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    Passions CAST - Whitney Russell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Whitney Russell Played by Brook Kerr on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brook Kerr

    Birthday: 1973-11- 21
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Single (long-time boyfriend Christopher Warren) 1 son
    Real Name: Brook Kerr


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    This Maniac is Smart

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    Theresa goes to visit Whitney, who can barely keep herself from crying. It's breaking her heart to see Miles miss his father so much. She doesn't know what to tell him; she's not sure that she can stand having Chad come there. Her friend tells her that, in time, she will overcome the pain, but right now she has to think of the baby she is carrying. That thought doesn't make her feel better. Theresa tells her that she should let Chad help with the children, but she doesn't want him around. When they were little girls, this wasn't what they dreamed of. She wonders if he is still seeing Vincent and why he never stopped. Theresa reminds her that Chad really does love her and the baby...maybe it was just sex after all. Anyway, Theresa loves her like a sister and she'll always be there for her. They starts talking about Ethan to distract Whitney from her troubles. Theresa talks of how she narrowly managed to stop Julian from telling Ethan the truth by giving him control of Crane.

    I Told Him Not To

    Wednesday, June 13 2007

    Elsewhere in the club, Chad dances with a woman he just picked up and smiles goofily. Ethan watches on, wondering whether his friend is trying harder to prove that he's straight to him or to himself. Whitney and Theresa walk in and spot Chad with the woman. This baffles them but Whitney isn't going anywhere despite her friend's entreaties. Ethan joins the two woman as they stare. Whitney isn't buying this straight routine, even though Chad's already got a second woman on his arm. 'I told him not to do anything stupid but he uh...' Ethan says, trying to explain. Whitney stomps over and tells the women to get away from her husband and then slaps him across the face. He knows that this looks bad but... Whitney doesn't want his excuses: He's sick and she doesn't want anything to do with him. She storms away and Ethan reminds Theresa that secrets are a terrible thing that destroy relationships. He then notices his mother dancing with Julian and cuts in. Ethan sits his mother down and asks her what she's doing. She tells him that she and Julian are 'reconnecting'. Sam and Eve have made it clear that they are finished with them so... But she and Julian hate each other, Ethan reminds her. That was just the situation, Ivy explains. He doesn't want to see her get involved with a man who ruined her life for twenty years. She points out that Theresa's done even worse to him in half that time. As she tells him her plans to go away to Paris, Ethan points out that Julian won't be going anywhere now that he has power at Crane again. 'That's not possible,' Ivy says, but he insists that Julian won't be going anywhere.

    Chad chases Whitney outside and promises to do whatever it takes to get her back: They made vows 'for better or worse'. She argues that he married her under false pretenses; she didn't marry a man who wanted to be with another man. He asks her if she thinks that he's not a 'real man', if she thinks that he was faking all of those times they made love. She doesn't know; she was a virgin before she was with him so she doesn't know what it means to be with a man when he is really showing love. This hurts his feelings, but he still wants to make things up to her. When he tries to take her arm, she rips it away and walks off.

    Noah's Proposal

    Tuesday, June 12 2007

    At her parent's home, Whitney realizes that she's returned to where she was before she was with Chad. Now instead of him being her future, he is her past. Theresa arrives and hugs her friend. Everyone is still in shock about this, she says. Whitney can't believe that Chad is still trying to get her back; there's no way that will happen. Theresa can't understand any of this. 'Maybe love isn't enough... maybe I'm the reason Chad went to be with Vincent,' Whitney wonders. Theresa can't understand this either, so Whitney explains that Vincent really could understand what it is to feel pleasure as a man. 'It wasn't about you, it was a bout Chad,' Theresa says. She won't let her friend do this to herself; Chad did what he did because he's gay. Whitney can't help it though; the passion that she saw between Chad and Vincent was real. Theresa repeats that she is innocent and this is not about her; she's wonderful and she can find another guy. 'No Theresa. I'll never let another man in my life again,' she shakes her head. TC and the other men she knows can be father figures for her children, but she doesn't want a man in her life. Theresa tells her that she needs to believe in love. But right now, they should go out and celebrate the fact that anything is possible. 'Like Chad being on the down low with Vincent?' she asks. Reluctantly, she agrees to go to the Blue Note to try and forget about Chad.

    You're Too Easy Noah

    Monday, June 11 2007

    Whitney has taken Miles to her parent's house. She discovers that she accidentally packed one of Chad's shirts and sadly asks herself how Chad could betray her. She tells Miles that he needs to remember that his father loves him, but this is their home now. Chad walks in and eagerly picks up his son. After a little visit, Eve takes Miles off and leaves the dysfunctional couple alone. She never wanted to see him again, but he can't lose her. 'Miles needs his father,' Chad asserts, and this makes her even angrier. He assures her that he and Vincent are over, but she doesn't care. Repeating that what he had with Vincent was only sex and that he's not gay, he tells her that if they can get through this, they can have a stronger marriage. She asks him if he cheated on his first wife the way he has on her. Whitney has already given him more chances than he deserves. 'It was a sickness,' he explains. That's what it seems like to her, and taking him back would be just as sick; fate seems to be against them and he has broken her heart. 'Love shouldn't be this hard,' she insists. This just isn't right. Taking off her wedding ring, she places it in his hands and tells him that she wants him out of her life. Although he begs her not to do this, he agrees to go, promising that nothing will ever change his love for her.


    Thursday, June 07 2007

    At home, Whitney clears up as she tries to stop remembering the sight of Chad and Vincent. Chad arrives and asks her what she's doing. 'I'm leaving. I'm taking my son as far away from you as possible,' she informs him. He tries to apologize, but there is nothing he can say; everything that he told her was a lie. He still loves her. 'God save me from a love like yours!' she says. What kind of love could break her heart the way that his has? Most women have to worry about losing their man to a woman, but she lost hers to another man, even after all of the vows that he made to her. She can never trust him again. If only she had listened to her gut; all those late nights, the strange phone calls, the gay porn on his PDA... He admits that it was he and Vincent in the video. This makes it even worse. He's practically a celebrity; what if it ends up on the internet and Miles sees it someday? He begs her for a second chance, but he's not getting one. Not only has he lied to her, he's lied to himself. Before she can go, he tells her that he doesn't want his children to grow up without a father. 'Please don't take my children from me,' he begs. But there is nothing he can do or say to make her stay. She says goodbye and leaves with Miles.

    It's Complicated

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    At home, Whitney thinks back to catching Chad and Vincent together. Eve knocks on the door and Whitney runs to her mother's arms weeping. Her mother asks her what's wrong. 'He's gay,' Whitney explains. Eve isn't following this so Whitney explains it in more detail. Her whole marriage has been nothing but a lie. As she breaks into tears, Eve holds her baby close. She feels so humiliated. Every time he looked her in the eyes and told her that he loved only her, it was just a horrible lie. She hates him for what he's done; he's put not only her life, but the life of her baby at risk. Her mother tells her that she'll need to talk to Chad about this. Whitney can't. If it was a woman he had cheated with, maybe she could talk about it, but he was with a man. 'The only thing I need to talk to Chad about is a divorce.'

    Am I Missing Something?

    Tuesday, May 29 2007

    Outside the club, Chad tries to explain himself, but Whitney insists that there is nothing to explain. She doesn't even know who he is anymore. He and Vincent 'just connected', he tries desperately to explain, but he's not gay. Some of the bar patrons come out and tell him that his sister is a 'hottie'. Chad tells them that she's his wife. 'Good one honey,' they say as they laugh and walk away. Whitney imagines that he must have a whole secret life. Not only has he betrayed her, he's betrayed their son and their unborn child. This is unforgivable. Chad says that everyone thought he was sick when he continued to love her when they though that they were brother and sister, but, if he couldn't have her, he didn't want any woman. He turned to Vincent; there was something about him that he couldn't figure out. When they got back together, he tried to end things with Vincent, but he couldn't. It was an addiction. Whitney can't look at him anymore; it makes it worse to know that Vincent gives him something that she never could. She's sure that he's gay though, just like Oprah warned. She also remembers the time that Rebecca saw him at the motel and the time that she walked in on Vincent, he must have been with him then too. He says that 'accidents happen', but all of this just proves to her that he doesn't love her. He asks her for a way to make this up to her, but she announces that there is no way: 'I want a divorce.' He wants a second chance, he'd give her one even if she cheated on him with another woman. She needs to remember their vows and think of their children: Don't they need a father? He pleas. It's too much to ask, she says as she walks away from him.

    I Can't be a Good Witch!

    Monday, May 28 2007

    'Oh my God!' Whitney exclaims as she finds Chad on top of Vincent. He looks up, almost as shocked as she is. Vincent smiles. Chad wants to explain, but Whitney can't even speak. Theresa starts lashing out at them, but Chad tries to apologize. Whitney screams at him to get away from her. 'I'm not gay,' he insists. She doesn't care what he calls it, he's having sex with a man who isn't his wife. 'This has nothing to do with us,' he says. She won't let him explain anymore, but he continues. He was only with Vincent because he thought that he'd lost her forever. 'You've completely ripped my heart out!' she cries as she runs off, vowing that he'll never see their children again. Theresa asks Vincent if this was all a set-up. 'Is it that obvious?' he smiles. 'That's evil. Karma will make you pay for what you've done,' she tells him. He finds this hilarious coming from her. 'You're the evil one Theresa Crane and you're going to get what's coming to you,' he laughs as he walks out. Meanwhile Chad runs after Whitney but she slaps him away.

    Carried Away

    Friday, May 25 2007

    At the bar, Vincent hates that he has to let Chad go. 'You have to get used to that,' Chad tells him. As Whitney walks in, he pulls Chad into an embrace. Whitney's jaw drops: She's shocked that Vincent sent her to a gay bar. She can't understand why Vincent seems to be trying to 'come out' to her. 'His personal life has absolutely nothing to do with me,' she insists. She and Theresa look around for Vincent, surprised that Harmony has such a large gay population. She suspects that Vincent just wanted to get her there because Chad is so homophobic and, if he found out, he'd be mad. Still, none of this makes sense to her. Across the room, Chad pushes Vincent away. He claims that what they had comes along once in a lifetime. Chad repeats that what they had was just sex. 'Love, sex, what's the difference?' Vincent asks. He pulls Chad closer, but Chad isn't interested. He finishes his drink and says that he's leaving. When he stands up, he spots Whitney across the room. Darting across the room, he ducks for cover. Vincent offers to help him and brings him to the back. They slip into the storage room and Vincent continues to taunt and threaten. Chad punches him down to the floor. He's sick of his threats, but Vincent continues. As they fight, they get turned on and start pulling off their clothes. Meanwhile, Whitney still can't understand why Vincent went through so much trouble to get her there when he isn't even around. The bartender hands her a letter from Vincent which tells her to meet him in the storage room. They go back to there. After they hear something smash onto the floor, they open the door and see Chad having his way with Vincent on a table.

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