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    Passions CAST - Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane Played by Lindsay Hartley on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley

    Birthday: 1978-04-17
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    He's All Boy.

    Monday, May 12 2008

    Theresa goes out in the hall and laments that she was supposed to be with Ethan tonight, not Gwen. She says Juanita’s escape ruined everything, but then thinks, “Or did it?” As Gwen and Ethan get intimate, Theresa drugs a couple of drinks and knocks on their door. Ethan answers and Gertrude gives him the after dinner drinks to make up for ruining their dessert. Gwen and Ethan thank her for them and after Gertrude leaves, they toast to a wonderful night. Theresa thinks the sooner they drink up, the sooner she will get to be with Ethan.

    Gwen and Ethan lie passed out after drinking Gertrude’s beverages and Theresa enters in a sexy negligee. She wakes Ethan up and helps him out of the room. She brings him to another bedroom and while Ethan’s still groggy, they start to kiss. Theresa undresses him and they head to the bed and have sex.

    Gwen wakes up and wonders where Ethan is. She hears a woman’s voice yell out Ethan’s name and groggily goes to investigate. Gwen hears the voice again and wonders why it sounds so familiar. She enters their room and while trying to keep her eyes focused, sees Ethan and Theresa having sex. She says, “Theresa? Oh, my God! She’s alive?”

    Danger at Every Turn.

    Wednesday, May 07 2008

    Gwen and Ethan open the bathroom door and find Gertrude. They wonder why she was hiding and let them break down the door. Gertrude feigns embarrassment and explains she was using the bathroom and sprays air freshener. Ethan asks if Gertrude sent him the note and she says yes. Gwen can’t understand why she would set up a seductive dinner for her husband and asks if she was trying to seduce Ethan. Gertrude explains that she felt bad about upsetting Gwen when she spoke against her regarding Little E going to boarding school, so she prepared a romantic evening for Gwen and Ethan to make up for it. Ethan thinks she’s very sweet for doing this, but Gwen isn’t as impressed. Ethan encourages Gertrude to continue to speak her mind regarding the children and thanks her for all the trouble she went to.

    Theresa sees Pilar in the hall and recaps what just happened. Theresa grows frustrated that Gwen gets to be with Ethan and wonders how much more of it she can take. Pilar says one day she will be with Ethan, but there’s nothing she can do about it right now. Theresa thinks maybe there is something she can do and Pilar warns her against doing anything rash. Theresa says not to worry and takes off.

    Gertrude barges in the room with dessert, interrupting Gwen and Ethan’s intimate moment. Gwen wants to go upstairs, but Ethan insists they stay since Gertrude went to so much trouble. Gertrude lights the Cherries Jubilee and Gwen accuses her of trying to set her on fire. Gwen says she has a headache, so Gertrude runs off to get some aspirin. Ethan dishes out the dessert and Gwen sees Gertrude’s fake teeth in the bowl of cherries. She notes they are the kind of teeth that people use to disguise themselves. Theresa realizes her teeth are missing and comes out of the bathroom with some aspirin using her lips to cover her teeth. Gwen holds up the spoon with the teeth in it and asks, “Looking for these?”

    Men Don't Have Babies!

    Tuesday, May 06 2008

    Still in the bathroom, Theresa thinks she doesn’t need to hide anymore because Juanita has been captured. Gwen and Ethan knock on the door and Theresa giddily prepares to reveal herself. Before Theresa can come out, Ethan receives a text message and learns that Juanita has escaped from jail. With Gwen and Ethan’s backs to her, Theresa opens the door and hears the news. Ethan is outraged, but Gwen doesn’t think it has anything to do with them. Ethan angrily says it does because Juanita was responsible for Theresa’s death. He vows to bring her to justice, but Gwen thinks the police should handle it and wants to find out who is in the bathroom. Theresa shuts and locks the door and thinks, “I knew this was too good to be true,” as Gwen pounds on the door. Theresa panics in the bathroom that she can’t be seen now with Juanita on the loose. Theresa looks for a way out, as Gwen and Ethan grow frustrated over her not opening the bathroom door. Gwen thinks to herself that six months ago she would have thought Theresa was behind this stunt and then thinks, “Thank God for sharks.” Theresa tries to open the window as Gwen yells out that she will break the door down. When Ethan can’t break the door open with his physical strength, Gwen gets an axe and starts swinging. Gwen chops a hole through the door and Ethan reaches in to unlock it. They enter the bathroom and stunned, Gwen says, “It’s you!”

    A Beautiful Night For Flying.

    Monday, May 05 2008

    At the Crane Mansion, Theresa enters one of the spare bedrooms in a green dress and thinks she planned everything just like Ethan described in his Telenovela. Ethan walks the halls wondering who sent him the note to have him meet in one of the rooms. Meanwhile, Gwen tends to Jonathan and thinks she and Ethan will have a wonderful future together without Theresa and Little Ethan in the picture.

    While waiting for Ethan, Theresa gets a call from Pilar saying she gave Ethan the note. Theresa excitedly looks forward to telling Ethan the truth as someone knocks at the door. Ethan enters and the two reunite, but it is revealed to be a fantasy of Theresa’s. She starts to cry at how happy she will be and runs to the bathroom to fix her makeup. Ethan enters the room for real and sees the romantic setting, as Gwen thinks she needs to find Ethan. In the bathroom, Theresa hears Ethan and thinks all her dreams will come true. Before Theresa exits the bathroom, Gwen enters and asks if Ethan prepared the room for her. He says no and they wonder what’s going on. Theresa hears Gwen and thinks that she will ruin everything. Theresa makes a noise, which Gwen and Ethan hear and they go to investigate. Theresa panics as Ethan and Gwen knock on the door, but then thinks it’ll be okay if Gwen sees her because Juanita has been captured. Theresa walks towards the door eagerly anticipating the look on Gwen's face.

    In Tabitha’s living room, Kay cries over her wedding dress going up in flames, Tabitha thinks evil is in Harmony, and Noah and Roberto trade snarky barbs. Kay sees a candlestick and blames Noah for knocking it over when he ran into the room, thereby setting her dress on fire. Noah insists it wasn’t him and Tabitha thinks to herself that it wasn’t Noah’s fault, but the book’s. Kay wants to know why Noah rushed into the room and he says it’s because he saw Paloma and Roberto kissing. Everyone turns to look at Paloma and she tries to explain that she doesn’t know why she kissed him. A cocky Roberto pipes up and says sometimes passion just sweeps you off your feet. Noah puffs up and orders Roberto to meet him outside, but Tabitha stops time before the men can fight. She looks through her book to see what’s supposed to happen and the book starts to bleed and then bubbles. Tabitha thinks she’s got the message loud and clear and restores time, telling the men not to fight in her house. Noah lunges for Roberto, but Miguel pulls him off. Paloma asks Noah to believe that she doesn't know why she was kissing Roberto just like she believed him when he didn’t know why he was with Fancy. Noah comes around and says he trusts her and understands. Roberto glibly tells Noah sometimes old feelings bubble to the surface, but Paloma says she doesn’t have feelings for him. Noah instructs Roberto to stay away from his fiancée or else! Miguel tells Noah to calm down and chalks the kiss up to the weird things that happen in Harmony. He reminds them that they are having a wedding and that they should focus on love. The couples profess their love for each other and Miguel says love will keep them together, just as the book starts throwing objects around the room. Tabitha thinks it’s another sign the marriage is doomed and then the madness stops. Roberto wants to know if the whole town is possessed by demons and Tabitha offers that maybe it was a seismic disturbance, but no one believes her. Everyone helps to clean up Tabitha’s house and Paloma worries the broken mirror she’s sweeping up is seven years bad luck. Noah tries to make her feel better, but Paloma sees an image of Theresa running in a piece of the glass. Paloma cries and says it’s a message from the grave, but no one else can see it. Paloma grows hysterical as she sees Juanita holding a butcher knife over Theresa’s lifeless body.

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