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    Passions CAST - Whitney Russell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Whitney Russell Played by Brook Kerr on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brook Kerr

    Birthday: 1973-11- 21
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Single (long-time boyfriend Christopher Warren) 1 son
    Real Name: Brook Kerr


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    We Are Doomed

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    Theresa arrives at the Book Café to visit with Chad. She reminds him that he should have told Whitney the truth a long time ago. He points out that she, of all people, should understand what he's been through: She still refuses to tell Ethan the truth. She doesn't think that it's the same thing at all, but he is sure that he was even less in the wrong with his secrets than she is. He's dying without Whitney in his life: Can she please talk to her friend and convince her to give him another chance? She will talk, but she can't make any promises. Later, Ethan arrives and tells Chad that he was just with the blackmailer. They promised to tell him Theresa's secret but then they ran away. He's sure now that her secret really can't be a big deal. Chad shakes his head and tells him that he may not forgive her when he knows the truth. Considering that she married someone she didn't even love just to keep a secret from him, there must be something seriously wrong. Ethan tries to excuse it; he just can't imagine that she has a secret that could drive him away.

    Whitney and Theresa sit outside and Theresa explains Chad's side of the story. Although she insists that she is not defending him, she knows why he did what he did: They are both guilty of betrayal. Whitney is sure that Ethan will forgive her. Theresa thinks that she should forgive Chad then. No, she can't, Whitney insists. She can't even stand to think of him. She walks away. This convinces Theresa that keeping the secret is the best thing she can do. Down the street, Chad runs into Whitney and begins apologizing and begging for another chance again. She won't listen; he's already thrown out everything he cared about just for the sake of sex. All of this has taught her that she can never trust him. She walks away.

    Over My Dead Body

    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    As Whitney and Chad say goodnight to Miles, he takes the chance to give her a kiss in front of their son. She tries to control herself while their son is still there. While Chad remarks on how nice this is, Whitney reminds him that it's over between them. Reluctantly, Chad lets Eve take Miles home, but he'll be taking him to school in the morning. As Eve takes Miles away to pack his things, Whitney tells Chad that she doesn't like him cornering her like this. 'But you loved the way I kissed you,' he says. She insists that she was only being convincing for Miles' sake and she really felt sick. He doesn't believe it; they're not over, not by a long shot. Eve brings Miles out and they leave to wait in the car. Chad begs Whitney to keep an open mind about their future, but she won't. Kissing him is gross enough, but being intimate with him again would just be sick. She is going to file for divorce and sue for full custody of the children. 'Over my dead body,' he says as she walks out. He's been a good father; if she doesn't want him, he won't let her be a mother to their children, no matter what. Whitney and her mother return home as she threatens to leave the country, sure that things will only get worse from now on. She starts to blame her mother for all of this: If she had told the truth long ago, everything that happened between her and Chad wouldn't have happened. Eve insists that Chad would have gone looking for another man no matter what. Whitney apologizes and takes her child up to bed , leaving her mother to wonder if her daughter was actually right. When Whitney comes back, Eve is happy to realize how well TC has taken all of this.

    You do love me!

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    At Chad's, Eve tries to calm Whitney down. She refuses to forget what Chad has done to her. Eve is sure that Chad still loves her, Miles and the baby and only wants what's best for them. Whitney is sure that the only thing right for Miles is getting him away from his father. Who knows how many other men he's slept with? 'None. I'm not gay,' Chad repeats. That's not what she wants to hear and, besides, she doesn't care anymore. She just wants to take her son away. Chad reminds her that he is their son and he has never done anything but protect him. When Eve agrees with Chad, Whitney becomes even more livid. Eve tries to calm them and begs them to be reasonable. When they continue arguing, Eve accuses them of behaving like spoiled brats. Whitney runs toward Miles' room when Chad stops her and tells her that he loves her and their children. She tells him again that there is nothing he can do to change things. He begs her to tell him what to do and not to throw away what they have. 'We're done forever,' she insists. If he loved her, he would have been faithful. She wishes she could believe him when he swears that it would never happen again, but she can't. Nonetheless, he remembers the good times they had and will still fight for them. She wishes that he'd stop making him think of everything they've been through. 'Don't make me fight you,' he threatens. If she takes his children away, he will fight with everything he's got. As they continue to fight, Miles wakes up and walks in. Eve picks him up and the parents sit with him until Chad gives Whitney a 'goodnight kiss' for his son's benefit.

    Changing for the Good

    Friday, June 29 2007

    Eve, sporting a new hairdo, returns home and tells Whitney that Spike buried Jessica alive but they managed to rescue her just in time. What's going on in this town? she wonders. On the good side, Whitney tells her mother that Theresa and Ethan are engaged. 'So maybe things are finally looking up?' Eve is also excited that she will soon see her long lost son. She wonders what he could look like; gorgeous like her daughters perhaps? Whitney smiles and goes upstairs. Moments later, Eve hears her scream. Her daughter runs down and tells her that Miles has gone missing. Eve confesses that she left Miles with Chad. 'That degenerate!' Whitney says. She gets on the phone and calls the police to report a kidnapping before running over to Chad's. Eve follows her daughter over to Chad's where Sam soon arrives. Whitney tells Sam that Chad is gay, although he denies it. When Whitney asks Sam to arrest Chad, he refuses; Chad is completely within his rights to have his son. 'What if my baby walks in and finds him in bed with another man?' she asks.

    Happy Happy Happy

    Thursday, June 28 2007

    Ethan and Theresa, hand in hand, run into the sun room, beaming at their engagement. He wants to tell Jared right away, but Theresa says that he can't. This is too much for Ethan; he can't take her constant indecision: 'Y'know what? We're through,' he announces. She insists that she loves him, they just can't do anything until the blackmailer is captured. He doesn't want anymore promises. He finally relents from ending things with her, but she'll be getting the fastest divorce in history when the blackmailer is caught. As they kiss, Whitney walks in, glad to see someone happy. Ethan skips off and Theresa breaks the news that she's marrying Ethan. Her friend tells her that this time, she should do the right thing for once and tell everyone the truth right now. That's highly unlikely, but with all the evil in the world, they deserve to be happy. Theresa just prays there aren't any other threats around.

    Those Two Jerks Deserve Each Other

    Thursday, June 21 2007

    At Whitney's, Ethan looks out the window while Theresa brings him wine. He feels like he's being followed but puts it down to paranoia. Someone in red heels stands outside watching. Ethan and Theresa walk into the living room and watch Chad play with Miles. Whitney can't understand why they are there so Ethan explains that she sent a picture to Chad. She didn't mean to send it, she explains. Clearly, she doesn't want them there and thinks that Chad should hate himself. Ethan asks her to look at how happy the father and son are. The most horrible thing a woman can do is keep a man from his son, he says. She decides that it's time to clear things up with Chad, once and for all, but not infront of Miles. Ethan and Theresa go off so the broken couple can talk. He was so happy to see his son. She assures him that the picture he received was from Miles, not her. Sitting down with their son, she reluctantly admits that it's for the best that Mile spends some time with his father, but she can't stop thinking about Vincent. Taking Miles up to bed, she leaves Chad hoping that she will take him back. After she puts their son to bed, she starts to clean up and Chad touches her hand. Batting hin away, she tells him never to touch her gain. She wasn't being nice because she wants him back, not now, not ever; she just didn't want Miles to see them fighting.

    The Biggest One I Know

    Wednesday, June 20 2007

    At Whitney's, Theresa and Whit eat ice cream and talk about how much they 'hate secrets'. Theresa saying that is like an alcoholic claiming they hate booze, Whitney says. Theresa just hopes that they kill the blackmailer when they find it. Her friend reminds her that means that Luis will die as a result. Theresa's sure that they must have some kind of evidence on their body that will do the trick. She then tells her friend that Father Lonigan refuses to give her absolution until she tells the truth; it looks like she's damned. Miles walks in and Whitney decides that it's a good idea to send a picture of her and Miles to Chad.

    Feeling like he's being followed, Ethan ducks to the side of a building so that he can come up behind the person following him. It's Chad and he's not following him, someone else is. Chad couldn't spend anymore time in his apartment thinking about how he destroyed his life. Ethan understands how secrets ruin everything; his secrets ruined his life with Gwen and Theresa's secrets have almost ruined his life, but he loves her anyway. He tells his friend to let Whitney cool off, but he shouldn't get his hopes up about reconciling. Suddenly, he gets a call from Whitney. Looking at his phone, he sees the picture of his wife and son. They decode to go over, but not before Ethan looks around again, sure that someone is following him. They go over to Whitney's. Inside, she's insisting that she doesn't want Chad anywhere near her children. Then Chad and Ethan show up at the door. Miles is happy and Theresa asks them in while Ethan's stalker remains not far behind. Chad tells his estranged wife that he hopes that she's as happy to see him as he is to see her.

    This Maniac is Smart

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    At home, Whitney promises Miles that everything will be okay, but he misses his daddy. TC offers to read him a story and tells him that they'll have a good time. He picks him up to get some milk and cookies, promising to take care of his daughter and his grandson.

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