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    Passions CAST - Gwen Winthrop - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gwen Winthrop Played by Liza Huber on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Liza Huber

    Birthday: Feburary 22, 1975
    Birthplace: Long Island, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Alexander George Hesterberg III in 2004
    Real Name: Liza Huber
    Height: 5' 8"


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    Sheridan, I Love you but...

    Monday, June 30 2008

    Rebecca wakes up and Gwen asks for some time alone with her. Gertrude follows Ethan as he goes upstairs. Rebecca asks her daughter why she hit her. Gwen explains the situation and how Ethan would never go through with the ceremony if he knew Theresa was alive. Theresa has to stay Gertrude as long as Juanita is still free. This means they can torture her for a long time, but they have to make sure she can't ruin another wedding.

    "Weddings are complicated," Ethan explains to Gertrude as they go into his room. He had no idea. He hands Gertrude Gwen's "to-do" list and asks her to get to work: Gwen deserves the best, he says. Gertrude thought he still loved Theresa. He says he has to keep that locked up in heart. Theresa wonders if she's going to be forced to watch Ethan re-commit to Gwen. "There is no way out," she decides, forcing a smile. As Ethan goes through the wedding instructions, Gwen interrupts, telling Gertrude she doesn't want her involved with this. Theresa is disturbed by this and wonders what she's up to.

    Pretty's big Secret.

    Wednesday, June 25 2008

    "Theresa has to be Gertrude," Gwen concludes downstairs. She thinks back over all the hints and assumes that Little Ethan must have known the whole time. Rebecca is convinced. They repeat Theresa is Gertrude over and over again. "She is going to wish the sharks had eaten her," Gwen says. As Rebecca pours a drink, Gwen tells her that this is all her fault: She's the one who hired Gertrude. Rebecca tells her that she should be mad at Theresa, not her. Gwen apologizes and wonders what to do next. Rebecca gets a flash: "Call Juanita immediately." Gwen can't do that; she can't be responsible for the children dying. Rebecca says they can keep the children safe but this is the only way to deal with Theresa. "Deal with Theresa? What are you talking about?" Ethan asks, walking in. Before they can say anything, Gertrude arrives. Ethan explains to her that Gwen and Rebecca are talking about dealing with Theresa and he needs to know what it means. Rebecca suggests that Gertrude can answer all of his questions about Theresa.

    She's not Dead!

    Tuesday, June 24 2008

    At the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca have figured out that Theresa can't be dead since the letters to Ethan talk about things that have happened since she was supposed to have died. They shriek: "She's not dead!" Rebecca curses the shark. They realize that they have to find her quick and make her dead again. She survived being electrocuted, lethal injection and being eaten by a shark, Rebecca lists. Gwen feels nauseous. "Maybe she's a cockroach? I heard they were going to outlast all of us..." Rebecca wonders. Gwen starts lashing out at her mother for treating her like a neurotic mess for believing that Theresa was alive. "You are a neurotic mess," Rebecca reminds her. Gwen realizes that Theresa must have been here in the mansion and watching them all along. "But I don't remember smelling tacos," Rebecca says. Gwen reminds her that she saw Theresa in her bedroom mirror. She wonders if Theresa has been living in the attic like Rachel. "Or in the basement. It's closer to the sewer line," Rebecca adds before telling her that Ethan must think that Theresa is dead or he wouldn't have agreed to the re-commitment. He may not know she's alive, but Gwen has seen him making love to her. She guesses that he must have been drugged, like last time. They remember that when Theresa went to work with Ivy she wore a disguise. Rebecca worries that Theresa might have gotten into her costumes. Gwen suddenly remembers when Gertrude dropped her teeth in the cherry dessert. "Gertrude is Theresa!" she gasps.

    Macho Gorilla.

    Monday, June 23 2008

    In the main room of the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca can hardly believe that another letter from the great beyond has materialized and this one told Ethan not to recommit to Gwen. "How selfish is that? Hasn't she ever learned to share?" Rebecca asks. These letters all seem a little too convenient. She suggests that Pilar may be behind the letters, but Gwen is sure that the handwriting is Theresa's. Rebecca searches for handwriting samples to check. She soon returns with a letter Theresa sent her about her activities with stable boys. She compares the handwriting in the two letters and they're identical. Gwen recounts all of the letters that have appeared and Rebecca gets an idea: How can Theresa write about details that happened after she died? They put it together and leap up. "She's not dead!" they shriek. If she's still alive, they need to make sure that she's dead again and quick.

    Lose the Battle, but Win the War!

    Tuesday, June 17 2008

    At the mansion, Ethan and Gwen discuss their wedding and Gwen says they should head upstairs to celebrate. Ethan tells her to go ahead and he’ll be right there. Gwen realizes that he's looking for Theresa’s letter and is relieved she got rid of it. Gwen distracts him from trying to find the letter by kissing him and he falls for it.

    As Ethan and Gwen kiss, Pilar, Theresa and Little Ethan enter and Ethan tells Little E that he and Gwen are moving their wedding date up. Little Ethan is less than thrilled and Pilar asks Ethan if she can take Jane and Little E with her on her family trip. Ethan is taken aback because he’s not sure he wants to be separated from the kids, but Gwen thinks the timing is perfect so they can go on their honeymoon. Ethan isn’t sure, but Gwen convinces him it’s a good idea. Ethan tells Little E that the trip sounds like fun, but Little E yells that he won’t go and runs out of the room.

    Little E comes back in the room agreeing to go on the trip, but wants Gertrude to go with him. Everyone eventually agrees and Gwen is happy that she and Ethan are getting married. Ethan says, “This time it’s for keeps.” Theresa looks devastated, but Pilar tells her that they won’t be gone forever. Theresa tells Pilar that she will go on the trip and never return to Harmony.

    Too Late?

    Monday, June 16 2008

    Downstairs at the mansion, Gwen and Ethan discuss their wedding plans. She's eager to push things ahead and regales him with glowing visions of marital bliss. All the while, Theresa eavesdrops and bites her lip, wishing that Ethan would just read the letter she wrote him telling him not to recommit to Gwen. Knowing that Ethan still has a letter from Theresa in his pocket, Gwen convinces him to take of his jacket and leave the room for food and champagne. The second he's gone, she sits down at the desk to read it over, astonished that Theresa still seems to be destroying her future with Ethan from beyond the grave. She's nauseated at Theresa's declarations of love for Ethan and vows not to let a dead woman control her future.

    In the hall, Theresa is distracted from her eavesdropping by her plotting. She repeats to herself that Ethan only needs to read the letter in order to put and end to the ceremony. Her thoughts are interrupted by her mother. Pilar starts telling her daughter again how important it is that they pack up and leave town before Juanita can kill them. Theresa continues to refuse, unable to leave Ethan behind and repeating that life without Ethan is worse than death. Pilar continues trying to reason with her, pointing out that staying won't just mean death for her, but for everyone she cares about. Theresa continues to refuse, sure that, once Ethan reads the letter, her problems will be solved. Pilar doesn't think that's going to happen. Glancing over, they see that the letter is in Gwen's hands. "I think it's too late," Pilar concludes. They watch as Gwen tears up the pages of Theresa's letter and disposes of them before Ethan can return.

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