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    Passions CAST - Ethan Winthrop - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ethan Winthrop Played by Eric Martsolf on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Nice Shot!

    Tuesday, June 03 2008

    After her fantasy, Theresa says to herself, “I love you Ethan”, as Gwen enters asking what she just said. Gertrude says she would love to find a man who loves her as much as Ethan loves Gwen. Gwen tells her not to give up hope. Ethan returns and Gwen tries to cover up her wedding dress. Ethan assures her he didn’t see a thing and they kiss.

    Gwen leaves to talk to Rebecca and Ethan asks Gertrude for her advice on what he should get Gwen for their recommitment ceremony. She tells him that a day at the spa for two would be lovely, which reminds him of when he did that for Theresa. He says that day was a little too special and one of the best days of his life and he can’t recreate that with Gwen. Theresa thinks, “Just what I wanted to hear.” She asks if he still thinks about Theresa a lot and he nods his head saying it hasn’t been that long. Gertrude asks what he would do if she ever came back. Ethan says she’s not so there’s no point in thinking about it because he can’t let himself dream the impossible dream. He adds that his heart doesn’t feel that she’s dead, but thinks it’s just his grief talking because if she were here she would be with him and they would be planning their ceremony together, not him and Gwen. Ethan can’t believe he’s thinking this way, but says he would leave Gwen to be with Theresa in a heartbeat if she were really alive. Ethan adds that when he recommits to Gwen that’s it and he wouldn’t be able to go back to Theresa even if he wanted to. Gertrude tries to make him reconsider, but Ethan says if Theresa turned up alive it would be great but awful at the same time because then they’d have to live apart.

    Theresa watches as Gwen and Ethan sit on the bed and go over wedding details. She thinks to herself that if he recommits to Gwen she would rather be dead. She thinks she needs to tell Ethan she’s alive before it’s too late.

    A Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde.

    Monday, June 02 2008

    Gwen, Ethan and Gertrude enter Gwen and Ethan’s room after celebrating their impending wedding. Ethan and Gwen are a bit drunk after drinking too much champagne and Theresa wonders how she'll be able to stop Ethan from remarrying Gwen. Gwen giddily tells Ethan they need to make plans and instructs Gertrude to measure Ethan for a new tux and hands her a measuring tape. Theresa thinks Gwen must be pretty tipsy to let another woman even touch Ethan, but it’s a job she happily accepts. As Gertrude measures Ethan, Gwen imagines it’s Theresa doing it and looks concerned. Gwen thinks she’s had too much champagne and leaves to get some paper. Out in the hall Gwen thinks she needs to stop thinking about Theresa because she’s dead and gone and won’t be able to interfere with her wedding to Ethan this time around.

    As Gertrude measures Ethan, she tells him it’s hard to be accurate with his clothes on, so Ethan takes off his shirt, much to Theresa’s delight. Gwen walks in as Gertrude measures his chest and thinks she sees Theresa doing it. Gwen leaves again to get a working pen and Gertrude moves on to Ethan’s inseam. Ethan asks if she wants to measure him with his pants on or off and they laugh. Gwen overhears and thinks, “It’s good to hear Ethan laugh again, even if it’s not with me.” Ethan takes his pants off and stands in his underwear. Theresa thinks that he still takes her breath away and gets on the ground to take his measurements. Theresa gets excited while measuring Ethan’s inseam and they make playful double entendres about being firm, how every inch matters and how long he is. Gwen walks in and sees the two having fun and thinks, “First it was Theresa and now Gertrude is after Ethan.” Annoyed, Gwen asks why Gertrude is on her knees and Ethan is in his underwear! They explain that Gertrude was just doing what Gwen asked her to. Gwen brings up Theresa and Ethan asks her to stop comparing herself to her. Gwen asks him if Theresa were still alive would he be with her instead? Ethan says he would, but reminds Gwen that Theresa is never coming back. Theresa is crestfallen as Ethan assures Gwen he is committed to her and asks her not to look back anymore because he’s ready to move on with her forever.

    Ethan leaves the room and Gwen apologizes to Gertrude for snapping at her. Gwen tells her about Theresa trying to steal Ethan away from her during their first wedding and says she overreacted. Gwen then asks her to go over the invitation list with her and Theresa thinks she will figure out a way to stop her from being with Ethan.

    As Emotional as a Snake.

    Wednesday, May 28 2008

    Pilar panics over Juanita coming to kill her family, as Gwen, Ethan and Gertrude come downstairs. Gwen tells Pilar she and Ethan are renewing their vows and Theresa quietly tells her mother that watching them get remarried will kill her. Pilar tells her, “Lots of things can kill you.” Theresa tells Pilar if they go through with their vow renewal, she will never have a chance with Ethan because he told “Gertrude” that even if Theresa were alive, if he renewed his vows with Gwen, he would never leave her. Theresa asks Pilar how she’s supposed to live without him, while Gwen and Ethan sit on the couch and discuss details of their ceremony. Theresa wants to tell Ethan right now that she’s alive, but Pilar tells her she can’t. Theresa says she won’t spend the rest of her life as Gertrude, while Gwen tells Ethan the ceremony will be a fresh start for them. Theresa looks on and wonders if after everything she’s been through, she’ll have to watch Gwen and Ethan spend their life together. She imagines life many years down the road when she’s old and gray and confined to a wheelchair and is forced to watch Ethan and Gwen live happily together.

    Gwen wants to continue making wedding plans, but Ethan asks Pilar if the ceremony upsets her, because if it does, he will postpone it. Gertrude pipes up and says maybe they should wait awhile since Theresa just died. Gwen tells her it’s none of her business and says that they are joining Kay & Miguel and Paloma & Noah’s ceremony because that was the only date that was free. She points out if they can move on so soon after Theresa’s death, then her and Ethan should be able to as well. Ethan says if Pilar is uncomfortable with it, he will put a stop to it because he doesn’t want to disrespect her feelings. Theresa hopes Pilar will put the kibosh on it, but Pilar tells Ethan and Gwen she hopes they will be happy and gives them her blessing. Ethan and Gwen are surprised, but pleased and they thank her.

    Ethan tells Gwen he thinks it’s odd that Pilar is so happy for them especially with all the tension between the two of them. Gwen wonders if he’s looking for a way out of the ceremony and asks whey he even cares what Pilar thinks. Ethan assures her he wants to go through with the wedding, but wonders why Pilar suddenly changed her mind. Gwen tells Ethan that Pilar supports them so they should put Theresa behind them and start over.

    If I Didn't Know Better...

    Tuesday, May 27 2008

    Theresa pretends to be shocked by Ethan’s kiss and as Gertrude, asks him why he kissed her. Ethan tells her he’s embarrassed, but explains he did it because he felt a certain familiarity when he gave her mouth-to-mouth. He says he felt like he did when he used to kiss Theresa. He asks her to accept his apology and says he doesn’t make it a habit of pouncing on unconscious women. Gertrude says she understands he’s grieving and people do all sorts of strange things when they lose someone they love. Ethan says when he was with Theresa, his heart would beat faster and no one made him feel that way again until she came along. He says if he didn’t know better he’d think she was Theresa in disguise. Ethan is grateful to her for saving Little Ethan and Gertrude says he’s the best little boy she’s ever taken care of and remarks that the two of them seem really close. Ethan says they are and that he has always loved him like his own. Ethan says he can’t believe he will never hold Theresa in his arms again and berates himself for not being able to help her in the end. Ethan says since Theresa's death, life seems pointless and he even wonders if heaven exists because a loving God wouldn’t take her away from him. Gertrude tells him he can’t lose faith in love and assures him wherever Theresa is she loves him and he is the only man in her heart. Ethan tells Gertrude she has the same fire Theresa had and it helps him to talk to her. Ethan doesn’t know if he’ll ever get over losing Theresa, but notes that he has the children to take care of. Gertrude grabs his hand and tells him not to doubt himself because he’s a good man. Affected by her touch, Ethan thanks her for putting up with him and apologizes for kissing her.

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