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    Passions CAST - Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane Played by Lindsay Hartley on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley

    Birthday: 1978-04-17
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Theresa is burning up!

    Friday, September 22 2006

    Ethan remembers the steamy kisses he just shared with Theresa in the sauna. Jared comes into the gym and discovers him. Ethan warns Jared to be good to Theresa or else. Jared reminds him that Theresa is none of his business. Ethan can't stand Jared's gloating. Jared notices that Ethan is only wearing a towel. Ethan doesn't tell him the whole story. He just tells him he saw Theresa in the steam room and then he left.

    Jared figures out that Ethan wants his marriage to Gwen and Theresa on the side. He accuses Ethan of being the one that has hurt Theresa all these years and throwing away her love. Jared warns Ethan to stay away from her. He had his chance and he blew it. It's his turn now.

    As Theresa relaxes in the sauna, trying to get the idea of Ethan out of her head, Spike is outside turning up the heat. He breaks off the heat valve. He speculates that with Theresa out of the way, he is about to get paid by Chris' embezzlement. Spike wedges his knife in the door so that Theresa won't be able to escape.

    Theresa is starting to feel the effect of the heat. Spike stands by the door, trying to get a last peek before Theresa dies. Theresa can't catch her breath. She tries to open the door. When she fails, she starts banging on the door and yelling for help. Spike freaks out. He puts the valve back in place, snatches his knife out of the door and flees.

    Jared and Ethan hear her screams and run to her rescue. The men can't open the door because it's still locked from the inside. Theresa is lying unconscious on the floor. Ethan notices that the heat was turned up. Jared finally breaks the door down. He carries Theresa out of the steam room. He won't let Ethan help him. Theresa comes to but she only has eyes for Ethan. She calls out his name.

    Ethan makes an indecent proposal

    Thursday, September 21 2006

    Theresa is in the sauna alone. She realizes she hasn't thought about Ethan for quite a while. That's Ethan's cue to walk in on her. He believes it was fate that brought them together not just his regular schedule. Theresa won't accept the concept. Ethan thinks this is the perfect time to clear everything up with her. He's conflicted. Theresa claims she isn't. She's waiting for Jared. She wants Ethan out of there before he comes back. Ethan won't leave. He snitches about the little fight he had with Jared. Theresa knows she was the real reason for the fight.

    Ethan thought he was giving Theresa what she wanted. He loves her. And he loves what they did the night before. Theresa did too but she is being the rational one this time. She figures that Ethan didn't tell Gwen about them. Ethan says he can't hurt Gwen. Theresa knows that Ethan will never leave his wife. Ethan confirms it. That's the reason that Theresa knows they can never be.

    Ethan cheated on his wife for Theresa but he won't divorce her. He doesn't think he has to. "Why does it have to be all or nothing," he asks Theresa. Theresa answers because of Jared. Ethan moves in closer to Theresa. He wants her. Theresa can't resist him when he is so close. She can't fight her desires. "It like we have to breath or die," she tells him. And they don't want to die.

    Theresa comes to her senses and orders Ethan out of the sauna. She begs him for a chance to fall in love with someone else. Ethan doesn't want to leave but he finally does. Theresa lock him out when he tries to go back to her.

    Spike is determined to take care of Theresa permanently on his own.
    He arrives at the sauna. He sees Theresa alone and seizes the opportunity to get rid of Theresa. He turns up the heat and breaks off the valve.

    Ivy Brews the Perfect Storm

    Wednesday, September 20 2006

    Jared and Theresa are still in the company gym. Jared spots her as she lifts weight. The better to get close to her. Jared has more surprises for Theresa. He has prepared a candlelit luncheon in the gym. Theresa is impressed. Jared is sweeping her off her feet. Next Theresa and Jared move their romance to the sauna and steam it up.

    Kay's wedding will go on

    Tuesday, September 19 2006

    Jared's and Ethan's photos are begging Theresa to choose between them. Theresa decides that Jared's the man for him based on the fact that he's the only one truly available. Just then Jared phones her. He insists that she come meet him on the 3rd floor right away. Theresa goes to meet him wondering what else can go wrong.`

    She asks Jared what's wrong. There's nothing wrong. It was Jared's way of getting her down to the gym. He has cleared the floor and set up a private yoga session for the two of them. He wants her to unwind.

    Jared seduces Theresa with yoga and it works. Jared and Theresa are lying on the mat relaxed now that they have made love. Jared wants to continue pampering her. Theresa is grateful for everything Jared has done. He claims Theresa brings out the best in him. She responds by telling him she is falling for him too.

    Choosing between two lovers

    Monday, September 18 2006

    Theresa wants to know who appointed Whitney as her voice of doom. Whitney fulfills her job description and prophesies that things are going to end badly. Theresa can't keep both men on leashes. Theresa counters that it's Ethan's fault. He is pursuing her now. He wants to be with her. And last night he finally acted on his desire which makes her very confused. Whitney thinks it is a simple choice. Jared is the one she should be with.

    Theresa wants Whitney to be more optimistic. Maybe Ethan finally seen the light. Whitney thought Theresa had finally saw the light and it was Jared not Ethan. Instead Theresa is looking for an excuse to make the pot boil over. She can't be happy with now that everything is going right. All she wants is drama. Theresa thinks fate is bringing her and Ethan together. Whiney thinks Theresa is just tempting fate with her actions.

    Theresa is frustrated. She doesn't know why she didn't let Ethan tell Gwen. Ethan should have made his wedding vows to her not Gwen. History keeps repeating itself. Theresa needs to take charge for a change and move on with Jared. Jared walks in at this moment . He assures Theresa he is there for her. Life is great. Whitney can't take hearing Jared's delusions and lets herself out to look for Chad.

    Jared shows Theresa the newspaper. There are photos of Theresa between Ethan and Jared. He complains that the press is playing up the personal battle instead of the legal one. He leaves Kay looking at the photos. The photos start begging her to choose between the two men.

    Everyone's Living in a Dream World

    Friday, September 15 2006

    Ethan and Theresa are in bed together. They just made love. No, it's just a dream. He's really in bed next to Gwen.

    Theresa is in her office thinking about Ethan making love to her. She says to herself that it was an amazing night with the man she loves. Jared walks in just in time to overhear her last statement. He immediately assume Theresa is speaking of him.

    Jared hands Theresa a bouquet of flowers. It's a thank you for how she handled Ethan the night before. He saw how Ethan can still push her buttons. Theresa says "you have no idea" how right he is. Jared notices that Theresa is a little off this morning. He asks if what he overheard was about him or Ethan. She avoids the question and says everything is okay. Jared leaves after a quick kiss. Theresa rings up Whitney right away. She needs to some girl talk.

    Chad and Whitney show up at Crane's. Whitney goes in to see Theresa while Chad and Jared talk. Jared tells Chad he can see himself marrying Theresa. At the same time, Theresa is telling Whitney that Ethan and her made love three times last night! The problem is that Ethan wants to tell Gwen but Theresa isn't ready for that. All she knows is that she always wanted Ethan. However, just in case Ethan isn't ready to leave Gwen, she's keeping Jared on stand-by.

    Whiney points out that Theresa is asking for trouble. She could lose both men. Jared walks in while she is talking and overhears Ethan's name. He wants to know what Ethan did to her? If you only knew, Jared.

    Theresa glosses over it by saying Jared caught Ethan spying on Crane. Chad defends his friend. Jared decides he will pay a little visit on Ethan and deliver his message in person.

    Jared comes into Ethan's office and starts talking about how Theresa trust him to take care of all her needs. And he takes care of them, day or night, at work, at play and in the bed. Ethan, of course, knows that's a joke but he won't say anything except to order Jared to get out of his office.

    Jared refuses to leave until Ethan signs off on the papers he brought. Ethan refuses to sign anything until Jared leaves. They both won't budge so Ethan socks him and knocks Jared to the floor. Jared gets up and starts punching back. The men hit the desk and are both knocked unconscious.

    Emotional Baggage

    Thursday, September 14 2006

    Ethan and Theresa are arguing about coming clean to Gwen and Jared. Ethan wants Gwen to know that he just made love to Theresa. Theresa doesn't want Jared to know since Ethan still wants to give his marriage to Gwen a chance. Jared and Gwen finally unlock the door to Chris' office and walk in on Ethan alone. Theresa is the one that went out on the ledge. Jared wants to know what Ethan is doing there. Ethan lies and says he was dropping off some papers. Jared asks him why is he in Chris' office then. Ethan lies and says because he wanted to go over the figures with Chris since Chris is new. Jared doesn't believe him. Ethan doesn't care. Jared wants to know why the door was locked then. Ethan said he didn't lock it. It must have locked by itself. Gwen mentions she heard voices. Jared wants to know who he was talking to. Ethan makes up a lie after seeing Theresa's desperate face out the window. He tells them it was Stuart on the speaker phone.

    Gwen and Jared accuse Ethan of looking out the window. He says he thought he saw some lightening. Gwen opens the window to be sure. She sees lightening off in the distance but no Theresa. Ethan looks out the window too, worried about what happened to Theresa. She's disappeared. Gwen can't figure out what's wrong with Ethan. He's acting so strange. He claims he thought he saw somebody getting mugged outside. Before he can go check, Jared is on the phone to security to look for victims. To Ethan's relief, Theresa walks in. She immediately goes on the offensive, asking why are they there at such a late hour.

    Jared said they were looking for her and they found Ethan inside Chris' office doing God knows what. Theresa knows what. Gwen wonders where she was. Theresa said she was in the day care making arrangements for little Ethan, something Gwen should do for Jane.

    Jared thinks Ethan was there as a spy. Theresa says he may not be a spy but he is definitely a traitor. And if he could betray her, she tells Gwen, he certainly can betray his wife. Gwen can't believe Theresa is attacking Ethan. It makes her heart glad. Theresa orders them out of Crane's.

    Jared is so proud of Theresa for standing up to Ethan. He thought her and Ethan were in the office getting busy. He assures Theresa that he's convinced that wasn't the case now.

    Gwen tells Ethan that she knows he was there to nail Theresa. Ethan almost chokes until he realizes Gwen was talking about a different kind of nailing than the one he actually did.

    Jared is proud of Theresa. For him, the night was a turning point for her. And he's falling for her big time. Gwen thinks it was a turning point for Ethan too but the look that Ethan and Theresa give each other as they hug their different partners says something different

    Next on Passions
    Ethan and Theresa are in bed together and he tells her he loves her, Kay and Miguel are in bed together talking about love too and Whitney attacks Chad, demanding to know where's the woman is that he's been with.

    What's love got to do with it?

    Wednesday, September 13 2006

    Theresa and Ethan are making love on Chris' desk. Gwen and Jared are still clueless about their whereabouts. Jared has the correct security code this time to open the doors to Chris' office. He enters the code and turns the door latch. The code doesn't work again. Jared realizes they must have changed it again and goes back to his office for the updated ones. Gwen stands guard outside the door. She can hear someone in there and she is afraid it is her husband with Theresa.

    Gwen and Jared try knocking on the door. Theresa and Ethan are so busy they don't hear them at first. After they hear their names called out, the cheating couple realizes they are about to found out.

    Gwen is very suspicious about the locked office. Jared isn't. Gwen wants to see what's going on in there. Jared doesn't.

    Theresa and Ethan are hurrying to get dressed. Ethan decides he's sick of hiding and lying. Theresa wants to know if this means he's ready to leave Gwen for her. That's not what Ethan meant. Even though they just made love, he still plans on staying with Gwen if she doesn't leave him. If that's the case, then Theresa doesn't want Jared to find out what they were doing in the office. She wants Ethan to hide, anywhere, on the ledge, whatever, just hide. Ethan stands his ground. He is not hiding anymore.

    Ethan wants to know why she just made love to him if she wants Jared. Theresa answers him that it was because she thought he was going to leave Gwen but since that isn't the case. . .

    Jared opens the door finally. He and Gwen walk in. Gwen exclaims.

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