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    Passions CAST - Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane Played by Lindsay Hartley on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley

    Birthday: 1978-04-17
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Two lurkers, one stolen gun!

    Wednesday, August 09 2006

    Theresa is at the mansion, alone, drinking wine. She is thinking back to what her Mother told her, in disbelief. Frightened, she sees someone lurking outside the door! She grabs a vase, opens the door and hits the person over the head. It's Jared! She thought he was a burglar, but he was dropping off flowers to her front porch, so that she would see them when she picked up her morning paper! Jared forgives Theresa for hitting him, and as they clean up he wonders why she doesn't have a ton of men vying for her attentions. The two go inside, put ice on his head. They hear Salsa music playing (Pilar listens to it at night) and begin a sexy dance.

    Paloma arrives home to find Jared and Theresa dancing. Jared asks for a dance with Paloma, and he shows her his moves! Jared tells her about growing up in Santa Cruz, where they grew up! Paloma thinks it's a coincidence that he's now here, dating her sister.

    Things heat up for everyone - in a bad way!

    Tuesday, August 08 2006

    Pilar finds Theresa working in the living room, and inquires about Ethan's earlier visit. She then hands Theresa the phone, warning that she won't give up until her daughter tells Ethan that little Ethan is his son! She compares the situation to what Ivy did with Ethan and Sam a long time past, but Theresa continues to insist that she can't tell him, because Ethan and Gwen would take custody of little Ethan if they knew the truth. She then worries about Julian's desire to sue for custody. She goes on to say that she felt that Jared might finally save her from Ethan, but by then Pilar is up in arms. She's worried about Jared's character, and wants Theresa with the man she loves.

    Theresa swears she won't make the same mistake that Pilar made, waiting for a man that she could never have. Pilar admits that she had given up hope of being with Martin, but would never give up on her dream for Theresa. She tells her daughter that she should stop seeing Jared right away, and resume her pursuit of Ethan, insisting that it's unfortunate that Gwen must be considered to be collateral damage! Theresa is shocked! Pilar doesn't stop there! She tells her daughter, "Do whatever you have to do to make Ethan leave Gwen to be with you!"

    Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy.

    Monday, August 07 2006

    At the Crane Mansion, Theresa and Jared talk about his last love, 'Arabella' dying. She walks him to the door, telling him she has an early morning, and they both lean in for a kiss. Jared asks Theresa if she is trying to get over Ethan, and she admits that she has spent a lot of time following after Ethan, and is ready to move on. Jared tells her it's okay if she uses him to move on, and asks her out for tomorrow night. Theresa isn't sure she's available, but they agree that she will call if she's free. The couple kisses again, as Ethan walks up the path of the house. He spies on them kissing, but when Jared opens the door to leave, Ethan isn't there. Tess talks to herself, wondering what it is she likes in Jared, when she hears a knock on the door. Before she sees who is at the door, she hauls it open, asking, "Are you back for another kiss?" On the other side of the door stands Ethan. She apologizes, and asks why he is there, so he explains how little Ethan can't sleep without his teddy bear. Ethan says that he was just like him as a child, and finds it funny how he sees so much of himself in the boy, even though they're not blood related. Theresa feels guilty, and as she goes to find the teddy, she tells herself that she's doing the right thing by not telling Ethan the truth, about his paternity. As she is gone, Ethan stares at her and little Ethan's picture, and with the teddy in hand, he gets ready to leave. Ethan is curious about Jared. He wonders if the two are dating, but Theresa says although he is a nice guy, they've only just met. He asks if she had Crane security to do a background check on him, but she denies that she would do that to anyone. She feels she's usually a good judge of character, but says sometimes she is wrong. Ethan says that she misjudged him, but she cuts him off saying that she didn't misjudge his wife, and she gets upset, asking him to leave, so they can't argue any longer. Once alone, she stares at the door and sighs.

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