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    Passions CAST - Whitney Russell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Whitney Russell Played by Brook Kerr on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brook Kerr

    Birthday: 1973-11- 21
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Single (long-time boyfriend Christopher Warren) 1 son
    Real Name: Brook Kerr


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    I'm Not Drunk, I'm Destroyed!

    Thursday, September 06 2007

    Sam arrives at the Blue Note and Eve begs him to tell her that her son is not dead. He can't tell her that, but the coast guard hasn't found Vincent's body yet. She starts to cry as Whitney walks in. Seeing her mother crying, she assumes it's over Chad. They don't know what she's talking about so she explains that Alistair killed him. Julian and Eve are horrified at the news. Eve tells Whitney that her brother is dead too. She wants to talk through all of their grief, she never gets to spend any time with her daughter anymore...'Then what I have to say won't make you very happy,' Whitney explains. She is taking Miles and leaving Harmony for good. This news makes Eve upset of course. and she suggests that her daughter just take a long vacation. Whitney's mind is made up though: She is moving to New Orleans with Simone for a fresh start. The drunken Eve begs her not to take her grandchildren away while she is losing everyone. Whitney doesn't think she can talk with her mother about this now. 'I'm not drunk, I'm destroyed!' Eve cries. Whitney says that she is not ashamed of her and their past, she just doesn't wants her children growing up without all of the baggage her family brings. She also tells her mother that she's glad Vincent is dead. Eve bursts into tears again but knows that she can't change her daughter's mind. Making things worse, Whitney tells her that she's leaving right away: This is their goodbye. As she hugs her daughter close, Julian and Sam tell her that they will miss her too. Whitney walks away, stopping to take one final look at her mother before she walks out the door. Julian tries to comfort Eve but she doesn't think she'll be alright. Everyone is leaving her. She decides that she needs to go and see Valerie now. She wants to go alone. Julian agrees and offers to go with Sam to see Ethan.

    Goodbye to You and Me

    Wednesday, September 05 2007

    By Ethan's hospital bed, Theresa tells Whitney that she's finally told Ethan that he has a son and he seems to have heard her and forgiven her. Whitney tells her friend that she's sure that Ethan will come through this and they'll finally be happy...but she won't be around to see it. 'I'm leaving Harmony for good,' she sadly says. Theresa imagines that she just wants a break but Whitney insists that this is more than a vacation. Taking her friend's hand, they walk out to the waiting room. Theresa tries to convince her to stay but that is no use. Whitney needs to make herself whole again and, as long as she stays there, she will still be shattered. With tears in their eyes, they realize that they have to let go of the one great constant in their loves: Each other. Theresa tells her friend not to blame anything that's happened on herself; the worst is behind her. Whitney has already decided that she will move down to New Orleans, somewhere where she can begin with new memories for her children and Simone will be comfortable. After a long montage of the many happy moments of the Theresa-Whitney friendship, Theresa admits that she understands but hates that her friend is leaving. Whitney needs to do this for her children. But Theresa should be happy, she will finally have everything that she's always wanted and needs to cherish every moment of it. Getting up, Whitney says that she's already packed and doesn't want to miss her flight. They break into tears again as Theresa wishes her friend a wonderful life and says goodbye. After Whitney leaves, Theresa returns to Ethan's side and tells him that her best friend is gone. She will never leave his side again.

    I Have a Son

    Tuesday, September 04 2007

    Whitney arrives at the morgue to give a positive ID to Chad. 'Good lucking guy wasn't he?' she says, looking at the corpse. She still has to make plans about what to do with him. The attendant leaves her alone so that she can think it over. Simone arrives, embracing her sister and they begin to weep. Whitney tries to stop herself; she needs to stay strong. Her sister tells her to let someone else be strong for her. Whitney's heart was already broken when she lost Chad, she explains. She could never go back to him, although part of her will always love him. Her sister tells her to give herself a chance at forgiving now. She's not alone, Simone reminds her, she still has her family. Whitney worries about what she will tell Miles... he already asks about his father every day. Turning out the lights, they walk out. Whitney goes upstairs to the chapel and prays for strength to tell the truth to her son. She also prays for some guidance and direction in the rest of her life. Simone brings Miles in and the three sit down together. She tells her little boy that everyone loves him very much, including his daddy but he won't be seeing him for a very, very long time. Afterwards, she tells her baby that they will never know their father but, together with Miles, they will still be a family.

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Theresa excitedly tells her mother that, as soon as Ethan wakes from his coma, all of their dreams will come true. She kisses him and his eyes start moving. 'I have a son,' he says. Moments later, Whitney arrives and they briefly pay their condolences. Theresa embraces her friends that tells her that Ethan knows he has a son. Whitney tells her to treasure every moment they have together. Outside the hospital room, Rebecca continues begging her daughter to come back and fight for Ethan, Gwen hangs up. Rebecca calls her again but without luck. When Pilar walks out, she tells Rebecca that she's going to get little Ethan so that when Ethan wakes up, he'll be surrounded by the people he loves most in the world. After she strides away, Rebecca lets out a frustrated sigh. 'Oh fool,' Rebecca says.

    Why Did it Have to End This Way?

    Wednesday, August 29 2007

    At the inn, the paramedics arrive to take Ethan away. As Theresa prays that he won't die, Whitney sits by Chad's side, still in shock. Despite the fact that he is clearly dead, she begs the paramedics to try and revive him. They can't. She takes his hand and breaks into tears again, begging him not to die and promising that she can fix things between them. Still in denial, she begs the paramedics to take Chad to ICU with Ethan. They refuse at first but Theresa convinces them to humor her. As the men's bodies are wheeled out, Gwen and Theresa threaten to kill each other if Ethan doesn't pull through.

    At the hospital, the doctors tell Theresa that they don't know if they can save Ethan. Whitney wanders in, now admitting to herself that Chad is dead. He'll never play with Miles again or see his new baby; she never had the chance to tell him that she forgave him... he's the only man she ever loved. She tells Theresa that she'd better go and tell Ethan the truth now; she may never have another chance. Suddenly, Ethan's life support machines start to ring. They watch as his stomach is pumped and he's stabilized. Whitney tells her friend again to tell the truth now. The mortuary attendant takes Whitney away to sign paperwork as Theresa goes to Ethan's side. Gwen and Rebecca sit nearby. Sadly, Gwen admits to her mother that she has never stopped loving Ethan. They watch as Theresa talks to Ethan. Gwen suddenly gets a call telling her that 'he's sick.' Instantly, she hangs up and rushes off, leaving her perplexed mother behind. Meanwhile, Theresa actually tells Ethan that he has a son and he hears her. 'I have a son. I have to live,' he thinks. Meanwhile, down in the morgue, Whitney slowly walks to Chad's side, remembering all of the happy times they had. As tears fill her eyes again, she pulls the cover back to look at his face. 'Why did it have to end this way? Why?'

    I Love You...Only You

    Tuesday, August 28 2007

    Gwen is pacing in the halls of the inn. Rebecca offers her daughter an eclair but Gwen refuses to eat or drink anything that Alistair may have had contact with. Rebecca sadly drops the possibly poisoned pastry and tells her daughter that she should start planning her future with Ethan. Meanwhile, Alistair begins choking Theresa while they stand over Ethan's body. Soon, Chad and Whitney run in. Chad jumps his father and wrestles him away. As Alistair fights him off, Theresa tries to send Whitney off for the police. Pulling out a gun, Alistair stops her and promises them that they'll all be dead soon. When Gwen and Rebecca walk in, they're shocked to see Ethan sprawled out on the bed. Chad refuses to stand by and let Ethan die. As he picks up the phone, Alistair reminds him that he will shoot him. Theresa and Gwen begin blaming each other for all of this and demanding that someone call 911. Alistair tells them it's pointless: They are all going to die; he's come back to clean up his mistakes. Chad tries to wrestle the gun away, unable to imagine his father would actually shoot him. He does. 'But I'm your son,' Chad says as he drops to the floor bleeding. 'You're no son of mine,' he says. Everyone in his family has disappointed him and they're all going to die. He turns to Theresa, leveling the gun in her face. 'Our marriage was forged in Hell so you're going to be very comfortable down there,' he says. Suddenly, a pair of security guards run in with their guns drawn. Alistair shoots at them before jumping out the window and running. As he escapes, Whitney tries to stop Chad's bleeding but it's too late. 'I love you...only you,' he says before his eyes roll back. He's dead. As she cries over him, Theresa screams at Gwen to get away from Ethan.

    What Have I Done?

    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    At the chapel, Gwen refuses to let Ethan and Theresa go anywhere before she gives them her wedding gift. Ethan keeps telling her that she doesn't have to do anything more for them, but she's insistent. Whitney stops her before she can say anything and suggests that it's time for Chad to make a toast. They all grab champagne and gather around. Gwen takes Whitney aside and tells her that she can't stop her from revealing the truth, no matter what other tricks she tries to pull. Leaving Gwen, she returns to Chad's side and they try to figure out a way to get the newlyweds out of there before the truth can be revealed. Meanwhile, Miguel tells Kay that he's never been more hopeful about their future than he is now. If Theresa and Ethan can overcome all the odds, anyone can. Gwen suddenly raises her champagne glass to make a toast. She starts her speech by saying that no one knows the newlyweds better than her and she just wants to see them happy. Ethan holds two things sacred: Family and honesty. There are no shades of grey when it comes to the truth for Ethan. Theresa watches with dread while Gwen continues but the justice of the peace suddenly interrupts and hands out packs of birdseed to throw at the bride and groom. Pilar takes the chance to make a quick toast and cut Gwen short. As the birdseed starts to fly, the wedding party starts to move outside and Chad holds the Hotchkiss women back. Theresa throws her bouquet, which Kay catches before excitedly kissing Miguel, and then the happy couple run off.

    She Did It!

    Friday, August 17 2007

    Ethan is shouting at Theresa to hurry back into the chapel so that they can get married. Pilar rushes out to her daughter who updates her on Gwen's plan. Pilar tells her that the only way out now is to tell Ethan the truth before Gwen can do it. Suddenly Chad arrives, thanks to a call from Ethan. When he offers to help out, Theresa gets a plan and huddles her friends together. Pilar wishes she could talk her daughter out of this, but it's pointless. They put the plan into action. Chad and Whitney pretend that Theresa has locked herself in the bathroom. Gwen and Rebecca follow them down the hall as they shout through the door. Rebecca offers them her lock picking set and, once she unlocks the door, Whitney pushes them in. As the mother and daughter beat on the door, Chad and Whitney laugh. Rebecca threatens to reveal Chad's secret to the public if he doesn't let them out. He insists again that he's not gay, but this makes Whitney uncomfortable. She moves away from him, hoping that Theresa's marriage turns out better than theirs did. She still blames him for tearing their marriage apart, not Vincent. Whitney starts to worry that Gwen and Rebecca are being too quiet. Inside, Gwen climbs up and smashes the window. Surprisingly, there are bars on the outside. There is no way out; the wedding will go ahead.

    Kay and Miguel relax in bed, happy that Luis is finally a free man. Now that things are working out, they can become a real family with Maria. Kay's phone rings: It's Simone telling her that Theresa and Ethan eloped. Miguel immediately calls his mother and tells her that he'd like to come to the wedding. She tells him it's not a good time and hangs up. This seems strange to him. His sister has dreamed of this night her whole life and now he'll miss it. Kay starts to wonder if she should use her magic. She tries to think up a spell and accidentally puts them in a set of nineteenth century wedding outfits. This, of course, confuses him, so she puts them back in their regular bed clothes and tells him that his mind is playing tricks on him. Sending him off to take care of the 'headache' which seems to be causing his hallucination, she conjures up the magic bowl and spies on the wedding. She decides to stall the wedding so that she and Miguel won't miss it. Casting a spell on the justice of the peace, he begins to cough and choke before spouting nonsense. Now that the wedding is on hold, Kay finds a way to transport she and Miguel there. He returns, almost falling asleep, as she transports them to the chapel. He's confused again and so is Pilar when she sees them appear of nowhere. The justice of the peace suddenly gets his voice back and they resume the ceremony. Ethan asks Miguel to be his best man now that Chad has vanished. Pilar and Theresa walk out so that they can start again from the beginning. Whitney assures her that the wedding can go ahead now that Chad is watching the washroom. Theresa walks back down the aisle and they eagerly resume the wedding.

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