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    Passions CAST - Whitney Russell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Whitney Russell Played by Brook Kerr on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brook Kerr

    Birthday: 1973-11- 21
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Single (long-time boyfriend Christopher Warren) 1 son
    Real Name: Brook Kerr


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    This Freakshow Ends Tonight

    Thursday, May 17 2007

    Paloma seems to still be worrying about what was going on at the motel. She and Noah have been staring at Vincent and wondering why he was sitting alone drinking. She calls the station and reports the incident at the motel. Noah worries that she may get obsessed with this. As they dance, she continues to wonder and suggests that he talk to Chad about seeing him at the motel. Noah can't imagine what Chad and Vincent would be doing together in a motel room with a gun. She thinks that he should talk to Chad anyway. When he sees Chad go into the hall, he catches up with him and asks him why he was at the motel. Chad isn't helpful and tells him that he needs to get back to Whitney. When he tries to get past Noah, the gun falls from his pocket. A shocked Noah picks it up and asks him what is going on. He needs to tell Paloma, but Chad tells him that he can't. Meanwhile, Paloma begins asking Whitney why Vincent crashed the party. She has no idea but she's glad that he's gone. She hopes that things will be as perfect for Paloma one day as they are for her. Suddenly, Pilar gets a call from the prison that someone tried to kill Miguel. She runs off with Kay and Fox follows behind.

    A Birthday to Remember

    Wednesday, May 16 2007

    At the mansion, Theresa and Whitney come down the stairs eager to know the results of their pregnancy tests. They try to focus on Chad's party and hope that there won't be any dead bodies this time. Ethan walks in and Whitney invites him to the party. He says that he also has a surprise planned for tonight. Theresa's had enough surprises to last a lifetime, she says and begins to worry. Eve arrives to help out and she goes in the kitchen with her daughter. Theresa starts to ramble at Ethan and begs him to stay away. He begins massaging her neck and saying that he can't do that. Jared walks in, sees them together and asks what's going on. Tess explains that they are just planning a party for Chad. That sounds good to him so he takes her hand and they walk off to make preparations. Ethan has other plans to put in motion and gets on the phone to set things up.

    Soon, everyone is filing downstairs to start the party. Fox hides out while Ethan passes by and gives a jacket to someone dresses identically to him. Chad then arrives and walks into the living room. They flash the lights on and shout surprise. He is very surprised and, as he embraces Whitney, Vincent arrives. 'Trust me lover, this is one birthday you'll never forget,' he remarks to himself. As Vincent saunters into the man room, Whitney becomes angry at seeing him and wants to get rid of him before Valerie shows up. Chad calls Valerie and leaves a voicemail warning her before Whitney goes upstairs to check her pregnancy test. Vincent walks over and begins taunting Chad. Theresa threatens to throw him out, but Chad says that it's alright. As Tess walks into the hall, someone grabs her from behind and drags her into a room. It's only Ethan. He explains to her that he set up a double of himself and sent them outside so the blackmailer would be distracted and not realize that they were together. They start making out.

    Go Ape

    Tuesday, May 15 2007

    At the mansion, Whitney and Theresa hug, happy that they might both be pregnant. She wants to go up and run the test and, if she is pregnant, she can tell Chad for his birthday. Maybe this will get him out of the funk he seems to have been in. Theresa suggests that Chad might just be upset because he's in the middle of Jared and Ethan's many fights. Whitney doesn't think that's it; he seems more upset about the fights between Vincent and Valerie. To make things worse, she was accusing him of cheating on her even though she is certain that 'Chad is not the kind of person to cheat on me with another woman.' Whitney just wants to make sure that Julian won't be at the party; her mother couldn't bare to see him. Then again, Julian and Chad are close and they are half-brothers so he should be there, she decides. She then tells Theresa that Valerie has found Eve and Julian's son; it's a shame that having a child together doesn't necessarily bring a couple together. Theresa knows what she means.

    Adios Muchacho

    Monday, May 14 2007

    Theresa searches around the mansion for any sign of the blackmailer. Whitney walks in and asks her if it's still okay for her to have Chad's birthday party there. When Theresa hears a noise, she runs to the wall and, paranoid, tells her friend that the blackmailer is watching her. They sit down and start to whisper. Theresa is sure that 'the creature' is everywhere. Whitney tells her that she should move, but Theresa is sure that they would follow her. Whitney suggests that she just get it over with and tell the truth, but Theresa won't do that. Her son's future is all that she has now and she won't jeopardize it. Going on, she tells her friend that she now has to have Jared's baby. This is wrong, Whitney says. Theresa feels like a puppet. Whitney feels sorry for Jared and so does Theresa; she loves him, just not the way that she loves Ethan. She might already be pregnant with Jared's child. 'Or Ethan's?' Whitney suggests, pointing out that she's been intimate with both men lately. This never seemed to have occurred to Theresa. She becomes distraught and Whitney tries to calm her down. She has a surprise for her friend too: She thinks that she's pregnant as well.

    He's Coming

    Friday, May 11 2007

    Chad drifts around his apartment when he gets a message from Vincent asking to meet him at their usual place. 'I told him to lay off and he wouldn't listen. He's left me no other choice,' he decides. Unfortunately he said this out loud and Whitney overheard him. He tells her that it was just business and she says that he works too hard. The doorbell rings. As she answers it, he gets another message from Vincent saying that he will have to come after him if he refuses to meet him. When Whitney answers the door, she finds someone she wasn't expecting. In a panic, Chad rushes to the door, but it's only Eve. They're surprised to see him so jumpy. He tells them that he has some problematic clients and will be having a guard placed at the door. As he wanders off, Whitney tells her mother that she wishes that he would take some time off and get rid of his edge. Eve tells her that Valerie has tracked down her son with Julian. Whitney becomes excited about meeting her half-brother. They sit down so that they can plan Chad's surprise party as he puts on his jacket and leaves. Eve tells her daughter that she was softening to Julian when she found out about her son, but then she found him in bed with Ivy. Whitney should thank God that she is in love with a man who believes in fidelity. 'I do', she says, sure that she 'will never walk in on Chad in bed with another woman.' Eve tells her to cherish her time with Chad. She should be giving her mother relationship advice. Whitney tells her that she did the best she could; she just trusted the wrong people. Meanwhile, Chad arrives at the motel with a gun. 'It's over today. It's over for good,' he says to himself.

    Stupid Girl

    Monday, April 23 2007

    At home, Chad gets an urgent call from a worried Valerie. She is sure that Vincent has come back to kill her. If Chad doesn't get over there right away, she will call the cops. Whitney starts asking him who is on the phone. After he hangs up, he tells her that it's no big deal: His staff is just incompetent and there is an emergency at the office. 'If you're going to the office, I'm going to check on Theresa,' she says. He won't let her out. She asks to go with him, but he tells her that he'll be back soon and she should go to bed anyway. As soon as he leaves, she calls the babysitter.

    In his hospital bed, Jared muses on how much his Tess must need him now that her brothers have been sent away. Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa tumble into her bed. He wants it to be like this all the time. So does she, but then she remembers that last time they got together sealed her brother's fate. Maybe Ethan's hot embrace isn't such a grand idea? Ethan tells her that they have to fight the 'he/she' together and their love is stronger than any kind of Evil. He tells her that 'the pervert' has already done their worst and there is nothing more they can do. Theresa is not so sure. He kisses her until Jared calls to say how sorry he is about her having to go through all of her pain alone. He would give anything to hold her and comfort her. She says that she'll be okay and he should stay in the hospital. He promises to help her and do whatever it takes to help her get through this. Why isn't she coming to visit him? he wonders. She's too tired, she says. He then startles her by saying that he'll be released in the morning. Whitney knocks on her door and Tess gets off the phone with a half-hearted 'I love you' that makes Ethan roll his eyes. After she hangs up, she feels like a horrible person. Whitney thinks that she must be interrupting something and should leave but Theresa won't let her. When Ethan goes to get them drinks, Whitney tells Theresa that she has obviously lost her mind. Not just because she's cheating on her husband, because Jared's not that important, but because the blackmailer may be watching do it. It's impossible for Theresa to resist Ethan though so she thinks that she should use him to help her fight the blackmailer. Whitney tells her that the blackmailer could still do worse, but Theresa thinks that she should go public with Ethan and drop Jared. Whitney then tells Theresa about Valerie and how Vincent's been cheating on her. Ethan returns and Whitney leaves. Theresa tells him her new plan to leave Jared and be with him. He's glad to hear it and they start making out. The blackmailer watches and says: 'You just never learn from your mistakes...stupid, stupid girl.'

    Whitney returns home and Chad walks in. He's not happy that she's been out while heavily medicated. She tells him that Theresa is upset but has finally made a decision and is determined to tell Jared and Ethan the truth. Whitney doesn't understand how everything has gotten so crazy. 'It's like we aren't even in control of our own lives anymore,' she says, hugging him close.

    I Doubt it's Divine

    Friday, April 20 2007

    At home, Whitney is playing with Miles. After she takes her pain medication, someone seems to be watching through the open window. She starts reading Miles a story about a witch when the medication takes effect and she begins to nod off. A cold breeze blows through the window and wakes her up. After looking out the window in fear, she decides that her mind must be playing tricks on her and takes Miles to bed. Once he's asleep, she turns on the news and finds out that Luis and Miguel have already been sentenced. 'I need to go to Theresa. I need to help her.' Chad walks in and she tells him about the sentencing and how she has to run off to Theresa. He won't let her leave the house though; she needs to be in bed resting after her accident. First thing in the morning they can go and see Pilar. Suddenly, Valerie calls and begs Chad to come back.

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