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    Passions CAST - Whitney Russell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Whitney Russell Played by Brook Kerr on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brook Kerr

    Birthday: 1973-11- 21
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Single (long-time boyfriend Christopher Warren) 1 son
    Real Name: Brook Kerr


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    Killing With Kindness

    Friday, July 27 2007

    Chad is ready to run off and confront Vincent. Whitney wants to know why he would have set them up all along. 'Something about him has always struck me as odd somehow, 'he says. Meanwhile, at Eve's, when Vincent comes out in his blackmailer's costume, Julian is disgusted. He reminds Vincent that he is a Crane, not a 'clown on crack.' Vincent says that the costume is the real him. Julian isn't following, but Eve understands and drunkenly nods. As Vincent continues to explain that he is the blackmailer who has been terrorizing everyone, he lifts up his skirt to show Julian the rest of who he is. 'I told you he wasn't just our son,' Eve says. Julian tells his son that he needs help. 'It's hard to find clothes. Want to go shopping sometime?' Vincent asks sarcastically before lashing out some more and blaming them for everything that's happened to him. After he storms off, Julian wishes that this was just a bad dream. 'It's a nightmare,' Eve suggests, slumping against him. They start drinking and imagining that Alistair, at least, would be proud of this Crane. Julian worries about how he is going to clean up Vincent's 'indiscretions' and get him therapy. 'Poor poor Vincent,' Eve says as Chad and Whitney walk in. They assume that she is just drunk and, when she refuses to tell them where Vincent is, they become suspicious. Chad starts to search the house while Whitney demands answers from her mother and Julian. They keep saying that it's complicated, but this only makes Whitney furious. When Chad returns, unable to find Vincent, he says that there is something different about Vincent: At times he reminded him of Whitney. She suddenly remembers that Luis is about to be executed and runs off. Eve remembers that the coroner wanted her there as well so she could declare Luis officially dead. She doesn't feel like she can let this happen, but Julian won't let her stop it.

    Saying Goodbye

    Thursday, July 26 2007

    Walking down the street, Whitney runs into Chad and starts laying into him. Did he know that Vincent was her long lost brother? This is a complete shock to him; he had no idea that Vincent was his nephew. 'How could my husband's boyfriend turn out to be my brother?' she asks herself. This seems like more than a strange coincidence. Chad thinks that she must be on to something: Maybe Vincent planned all of this to destroy their relationship... Whitney doesn't care and she doesn't want Chad to turn this into another excuse for what he did. He points out that Vincent may have set them up all along. She can't understand any of this, but he would have to be pretty sick if he targeted his own uncle for sex. They should go to Vincent right now and get the truth out of him, even if it's more sick than they could ever imagine.

    No Deal

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    In Theresa's room, Whitney tells her friend that none of this seems real. Luis was like everyone's big brother... but at least Whitney will get a new big brother now, one who can be a role model to her son. Suddenly, Vincent calls and asks for a comment on Luis' execution. Disgusted, Theresa hangs up. Ethan then walks in with news from the governor: His hands are tied and there is nothing that he can do. She is about to give up hope when he reminds her that they have beaten the odds, so Luis can beat the odds too. After Whitney leaves to warn Valerie about Vincent, Theresa tells him that Vincent just called her.

    Valerie returns home to find her door has been left open. Vincent (who is never seen) begins to laugh and she asks him to leave, but he refuses: It's not over until he says it's over. Slamming the door shut, he tells her that she won't be going anywhere until he gets what he wants. He starts to tear the place apart as she screams. Whitney comes knocking. When she walks in, she finds Valerie alone with her shirt torn. She begs her not to call the police and explains that Vincent is furious because he thinks she let his secret out. Whitney would like to know what the secret is. Although Valerie is reluctant, she finally tells her that Vincent is her long lost brother. Whitney can't believe it and runs out of the house in shock.

    Gain a Brother, Lose a Brother

    Tuesday, July 24 2007

    In his office, Julian is recording his daily journal. He will finally meet the son that his father took from he and Eve. It's still rather hard to believe that Alistair is dead... Imagining that Alistair is still there, he begins updating his father on everything that's happened and how happy he is that he'll finally have a real father-son relationship, the kind that he has never had. Meanwhile, Eve walks into her kitchen, still reeling from discovering that Vincent is her long lost son. On edge, she drops her mug and it shatters on the ground. She tries to figure out if she should turn her son in for his crimes or try to save him. Panicking again, she begins popping pills to calm down. Whitney comes in after hearing the smash. As she cleans up, she begins complaining about Vincent before turning the subject to Theresa and Luis. She can't understand what sort of person would stand by and let an innocent man be put to death. Eve tries to make an excuse, but Whitney can't see anything that would excuse keeping silent. Whitney kisses her mother goodbye before going to Theresa's. Thinking of how awful her dilemma is, Eve takes some more pills. Suddenly, Julian wanders in looking for news about their son. There's obviously something wrong with her though; he knows instantly that she's high. What's going on with her to make her fall back into her old habits? This doesn't make any sense to him when they have just found their son alive and well. 'He's alive but not well...he's a murderer Julian!'

    Theresa wakes up with Ethan in her bed. He's been awake for awhile, watching her sleep and thanking God for finally being able to be by her side. Something is wrong though: Luis is going to be executed tonight. Theresa always thought that being a Crane would save her brother. It turn out that she was wrong. She can't understand how anyone can be standing by and watching Luis die for something he didn't do. Ethan blames himself for failing Luis at the trial, but Theresa says that it isn't his fault. He reminds her that the blackmailer still might not win: He's already failed to keep them apart or to keep her with Jared. Looking in her eyes, Ethan promises to be with her forever and that he will do everything he can still to save Luis. Later, Whitney arrives to visit her friend. Theresa can barely hold back her tears. She wishes that she could be stronger, especially for her mother. It feels like she is losing her father all over again. Luis was like her father and always protected her and gave her so much love, despite the fact that she always gave him grief. Whitney admits that she is jealous that Theresa had a brother like that... maybe her new brother will be the big brother she always wanted? 'It's ironic isn't it? You're about to gain a big brother and I'm about to lose mine,' Theresa says. Whitney tells her that there is still time and hope. Theresa quickly turns things back to herself, pointing out that Jared has left her and knows her secret, as do Gwen and Rebecca. They have all promised not to tell Ethan the truth though. Whitney doesn't understand why Theresa is taking their word for it. They hug and pray for a miracle for Luis. Meanwhile, Ethan is busy at work in his office.

    I Could Never Hate You

    Monday, July 23 2007

    Eve asks Vincent why she shouldn't call the police on him. Once he makes it obvious that he's her son come home at last, she smiles wildly before remembering that he's a serial killer. Then she remembers that he's her son and smiles again before she stops and asks him if he's gay. 'Don't be so provincial sweetie. I swing both ways,' he explains. He doesn't understand why she is so upset; he's a chip off the old block. She repeats that she never knew that he was kidnapped and wishes that she could have rescued him. Her 'big talk' doesn't impress him though. Whitney and Simone got everything while he had nothing, so, they had to pay. Eve is appalled but she can't convince him that he's wrong. He knows that she was a prostitute and the only reason he exists is because she was too wasted to remember birth control. 'It was losing you that made me get my life back on track,' she says. Somehow that fact doesn't give him much comfort. Maybe she should have stopped drinking and using drugs when she was pregnant and he wouldn't have been deformed. Whitney returns, wondering why her mother is 'wasting oxygen' talking to the man who destroyed her life. Eve tries to explain, but Whitney continues to lash out at Vincent, accusing him of coming from a 'degenerate gene pool.' He starts to laugh and refuses to leave. When she goes to call the police, Vincent tells Eve that she's a sad excuse for a mother if she is so ashamed that she won't tell her daughter the truth. He tells Whitney to put the phone down and walks to the door, promising her that they will know each other real well before this is over. Whitney doesn't understand any of this and Eve has no idea what to do. She's so freaked out that she can't think straight. To calm herself down, she begins taking pills.

    You're My Son!

    Friday, July 20 2007

    Chad arrives on Whitney's doorstep with a stuffed animal for his son. She wants him to leave, but he refuses to leave until they get something straight. 'That's rich coming from my gay husband,' Whitney remarks. Chad stifles a laugh before insisting that he's not gay; he was just on the down-low and it was only sex with Vincent. 'It was gay sex,' Whitney points out (while Vincent himself listens outside the door). She repeats that she is filing for divorce and he repeats that he loves her and their son. She refuses to open herself up to more hurt. If she insists on going through with the divorce though, he says, he will fight for the custody of the children. Whitney is sure that a judge would never grant him custody, but he is confidant that he would win. When she threatens to call the police, he leaves. She tries to calm down because this stress isn't good for her baby. There is a knock at the door. She angrily answers expecting Chad, but is even more unhappy to find Vincent standing there. Although she wants him to leave, he saunters in, telling her that they have lots to talk about. They're both adults and they've both done Chad; they should compare notes, he suggests. She threatens to call the police on her 'other half's other half.' When she starts to call him the scum of the earth and claim that her family is so much better than him, he smugly tells her that he is going to be part of her life forever.

    Eve arrives at home and tells Vincent to get out. As he begins telling her how lucky her daughter's must have been to have such loving parents, Whitney leaves to check on Miles. Vincent tells Eve that he is there to stay. She can barely believe his gall as he reclines on the couch and puts his feet up. When she starts to lecture him about his moral choices, he stops her-- he knows all about her past. 'At least I regret my mistakes,' she says. 'Your parents obviously did a miserable job bringing you up,' she adds before threatening to call the police. He stops her. 'I already told you how I hurt Simone, don't you want to know how I hurt Whitney?' he asks. 'Oh my God! You're my son!' Eve realizes.

    We Are Doomed

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    A distracted Eve sits down when Whitney walks in to apologize for blaming her for so much. Eve doesn't need an apology; she's sure that everything really is her fault. She only ever wanted to be a good mother but has failed totally. A text message from Valerie comes in. Her son wants to meet her right now at Valerie's house. Excited, Whitney wants to come along, but the message says that she needs to come alone. Eve is so excited she can barely breathe. After hugging her daughter she runs off. When she arrives at Valerie's, all of the lights are out but the door is open. She walks in and begins to call out. Soon, the sound of the blackmailer's voice comes back. They come out of the shadows and a horrified look fills Eve's face.

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