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    Passions CAST - Whitney Russell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Whitney Russell Played by Brook Kerr on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brook Kerr

    Birthday: 1973-11- 21
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Single (long-time boyfriend Christopher Warren) 1 son
    Real Name: Brook Kerr


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    Who Needs a Lust Potion?

    Monday, March 12 2007

    Theresa and Whitney sit in the waiting room while Theresa complains about how she will never be with Ethan. Ivy overhears and doesn't hide that this news is music to her ears. Theresa doesn't want to hear her gloating, but Ivy is giddy to know that her son will soon be free of Theresa's sick obsession. The whole Lopez-Fitzgerald family has done nothing but bring misery to her family and she wants them to finally have done with it. Whitney tries to get the ladies to stop fighting, but Ivy just rubs it in until Theresa stomps away. Jared has passed out and Theresa looks in on him before sitting down. Whitney tells her that she has to follow her heart and tell Ethan the truth. Theresa is unsure. Jared wakes up with a smile on his face as they babble. Tess has something she has to tell him...but she gets a phone call before she can open her mouth. It's a message from the blackmailer renewing the threat. He asks her what's happening and she tells him that the judge is on his way.

    I Can't Quit You

    Friday, March 09 2007

    Elsewhere in the restaurant, Theresa goes over her decision again. Whitney thinks that Ethan is a good enough lawyer to get her brothers off. Theresa is not so convinced and just wants to avoid Ethan so that she won't stop herself from going through with this. This is no time to take risks. Whitney asks her to have dinner with her and the others and brings her over to the table. From a distance, they see Chad and Vincent talking intensely about something. When they reach the table, she wants to know what they've been talking about it. Chad says that he'll explain at home, but Vincent tells him not to go, even if Valerie hasn't shown up. She asks them again what they were talking about. Vincent says that they were just talking about his insecurities; he thinks that Valerie is getting tired of him or may be seeing someone else. Whitney understands; she thought that Chad was cheating. It's awful to have doubts. 'There's no room for a third person in any relationship,' Vincent agrees. 'If people could just stop worrying about what other people think and follow their instincts, the world would be a better place.' Chad is trying to suppress his dread as his two lovers share relationship advice. The ladies leave during the meal and Chad repeats his mantra that this was just sex. He's not gay: That's 'sick, disgusting and perverted.' Vincent thinks that he needs to stop lying to himself and admit the truth whether he likes it or not. 'Love is love, no matter how inconvenient.' Chad smashes his plates and people in the restaurant stare at him.

    Something Pretty

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    Whitney finds Vincent lurking around the hallways at Crane. He asks her to dinner. She wants to get Chad, but he tells her that they should go alone and he can meet up with them later. He has something important to discuss with her anyway. They arrive at the Seascape and he has the maitre d' take a picture of them together. They sit down and Vincent tells her that he needs to talk to her about two people in love, but one doesn't know it yet.

    Chad storms into the Seascape and Vincent asks him to tell Whitney who he really loves. She can't follow, Vincent explains that Valerie is the woman of his dreams and she made him forget all other women. Just like Chad forgot all other women when he met her. What a pretty thing to say! Whitney spots Theresa and walks over to her as Chad starts threatening Vincent. Vincent tells him that he can't be stopped and Whitney will find out at just the right time. Meanwhile, Theresa says that the wedding is going ahead and she hasn't told Ethan because he would just try and stop it.

    Disappearing Act

    Wednesday, March 07 2007

    At the office, Whitney is trying to talk Theresa out of going through with her plan to marry Jared. It's not working. She feels that she has no other choice now. Vincent walks in and asks to speak in private, but Theresa insists that Whitney stay. He asks her if she met the person with the memory stick. She didn't. Whoever had it has managed to keep themselves hidden, he says. Whitney tells him that he'll have to try harder, but Theresa cancels that and fires him. After he leaves, Whitney can't believe that her friend is giving in so easily. Theresa shrugs and asks her to help pick out a dress for the wedding.

    Chad goes to visit Ethan at his office. He's hard at work on Luis' defense. He's been trying to call Gwen about the divorce but she won't call him back. At least he can be with Theresa now. Chad asks him how he could have gotten away with cheating on Gwen so many times without her knowing. Ethan's just glad that the love triangle is just over. Chad wonders why destroying his marriage doesn't bother him more. Ethan gets angry and tries defending himself; he gets different things from different women, he explains. Chad doesn't see how he can love two people at once. Ethan says that it sounds more like he's talking about himself. Chad is reluctant to go on, but he feels like he has to say something, even though it makes him feel dirty. He recounts how he found someone when Whitney was running away from him. Whitney came back, but the other person wouldn't stay away. Now he has to fix this before his life is wrecked. Ethan assumes it's a woman that he's talking about and Chad doesn't correct him. It's something worse than that, Chad confesses, it's something in him: He's addicted to sex. Ethan says that he understands— it's the same thing as he and Theresa. That's what happens when you find your true love. Chad denies this and repeats that it's just sex. Coincidentally, Vincent knocks on the door and walks in. Chad aggressively pulls him out and tells him never to come back to the building. Vincent threatens to drop by the house later or maybe post the video of them on the internet. Just then, Whitney walks down the hallway and Vincent smiles. Chad grabs him again and threatens to kill him, but Vincent isn't impressed. Whitney asks them what they're whispering about. Vincent asks her to have a coffee with he and Valerie, but Chad steps in and asks her to go and see Miles in the daycare. She agrees, although Vincent promises her that he has dirt on the Cranes that even she would be surprised to hear. As she walks off, he tussles with Chad a moment before following her down the hall. He chases her down and tries to set up a double date for tonight. She agrees happily. Meanwhile, Chad walks back to Ethan who tells him not to make the same mistakes that he has.

    Hard to Let Go

    Tuesday, March 06 2007

    Whitney is taking Jane to daycare with little Ethan. He talks about how much he wishes Ethan could live with him for good now. In her office, Theresa remembers her perfect night with Ethan. Suddenly, another message from the blackmailer comes in telling her to stay away from Ethan. Ethan walks in with a rose, pretending to be delivery man. He sits down on her desk and they start kissing. Whitney arrives with the children and Ethan eagerly greets them before little Ethan does a magic trick. Theresa takes Whitney aside and remarks that she can't accept that someone is still stopping her dream from coming true. Ethan offers to take the children to daycare. He tells Theresa that they're a great family and they belong together and then leaves with the children. Theresa beams as she closes the door. She's been waiting years for this. 'But the blackmailer wants you to marry Jared,' Whitney reminds her. They start to wonder if the blackmailer is gay or a woman. Theresa insists that she will find a way to help her brothers no matter what. She can't lose this chance at happiness. Whitney leaves and finds Chad in the hallway at Crane. The elevator opens and Vincent walks out, making a serious of double entendres before suggesting that they should have a double date. Whitney agrees and he walks away smiling. Chad isn't so perky.

    Pilar walks into Theresa's office, distraught at the news of Luis surrounded in the hardware store. She can't stand to lose another son after losing Antonio. Pilar says that she's glad her daughter married Alistair; if she hadn't, her brothers would be doomed. All of the family's hopes and dreams rest on her shoulders. Ethan arrives to say that Luis is fine but refuses to turn himself in. He says that someone must be setting him up and Theresa is his only hope; there is only so much that Ethan can do. He goes back to work and Pilar follows, telling her daughter how grateful they are for what she's doing. Theresa pours herself a drink and Whitney returns. She asks Whitney to be her matron of honor when she marries Jared.


    Monday, March 05 2007

    Whitney is walking through the hospital when Chad calls from his favorite motel room. He tells her that he's swamped at work and she should keep him in the loop about Theresa and Jared. They exchange I love yous and he hangs up. 'I love you and only you,' he repeats before wondering where Vincent is. He sits on the bed and finds a mini DVD player playing the video of he and Vincent in bed. He starts repeating to himself that he only loves Whitney. Tired of waiting around, he is about to leave when Vincent arrives. Chad announces that he's leaving, but Vincent says they haven't done it yet. Vincent begins pushing him around until he backs him into the wall and starts kissing him passionately. Chad pushes him back and tells him to stay away. Vincent has tried, but he can't get enough. Chad begins threatening him and demanding to be left alone, but Vincent loves him and refuses. When he tries to touch him again, Chad punches him and they start to wrestle on the bed. Vincent tells him that he can keep lying about how he really feels, but after a few days, he always has to come back for the love they have between them. Chad asks him not to do this to him anymore. Vincent says that he understands: He loves Valerie, but their women can't give them what they give to each other. As Vincent kisses his neck, Chad can't resist anymore and they fall into bed. As they have sex, Vincent eyes the hidden camera that films them.

    Whitney walks down the corridor and finds Theresa. She explains to Whit that the blackmailer told her that she had to marry Jared. It's too cruel, just as Ethan becomes free, she has to marry Jared. She lets it slip that she just made love to Ethan again last night. Continuing, she explains everything that happened with Ethan and the voice box, the divorce and helping Luis to escape. Whitney thinks that Luis looks guilty now, but admits that he must really love Fancy to do what he's doing.

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