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    Passions CAST - Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane Played by Lindsay Hartley on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley

    Birthday: 1978-04-17
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Ethan closes in on J.T.

    Wednesday, October 18 2006

    Ethan returns. He couldn't get into the room without a key. Jared hands it over. Ethan asks for his help and he two leave together to track down J.T. As soon as the men are gone, Gwen tells Theresa she doesn't know what kind of game she is playing, but she is going to deny everything. Gwen leaves to follow the men.

    Theresa gets a call from Pilar. She just called to tell Theresa about something Little Ethan did. Pilar hears the sadness in Theresa's voice. She asks what's wrong. Theresa tells her that Ethan is about to catch J.T. Pilar thinks it's the hand of God working. The whole truth should come out. Theresa fears the consequences of that would hurt her son but she will let fate decide. She fills somewhat guilty for Ethan losing the Crane inheritance. She doesn't want the same to happen to her son.

    Still on the ledge, Rebecca and J.T. make a plan. They'll go to Jared and Theresa's room and then separate. They can't let Ethan see them together. In the meantime, Ethan has unlocked the door. He rushes to the window. When he pulls open the curtain, it startles Rebecca. Her stiletto heels slip off the ledge and she falls backward, screaming and flailing.

    Ethan pulls Rebecca off the ledge, with some help from Jared and Gwen. They fall on the floor. Rebecca can't believe her luck. She thinks she needs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. While they are untangling themselves on the floor, J.T. is inching away from that window to make his getaway. Ethan runs to the window. He sees J.T. and yells for him to stop. J.T. continues his escape. Ethan goes to the door. He is going to head him off. Gwen sees him and demands he stop. Her mother almost died. Ethan looks at Rebecca. "She'll be alright," he says and continues out the door.

    Theresa is still talking to Pilar when J.T. enters the room from the window. Ethan knocks on her door. He orders her to open up the door so he can stop J.T. That's what she wants, right? Theresa freezes. J.T. stares at her.

    Ethan pleads through the door to Theresa to open up. J.T. takes Theresa's indecision as an opportunity to run. When Theresa finally opens the door, she lies and says she was in the bathroom. Ethan searches the room for J.T. with no luck. He checks the ledge and sees J.T. . scooting the other way. Rebecca lets him in through the window in the other room even though she is a little cross that he didn't help her when she almost fell. They quickly leave the room before they are discovered. Ethan steps out into the hall in time to see J.T.'s back and Rebecca.

    Ethan chases after J.T. and Rebecca with Gwen close behind him. She tells him she can't keep up. That doesn't slow Ethan down.

    Alone again, Jared asks Theresa if she was telling Ethan the truth. Was she really in the bathroom? Did you she J.T. in the room?

    J.T. gets winded and sits in a chair to catch his breath. Rebecca drags him to his feet and gets him going again. She knows if Ethan catches them together, he will kill them. And if he doesn't, Gwen will! They run into a blocked hallway. It's a pile of dirty laundry. They try to go around it.
    Ethan catches up with them a few seconds later. He digs through the laundry and comes up with Rebecca, clutching something or someone. Theresa arrives with Jared. Both Gwen and Theresa fear "it's all over for."

    Temptation and True Love.

    Tuesday, October 17 2006

    Gwen knows that Rebecca and J.T. are out on the hotel ledge. She can't stop Theresa from checking it out for herself. Gwen braces herself. Her life is over.

    Theresa looks out the window and sees the guilty pair. "They're having sex? Eeew" J.T. and Rebecca look at Theresa looking at them. Theresa turns around, smiles and looks straight at Gwen. Ethan and Jared asks if she saw anyone. Theresa shuts the window and says "wait."

    Gwen prepares herself for the worst. She waits for Theresa to tell Ethan who is on the ledge. Theresa thinks to herself that if she tells Ethan about J.T., Ethan will leave Gwen. But on the other hand, J.T. will tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan and she will lose her son. Gwen wonders why Theresa doesn't drop her nuclear bomb on her. She wants to get it over with.

    Theresa lies and says there's nobody out there. "Nobody at all."

    Gwen is totally surprised. She didn't see that coming.

    Theresa claims the noises must be coming from the ventilation system. Jared asks her if she's all right. She's looking kind of tense. Theresa snaps at him. Ethan remarks that Theresa looks like she just got bad news. Theresa blames it on being very tired.

    Ethan gets a call from the front desk. Apparently there have been reports of a couple on the ledge having sex. So why did Theresa say she didn't see anybody. Gwen wants to know the answer to that question too. "I bet you would, Gwen," says Theresa.

    J.T. must think he's a cat in heat on a hot tin roof instead of a drowned rat on rain-soaked ledge. He still wants to have sex.

    Ethan gets a call from the front desk. Apparently there have been reports of a couple on the ledge having sex. So why did Theresa say she didn't see anybody. Gwen wants to know the answer to that question too. "I bet you would, Gwen," says Theresa.

    J.T. gets frisky again and whoops it up like a cowboy. Everyone hears him.
    Ethan asks, "What was that? A pigeon in heat?" He's going to check it out for himself. He goes to the window.

    Theresa sees J.T. for herself

    Monday, October 16 2006

    Theresa, Jared, Gwen and Ethan are standing in the hotel hall. Ethan figures out that the noise makers were Theresa and Jared. Three of them are oblivious to Rebecca and J.T. watching them in the hall, too. Jared is the only one that sees them. For some reason, he doesn't out them.
    Gwen knows they're there, too. She pushes them back into the hotel room. Miraculously, Ethan and Theresa don't even notice. Ethan is too busy complaining about all the ruckus they were making. "Duly noted," Theresa responds smugly.

    The couples return to their respective rooms. Gwen is very nervous. Her attempt to get Ethan out of the room fails. He decides to stay and order room service.

    Theresa finds it very awkward being right next door to Gwen and Ethan. Jared coaxes her back into a romantic mood. Everything is fine until Rebecca and J.T. can't keep the noise down in the closet. Each couple thinks it the other one making the tacky noises. Gwen sends him out to complain again. In the meantime, she demands Rebecca and J.T. be gone! She joins Ethan in the hall. Theresa is accusing the other couple of making the noises. While all four of them are in the hall, the noises begin again. Theresa points out that the noise is coming from Ethan and Gwen's room. They all go to investigate with Theresa leading the way.

    Rebecca and J.T. escaped the closet. They ended up on the ledge. That doesn't stop them from making out. Neither does the thunderstorm. Theresa hears the noise coming from the ledge. Gwen tries to discourage her from checking outside. Theresa questions Gwen about why she is trying so hard to keep them from finding the guilty parties. Ethan noticed her reluctance, too. Gwen claims it's just because it's a waste of a perfectly romantic evening. Besides the ledge is too narrow for anyone to be hiding. Ethan still wants to check it out. Theresa does too. When she does, she sees the last person she wanted to see, J.T.

    Gwen is having her worst nightmare

    Friday, October 13 2006

    In J.T.'s hotel room, Ethan is about to open the closet door. Rebecca and J.T. are so worried they will be discovered that they make out. Gwen tries to stop him, but Ethan will not be delayed this time. He opens the door and finds J.T. and Rebecca snuggled together. Ethan turns around and calls Gwen a liar.

    Gwen faints. Rebecca throws water on her to revive her. Ethan asks J.T. if Gwen is the woman that ruined his life. J.T. confirms it. Gwen says it's just a huge misunderstanding. Ethan won't accept that. "You have been lying to me Gwen!"

    He can't believe he believed her over Theresa. "You were the one who leaked my real name to his tabloid. "He can't believe he believed her over Theresa. "You were the one who leaked my real name to his tabloid. "
    Gwen said she did it because she loved him. "Theresa has loved me too and all this time she has been telling me that he is innocent and I told her that she was lying and now I find out that she was right. JT is the proof."

    Gwen blames her mother for everything. She didn't want to go to the tabloids by Rebecca convinced her it was the only way to hold on to him. It doesn't matter. He wants a divorce. He tries to leave her but she grabs hold of his legs and begs him not to leave.

    At least, that is the nightmare Gwen is having while she was passed out. In reality, Ethan is still there. She had called out "Don't leave me, Ethan." He promises her he won't. Gwen comes to. She looks at the closed closet door.

    Ethan asks what's wrong with her. He was about to check the noises in the closet when she fainted. She tells him she's just hungry and ask him to get her something to eat. He starts to go but is stopped by the noises of J.T. and Rebecca in the closet. He is annoyed but not angry. He thinks it may be mice.

    Gwen tells him she will check it out. She pulls open the door. Ethan looks in but doesn't see J.T. and Rebecca in the closet. Gwen closes the door quickly. She tries to get him to leave again to get the food. He notices her nightgown. He remarks he's never seen it before. It looks like something Rebecca would wear (which she would since it's hers. Rebecca is always prepared with extra lingerie).

    Next door, Jared and Theresa are making love and lots of noise. Ethan decides to go tell the people next door to keep it down.

    As soon as he leaves, Gwen goes to the closet. Rebecca and J.T. fall out. "Will you two get out of her before my whole life goes up in smoke?"

    Ethan bangs on the door. He yells at them to keep it down in there

    Gwen orders J.T. and Rebecca to get out of the room while she goes to find Ethan.

    Gwen joins Ethan in the hall. Jared peeks out the door and sees them. Theresa joins him to find out what's going on. They're all in the hall looking at each other. J.T. and Rebecca come out of their room and see the four staring each other down. Jared turns toward them.

    "Oh my god," Rebecca says to JT. "I think that he has seen us."


    Thursday, October 12 2006

    Theresa and Jared are still in bed at the hotel. She votes for not sleeping the night away. They make love but it is Ethan that Theresa keeps fantasizing about.

    Jared senses that she's distant. He ask her where was she just now. She was back in the sauna with Ethan. She tells Jared "nothing is wrong. Everything is wonderful." Jared tells her she inspires him. They go back to where they left off. So does her mind. She still has to remind herself that she's with Jared not Ethan.

    Jared and Theresa cuddle after sex. Jared gets up to get a drink. He decides to go get his own ice instead of waiting for room service. While he's out, Theresa wonders out loud what's wrong with her. She may be falling in love with Jared because he's so wonderful. So why can't she stop thinking about Ethan.

    Gwen is in a panic

    Wednesday, October 11 2006

    There must be no vacancies at the hotel tonight. Rebecca and Gwen are there trying to find J.T. before Ethan. Ethan is there looking for the person who called Rebecca. Jared and Theresa are there in their room enjoying their tryst until a loud commotion in the hall interrupts them. J.T. is the cause. He lies on the ground after his run-in with a food cart.

    Jared and Theresa get up to check on the noise. They find the food cart but not J.T. They go back inside their room. As their door closes, Ethan walks by. He didn't see them but Gwen and Rebecca saw him. And J.T. sees Rebecca. He greets her with joy. He goes to hug Gwen and gets kneed in the groin. He falls to the floor in pain. "What are you doing here," she demands. He passes out before he can answer.

    Ethan is still roaming the hall. He thinks he heard Gwen's voice. He calls out to her. Gwen panics. She and Rebecca grab J.T. by the legs and start dragging him down the hall. He comes to and complains about Gwen kicking him in his "happy place." He gets to his feet. As they go down the hall, J.T. points out his hotel room. He tries to get in but can't probably because it's not his room. It's Jared and Theresa's room.

    They listen to J.T.'s attempts to get inside their room. Jared is annoyed at all the noise and interruptions. He goes to see who it is. Theresa stops him. She looks for something to hit the culprit.

    Gwen grabs his key in impatience. She sees that it's the wrong room. They drag J.T. away. Jared opens the door but nobody's there. Jared and Theresa go back to the safety of their bed. They aren't interrupted any more. They enjoy the peace and quiet by making love.

    In the hallway, J.T., Gwen, Rebecca hide from Ethan. J.T. yells when he finds his room. Ethan hears him and walks toward the voice. Hurriedly, Gwen tries to open the door. "It's not working!" The situation is driving Rebecca to drink. Gwen finally gets the door opened. They rush in, slamming the door just in time.

    Ethan has followed the voice and heard the door close. He knocks on the door. "I know that you are in there," he tells them. If they have anything to do with the tabloid information that got out about him, "I am going to find out!" Gwen is terrified the truth is about to come out.

    It's a Wonderful Life?!!

    Tuesday, October 10 2006

    Theresa has followed Jared's instructions. It led her to a hotel room. Jared is waiting for her. He rented out the room just so that they could dance, make a little romance. They dance slowly. Theresa remarks how it feels like they have been dancing together forever. Jared tells her he loves her.

    Jared hopes he didn't scare her by moving too fast. She says she's not afraid. Theresa looks at him but all she sees is Ethan saying those words. To Jared, she says she's glad she's with him. She tells him she loves him too.
    Theresa thinks he is the most romantic man she's ever met. He promises her more. Jared wants to move the romance to the bedroom. Theresa responds with a surprise of her own. She comes out wearing a red baby-doll nightgown she picked up on the way over. He likes it. He likes it a lot. They kiss.

    J.T. has finished a whole bottle of champagne. He can't see straight. He can't even dial the numbers on the phone. He leaves his room to look for more champagne.

    Jared and Theresa are enjoying cuddling after making love. Theresa is still seeing Ethan's face saying all those words coming out of Jared's mouth. She can't stop thinking about him no matter how hard she tries. They are disturbed by commotion outside the door. They get up to see who it is. It's J.T., fallen-down drunk.

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