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    Passions CAST - Whitney Russell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Whitney Russell Played by Brook Kerr on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brook Kerr

    Birthday: 1973-11- 21
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Single (long-time boyfriend Christopher Warren) 1 son
    Real Name: Brook Kerr


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    Wednesday, April 18 2007

    Valerie refuses to believe that Vincent is cheating on her when he says that he loves her. 'Any man that cheats on a woman isn't worth a damn!' Whitney exclaims. Chad tries to stifle his panic and remains quiet. Whitney explains that she caught Vincent. 'He was there with another woman?' Valerie says, hardly able to believe it. 'Not quite,' Chad thinks to himself. Whitney tells her that she needs to protect herself from diseases. Valerie remarks on how lucky she is that she's married to a man like Chad. As Valerie becomes outraged and eager to confront Vincent, Chad tells her to wait so that things don't get worse. Valerie decides that she will confront him anyway and find out who he has been cheating with. Whitney offers to go and help her take down 'the skank' when she finds her. After Valerie storms off, Chad makes an excuse and runs out. He follows her to her house. From outside, he can hear them screaming at each other. Looking inside, he can see them fighting. 'Vincent's going to kill Valerie,' Chad realizes before he begins banging on the door.


    Monday, April 16 2007

    Chad returns home with pizza and flowers for Whitney. At the door, he can hear that she has company. Inside her find Whitney telling Valerie that she has bad news for her. Valerie doesn't want to give them the wrong impression but she wishes that Vincent was there. No one has ever made her feel as happy as he has. Whitney tells her that she may want to reconsider that because her bad news is about Vincent. Valerie starts to panic, thinking that something terrible has happened to her lover. Interrupting, Chad takes Whitney aside and reminds her that this is none of her business. She can't understand why he's protecting Vincent, besides, he could have all sorts of STDs and she won't let him put Valerie in danger. He continues trying to convince her to keep quiet but she says she has to tell the truth about 'what Vincent's been doing.' Overhearing this, Valerie asks her what that means. 'Vincent has been cheating on you,' Whitney bluntly states. Valerie begins to tear up, barely able to believe what she's just heard. 'Way to go. Now he'll kill us both,' Chad think to himself.

    The Verdict is in

    Friday, April 13 2007

    At Chad's, Vincent, with a knife behind his back, asks Whitney again if he has to worry about her going to Valerie with his little secret. She agrees, but just wanted him to understand where she stands. Putting the knife away, he seems satisfied and says thanks. As she goes to check on Miles, Vincent reminds Chad of everything he stands to lose if he lets his wife reveal the truth. After Vincent leaves, Whitney comes back out and Chad asks her again if she will tell Valerie. Whitney can't stand not saying anything and picks up the phone. She calls but, once again, only gets voice mail. Chad tells her this is fate telling her not to say anything. Maybe he's right, she concedes. At least she doesn't have to worry about him being unfaithful. He leaves to get pizza and flowers, but when he returns, he's shocked to find Whitney has company.

    Fancy Testifies

    Thursday, April 12 2007

    Before Vincent can stab Whitney, Chad rushes in and knocks him on the ground. Whitney screams for him to stop as he begins pummeling Vincent. She tells Chad that he was only helping her peel an apple. Showing him the apple, she asks him where he would get the idea that Vincent wants to kill her. As Vincent gets off the floor, Chad wonders why she is so quick to accept Vincent's help. Vincent explains that he is only there to apologize for not acting like more of a gentleman the last time he saw her. Miles starts crying and Whitney leaves the boys alone. Chad accuses Vincent of being behind the scaffolding incident at the courthouse; that's two times he tried to kill his wife today. 'Third times a charm,' Vincent glibly replies. After they pass threats back and forth, Chad gives Vincent his word that Whitney won't say anything. Vincent says that Chad's word isn't worth much and giggles at the irony of revealing to his wife that he is cheating on Valerie with her husband. As Vincent continues to mock him, Whitney walks back into the room with a worried expression on her face. She asks Vincent why he just said that Chad knows who he is having an affair with intimately. Vincent says that she's taking things out of context. Whitney asks Chad to apologize for beating Vincent but he refuses. She apologizes for him, but before Vincent leaves, he turns, the knife in his hands again, to ask her if she will tell Valerie his secret.

    Which Witch School?

    Wednesday, April 11 2007

    Whitney searches the courthouse for Judge Reilly's chambers. A scaffolding, set against the wall for repairs, begins to shake and a piece of marble facade falls down. As it falls, Chad suddenly rushes in to try and push Whitney out of the way but it hits them both. Vincent looks around the corner and shakes his head. 'I warned you Chad...' A workman arrives and calls an ambulance while Chad and Whitney wake up. Eve finds them and asks what happened. Chad saved her life. Taking them back to their apartment, Eve tends to her daughter's scrapes and bruises. Chad leaves for the 'drug store' while actually intending to find Vincent and make him pay. When he walks out, Vincent appears outside with a knife in his hands. Inside, Whitney starts telling her mother that Vincent is cheating on Valerie. Her mother isn't sure what advice to give her. She gets a call and has to go, but, before she leaves, she tells her daughter that it may be a bad idea to say anything. Whitney is still sure, however, that it's the right thing to do. After kissing her mother goodbye, Vincent walks down the hall. He easily walks in, scaring her half to death. He tells her that he heard about her accident and just wanted to check on her. She tells him that he's wasting his time if he wants to talk her out of telling Valerie the truth. 'You're right...and I'll do anything to make you stop,' he says. As he goes at her with the knife, Chad returns and topples him to the floor.

    Beginning of the End

    Tuesday, April 10 2007

    Chad and Whitney are out for lunch. All that she can think about is why Valerie isn't calling her back. Chad tries to get her to snap out of it, but she has to go to the ladies room to snap herself out of it. Once she's gone, Vincent calls to say that he intercepted Whitney's message to Valerie. If Chad doesn't stop her meddling now, they will both regret it. Chad tells him not to threaten his wife. 'No baby, don't you push me,' Vincent says snidely before repeating his threats. When Whitney comes back, she can't stop talking about what a low-life Vincent is. Chad tells her that sex for a man isn't the same as sex for a woman: For a man, it's just about release. She isn't happy to hear that and begins ranting, unable to understand why Chad is defending Vincent. She insists that this is her business; she won't let Valerie be made a fool of. When she gets out her phone, Chad grabs it and she becomes more agitated. He tells her that she can't break news like this on the phone. 'Baby what you're doing has "kill the messenger" written all over it,' he says. Suddenly Theresa calls and begs her to come down to the judge's office for some moral support. After she kisses Chad goodbye and rushes off, Vincent arrives. After they exchange threats, Vincents promises that secrets will always come out, either by accident or on purpose. Whitney returns to get her purse and Vincent walks off with another threat. After she grabs her purse, Chad tells her to think through her decision to tell Valerie. She doesn't need anymore thinking, she's already decided to tell Valerie as soon as she's done with Theresa. 'You'll never get a chance,' Vincent whispers from the shadows.

    As they go into chambers, Miguel grabs Kay aside and suggests that they tell Fox the truth now. Meanwhile, Fox calls his father to ask him if he bribed the judge. Julian didn't, but somebody obviously put the fear in him. Either way, Fox is happy that he may finally be getting what he wants. When he follows everyone in, the judge begins the hearing. He reviews Ethan's motion to move the venue of the hearing and have a different judge appointed. Ethan suggests that they are all being blackmailed and his clients can't get a free hearing under these circumstances. Suddenly, the sound of the blackmailer laughing hysterically begins to come from all of their cell phones and the judge's computer. Taking the hint, the judge turns down the motion and announces that the trial will start immediately. The judge demands that they all turn off their phones and then begins searching for his pills. Ethan asks for more time to prepare his defense while Fox taunts Miguel. The judge threatens to pull Ethan off the case and give it to another idiot before mocking Fancy for becoming a guardian of the great unwashed. Alistair's granddaughter becoming a cop 'must be a sign of the end of days', he jokes before announcing that Luis and Miguel will stand trial together. Ethan continues to vehemently argue, but the judge openly admits that he is doing this to make sure they are found guilty. Judge Reilly tells Ethan to stop whining so much and then adjourns the hearing. 'This is the beginning of the end,' Kay says. Meanwhile, in the corridor, Whitney searches for Judge Reilly's chambers when the scaffolding, set up for repairs, begins to shake and part of the facade plummets down toward her head.

    An Ill Wind

    Friday, April 06 2007

    Chad is watching Whitney sleep while remembering everything that's happened. 'What have I done?' he wonders before Whitney rolls over to ask him the same question. He's had a haircut, but he 'looks amazing.' That doesn't explain where he was so late last night though. He had some things to do at the office, he claims. She explains that she lost it again last night and let her suspicions get the better of her. After explaining what she did, she doesn't even have words to describe how sorry she is for believing that he is even capable of hurting her. He tells her that she is the most wonderful wife a man could ask for and should stop blaming herself. She hugs him and she thanks him for loving her enough to forgive her. After promising him undying faith and trust, he assures her that he is not ashamed of her and can't listen to her beating herself up. He promises her that no one will ever come between them. She's glad that she went to the motel however, because now she knows that Vincent really is a two-timing jerk. Chad thinks that she should stay out of this, but she feels bad for Valerie and thinks that she deserves to be warned. 'You're not going to Valerie with this and that's final,' he commands, stopping her before she can rant about being united in sisterhood. Ignoring him, she calls Valerie again and leaves a message.

    Hall of Mirrors

    Thursday, April 05 2007

    Tabitha and Endora go out to the carnival. They're celebrating taking Happiness away from everyone. A phoney witch accosts them and scares Endora. Tabitha tells the 'witch' that she should be ashamed of supporting a stereotype. Whitney arrives as the 'witch' apologizes and leaves, but not before Endora can zap her to Salem to get burned. Tabitha tells Whitney that she hates 'witchophobic' people; it's the worst sort of prejudice. 'You must understand that Whitney,' she says before asking her what's wrong. Whitney is upset about something she found out and doesn't know what to do about it. Tabitha tells her that honesty is the best policy and then rushes off to the house of mirrors with Endora. When they look in the mirror, only Endora has a reflection. Suddenly, Tabitha becomes frightened when she feels cold, human evil approach. Meanwhile, Whitney gets on the phone to Valerie.

    Trapping Happiness

    Wednesday, April 04 2007

    At the motel, after Vincent has given her his story, Whitney wants to apologize to Valerie face to face and begins knocking on the bathroom door. Inside the bathroom, Chad starts to panic when he can't get out the window. Whitney opens the door and finds Chad standing there. He tells her that he can explain, but Vincent says that he can't. 'I didn't want you to find out this way about me and Chad,' he confesses before Whitney collapses. 'Look what your cruelty has done,' Chad says as he cradles Whitney in his arms. She pushes away from him and accuses him of being a monster. 'A disgusting pervert is what you are,' she keeps repeating, wishing he had come to her and talked about being gay. She says that he'll never see her or Miles again and storms away. Chad tries to go after her, but Vincent grabs him and says that 'if she can't support you, she's not worth it.' This is too crazy for Chad who begins shaking his head and realizes that this was all in his imagination. In reality, Whitney is still at the door yelling, unable to understand why Valerie won't come out. Vincent explains that Valerie is not the one in the bathroom. 'I can't keep this from you anymore,' he says, explaining that he has someone else in there. She's not happy to see that he's cheating on Valerie, but she's glad that she didn't find Chad at the motel. After Whitney calls him 'the most disgusting form of human filth,' Vincent explains that he loves Valerie more than anyone in the town ever could, but she can't give him everything he needs. Then, he begins suggesting to her that there must be something dangerous that she wants to try and she should give into temptation. Chad continues to listen with a clenched fist. Whitney isn't interested in Vincent's offer; only monogamy turns her on. After she storms out, Chad comes out and Vincent starts talking about how stupid Whitney is until Chad grabs him by the throat.

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