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    Passions CAST - Whitney Russell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Whitney Russell Played by Brook Kerr on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brook Kerr

    Birthday: 1973-11- 21
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Single (long-time boyfriend Christopher Warren) 1 son
    Real Name: Brook Kerr


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    Rae's Funeral

    Monday, March 26 2007

    Chad sits down with Jared and tells him that he can't stop thinking about his situation. Jared repeats that he needs to take care of it right away. As Chad looks over, he spots Vincent watching him. The ceremony begins while, outside, Tabitha tells Endora that the grim reaper will be back soon for someone else. After the ceremony ends, Simone gets up and thanks the minister before laying a flower on Rae's coffin. TC tells Eve that he's glad he had a stroke; it made him take a look at his life an realize what really matters: Love. Chad and Whitney get up to comfort Simone when Vincent follows to say that 'you Russells are an amazing family...Rae was always talking about how much she loved Simone just like Chad is always talking about how much he loves Whitney.' TC smiles and says that Chad couldn't stop loving Whitney 'even when it seemed wrong.' Vincent pats Chad on the back. 'That's the kind of guy Chad is,' he says. 'He can't quit true love.' Chad isn't thrilled about the attention.

    After the funeral, Theresa is concerned to see that Whitney refuses to say whether or not she believes that Luis is guilty. Her friend tells her that none of that matters; either way, she still has to deal with the blackmailer. Just then, Theresa gets another note from the blackmailer telling her to marry Jared. Coincidentally, Jared appears and suggests that they stay there, wait for everyone to leave and let the minister marry them. Tess starts to panic.

    Locked Together

    Friday, March 23 2007

    Whitney, decked out in her mourning wear, goes to visit Theresa in her office. Theresa still has not resolved her conundrum. After telling Whit that she made love to Ethan again, she realized that she had to put her dream behind her. After offloading her familiar problems, Whitney starts to tell her friend about Chad's odd behavior in bed. She has no idea what to think now, especially since he got a mysterious phone call today and ran off. He's also been making love more intensely, less tenderly and better...but it felt like he was trying to prove how macho he is. Theresa wishes that she had her friend's problems. Right now, she just has to prepare for her wedding and hopes something will change before it happens. Besides, Theresa isn't the best person to go to for relationship advice. Suddenly, Jared and Chad come through the door. Jared announces that Judge Reilly is on his way and they're getting married today.

    You Can Have Him

    Wednesday, March 21 2007

    Whitney and Chad return home. He's eager to get her into bed. She's never seen him so excited before. As they make love, Chad thinks about Vincent and all the new feelings he taught him to experience. Snapping out of it, he moves away when he realizes that he's with Whitney. Sensing that something is wrong, he makes up an excuse and tells her that he loves her. She can't shake the feeling that he seems so different tonight; he seems like a different man with a new intensity. He starts to make love to her again until she stops him. 'I know what this is's about Vincent, isn't it?' But it's not what he thinks. Whitney simply imagines that he's trying to compete with Vincent after Valerie made him out to be a great lover. Spurred on, they make love again. He tells her that he is the same man he always was and loves her with all his heart. As Whitney tries to sleep, Chad imagines Vincent watching them and saying that 'you want me Chad...even now.' As he drifts into sleep, he dreams of Vincent. In his dream, he admits that he loves Vincent; he makes him feel so alive, but Whitney can never know. As Chad mumbles in his sleep, Whitney sits up, watching him and wonders what it is that 'she can never know.'

    Everybody's Jealous

    Friday, March 16 2007

    Whitney knows why Chad keeps threatening Vincent: This is about sex. Chad gets worried and tries to tell her that she has it all wrong. But it's not what he expects. She thinks that he's jealous of Vincent; he must suspect that he's after her. He doesn't need to worry, she says, they both know who Vincent loves....Valerie. She makes him apologize to Vincent and she tells him that they should have dinner again soon. Vincent leaves and Whitney tells Chad that she likes to see him jealous. They have a drink and decide that they need to spend more time alone. She tells him that he never has to be jealous and he tells her that she is the only woman he loves.

    Eve runs into Valerie in the corridor. Julian appears just in time for Valerie to tell them that she's found their son. Eve has a sad but hopeful look on her face. They take Valerie to the Seascape and she gives them the bulky file of information she's collected. Julian begins looking through the file and sees that much of it has been blacked out by social workers to protect the child. He was obviously brutally abused. Valerie sees Chad and Whitney and walks over to talk to them. Whitney says that Vincent really cares about her. The feelings are mutual and 'he's totally hot in bed,' she giggles to Chad's chagrin. Valerie apologizes, she's obviously making Chad uncomfortable.

    Nothing Without You

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    Chad and Vincent are still at the Seascape. Chad thinks that he's got some nerve pretending to be Whitney's friend. Vincent continues to threaten to reveal everything. Chad is furious but, before he can lash out, Whitney returns, surprised to still see them there so late. Vincent asks her to sit down and she starts talking about Valerie. 'Vincent would be a fool to let her go,' Chad says aggressively. 'What does my relationship have to do with you Chad?' Vincent asks after Whitney registers surprise at his response. Chad backtracks and tries to get out of it when Vincent gets a call and has to excuse himself. Whitney asks him why he is looking at Vincent so strangely. Chad says that he just doesn't like him and doesn't trust him. 'You're naive Whitney. You trust anybody,' he says. She leaves to powder her nose, but not before telling him to be nice to Vincent. On his phone, Vincent tells someone that it's time to turn up the heat. He then sits down with Chad and tells him that Valerie is on the way. Chad rises to leave, but Vincent grabs his hand and orders him to sit down. After renewing his threats, Vincent says that he just wants to go back to the way things were before: With women in public, together in private. Whitney suddenly returns to the table. 'Now I know what's really going on here,' she announces.

    Wedding or Funeral?

    Wednesday, March 14 2007

    At the hospital, Ethan watches as Judge Reilly performs Theresa and Jared's wedding. Theresa keeps thinking of Ethan and becomes so distraught that Reilly stops, unsure if he should continue. Tess starts to cry and make excuses before Whitney and Eve suggest a postponement. Theresa refuses. The judge clears his throat and continues to read them their vows while she imagines that Jared is Ethan. Her obvious distraction causes the Judge to stop again, but, snapping out of it, she wants to keep going. They exchange vows and a dead silence begins after Reilly asks if anyone is there to object. Ethan and Theresa remember all of their times together, but he says nothing and storms away. Suddenly, Jared collapses onto the floor. Tess blames herself while they lift him into the bed. Eve sends Theresa out and the Judge leaves. She'll never forgive herself if Jared dies because of this; she feels like she's being punished for turning her back on Ethan and god. Whitney tells her that she should blame the blackmailer. As Theresa continues to panic, Jared is rushed into surgery on the brink of death. Tess runs in with him as Ethan watches glumly. He admits to Whitney that he almost hopes that Jared does die; then he could be with Theresa.

    It's Not the Same

    Tuesday, March 13 2007

    In his hospital bed, Jared is so happy that he's getting married tonight, but he wonders why Tess seems to be crying. They're tears of joy, she explains before Eve arrives to tell them that there will not be a wedding. Theresa starts to babble until Eve points out that Jared was shot and can barely breathe; he's in no shape to get married. He's sure that he's fit for the wedding and Tess refuses to wait, even if they have to do it without Eve's permission. 'If you had a brain in your heads, you would call this off,' the doctor declares to them before she takes her daughter out for a word. She asks Whitney what's really going on and gets little response before Theresa comes out to explain herself. Eve is angry; Theresa is obviously up to something and is forcing Jared into a wedding that could damage his health. After she strides away, Theresa admits that she's right. Julian wanders into the conversation to gloat about sending Luis and Miguel to jail. A little birdy told him that the DA will look for the death penalty for Luis and he'll be fighting harder than she can to make sure it's done. After he walks away, Theresa prays that Ethan never finds out why she's marrying Jared.

    Whitney brings Jared his tux and a wedding band. He's amazed that he's getting married; he's finally lucked out, just when he thought he'd lost Theresa forever. 'I promise I will do everything I possibly can to make her happy,' he smiles. After getting dressed, he stands up, despite Eve's protests over his poor health. Judge Reilly asks for a best man so that he can perform the ceremony. Eve refuses to stand in. Luckily, an orderly delivers flowers. Theresa asks him to be the best man and offers him five hundred dollars and a vacation just to stand with Jared. He happily agrees and the Judge begins the ceremony as Ethan looks on.

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