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    Passions CAST - Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane Played by Lindsay Hartley on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley

    Birthday: 1978-04-17
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Secrets, lies and murder!

    Tuesday, October 24 2006

    J.T. finally arrives for his meeting with Theresa in the back alley. Theresa wants answers. Why is he back in Harmony? She demands he leaves town. J.T. has questions too. She chased him all over Rome and now she wants him gone?. Why did she change? Why doesn't she want him to meet with Ethan any more? He puts two and two together and comes up with Ethan being the father of Little Ethan as the reason. Theresa freaks and verifies his guess. He still doesn't understand why though. Theresa explains he already lost her daughter to him. She will not lose her son too.

    J.T. calls Theresa pessimistic. She should tell Ethan and get everything she wants. Theresa argues that it wouldn't matter. Gwen will convince him to do what she wants. Gwen can convince Ethan of anything.

    J.T. sees fodder for his tabloid. Theresa won't hear of it. The light bulb goes on J.T.'s head. Little Ethan is set to inherit billions as a Crane but if he is Ethan's son, he gets nothing. He puts out his hand. He promises if he gets enough money he will leave Harmony. Theresa pulls out her checkbook. J.T. wants cold, hard cash. They're wrangling the details when Ethan calls out Theresa's name. He is very close. She rushes J.T. away before they can finalize anything.

    Ethan discovers Theresa alone. He accuses her of talking with J.T. Theresa denies it. She was having a very important meeting with some other person. In an alley?, Ethan asks. He doesn't understand her strange behavior. What is the secret?

    Theresa tells him he out of bound. She is fine. Ethan doesn't buy it. She demands that he mind his own business. Irritated, he starts to walk away. Theresa softens and stops him from leaving. She pleads with him to promise he will do his best to keep Crane Industries on top for the sake of her son. She won't let him go until he promises. He does. That puts her heart and mind to rest.

    Murder on the Crane Estate!

    Monday, October 23 2006

    In her office Theresa tells Whitney on the phone that she can't let Ethan know he is little Ethan's father. Jared walks in on the conversation. He wants to know what she was talking about. Theresa gets off the phone. She wants to know what Jared heard. He reassures her he didn't hear any of her little secrets. All he heard was something about Little Ethan's father. He came to go over certain stipulations in the custody case.

    Theresa has only one stipulationóJulian to stay out of Little Ethan's life for good. She wants 100% custody. Jared informs her that can happen only if she proves Julian is not the boy's father.

    Theresa becomes paranoid. She wants to know why Jared would say such a thing. Jared was just pointing out the legal logistics. He notices how jumpy Theresa is. Theresa claims she is tense because of the custody. It's a touchy subject for her. Jared asks if there's anything she can tell him that will him in the custody hearing.

    Fox interrupts them. He asks Theresa if she got his proposal. She did and it's a go as long as he is the CEO. That makes Fox very happy. This is the news he was waiting for. He leaves the two alone.

    After Fox leaves, Theresa decides to come clean with Jared, client to lawyer. She begins by telling him how much she loves little Ethan. She doesn't want Julian to worm his way into her son's life. The phone rings. Whoever was on the other end wants to see Theresa right away. She abruptly ends her meeting with Jared and asks him to postpone the custody hearing. She runs to meet with whoever was on the phone. Jared knows something is very wrong.

    Ethan with Gwen in tow talks with Jared about the abrupt cancellation of the custody hearing. He wants the meeting rescheduled ASAP. Ethan, Jared and Gwen know something isn't right with Theresa. Gwen decides she will find out what it is.

    On the docks, Theresa waits to meet with J.T.

    Gwen and Julian throw down the gauntlet

    Friday, October 20 2006

    Theresa is in the hotel corridors, too. She meets with Whitney. She got her out of bed to discuss her worst nightmare coming true--J.T. in Harmony! She admits to Whitney that she saw J.T. on the ledge with Rebecca. Whitney asks her why didn't she take advantage of the situation. Theresa would have but now she believes Ethan will never leave Gwen, no matter what proof she gets against Gwen. She can't risk losing her son. She asked Whitney to help her find J.T. before Gwen does.

    Whitney goes off to find him. Theresa turns to look in other direction and runs into Gwen. She asks her what she is doing. Gwen tells her the same thing she is doing. Looking for J.T.

    Theresa can't believe that Gwen admits J.T. is there. Gwen wants her to cut the routine. She knows Theresa saw J.T. on the ledge. What she doesn't know is why she didn't tell Ethan. What changed? "Why are you passing up this chance to destroy my marriage? Is Ethan right?"

    Theresa's frightened face gives her away. Gwen knows she's right. Theresa learned something so huge from J.T. that she gave up breaking up their marriage. Gwen is determined to find J.T. and get that secret out of him and "bring you down for good."

    Theresa tells Gwen she's way off base but Gwen doesn't think so. She knows she's on the right track. Theresa explains to Gwen that Ethan would forgive his wife anything. It wouldn't matter what proof she brought up against her. Gwen needs to just drop it. Gwen can't do that now. She hates Theresa too much.

    Theresa cautions her. Like her mother says, "Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it." Gwen responds with her mother's favorite saying. "Payback's a bitch."

    She will do everything to find out what J.T. knows. For once, Rebecca's sex life may be an asset.

    Theresa recounts her conversation with Gwen to Whitney. Theresa decides she has to find J.T. and shut him up permanently.

    Terrible Triangle Tangle

    Thursday, October 19 2006

    Ethan stands guard over Rebecca. He's found her in a pile of dirty laundry. Another body struggles beneath. Ethan is certain it's J.T. He declares that "the truth is finally going to come out."

    Theresa and Jared arrive at the scene. She asks what's going on. Ethan answers that Theresa was right all along. J.T. and Rebecca did know each other.

    Gwen fears that once J.T. spills to Ethan that is was her and her mother that revealed his true paternity to him, her marriage will be over. Theresa is afraid that J.T. will also expose Ethan as Little Ethan's real daddy and she will lose her son.

    Jared is concerned about Theresa. She looks like she is on death row. Theresa turns down his offers to help. She is resigned to whatever happens. "There's nothing that anyone can do." Gwen notices the somber look on Theresa's face, too. She doesn't get it.

    Rebecca gets to her feet and runs to Gwen. Gwen remarks to her mother that Theresa looks scared. Instead of enjoying this moment of disclosure. Rebecca sees it too.

    Ethan's untangles the man from the sheets and it's not J.T. It is a bellhop.

    He interrogates the bell hop. He can't believe he is the person he saw on the ledge. The bellhop tells him that it must have been his friend Alberto. He went that away. Rebecca backs up his story. Ethan has to admit that he never actually saw the man's face. That proves that it wasn't J.T. then, Gwen says.

    Apart from the couples, Rebecca slips the bellhop a tip for lying so beautifully.

    Ethan swears he thought it was J.T. Theresa reminds him he didn't see his face. He asks if he could talk to her in private. Gwen doesn't like the sound of that. She wants Ethan to come back to their hotel room. Ethan promises he will after he speaks with Theresa. Gwen and Rebecca hang back so they can eavesdrop on the conversation. They can't figure out her game.

    Ethan is confused. Why wasn't Theresa as eager as he was to catch J.T. What's going on with her? It's like she's given up entirely.

    Theresa can't say what the problem is. Ethan thinks it has something to do with why she made him trustee in her will. It's not making any sense to him.
    Theresa does want him to find J.T. It will change her life when he does but her excuse for her actions is that she is just plain tired. Besides it wasn't J.T. after all. Why would he want to come back to Harmony anyway?

    Ethan thought she wanted this as much as he did. Did she? She thought if the truth came out she would finally have him. But after all the years of loving Ethan and fighting to get him, she realizes it was never going to happen.

    Gwen watches and sees that Ethan is still in love with Theresa.

    Theresa suggest that they all go back to their rooms and their other partners. Ethan gives her one more chance to tell him what's going on. She doesn't use it. After he walks away, Theresa says out loud "I love you but the price is too high." Gwen hears her and wants to know what price Theresa is talking about.

    Jared joins Theresa in the hallway. Gwen and Rebecca comes up to them and ask about Ethan. Ethan appears. He has been apologizing to everybody and now it's their turn. He was wrong. It wasn't J.T. that he saw. Jared just wants to get back to his room with Theresa. The couples split. Gwen turns around and looks at Theresa. What is Theresa up to, Gwen wonders
    Theresa stares back at Gwen. "As much as I hate you, Gwen, as much as I wanted Ethan, it wasn't worth losing my son's future." she thinks to herself.

    Ethan closes in on J.T.

    Wednesday, October 18 2006

    J.T. must use extra-strength viagra. He is still making out with Rebecca on the ledge. Ethan heads toward the window. Both Gwen and Theresa try to stop him but Ethan will not be stopped. This is the moment of truth.

    Gwen can't figure out Theresa's agenda. She doesn't understand why Theresa hasn't told Ethan about seeing J.T. and Rebecca on the ledge. It would all but prove Theresa's claim about Gwen and Rebecca outing Ethan as a Bennett.

    Theresa's agenda is to keep J.T. from telling Ethan that Little Ethan is his son. She's afraid she will lose her son and her son would lose out on the Crane inheritance.

    Ethan looks out the window and sees Rebecca and J.T. J.T. hides his face away from Ethan.

    "Can't a recently divorced woman enjoy the attentions of a man in private," Rebecca scolds Ethan. J.T. edges away from Ethan. Ethan orders them both inside. Rebecca tells him not yet, they're not finished. Ethan contradicts her. Rebecca and J.T. are both finished. J.T. inches toward another window. Ethan tells Rebecca to get J.T. back, Rebecca contradicts him this time. She tells him the man is not J.T. Ethan starts to climb out the window.

    Gwen rushes over to stop him. Ethan wants to catch them before they get away. Gwen points out that maybe it isn't J.T. If it was, wouldn't Theresa be chasing him too? Ethan would have thought so but now he's not so sure. He believes J.T. stopped Theresa from trying to prove her claims about Gwen and Rebecca while he was in Rome. Whatever information he used also made her change her will in favor of Ethan. Ethan heads out the door to catch J.T. in Jared and Theresa's room. Gwen follows close behind him.

    Now that they're alone, Jared asks Theresa to fill him in about J.T. Theresa answers, "It's too late. If Ethan finds JT, everything's going to be over." Jared just wants to help Theresa. He tells her it's never too late. Theresa just wishes it was over. Jared is bewildered.

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