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    Passions CAST - Fancy Crane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Fancy Crane Played by Emily Harper on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Emily Harper

    Birthday: 1978-02-16
    Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Emily Harper
    Height: 5' 9"


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    There is Finally Harmony in Harmony.

    Thursday, August 07 2008

    As Theresa walks down the aisle Fancy tells Luis that she’s pregnant. Luis is thrilled and Sheridan tells Antonio that will be them some day. Noah comments to Paloma that they will wait to have babies until they have more money, but Paloma tells him she’s pregnant too. Eve tells Julian there’s finally harmony in Harmony. Julian says all is quiet on every front and sadly looks down at his lap and says, "A little too quiet." Kay and Miguel tell him that everyone knows what happened and Kay offers to fix it. Julian and Eve say they would be most grateful and Kay takes his hand and magically corrects his “member” much to Eve and Julian’s delight.

    The Truest Lovers in Harmony.

    Tuesday, August 05 2008

    Watching all of this, Fancy doesn't think any of it is fair. Sheridan reminds her that Gwen and Ethan were together for a long time before he even met Theresa and Theresa had to connive endlessly for him. Fancy is skeptical. She remarks on how peaceful Sheridan looks now that she has her true love, Antonio. Ivy agrees.

    Gertie Can't do That!

    Monday, July 28 2008

    Back at the church, Sheridan and Luis are thrilled to see Antonio back. They hug and laugh in disbelief. Fancy spots them and becomes furious. She runs to them, pushing them apart and accusing her aunt of trying to steal Luis again. He tells her she has it all wrong: Antonio is back and he and Sheridan might get back together. "I think we're going to be very happy together," Sheridan smiles. Antonio walks over and kisses her. Pilar doesn't think the day could get any better. Fancy and Sheridan trade apologies. Ethan walks in and is stunned to see Antonio. The priest comes out and tells Ethan that the explanations will have to wait. He calls Ethan over and he begins talking about the woman he was searching for. Lonigan stops him and sends someone off to get Gwen.

    I am Alive.

    Wednesday, July 23 2008

    At the church, Fancy and Luis' wedding service begins. Luis is eager to kiss the bride but they have to wait. Fancy and Luis read their vows. She admits how hard they were to write and tells him how her love for him snuck up on her. She's sure they'll have feuds, but she loves him so much she can barely stand it. Luis says that his mother has taught him the importance of a good woman. He can get through anything as long as he knows Fancy will be on the other side.

    Pilar proudly watches the ceremony and tells her weeping daughter not to think of Ethan. They discuss everything they've lost. Pilar says that she still prays to God to forgive her for the anger she feels at losing Antonio. They wonder where Sheridan must have vanished to. Pilar tells her daughter that she can tell Ethan the truth one day. Theresa is sure it'll be too late then. Ethan comes in and sits behind her to watch. He admits that he didn't write any vows for Gwen. He misses Theresa. Gertrude can't handle this and runs away. Pilar tries covering, but slips and calls Gertrude "Theresa". Ethan notices this blatant blunder. She claims to have misspoken, but he suspects more: Gertrude always reminds him of Theresa, as if they are twin souls. The wedding ends and everyone claps as the bride and groom kiss. Ethan continues missing Theresa. Pilar urges him to move on. He can't and decides he needs to talk to Gertrude before he re-commits to Gwen. Pilar tries to stop him, telling him he can't do that. He rushes off.

    Back in the church, Pilar hugs Fancy and welcomes her into the family. The bride worries where Sheridan could be. Her aunt strolls in on cue with a smile on her face. She announces that she has something important to say. "Luis and I are married now and there is nothing you can do about it!" Fancy bites defensively. That's not what Sheridan is there for: She has a gift for the whole Lopez-Fitzgerald family. She stands aside and Antonio appears. Pilar is shocked and runs into her son's arms in tears.

    I'll Never be Separated From Your Skull.

    Tuesday, July 22 2008

    Fancy paces around, asking Sam where the groom could have vanished to. Sam promises to search for him and hurries off. Fancy quivers and cries. Julian arrives to escort her down the aisle. She tells him she's sure her aunt has stolen Luis away. Sam soon returns after having no luck. Fancy blurts out that Sheridan almost let them all die from poison. "She must be barking mad poor thing," Julian says. Considering her life it's no wonder she has emotional problems. He asks "Sherlock Holmes" what to do. Sam suggests they keep looking. Julian calls Crane security. Fancy wonders how everything can keep going wrong. Her mother tries to think positively.

    In the chapel, Sam and Julian search for Luis without luck. He suddenly walks in. They're angry at him for vanishing. He says everything is fine and tells Julian that Sheridan will be fine. He asks them to go and get Fancy so they can be married. Julian wanders over to her and tells her they're ready to go. He grabs Ivy before she can run off and give Luis a piece of her mind. Julian calms his daughter and Ivy begins fixing her makeup while Sheridan stands in the shadows. Sam tells Fancy she's gorgeous and leaves to tell Gwen and Ethan that they'll be next. Fancy still can't shake the feeling that something will go wrong. Her mother tells her just to concentrate on the man she's fought for. "I haven't been the best of fathers, but I'm at your disposal today," Julian says, offering Fancy his arm. As they walk down the aisle, Sheridan steps from the shadows.

    Back in the chapel, Theresa rants to her mother about Gwen and Ethan. They sit as Julian walks Fancy to Luis. Sheridan squints as she watches. "Watching Luis marry another woman is going to drive me mad!" she cringes. Her head throbs and she paces, trying to force herself to leave. She wonders if he could still come to his senses... She senses someone approach her. When she turns, she gasps: "No! It can't be!" and collapses.

    I'm a Monster.

    Monday, July 21 2008

    "Poor dead Fox must be spinning in his grave now that Kay has finally married Miguel," Ivy says as she helps Fancy adjust her dress. Fancy suggests that he may actually be at peace with it. Ivy admits she can't hate Kay as much now that she knows who actually killed Fox. She tells her daughter how much Luis truly loves her; she could even walk down the aisle in a burlap sack and he'd love her. "I feel like the happiest woman alive," Fancy smiles. Her mother pinches her to make sure she isn't dreaming. She tells her that she deserves to be happy after everything. The tone changes when they talk about Pretty and her substantial mental problems. Ivy admits that she's done awful things for love but never thought her children would. "Fox did," Fancy reminds her. Ivy wonders if treachery is hereditary. Fancy says that she and Ethan have turned out alright. Ivy tells her about Julian's crazy great-grandmother and how Sheridan has often worried about her sanity. She breaks the news to her daughter that Sheridan knew about the poisoned sauce and was willing to let everyone die so that Luis couldn't marry someone else. Fancy is shocked. Ivy says she changed her mind, but it still seems like something is wrong with her. Fancy starts to panic about what Sheridan could be up to. Sam walks in with his camera. He tells them that Kay and Miguel are married and gone. Now it's Fancy's turn. Ivy repeats to her daughter that nothing will go wrong. Fancy breathes deep and Sam hands her a bouquet before ushering her out. He leaves his video camera behind.

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