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    Passions CAST - Ethan Winthrop - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ethan Winthrop Played by Eric Martsolf on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Whitney and Chad are engaged!

    Monday, August 14 2006

    While Ethan awaits naptime to end, Theresa comes down the hallway, not watching where she's headed, and smacks right into Ethan. He tells her about the positions that he and Gwen took in the building, and Theresa tells him how she is happy for them all, as it's really convenient to have little Ethan always close by. With that, Ethan flies off the handle, asking her if she had anything to do with getting he and Gwen jobs there, just so that she could be closer to him, to try to get him back! She denies this, and the two discuss Jared leaving her. Theresa is a little emotional, as she realizes what she lost. She asks Ethan that if he finds the guy for her to send him right along, and walks off.

    Things heat up for everyone - in a bad way!

    Tuesday, August 08 2006

    At home, Gwen is grilling Ethan about his visit to Theresa, but Ethan insists that Theresa has moved on, telling her that he'd seen Theresa kissing Jared passionately. He also tells her that seeing this has helped him to move on. Gwen wants to know details about the kiss, but Ethan doesn't want to talk about it.

    When she leaves the room to give little Ethan his teddy-bear, Ethan goes online to check out Jared. He finds nothing, but when Gwen returns, she is not pleased about seeing Ethan searching for information about Theresa's new boyfriend. He shrugs this off, telling her that this new guy will be around his kid. Gwen wonders if Pilar has something to do with Theresa's moving on.

    Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy.

    Monday, August 07 2006

    Outside, Chad is playing basketball when Ethan shows up. Ethan explains how he's getting little Ethan's teddy bear for him, at Pilar's house. He starts asking a lot of questions about Theresa's new friend, but denies having feelings for her. Chad tells Ethan that it's his opinion that the two are still hung up on each other, but Ethan disagrees. Chad thinks it's best if Ethan moves on, instead of dangling a string in front of Theresa, just as she's moving on with Jared.

    At the Crane Mansion, Theresa and Jared talk about his last love, 'Arabella' dying. She walks him to the door, telling him she has an early morning, and they both lean in for a kiss. Jared asks Theresa if she is trying to get over Ethan, and she admits that she has spent a lot of time following after Ethan, and is ready to move on. Jared tells her it's okay if she uses him to move on, and asks her out for tomorrow night. Theresa isn't sure she's available, but they agree that she will call if she's free. The couple kisses again, as Ethan walks up the path of the house. He spies on them kissing, but when Jared opens the door to leave, Ethan isn't there. Tess talks to herself, wondering what it is she likes in Jared, when she hears a knock on the door. Before she sees who is at the door, she hauls it open, asking, "Are you back for another kiss?" On the other side of the door stands Ethan. She apologizes, and asks why he is there, so he explains how little Ethan can't sleep without his teddy bear. Ethan says that he was just like him as a child, and finds it funny how he sees so much of himself in the boy, even though they're not blood related. Theresa feels guilty, and as she goes to find the teddy, she tells herself that she's doing the right thing by not telling Ethan the truth, about his paternity. As she is gone, Ethan stares at her and little Ethan's picture, and with the teddy in hand, he gets ready to leave. Ethan is curious about Jared. He wonders if the two are dating, but Theresa says although he is a nice guy, they've only just met. He asks if she had Crane security to do a background check on him, but she denies that she would do that to anyone. She feels she's usually a good judge of character, but says sometimes she is wrong. Ethan says that she misjudged him, but she cuts him off saying that she didn't misjudge his wife, and she gets upset, asking him to leave, so they can't argue any longer. Once alone, she stares at the door and sighs.

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