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    Passions CAST - Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane Played by Lindsay Hartley on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley

    Birthday: 1978-04-17
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Little Julian Is So Little!

    Monday, April 21 2008

    Pilar pulls Gertrude aside so Little Ethan doesn't hear and says she doesn't think Gwen has Jane and Little E's best interests at heart. Gwen and Ethan enter and Gwen asks, "Are you talking about me?" Pilar says she was complimenting Gertrude on her child rearing skills as Gwen probably did when she hired her. Gwen says she didn't hire her, her mother did and Ethan says they need to talk to Little Ethan. Paloma leaves to go to work and Gertrude asks what's going on. Gwen tells Gertrude she's just the nanny and just started so she doesn't really need to be there and Ethan agrees. Pilar asks what Ethan wants to say to her grandson. They let Gertrude stay and Ethan sits Little Ethan down. He tries to make it sound like a great opportunity and says they think it's best if Little Ethan goes to boarding school. Pilar exclaims, "What?!" while Theresa/Gertrude, says, "Never!" Gwen tells Gertrude to stay out of it, but Pilar says Theresa would never allow this and she won't either. Little Ethan says he wants to stay and Pilar can't believe Ethan would go along with this. Little Ethan says he wants to stay in Harmony with his grandmother and Ethan. Affected by the boy's plea, Ethan says he doesn't have to go to boarding school and hugs him. Gwen thinks, "This isn't over Pilar. Not by a long shot." Theresa thinks to herself, "Ethan, I knew you'd do the right thing for our son."

    Follow Your Heart.

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    Theresa dreams about Ethan dancing with Gwen and wakes up saying she never should have come back to Harmony. She thinks watching Ethan and Gwen together is too much for her and she should have stayed dead and gone. Little Ethan stands by her bed and says, "Please don't say that." He tells her he's glad she's back and urges her to stay as the nanny, but Theresa isn't sure she can continue to watch Ethan with Gwen. Little E says he and Jane need her. Theresa eventually gives in and tells her son that she will never leave him and his sister and will somehow deal with watching Ethan build a life with Gwen. Since she's sticking around, Theresa prepares to get in her nanny outfit just as Paloma and Pilar enter the room. Paloma exclaims, "Dios Mio!"

    New Disguises, Same Schemes.

    Tuesday, April 15 2008

    In their bedroom, Gwen tries to convince Ethan to sleep with her, but Ethan begs off saying he's tired. Theresa listens at the door and gloats over her plan working and says she's just getting started. Gwen complains to Ethan that the night is still young and he suggests they go out to The Blue Note. Ethan comes out in the hall to find Gertrude. He tells her he and Gwen are going out and Gertrude tries to dissuade him from doing so. He's undeterred and asks her to watch the kids and goes back into his room. Theresa thinks that she won't let him and Gwen have a good time together and gets an idea.

    Ethan and Gwen get dressed up to head to the Blue Note while Theresa is in Little Ethan's room without her Gertrude costume on. Little E asks if it's a good idea to be out of her costume and Theresa tells him she has a plan. She changes into a new disguise so she can go to The Blue Note and spy on Gwen and Ethan. She puts on a blond wig and little black dress and asks Little Ethan if anyone would recognize her. He assures her that he almost didn't recognize her!

    Gwen and Ethan come to The Blue Note and dance as Theresa enters in her wig. Theresa thinks she can spill a drink on Gwen so she'll have to go home immediately.

    The Demon Elf notices that Paloma saw Noah kissing another woman and breaks off the liplock. Noah realizes that Paloma saw him and rushes over to explain. While he goes over to Paloma's table, he bumps into Theresa and spills her drink. Theresa avoids Noah recognizing her and then sees Gwen and Ethan sitting down to dinner. The waitress sets down a tray of food and Theresa thinks she should put hot sauce in Gwen's meal because she's allergic to it and then they'll have to go home. When the waitress hands out the food, Theresa realizes she put the hot sauce in the wrong person's dish as flames shoot out of an older woman's mouth. At their booth, Ethan tells Gwen that since they entered the club, he hasn't thought about Theresa once and Gwen kisses him. Theresa thinks to herself that she's losing him. Ethan and Gwen dance as Theresa looks on crying that she misses him.

    And to All a Good Night!

    Monday, April 14 2008

    In their bedroom, Ethan and Gwen try to relieve the itching and Ethan trips over the table of food sending everything flying. Little Ethan tells them Jane is crying and Theresa laughs in the hallway over how well her plan is working. Little Ethan asks if Gwen and Ethan are going to help Jane and Gwen snaps that she'll get to her when she can. Ethan tells Gwen to ease off Little E, but Gwen continues to be a diva about the situation. Jane stops crying and Gertrude comes in the room saying she got Jane back to sleep. She asks why they are itching and why food is all over the floor and Ethan says it's a long story. Gertrude tells Gwen she'll clean up the mess so she can shower and Gwen is grateful. While Gwen showers, Ethan continues to itch and Gertrude offers to help by scratching his back. Ethan is relieved and asks, "What would I do without you?" Theresa thinks to herself he will never have to find out because she's back and here to stay.

    Theresa puts Little Ethan to bed and he asks how she's going to make it so Ethan isn't with Gwen anymore. Theresa doesn't know, but reminds him that for now everyone needs to think she's just the nanny. She promises that one day they will all be a family together and kisses him goodnight.

    Theresa goes back to Ethan's room (as Gertrude) to help him clean up and Ethan apologizes for Gwen saying he's never heard her raise her voice to Little E before. Ethan starts to talk about Theresa and says she's the great love of his life, but asks Gertrude not to tell Gwen he said so. Gertrude asks if he'd like to talk more about Theresa and he goes on to describe how wonderful she was. Gertrude says she will finish cleaning up the room if he'd like to go say goodnight to Little E. He tells Gertrude how fantastic she is and says he feels very comfortable around her. He leaves to check on Little E and Theresa says to herself she wishes she could tell Ethan the truth, but can't because of Gwen.

    Gwen comes out of the shower and asks where Ethan is. Gertrude says he went to calm Little Ethan down because he was upset that she yelled at him. Gwen defends herself saying she didn't mean to yell, but the situation got the best of her. Gertrude tells Gwen she changed the bedding and now she will have clean sheets to sleep on. Gwen looks perplexed and asks how she knew they were in bed when they started itching and needed clean sheets. Gertrude covers by explaining she was cleaning up the bed and her hand started itching so she thought she should change the sheets. Gwen accepts this and Gertrude starts to leave, but Ethan returns. He tells Gwen that Little E is okay, but she needs to be more careful with the boy because he just lost his mother. Gertrude says it sounds like Theresa was an amazing woman and Ethan says she was and hopes that Little Ethan never forgets how wonderful she was and how much she loved him. Gwen gets irritated at the mention of Theresa's name and Gertrude assures Ethan she will do her part to keep Theresa's memory alive. Jonathan starts to cry and Gwen leaves to check on him. Theresa also leaves, but once she's in the hallway she thinks back to a night she shared with Ethan and says, "I love you so much Ethan," and vows to not let Gwen rob her of a future with him.

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