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    Passions CAST - Gwen Winthrop - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gwen Winthrop Played by Liza Huber on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Liza Huber

    Birthday: Feburary 22, 1975
    Birthplace: Long Island, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Alexander George Hesterberg III in 2004
    Real Name: Liza Huber
    Height: 5' 8"


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    Even a Blind Man Saw This Coming!

    Tuesday, July 29 2008

    At the altar, Ethan watches as Gwen walks down the aisle, but all he can think about is talking to Gertrude. Pilar is glad that Theresa isn’t there to witness the wedding, but just then, Gertrude walks in. Ethan sees her and smiles, which Gwen notices. Gwen thinks she’ll kill Theresa if she stops Ethan from marrying her and Ethan announces that they need to stop the ceremony! Father Lonigan asks if Ethan is sure as Gwen gets angry and Pilar panics that Ethan figured out that Gertrude is Theresa. Luis thinks maybe Ethan isn’t able to recommit to Gwen because he’s still in love with a dead Theresa; Sheridan catches Antonio up on what’s happening and thinks Ethan isn’t going to recommit to Gwen; and Father Lonigan thinks to himself, “Even blind I could see this coming.” Ethan finally tells Gwen he can’t do this because their parents aren’t there. Lonigan tells Ethan he has a busy schedule and if he doesn’t move their ceremony along, he might not be able to marry Noah and Paloma. Ethan says they can switch places with Noah and Paloma and Pilar goes to talk to the other couple. Ethan says they’ll see what’s what in a little bit and Gwen says she can’t wait to get married. Ethan says he can’t either, but excuses himself to go talk to Gertrude.

    Ethan wonders why he’s so preoccupied with Gertrude when he should be concentrating on Gwen. Theresa gets nervous when she notices that Ethan is headed straight for her. Gwen thinks Theresa better leave before Ethan figures out who Gertrude really is and tells Ethan to go find their parents. Ethan says he doesn’t want to disappoint her and they split up to look for their respective parents.

    Gwen finds Rebecca who tells her that they were on tape talking about outing Ethan as a Bennett. Gwen panics that Ethan will find out all the bad things she’s done but Rebecca assures her she destroyed all the proof and they are safe. Gwen is relieved, but wants reassurances that everything bad they’ve done won’t come back to haunt them. Rebecca says she’s positive they’re in the clear and Gwen explains that she and Ethan haven’t gotten married yet. Rebecca thinks she and Ethan will get remarried and Juanita will track down Theresa and her family and Gwen will never have to worry about Theresa again.

    Gertie Can't do That!

    Monday, July 28 2008

    In the rectory, Rebecca is checking for responses to her personal ad. As she flips through the photos, she deletes the younger men. "Playing Mrs. Robinson these days will get you thrown in the slammer," she remarks glumly. Gwen is infuriated and worries. Rebecca tells her she's gorgeous and reassures her that Ethan must be waiting in the chapel for her. Gwen still finds it hard to believe that she may have actually won against Theresa. Rebecca tells her that deceitfulness and treachery always win in the end. "That's how this country was built," she says perkily. She recounts their crimes again before noticing Sam's camera and deciding to return it to him. As she walks into the hall and rewinds it, she discovers that it's recorded everything she's said. Becca gasps. Sam runs up. "I need my camera," he declares. He explains that it's been running; he can't figure out how it works. She offers to rewind it for him and runs off. He chases behind her as Gwen walks out. Wondering where her mother is, she tries calling her but gets voice mail.

    Sheridan goes to get Gwen in the rectory. She explains everything that's just happened. She has been wrong about the man she loved. What she had for Luis was an unhealthy obsession; she's really in love with Antonio and he's alive and well. Gwen is shocked. Sheridan explains that he is the man she is destined to be with... she'll give it a chance anyway. Gwen is thrilled for her and hopes they can both be happy. "I'm going to re-marry Ethan. Nothing can stop me," she smiles. They rush off.

    Ethan stands in the chapel, wondering where everyone has vanished to. Father Lonigan wonders why he doesn't seem more enthusiastic about the ceremony. He offers to delay it. Ethan won't do that to Gwen - he wants to make her happy forever. Everyone starts to file in and the ceremony pushes ahead. Ethan tells the priest that he is sure this is the right thing to do. Part of him still wishes he had the chance to talk to Gertrude though. Gwen begins to walk down the aisle.

    I'll Never be Separated From Your Skull.

    Tuesday, July 22 2008

    In the church rectory, Gwen tells her mother that Juanita knows where they are. She needs to marry Ethan and get out of town quick. Rebecca tells her to relax: Juanita owes them. Gwen doubts that and feels terrible for what might happen to Pilar's family. "Pilar's past is just catching up to her," Rebecca sighs. She tells her daughter to be happy: "We won. We beat Theresa... and we have gotten away with everything." They continue to speak, unaware that Sam's video camera is sitting on the table and recording everything. Rebecca starts detailing all of their deceptions one at a time and gloating about how brilliant they were. Beccs laughs about how furious Ivy would be if she discovered what they did to Ethan. Gwen tells her to be quiet, but Rebecca is sure they are completely safe and no one will hear them. Gwen is tense. Rebecca suggests they have a drink. Gwen continues to worry but her mother giddily continues to go over their crimes. Sam interrupts and compliments them on their looks. Rebecca starts to flirt with him and feels him up until he tells her to take her hands off. As they walk out, he spots his camera and grabs it, noticing that it's been recording the whole time. He starts rewinding to erase so there will be room for all the weddings.

    Wedding Day.

    Wednesday, July 16 2008

    Gwen and Ethan are having breakfast at the mansion. He can't shake the feeling that this is bad luck. Gwen waves it off. Gertrude serves breakfast and Gwen's phone rings. Gertrude picks it up. It's Juanita. "Who am I speaking to?" she demands. The voice seems familiar to Theresa but Juanita refuses to say who she is and demands to speak to Gwen. Theresa hands the phone over. The blood leaves Gwen's head when she hears her voice. She quickly slips into the hall. She's disturbed to hear that Juanita knows where they are and is sure the wedding, "will be a real blast." Gwen returns to Ethan, sending Gertrude off. Ethan wants to give Gertrude a raise. Gwen just wants to leave right after the ceremony. She begs him and he soon agrees. Excited, Gwen leaves, whispering to Gertrude on her way out to remember what she told her this morning. Theresa is perplexed since she didn't hear anything. Ethan thanks Gertrude for her help last night. While he was poisoned, he could feel Theresa's love, as though she were there looking over him. Gertrude tells him that's impossible. He knows, but he still wishes he could be with Theresa and touch her again. Gwen returns and tells Ethan that everything is packed and ready to go. She's eager to get to the church right away and start their, "happily ever after." Theresa knows this is the end of all of her dreams with Ethan.

    I'm not a Witch Anymore.

    Tuesday, July 15 2008

    At the mansion, Theresa sneaks into Ethan's room to leave another letter behind forbidding him from marrying Gwen. Gwen walks in, grabbing the letter and telling her to stop this. Theresa pulls out her false teeth and vows to do everything in her power to stop her. "Either I'm cursed or you're some kind of vampire because you never stay dead do you? Well this time Theresa, I'm not taking any chances," Gwen announces as she pulls a gun and levels it at her nemesis. Gwen wonders why she's wasted so much time scheming when she could have just shot her. She promptly pulls the trigger and Theresa drops to the floor. "I did it! I can't think of a better wedding present!" Gwen smiles and kicks the corpse. Satisfied, Gwen looks in the mirror when Theresa gets up. "It's going to take a lot more than that to get rid of me," she says. "Alive or dead? It doesn't matter. Ethan loves me and I'm not going anywhere ever," Theresa says. Gwen suddenly wakes up. This was a nightmare. She decides to take the hint and take care of Theresa once and for all.

    Gwen goes into Theresa's room. "You are alive and there are some hungry sharks in Mexico that owe me an apology," she says. She talks about how ironic it is that Theresa saved Ethan's life just so that he could end up with her. Gwen continues to taunt her but Theresa doesn't respond. Gwen says that she won't expose her and put her family at risk so long as she stays away from Ethan, but she is prepared to let her entire family die if that's what it takes. After Gwen leaves, Theresa wakes up and pulls out her ear plugs. "Why does it feel like someone just walked over my grave?" she asks herself.

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