in the house until she gets back. Endora thanks her and wishes that she will be just like her mother when she grows up.

    Tabitha and Esme arrive outside of the church. A terrified Tabitha jumps back, refusing to go in. Esme reminds her that everyone is dying. "Everyone dies sooner or later. I've died many times myself," the witch says. Esme tells her to honor her child's wishes. Tabitha says she's just a child and doesn't know what she's asked. Endora pops up and asks her to do it again. She kisses her mother's cheek and Tabitha relents, agreeing to save them all. "From this moment on, everything will change," Tabitha announces. As soon as they get inside the church, however, Vincent informs them that they are too late: Everyone is dead. They look at the floor littered with corpses. "There's no one left to take you away from me," Viki laughs to her aunt. "Doesn't everyone look so peaceful?" Vincent jokes. They cackle.

    Viki and Vincent Poisoned Everyone.

    Tuesday, July 08 2008

    A storm begins to rage outside. At home, Tabitha calls for her daughter, telling her they can't keep Nurse Precious waiting. Norma and Edna suddenly walk in wearing surfing gear and ask her if they are doomed to die along with everyone else. Tabitha explains that they are the only ones who aren't doomed. "I don't understand. We're not supernatural beings," Norma says. "Except in the sack," Edna jokes. Tabitha explains that if you've lived in Hell, like her or them or Kay and Miguel, a demon will only smell the sulfur and pass by you. The witch sniffs at Norma and cringes. Norma explains that she's had a shower and a shave; Edna even changed her diaper today. They're thrilled by this news and start going through their "bucket list" of things to do. Tabitha doesn't want to listen to this: She still needs to find her daughter. As she complains, Endora continues to be stubborn and demands that they help the people of the town. Edna suggests that Kay help the people of the town. Tabitha explains that Kay is already off in another dimension with Miguel and Maria trying to stop the coming catastrophe, but it won't work. Everyone is destined to be dead meat. Edna tells Endora that she better listen to her mother or she'll end up like her Bethy did. Tabitha tells the women that they will have to whisper their plotting. The women suggest pretending it's Thanksgiving. Tabs doesn't think there's time and tells them to get away from Harmony. Norma can't leave her and Endora behind. Edna just wants to see Precious but Norma reminds her of all the sacrifices that Endora has made for them. "You are right. This is one time duty calls and we don't hang up," Edna says as Norma gives her a kiss. Norma pulls her and Tabitha into a bear hug and vows to find the little girl.

    Tabs gets an idea and conjures up some flash cards to explain it so Endora won't clue in. The cards say that they'll pretend evil has come back to get Norma and Edna and this will force Endora to come to their rescue. Tabitha conjures up a cage for the women and traps them. "If you think Edna stinks now, you should see how she reeks when she's sweating!" Norma calls out. Tabitha plays along, saying she doesn't have the power to help them alone. She begs Endora for help, asking her to get in the cage with them. Endora zaps herself in and the women grab her. Tabitha zaps the women out of the cage and Endora into a tiny cage. "You are one clever little witchling!" Tabs says, picking up the cage. Now that she's safe in there, they can get out of town. Tabitha looks around the room and gets nostalgic: "All the time I've spent it's over..." She wonders if she's really getting soft in her old age. Four hundred years is a long time to call a house a home. She remembers all the spells she cast and the people she destroyed... and then little Timmy... She thought that Endora would grow up there, get married and have children of her own. Endora asks her again to help save the town. Norma suggests that, together, they could save the town. Tabitha repeats that everything is doomed to death and destruction.

    Life Isn't Worth Living Without Libation.

    Monday, July 07 2008

    At home, Tabitha continues calling her stubborn daughter to come out of hiding. Esme suddenly arrives, bubbly in hand. As she pours, she regales the witch with the problem at the wedding rehearsal. The witch is busy packing to escape disaster and doesn't have time to drink. "Life isn't worth living without libation," Esme chirps. Tabitha tells her to go back to the church and tell everyone to run for it. Esme doesn't want to ruin everyone's last meal. She asks the witch why she's packing so much junk. Tabitha likes her things and will take whatever she can. She repeats that the town will be swallowed by the sea. "Now that you mention it, I do recall you saying that," Esme says. She downs another drink and tells the witch that she has to take her and her niece along with her. "Please? We've both been through more men and boarding schools than Elton John and George Michael combined," Esme begs. "I think you have me confused with Fancy dear," Tabitha corrects her. Esme furrows her brow and continues asking for help. Tabitha insists she can't cover a mortal's tracks and the disaster will follow a mortal no matter where they go. Esme starts to spazz: "I don't want to die! And Viki is so innocent!" Tabitha rolls her eyes at this. "Doomsday go away, let me and Viki be okay," Esme chants until Tabitha stops her. The bowl starts to bubble. Surprisingly, it has news for Esme. "Seems Viki isn't an innocent at all. She's a lean, mean killing machine," Tabitha smirks. She explains that Viki murdered her parents. "You are one whacked witch!" Esme snaps. Tabitha continues, explaining that Viki is a serial killer. She has to stop Esme from medicating herself out of grim reality. She accuses the witch of killing all of her boyfriends and threatens to go to the police. Tabs stops her. She explains that nothing Viki has done has been logical; she's just a sick teenager. Esme refuses to believe it, but Tabitha can show her proof of all the crimes in her magic bowl. Esme is still in denial. Tabs tells her that her niece is not well. "Neither am I but you don't see me killing people," Esme sobs. Tabitha pushes her to the bowl to see what she's done. Esme sadly looks and watches as the series of murders are revealed one by one. "It's true. It's true! My sweet innocent niece is a serial killer!" she finally realizes. Endora prompts them to look in the bowl again. Glancing down, they watch as Viki and Vincent poison everyone at the church. Esme swoons. "I can't let Viki and Vincent kill everyone in Harmony. No one would ever come to a dinner party I host again!" Esme cries as she runs out. Endora tells her mother they need to help. Tabitha says no; they have to leave. She refuses to go until they help. Tabs insist it's too late.

    What Would Julia Child do?

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    At home, Tabitha continues calling for her daughter to come out of hiding. The magic bowl starts to boil. Tabs looks in and water sprays up: It's salt water. "Another warning! The prophecy is coming true! The sea is going to reclaim everything that was taken from it!" she gasps. After she calls for her daughter again, Endora pops up and asks why they can't just take everyone with them. Tabs shakes her head and sighs. She thinks her daughter's big heart will get her into trouble. The town isn't just real estate, it's people and the evil will hunt them down no matter where they go, the old witch explains. She looks at the hourglass and notices that the sands have stopped falling. She wonders what this could mean. But it was only Endora trying to stop it and her spell is quickly broken. The sand starts running through again. The bowl boils and turns red and green. Tabitha interprets it: There are two distinct evils in Harmony, both seeking retribution. Tabs begs her daughter to show herself so they can figure this out together.

    Sheridan, I Love you but...

    Monday, June 30 2008

    At Tabitha's, the hourglass of doom continues to run down while Tabitha searches for her sweet pea. After she calls out for her daughter, the disguised Juanita walks in. Tabs tells "Mrs. Hernandez" to call her if she sees Endora or, "anything moving that shouldn't be moving". Juanita is a little confused. The witch is sure she'll understand when it happens. As soon as Tabs walks out, Juanita pulls out her explosives and breaks into a jagged laugh about blowing up all of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Juanita's henchman brings in a box of stuff to make more explosives. He found everything they need at the local home building store. They laugh about how easy it is and how nothing can stop them until Tabitha sticks her head in and asks them what they're talking about. Seeing the henchman, she asks if he has a name. Juanita is confused by the question. "All these years and she doesn't know my name... I need a new job," the henchman thinks, rolling his eyes. "I call him 'Hench'," Juanita says. She asks again what they are planning. Juanita says they were just planning a little remodeling. Maybe they can finish the basement and make it a playroom... Tabitha suggests they steer clear of that part of the house and picks up some of their explosives. She plays with them, imagining it is simple clay. Juanita cringes as Tabitha tears up the plastic explosives and explains she likes to put it under her fragile objects. The witch worries when Juanita talks about doing some digging in the backyard. "There's more buried there than in Harmony's graveyard," the witch thinks, but she soon changes her mind, assuming that Mrs. Hernandez will dead with everyone else soon. "Blow it up if you like," she jokes. The witch leaves them alone. Juanita slaps her henchman when he admits he didn't get her a timing device for the bomb yet. They will plant it in the church tomorrow, she announces.

    After they leave, Tabitha comes back in and stares at the hourglass again. She calls out for her daughter, who quickly announces herself and tells her mother to get a grip. The little witch still refuses to leave and runs from her mother again. Tabs is sick of these games, but Endora wants to save everyone. Her mother reminds her that they've tried and nothing has worked. What's coming to Harmony is death like they've never seen before, she warns: "Not just a temporary death like I'm used to. We'll perish."

    Pretty's big Secret.

    Wednesday, June 25 2008

    In Tabitha's attic, the witch and Esme close in on Endora while she plays with the makeup that Esme set out to catch her. Trying to swarm in doesn't work and she escapes. "Give yourself up. I've given myself up plenty of times. It can be fun if whip cream is involved," Esme calls to the little witch. Tabs doesn't want to hear the sordid details and wonders why she asked her to help. "I know some things, most of them involve lubricants, but I still remember what it's like to be a little girl," Esme reminds her. They hear a noise in the corner and begin begging the little witch to make herself visible again. They try grabbing her but have only grabbed thin air. They chase her around but she runs down the stairs.

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