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    Passions CAST - Whitney Russell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Whitney Russell Played by Brook Kerr on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brook Kerr

    Birthday: 1973-11- 21
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Single (long-time boyfriend Christopher Warren) 1 son
    Real Name: Brook Kerr


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    Uncle or Daddy Ethan?

    Thursday, August 16 2007

    At the justice of the peace's, Gwen and Rebecca watch as Ethan and Theresa kiss and look forward to their wedding. Pilar walks in with the children and little Ethan asks if this marriage will make uncle Ethan into daddy Ethan. Theresa tells her son that's exactly what it means. The justice of the peace walks in and gives them some papers to sign. After filling them out, they jump into the ceremony right away. Gwen interrupts as they begin and explains that Theresa can't get married without a wedding dress. She ordered her one in advance. Ethan and Pilar stare as Gwen pulls Theresa away to get changed. Whitney arrives just in time. Ethan tells her the day is finally here and nothing will ever ruin it. They tell her that Gwen has been very sweet and helpful. Rebecca leaves to hurry the bride along while Whitney and Pilar worry about what the Hotchkiss women are up to.

    Theresa gets into her wedding dress. It's a good thing that it's off-white: This is her fourth marriage after all. Gwen tells her to relax and enjoy her day. Theresa turns and asks Gwen if she is going to reveal the truth to Ethan. Happily, Gwen hands her a bouquet and asks her if she's ready. 'Ready for the worst night of your life,' she thinks. Rebecca arrives and they send Theresa ahead so that they can talk. Gwen assures her mother that she is still going through with her plan, she is just waiting for the perfect moment. Whitney happens to overhear this as she stands around the corner eavesdropping. When Theresa walks back into the chapel, Ethan is eager to get the ceremony going. Before they can start, Whitney rushes in and stops them. She pulls her friend away just as Gwen and Rebecca walk in. Whitney tells Theresa that she overheard Gwen and her mother plotting to reveal the truth during the ceremony. Theresa starts to go into a panic but her friend tells her that the only way out is to tell Ethan first. They look in and see Gwen waiting with a devious smile on her face.

    I Shudder to Think

    Thursday, August 09 2007

    Julian sits with Vincent, warning him when he sees Chad arrive. Chad moves to Whitney's side. She can't believe that no one has come forward to save Luis. In the meantime, Eve is still trapped in the closet. As she pounds on the door, she tries to find a way to break out and save Luis. She prays to Grace to help her do the right thing. Finally, she breaks the door open and runs out and into the execution room. 'Stop the execution!' she shouts. Vincent wonders what his mother is doing. 'I shudder to think,' Julian says. Eve runs into the execution chamber and takes out a taser, threatening the warden and the guard away from Luis. The warden calls Sam in to take her out. Everyone rushes in behind him. Eve explains that the first injection only made Luis unconscious and they can still save his life. She begs Sam to trust her on this and tells everyone to back off while she revives Luis. The gathered crowd starts to realize that if Eve would stop the execution, she must know who is really guilty.

    Simone arrives and Kay stops her before she can go any further. She explains that Eve is trying to save Luis. Simone is baffled: Why is her mother trying to save the man who murdered her lover Rae? Whitney comes out and hugs her sister, breaking the news to her that they've finally found their long lost brother: It's Vincent. Simone cringes a bit and, looking back to see him sitting there watching, wonders what he is doing there at all.

    Small Price to Pay

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    At the prison wedding, Pilar wonders what is going on with Fancy. At least as long as the wedding is postponed, Luis' execution will be postponed as well. She begins to pray that a miracle will come and save her son. Whitney sees her mother sitting alone and sits beside her. Eve feels sick knowing that Luis will die when he's innocent. She almost spills the truth to her daughter but stops herself and begins crying.

    What Are You Doing Here?

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    Down the hall, Father Lonigan continues to refuse to marry Theresa to Ethan until she comes clean about being little Ethan's father. Ethan just happens to hear this and demands to know if it is true. When she opens her mouth, he rushes to the priest and asks him why he won't marry them. Suddenly, Tabitha, Endora, Norma, Edna, Kay and Miguel all arrive. Sam notices the two escaped convicts and is about to arrest them when Endora casts a spell on them all. Now everyone is happy to see them and welcomes them to the execution/ wedding. As they file into the makeshift wedding chapel, Ethan repeats his demand to the priest: Why won't he perform their wedding? Theresa says that they can't get married because he only has a divorce from Gwen and not an annulment, which is what the church demands. Even the priest had forgotten this but agrees that she's right. Ethan escorts Lonigan away while Whitney asks Theresa why she didn't just get this over with now.

    Pilar finishes dressing Paloma in the wedding dress. They always waited for this day, but never thought it would be like this. When they walk out into the hall, they see Vincent and Sheridan anxiously waiting at Fancy's dressing room door. Luis and Noah proceed down to the altar while Endora throws flowers. Tabitha almost cries at how cute her daughter looks. Sitting down, Pilar turns to Eve, crying that only a miracle can save her son now. Julian whispers to her to say nothing. As Whitney leaves to check on Miles, Paloma comes down the aisle as Luis and Noah smile.

    Triple Wedding?

    Monday, July 30 2007

    Back at the prison, Ethan has finished all of the paper work that can be done: Now there is nothing in the way of Luis execution. Theresa spots Vincent and wonders what he is doing there. He says he's only there as a reporter. After Theresa and the family wander back to Luis, Sheridan warns Vincent that he better not fail to get Pretty there in time. Suddenly, Whitney and Chad arrive. Chad can't control himself and runs to Vincent, grabbing him by the throat and choking him. He accuses his ex-lover of seducing him when he knew that he was his uncle the whole time. Sheridan is shocked. 'That's right sis. Julian is Vincent's father,' Chad explains. Sheridan runs up next and starts choking Vincent herself, demanding to know whether 'that person' is really coming or not. Chad then starts punching him until Vincent fights back.

    As the two men beat each other around the prison. Luis finally pulls them apart as Whitney explains who Vincent is. 'So you're my half-brother?' Fancy assumes. 'I'm much more than that,' he laughs perversely. As everyone puts this together and realizes that Chad has been having an affair with his nephew, he breaks free of Luis and jumps on Vincent again. Whitney begs him to stop and he, eventually, does. Father Lonigan rushes to Vincent's side. Sheridan takes him down the corridor alone and demands to know what is going on. His phone rings. Looking down, he sees Pretty has arrived at the prison. Sheridan becomes giddy with expectation.

    As Chad tries to lay the blame on Vincent, Whitney really stops him: She doesn't want to hear this from him right now. Ethan reminds them that this isn't the best time or place to be settling their problems. They apologize to Fancy and Luis who then inform them that they are getting married. Noah rushes over to Luis and asks him if he and Paloma could get married alongside of he and Fancy. Luis agrees and Noah instantly drops on his knees and asks Paloma to marry him again. She doesn't want to cramp her brother's style, but he already said that it was okay. Taking out his grandmother's ring, he offers it to her and she jumps up, smiling and kissing him. Paloma embraces her brother and Pilar embraces them both. He tells them that he'll give Antonio a hug for them when he sees him. This makes Pilar break into tears and her daughter pulls her away.

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