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    Passions CAST - Tabitha Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tabitha Lenox Played by Juliet Mills on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Juliet Mills

    Birthday: November 21, 1941
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married to Maxwell Caulfield
    Real Name: Juliet Mills
    Height: 5' 2"


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    Wedding Day.

    Wednesday, July 16 2008

    At home, Tabitha reads the newspaper article about the storm when Kay comes down in her wedding dress. Tabs sighs and checks her out. They're giddy until Tabitha tries to back out of going to the wedding. Sam interrupts before she can do so. He takes his daughter's hand and tells her how beautiful she looks. He's sure that she and Miguel will be happy. She just wishes that Jess could have made it back to the wedding. On cue, Jessica runs in and hugs her sister.

    Later, Tabitha and Sam talk about what happened at the church. He brings up Vincent's accusation that she is a witch. "I can honestly say that I am not a witch," she claims, somewhat sadly. Sam tells her that she has been a great neighbor and a good friend. Tabs smiles. Meanwhile, Kay wishes that her sister could be her maid of honor. Jessica can't; her sobriety still isn't set in stone and she'll have to get back to the program. She tells her sister that she is planning to go to college when she finishes and then maybe she will hook up with Reese. They've been talking again since she began reforming and he may be moving back. Jessica tells her sister that she deserves to be happy with Miguel after all she's done to get him. Sam and Tabitha walk over to them. Kay wishes her mother could be there to see them so happy. "She knows Kay. Grace knows," Sam smiles as he looks up to Heaven. Tabitha looks away, not having the heart to tell them this happiness won't last. Kay is ready to get to the church. Sam hands her a note from Simone. It tells of how busy she is raising the baby with Whitney and TC and wishes her all the best. Simone also sent along some earrings for Kay's outfit. Jessica remembers how much help Simone gave her and what a good friend she's been. The sisters hug and cry before Sam has to end their tender moment and bring Jessica back to rehab. As soon as they're gone, Tabs looks for a way out of going to the wedding. She hands Kay a gift first. It's what Cleopatra gave her on her wedding day. "Unfortunately I wound up helping her die," Tabitha says, recalling her dozens of marriages. "I've always cherished this bracelet as I cherish you," Tabs says, hugging her crying friend. Kay hurries off and Tabitha holds back her tears: "Unless some miracle happens, this is the last day of everyone's life in Harmony."

    Back at Tabitha's, Endora comes downstairs, materialized as a teenager much to her mother's dismay. "We all make mistakes. Just zap yourself back to being a little witchlet," Tabs says. Endora tries but her magic fizzles. Tabitha imagines that she may be losing her witchiness too. "Bummer," Endora says. Tabitha tells her "pumpkin" that she must have dreamed being a teenager. Endora imagined that she'd be harder to boss around that way. She wants to go to the wedding, sure that nothing else could go wrong. Her mother thinks that's silly. Endora begs her to let them go and instantly zaps them over to the church. "I will not be the pawn of a rebellious teenager!" Tabitha complains. She demands to go home but Sam and Kay spot them first. Tabs explains that she dressed in the car and claims that Endora is her great niece. Kay tells them they will all be living happily ever after. Kay and Endora skip into the chapel. Tabitha stands back and worries.

    Sam tells Kay how happy he is to see his little girl all grown up. He knows that she and Miguel have a special love and he's sure they'll be happy together. Kay tells him that she knows that he loves Ivy the way she loves Miguel and she's finally okay with that. The wedding march begins to play. Sam walks her down the aisle while Endora and Tabitha watch. Endora pouts because they are staying at the back. Tabs may not be a witch but she still has a gut feeling that something bad will happen.

    I'm not a Witch Anymore.

    Tuesday, July 15 2008

    "Coffee... I need coffee in an IV," Tabitha groans as she thumps down the stairs to her living room. As she calls for her morning wake-me-up, nothing happens. She remembers that she no longer has her powers and starts kicking herself for going into the church. Kay skips down and gleefully tells the witch that it's her wedding day. Tabitha isn't enthusiastic: "I'm not a witch anymore. I've lost my powers." Kay is baffled. Tabitha explains that she's been a fool and strayed from the path of wickedness into the brambles of goodness. She blames Esme, saying that her voice drilled a hole in her brain and then Endora filled it up with guilt. Tabitha wishes she had never been tempted to love and starts to freak out about the lack of coffee. Kay conjures some and they drink. Tabs explains what happened at the wedding rehearsal and how everyone died in terrible agony. Kay almost starts crying when she hears that Noah died. Tabitha thinks they would have been better off if they left them all dead, but Esme ruined things. She also lets it slip that Julian is Endora's father. Kay's jaw hangs open. "You saved everyone's life?" Kay asks. She hugs her and says that she's the most big-hearted witch ever. Tabs doesn't care; she'd rather be a hermit in a cave. Everyone may have gotten their lives back but now she is nothing. Kay thinks everyone needs to know what she did. She could tell everyone that she used to be a witch, but not anymore. Then everyone can stop being afraid of her. The former witch rolls her eyes and shakes her head. She reminds Kay of all the ways that the town used to kill witches. She's not about to subject herself, or Endora, to that. She accuses Kay of being naive and says that her lack of powers now would just make people angry. She forbids Kay to ever tell anyone the truth.

    Suddenly Fluffy punches Tabs over. Tabitha thinks that Fluffy must have just missed her and come back for a visit, but her pet seems to be playing a bit rough. "It seems like he's really attacking me," she says. Kay tries chasing the evil cat away with a big glass of water. "I haven't just lost my powers, I've lost my whole identity," Tabitha gasps. Kay tells her to see the bright side: Now she can go to her wedding! Kay hugs her. "Oh joy," Tabitha drones sarcastically. "It's going to be a blast," Kay promises. Tabitha remembers the signs she's seen and tries to get out of the invite. Kay gushes about how they are best friends and then rushes off. Tabitha slumps into a chair and tells her daughter that it's all up to her to get them to Nurse Precious now. Endora wants to go to the wedding. Her mother says something bad will happen and what she did last night wasn't even worth it.

    I've Finally Solved a Case!

    Monday, July 14 2008

    Tabitha and Esme rush into the church but they are already too late: All of the guests to the wedding rehearsal are dead on the floor dead. Vincent and Viki stare down at the corpses smugly, happy that they have silenced all the irritating voices and gotten revenge. They break into gales of laughter. Esme starts to cry. Viki tells her that she should be proud of her for seeing something through from start to finish. Esme is disturbed to see all of the "hunky men" dead on the floor. "I think they killed women as well," Tabitha points out. "Oh... sorry. I don't usually notice women," Esme says, waving her hands before noticing Fancy is dead. Tabitha decides there's nothing for her to do and it's time to go. Esme blocks her exit. Vincent calls Tabs an old battle ax and that makes her angry. After she throws a few insults at the "winner of the blue ribbon for genetic mutation", Esme repeats her pleas and asks her to redeem herself and make her daughter happy. Tabitha isn't impressed and doesn't see the point in wasting time reanimating corpses when disaster is about to strike.

    The church suddenly starts to shake. Tabitha explains that the dark side is battling with the light. Her presence in the church is wreaking havoc with the laws of time and space. The whole universe could be destroyed! "All I wanted was for you to bring a few dead people back to life. Is that asking too much?" Esme asks. They bicker until the witch starts trying to cast a spell to bring everyone back. Viki and Vincent are baffled as they watch. Viki wishes she'd videotaped the murders. Esme argues with the killers and tells her niece that she has gone way too far this time.

    Tabitha stands at the foot of the cross and, with great difficulty, prays to God. She asks for life for the dead in exchange for the sacrifice of her powers. Beams shoot out from her hands and into the chests of all of the corpses. Soon the ground is shaking and Vincent asks what all of that was. "Goodness! You wouldn't know anything about it," Esme snipes at him. Julian stars to cough. Esme runs to his side. Eve gets up next. They thought they were dead and remember being poisoned. Esme tells them that Tabitha saved them all. "What could she do?" Eve asks. Esme covers for her slip up.

    Esme searches for Tabitha and discovers her hanging on the wall without a pulse. "You were supposed to sacrifice your powers, not your life!" Esme pouts, begging her not to be dead. Tabitha opens her eyes. "If this is being alive, I feel awful," the witch says. "You were like a living sparkler," Esme chirps, telling her that everyone has come back to life and she should be proud of herself. Tabitha doesn't know who she is anymore now that she doesn't have her powers. She suddenly zaps herself to clean up her appearance. Esme claps: "You haven't lost your powers!" The witch says it's impossible. Esme tells her to try something else. She tries to conjure a martimmy. Her powers fizzle: She's got nothing. She slumps in a chair: "There's nothing. I'm not a witch." Esme tells her that she's done something good. Tabitha thinks most of them deserved to die. Esme starts to feel bad for pushing her into this. Tabs tells her not to. Esme thinks that everyone should know what she's done. Tabitha doesn't want that: Showing kindness to mortals doesn't mean that they will show kindness to her. She can't protect herself anymore. Now, she needs to go home and figure out how to raise a witch when she is no longer a witch herself.

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