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    Passions CAST - Tabitha Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tabitha Lenox Played by Juliet Mills on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Juliet Mills

    Birthday: November 21, 1941
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married to Maxwell Caulfield
    Real Name: Juliet Mills
    Height: 5' 2"


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    Evil Incarnate

    Monday, January 14 2008

    Tabitha makes her and Endora breakfast the mortal way because she promised Miguel she wouldn't use magic. She sees her mess of a kitchen and dreads cleaning it up. Tabitha makes sure Miguel isn't around and zaps her kitchen clean just as Kay enters and admonishes her for going back on her word. Tabitha says she was blackmailed into taking her oath to not use magic because Miguel has a letter exposing them as witches, but once she finds the letter she will turn him into a toad. Kay yells at her for threatening Miguel and Tabitha retorts that Kay has put the women's movement back a hundred years for doing as her man says. Kay tells her that she gave up magic voluntarily, but Tabitha wonders what Kay will do once she gets into a jam and needs to use her magic. Kay accuses Tabitha of messing with her happiness and says she will not stand for it. Tabitha again says she will find the letter and then all bets will be off. Kay worries that her life with Miguel will be over if that happens. Tabitha starts to leave saying she can't stop her, but Kay pulls out her magic and the witches have another showdown.

    Miguel goes into the kitchen and sees the witches zapping each other. He angrily asks what's going on. Kay apologizes saying it was an emergency, but Miguel doesn't care and wonders if Kay can live up to her word, because if not he's out of there! Kay assures him she will stop using magic and Tabitha begrudgingly promises to live up to the oath, but has her fingers crossed. Miguel tells Kay his mother is in the other room and wants to talk about the wedding. After they leave the kitchen, Tabitha tells Endora that they have to find the letter because she won't let Miguel tell her what to do.

    The Witchcraft Way

    Monday, January 07 2008

    In her kitchen, Tabitha makes Endora a treat via her magic. Kay and Miguel walk in and tell Tabitha that Kay isn't going to use magic anymore. Tabitha thinks she won't be happy going against her true nature, but Kay says it's what Miguel wants and she wants to make him happy. Tabitha says she thought Miguel was more evolved than that and zaps him into caveman clothing. Miguel then asks Tabitha if she'll stop using magic as well. Tabitha laughs and says, "Hell, No!" Miguel says in that case he and Kay can't get married. Tabitha blasts Miguel for making Kay deny her true nature and then goes after Kay for going along with it. The three adults continue their argument as Endora conjures up a bunch of balloons and a cake. Tabitha laughs and says she's not helping. Miguel says he can't live like this and doesn't want Maria doing the same stuff. Miguel insists that magic is evil and Kay begs Tabitha to stop using magic so her and Miguel can be together. Tabitha eventually gives in and promises to stop performing magic, but crosses her fingers behind her back. Kay and Miguel are grateful and Tabitha tells them that she and Endora will live their lives the best way they can, but thinks, "The witchcraft way." Later, Tabitha tells Endora that they can't let mortals tell them they can't perform magic. She says they will do it secretly until she can find a way around Miguel.

    At the Stroke of Midnight

    Monday, December 31 2007

    In Tabitha's kitchen, Miguel remembers what happened right before he and Endora were kidnapped and tells Kay that he loves her, but exclaims, "You're a witch!" Miguel can't quite wrap his mind around the concept, so Kay suggests that maybe he's suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. Miguel thinks maybe she's right and worries he's losing his mind. Kay and Tabitha privately discuss the situation and Tabitha says if Miguel finds out about their coven, they will be done for. Miguel has a flash back to being in Hell and declares that Tabitha and Kay are witches! Miguel demands the truth and Kay caves, saying that demons took him and Endora to the dark side. She admits that they are witches and Miguel accuses Kay of causing all the bad things that have happened in Harmony in the past because she's a witch. Kay says the bad stuff wasn't her, but Miguel doesn't know what to believe or know who or what she is anymore. Miguel storms off and with the clock getting closer to midnight, Kay worries she won't be able to ring in the New Year with the man she loves. Miguel comes back and says that life isn't worth living without her. He loves her - whoever or whatever she is. As they kiss, Endora throws a few fireworks their way and happily thinks that Kay and Miguel are back together. Tabitha sighs that they are together for "now" and wishes her daughter a Happy New Year.

    The Barren Dishrag!

    Thursday, December 27 2007

    In the kitchen, Tabitha feeds Endora and tells her how lovely it is to have her daughter home. She never realized what she put the Lindbergs through when she had their babies kidnapped! She tells Endora how worried she was that the captors would drain her of her powers but Endora says Miguel helped her. She shows her how on a television set that she produces and as they watch, Tabitha notes how good to Endora Miguel was. She owes him so and would like to thank him but it's too dangerous. Endora wants Tabitha to thank Miguel but Tabitha reminds her that Miguel could find out that they're witches. Endora asks if he wouldn't like her anymore. Tabitha doesn't think that's a concern but she knows that the others in Harmony wouldn't give them peace for the rest of their unnatural lives! Luckily, Miguel's time in hell was too much for his mortal mind and that's the way it has to stay! Endora promises not to tell Miguel but wonders what Kay will tell him.

    Kay and Miguel enter the kitchen and Miguel's connection with Endora is obvious. Hearts appear over each of their heads as he greets her and he tells Kay that he feels really bonded to Endora as never before. He wonders what's going on and says he's checking himself into the psych ward. Tabitha offers some soothing tea instead but he refuses. Kay stops Miguel by freezing him and asks for Tabitha's blessing to tell the truth! Tabitha worries that since retro is in, they will be burned at the stake. Kay thinks she can cast a spell to remove Miguel's angst but Endora and Tabitha worry she'll mess it up and wonders why she feels this'll end badly. Endora says, "Because it always does!" Kay spells Miguel and he falls to the floor. She helps him up and once he's awake, he has amnesia! He asks, "Who are you?" Tabitha makes introductions and Miguel jokes, "What, are we on Bewitched?!" Kay gets Miguel an ice pack and mumbles that he has to reverse the spell without having him remember everything! She zaps him again. Miguel excitedly tells her it's all coming back to him! He was with Endora, he says. Tabitha gets up to start packing and Miguel yells, "You're a witch! So is Endora!"

    Back to Being Bad

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    At Tabitha's, Pilar, Sam, Ivy and Endora sit at the kitchen table while Tabitha makes breakfast. Sam asks why Kay invited them over and Tabitha says she has a big Christmas surprise for them. Kay enters with Miguel and Pilar hugs her son. As Tabitha serves gruel for breakfast, much to everyone's disgust, Sam asks Miguel where he has been. Miguel can't answer that question and Endora thinks to herself that their captors erased their memories.

    Later, Kay and Tabitha discuss how happy they are to have Endora and Miguel back and how they can go back to being normal. Kay leaves the kitchen and an arrow flies in with a note for Tabitha. It reads that Tabitha must stay evil or she will lose Endora forever. Tabitha says she will go back to being an evil machine.

    Tabitha devilishly cackles as she watches Pilar and Theresa in her bowl. Tabitha wonders which secret she should expose in order to ruin Theresa's relationship with Ethan.

    Tabitha watches Ethan and sees her opening for causing evil. When Ethan calls Valerie, Tabitha intercepts the call pretending to be a Crane temp. She tells Ethan that Theresa cancelled all her appointments so she could have her hair and nails done. Ethan is furious and tells his parents that he doesn't know who Theresa is anymore and maybe he never did.

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