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    Passions CAST - Sam Bennett

    Full detailed profile on Sam Bennett Played by James Hyde on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Hyde
    Sam Bennett

    Actor: James Hyde

    Who played Sam Bennett over the years

    James Hyde (July 5, 1999 - present)

    Useful information on Sam Bennett

    * Was in love with Ivy as a teen.
    * Slept with Ivy on the night that she wed Julian.
    * Left Harmony for years when Ivy chose money over him.
    * Returned to Harmony with Grace and started a family.


    Current: Police Chief
    Former: Cop in Boston
    Former: Lifeguard


    Sam is a native of Harmony and his family there dates way back. He had a relationship with Ivy when he was a teenager, but it didn't work out because of her meddling father. Ivy ended up marrying Julian Crane when Sam left town but met up with her again on her wedding night when she learned that Julian was forced into marrying her. She promised Sam that she was going to run away with him, but her father gave her an ultimatum between Sam and money - Ivy chose money and went on her honeymoon. Sam left Harmony for years after that.

    He spent some time in Boston and ended up saving Grace from a fire. He brought her back to Harmony with him and they began a life together. They moved into the house next door to resident witch Tabitha. The couple had several children over the years, but Grace always wondered about who her family was. Sam and Ivy ran into each other and Ivy refused to be satisfied that Sam was with another woman. She plotted and schemed throughout the years trying her best to break them up. All of Harmony (including Sam) was shocked to learn that Ethan (Ivy's son with Julian) was really his son!

    Ivy hired a man to come to town and pretend to be Graces - long lost husband. She even had him include a son who they supposedly had together. Sam found the whole situation suspicious, but had no idea that Ivy was that obsessed with him. Turns out that Ivy's plan worked and Grace did fall in love with David and her supposed son�John. When Grace left town with David, Ivy got her wish as she and Sam grew close again. The two managed to rekindle what they once had.


    Grace Standish (Estranged)


    Ivy Winthrop Crane


    Hank Bennett (brother)
    Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald (granddaughter)
    Ethan Crane (biological grandson)
    Sarah Winthrop (granddaughter - deceased)
    Jane Winthrop (granddaughter)


    Ethan Winthrop (son with Ivy)
    Noah Bennett (son with Grace)
    Kay Bennett (daughter with Grace)
    Jessica Bennett (daughter with Grace)
    Unnamed Child (son with Grace - miscarriage)



    Thursday, August 07 2008: There is Finally Harmony in Harmony.

    After the videotape plays Gwen’s voice confessing, Theresa tells Ethan, “We’re going to be together!” Theresa asks Sam to play the tape so Ethan can hear everything and Gwen and Rebecca try to make a quiet escape. Sam catches them though and Ethan says they will watch the tape along with the rest of them.

    Theresa hooks up the camera to the TV so everyone can see and hear Gwen and Rebecca confessing their crimes. Everyone watches in shock and anger, as Gwen and Rebecca stand there in horror. After it’s over Ethan angrily turns the camera off and lashes out at Gwen. Ivy, Paloma and Sheridan also take turns yelling at the Hotchkiss women while they try to defend themselves. Ethan is disgusted with Gwen, but she says the tape is a fake. She blames Little Ethan for editing various conversations between Gwen and Rebecca to make it look like they said those things. Little E says he couldn’t have messed with it because it was taped right after the footage of Kay and Miguel getting married. Sam says he’s right and police skills must run in the family. Ethan believes his son and Theresa happily hugs Ethan and Little E. Sam congratulates Theresa and Ethan, as Noah welcomes Little E to the family and Ivy apologizes to Theresa for not believing her for all these years. She says she realizes Theresa loves Ethan more than her own life and she welcomes her to the family. Theresa promises to be good to Ethan and Ivy says she believes her. Theresa asks Ethan if they are really going to be together and Ethan says they will be a family with Little E, Jane and even Jonathan. He tells a shocked Gwen that she is an unfit mother and he will not let her raise their son. Theresa says after all these years her dream has finally come true. Ethan smiles and enthusiastically plants a kiss on her. Gwen isn’t ready to give up and points out that Theresa lied to him too regarding Little Ethan. Theresa defends herself and Gwen continues her tirade, but Sam and Luis stop her by handcuffing both her and Rebecca. Rebecca doesn’t put up a fight and requests a strip search, but Gwen says they can’t arrest them for what happened in Mexico because it is out of their jurisdiction. Sam counters that he will detain her until the D.A. reviews her involvement with Juanita and her plans to blow up the church. Ethan tells Gwen she just got her answer as to why he chose Theresa. Frustrated, Gwen spits out, “Damn it!”

    The crowd from the basement joins those in the church and they catch everyone up on what just happened with Theresa, Ethan and Juanita. Julian and Eve then reciprocate and explain about the volcano and the lava. The earth starts to shake again and Father Lonigan and Tabitha stand around the holy water, but they are having a hard time because the dark side is trying to prevent her from becoming baptized. Julian asks Endora to use her magic to help things and Endora zaps the bowl of holy water. The shaking stops and Father Lonigan baptizes Tabitha, but the volcano erupts again. Miguel says it didn’t work and Kay thinks the good side just needs some time to prevail over centuries of evil. Everyone is confused and Esme explains how Tabitha is a witch and gave up her powers for the good of the town. Esme tells everyone that Endora and Kay are witches too and Sam is shocked. Kay explains that all the Standish women have powers. They all listen to the volcano as it quiets down and Julian says Timmy was right, baptizing Tabitha saved their lives. Suddenly a bright light shines on everyone and they all stand with arms raised up to it. Tabitha cries and tells Endora that she’s truly happy for the first time in all her lifetimes because she knows what it is to feel happiness born of God’s love. Endora says she’ll live an eternal life like Timmy. Tabitha thanks Timmy because there was forgiveness for her after all and she will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Tabitha says there is only good magic in Harmony now – no more evil or demons. Sam asks, “What about the Cranes?” Julian responds that his father is dead and from now on Crane Industries will only do good things. Ivy says, “Redemption or not; I really need a drink!” Esme is way ahead of her with a bottle of pills and champagne.

    Everyone takes heir seats and Endora takes off Father Lonigan's sunglasses. When he opens his eyes, he can see! He is thrilled and says everyone is just as he imagined him or her. He thanks Endora for giving him back his eyesight and says, “God bless you.” Endora says he already did because he saved her mommy. Father Lonigan agrees and says God forgives all those who come to him. Ethan interrupts him saying they really want to get married. Father Lonigan says, “Let’s get on with it!” Theresa notices she doesn’t have a proper dress on and Kay zaps her into a bridal gown. Sam says, “Having a witch in the family is going to be fun!” Miguel is finally okay with it too. Endora says this is perfect, but Tabitha say it's almost perfect thinking about Timmy. Endora says she doesn’t have to settle for almost perfect and Timmy’s hand reaches out to Tabitha.

    Tuesday, August 05 2008: The Truest Lovers in Harmony.

    Little Ethan runs down to the basement. "You've gotta see what's on this camera!' he shouts. Rebecca follows and tells her daughter how worried she is. Gwen tells Ethan they should leave and start their honeymoon. Little Ethan notices his mother is out of her disguise. As she explains what's happened, Rebecca grabs the camera away. Another earthquake hits and Ethan grabs the camera back. He asks his son why he needs to know what's on the tape. Little Ethan doesn't know, but it seemed important. He hugs his father. "It felt like you are my son and you are my son," Ethan says. Gwen and Rebecca try to stroll out while they hug. Ivy and Sam point them out, explaining that Rebecca tried to destroy the camera. "No one's going anywhere till I find out what's on this tape," Ethan says.

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