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    Passions CAST - Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane Played by Lindsay Hartley on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley

    Birthday: 1978-04-17
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Pilar Gets Shot!

    Friday, August 18 2006

    While Kay and Fox are about to make love, he goes into a trace. Kay damns Siren for putting him under her spell! The minute Theresa gets in position at the pie-throwing booth, Gwen comes up to throw the first pie. Jared witnesses Theresa taking it in stride, encouraging for more pies to be thrown her way. Jared steps up to throw a pie and surprises Theresa by smashing it in his own face. Siren tries getting out of the dunking machine, but Kay's right there to make sure she doesn't. With Siren's first dunk, her secret is out... Everyone sees she's a mermaid!

    Fancy and Luis get a long look at the other's 'charms'!

    Thursday, August 17 2006

    At the mansion, Pilar and Theresa discuss joint custody for little Ethan. The two are cut short by Whitney's call, asking her to come to the Wharf. Once she hears that Ethan is at the Wharf, she jumps out of her chair and the two head to the Wharf.

    At the Wharf, Gwen and Whitney bond over their matchmaking, but Theresa walks in on them, wondering what's going on. Whitney covers, showing her gorgeous ring to Theresa. The two girls tell Theresa that Jared is there, and how much of a help he is being.

    Theresa offers her help to Jared, who brushes her off. Whitney asks her to give Jared some time.

    Theresa asks Ethan to speak in private. Ethan lets it slip that he and Gwen will be leaving town by the end of the year. Theresa is distressed at the news, thinking to herself that if she is honest, she'll lose little Ethan. When Ethan asks what she wanted to talk to him about, she covers, telling him that she's sure Eve and Whitney are thankful for his help.

    After she leaves, Ethan realizes that this is the second time she has tried to tell him something.

    Pilar meets up with Theresa, who shares Ethan's news. Pilar still has a positive outlook that the two could be together, while Theresa stomps on that notion. She tells her mom that she can't bear to lose Jane, and little Ethan, and refuses to be honest.

    Whitney tries to talk to Jared on Theresa's behalf. Chad pitches in to tell them about Theresa's history, and how she is a good person. Jared is deep in thought, but since he can't trust Theresa, he can't forgive her.

    Luis gets more than he bargained for in the shower!

    Wednesday, August 16 2006

    Pilar tells Ethan and Julian that there is something important she must tell them. Pilar starts to share the secret with the men when Theresa interrupts, ...I will tell them the truth.... She is about to tell them when Little Ethan runs in. After they greet the boy, they say goodnight, and outside the door, Theresa asks them to stop badgering them about custody, and then hurries down the stairs.

    Pilar follows Theresa, and they continue their conversation. Theresa has hopes that once Eve comes back to the mansion to live, that Julian will forget about being father of the year.

    Downstairs at the mansion, Theresa tells Ethan her fears about Julian. Ethan sticks up for him, telling him that Julian is trying, and he explains that he will help Julian take Theresa to court if she continues being uncooperative. They argue, and Theresa yells that she doesn't want to lose little Ethan, and Ethan tries convincing her that she'd be doing the right thing by giving him shared custody.

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