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    Passions CAST - Tabitha Lenox - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tabitha Lenox Played by Juliet Mills on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Juliet Mills

    Birthday: November 21, 1941
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married to Maxwell Caulfield
    Real Name: Juliet Mills
    Height: 5' 2"


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    Death is on His Way

    Monday, February 04 2008

    At Tabitha's, Kay worries about Miguel going off to Mexico and Tabitha offers to use magic to bring Pilar and Theresa back. Kay says they can't do that, but hopes Miguel doesn't get hurt. Tabitha says he will probably die as soon as he steps off the plane. Kay is mortified by the suggestion and then hears organ music playing. Tabitha doesn't hear the music, but explains that hearing it is a sign that someone close to you will die. Kay then hears a noise that sounds like someone digging and throwing dirt on something. Tabitha says what she hears is dirt being thrown on a coffin. As the noises get louder, steam literally comes out of Kay's ears and Tabitha says that her premonitions are manifesting. It gets too much for Kay and she passes out. Kay eventually wakes up and says all the noises are finally gone and wonders if death changed his mind. Tabitha says that death is coming for sure and Kay frets that he's coming for Miguel. The women then get a sign that death is headed straight for Mexico. Kay asks what she's supposed to do and Tabitha says she would use her magic to bring Miguel and his family home. Tabitha says Miguel will be furious, but at least he'd be safe. Kay thinks about it, but says she can't because he will break up with her if she casts a spell that big. Tabitha asks if letting him die is a better alternative. Kay says Miguel is adamant about not using magic, but Tabitha warns that death is in Mexico waiting to collect.

    Let's All Go to Mexico

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Miguel, Kay and Tabitha have the magic debate once again in Tabby's living room, while Tabitha stress eats chocolate. Kay asks Tabitha to not cause trouble until after the wedding, because Paloma and Noah are counting on them. Paloma enters and runs to her brother saying she saw Noah and Fancy kissing. Paloma leaves the room to get some tea and Miguel accuses Tabitha of using her powers to break Paloma and Noah up, but Tabitha denies it.

    Miguel still doesn't believe that Tabitha had nothing to do with this situation, but Tabitha assures him that mortals can screw up their love lives all on their own. She then offers to use magic to fix the situation. Miguel says no and they go another few rounds about magic and the letter he is holding over her.

    Kay pulls Miguel aside and offers to use magic to save Theresa and Pilar's lives. Tabitha agrees, but thinks to herself that Pilar and Theresa are still slated to die, but if she gets her powers back, so be it. Miguel hesitates, but then says it's not right and he's going to Mexico. Kay makes him promise to be careful and says she loves him. Luis says they're ready to go and Noah offers to go with them. Luis curtly tells him they don't need his help and Luis and Miguel leave.

    Pilar Comes to Mexico

    Monday, January 28 2008

    Tabitha is still in Maria's room and looks at the doll that Endora hid Miguel's letter in. She thinks something is off with it and asks if Endora is hiding something. Tabitha picks up the doll and notices that the head is loose. Tabitha asks what happened to the doll, but Endora remains mum. Tabitha just thinks that one of Endora's friends did it and that Endora is trying to protect them. Endora thinks that she is trying to protect a friend - Miguel. Tabitha screws the head back on and says she will ignore it for now and thinks she needs to find the letter exposing them as witches. Tabitha heads downstairs and Endora thinks that was a close call.

    The foursome agree on a date and Noah calls the church to book it. Tabitha enters the kitchen and they tell her about their double wedding. Noah gets off the phone and informs everyone that unfortunately, the church is booked. Tabitha says maybe it's a sign and privately tells Kay that she could fix everything by using magic. Miguel walks up and says "No magic!" As they argue the point, a bat hovers over Noah and Paloma. Kay and Tabitha wonder how it got there and Kay thinks maybe Endora did it. Tabitha goes to find Endora and brings her to the kitchen. Noah and Paloma wonder how the bat got in the house and Kay says the bat isn't real, it's remote controlled. Endora zaps a remote in her hand and pretends to use it to put a stop to the bat. The discussion turns back to the wedding and Endora zaps the phone to make it ring. Kay answers and learns that the church is in fact available the day they want it. As the couples celebrate, Tabitha rolls her eyes.


    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    Tabitha looks in Maria's room for Miguel's letter, while Endora tries to get her attention. Tabitha says she's busy because her whole future is in that letter. Endora's thought bubble says that she has the future in her hands because she found the letter, but Tabitha is too distracted to notice. Endora puts the letter in a doll's head unbeknownst to Tabitha.

    Juanita Holds All the Cards

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    Tabitha sneaks up to Kay and Miguel's room to look for the letter exposing her as a witch and Endora follows her. Tabitha tells her daughter that she has no intention of giving up magic and won't be blackmailed by Miguel. Tabitha doesn't have any luck finding the letter, which is sticking out of the back of a picture frame. Before Tabitha leaves, she puts everything back the way she found it so Kay won't know she was there. Endora lags behind, sees the letter and takes it out of the frame.

    Bon Appetit!

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    Tabitha looks for the letter Miguel wrote outing her as a witch in her kitchen. She puts out some pans and food to make it look like she's cooking instead of conjuring up her meals. Miguel and Kay enter and Tabitha tells them that she is going to make dinner the mortal way. Miguel gives her a "Cooking for Dummies" book as a joke, but Tabitha isn't amused. Miguel says he will cook dinner tonight, but Tabitha suggests she zap in some food instead. Miguel adamantly says no because he doesn't want any witchcraft performed. Tabitha pretends to agree and offers to cook the mortal way. Miguel finds her a recipe for meatloaf and she begrudgingly begins to start dinner. She pulls out a hammer and mashes some potatoes, as Kay and Miguel go in the other room to talk about their wedding.

    Tabitha grows frustrated while trying to make dinner and thinks that it's her house and she should be able to zap in a gourmet meal if she wants to. She thinks she will meet Miguel half way - she won't conjure up food, but she will use magic to combine the ingredients so she doesn't have to do the work herself. As Tabitha sits back effortlessly directing her magic to complete dinner, Miguel and Kay come back. Tabitha tries to hide the fact that she was using magic, but everything literally blows up in their faces, as the mashed potatoes and peas go flying all over the room. Kay instructs Tabitha to do something, but Tabitha says she will have to use magic. Kay says to go ahead, but Miguel says no and a pie flies in his face. Miguel is furious saying this is why he doesn't want to live with magic. Miguel forbids her to use her powers to clean up the mess and leaves to take a shower. Kay demands to know why Tabitha used magic and Tabitha says it's in her nature. Kay says that Miguel is right, every time they use magic something bad happens and one day they will do something that can't be explained and everyone will find out they are witches. Kay leaves to clean up as well and Tabitha is more determined than ever to find the letter and "Serve Miguel's head on a platter!"

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