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    Passions CAST - Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald

    Full detailed profile on Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald Played by Galen Gering on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Calen Gering
    Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald

    Actor: Galen Gering

    Who played Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald over the years

    Galen Gering (5 July 1999 - present)
    Brandon Tyler Morgan (2000 - 2002)
    Samuel Carman (2004)

    Useful information on Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald

    * Son of Pilar and Martin Fitzgerald.
    * Brother to Theresa, Antonio and Miguel.
    * Kidnapped Sheridan Crane twice.


    Current: Detective
    Former: Officer
    Former: Director at the Harmony Youth Center
    Former: Sheridan Crane's Bodyguard


    Luis is the second oldest son of Pilar and Martin. Luis was very involved in school activities and wanted to be a lawyer. However these dreams never became a reality after his father disappeared when he was young. Antonio took care of Luis until he graduated high school and then Antonio also left. In order to support his mother and other siblings, Luis started working right after school to provide for them and play the father role. For fear he would treat his girlfriend, Beth Wallace, the same way, he ended that relationship as well. He later on became a cop in Harmony. Luis met Sheridan after becoming a cop after she crashed into his police car twice. Luis was also a youth director at the community center and this is where Sheridan did her community service. They went on a few dates together, but nothing serious ever became of them. Sheridan then began to date his best friend, Hank Bennett, and Luis went back to Beth. However his interest in Sheridan was still too strong and things ended again with Beth. Luis and Sheridan still had feelings for each other and eventually he was assigned to be Sheridan's bodyguard by the FBI. Sadly, Sheridan was shot soon after they finally admitted their feeling to each other. Luis always felt that Sheridan was his soul mate and was devastated, but then he found out she was really alive and in the hospital. The each told each other that they were still in love.

    Theresa and Ethan's engagement was announced and Luis passed along his blessings. He and Sheridan finally made love and starting making plans for their future and engagement. The next obstacle stopped the plans, as Sheridan was presumed dead. Hank tried his best to help Luis as he was even more devastated and his life started going down hill. He was always on the lookout for Sheridan. Hank set Luis and Beth back up again because he knew how well their relationship was going before. Luis also found out that his brother Antonio was still alive but not ready to come back to Harmony. As time passed, Luis and Beth continued on with their relationship and got engaged, although he never gave up on the search for Sheridan.

    Sheridan showed back up in town, but unfortunately for Luis, she had gotten engaged to Antonio. Luis and Sheridan continued a secret relationship behind Antonio (who they found out had a life-threatening illness) and Beth. Luis finally had enough and told Sheridan that she either had to choose to be with just him or that he would move on with his life. She ended up choosing to stay with Antonio, so he asked Beth to marry him. The wedding happened and Sheridan and Antonio were now wed, however Beth and Luis were not. Both of the couples stayed at the same hotel that night and Luis and Sheridan met in the hallway. She was supposed to have gone to the courthouse to elope the night before the wedding, but Antonio did not receive his medication and had to be taken to the hospital. Luis said that instead of seeing Antonio on these experimental drugs he would rather see him dead.

    Luis was never able to get over Sheridan. Even when he found out she was pregnant, he was happy at first but then assumed that Antonio may be the father. Beth also became pregnant around the same time. They decided that they were going to raise both of the children without Antonio or Beth in the picture. Luis never found out for sure who the father of Sheridan�s child was, but grew to believe it was his. Then another fateful event happened to Sheridan, she was kidnapped. Together, Antonio and Luis found her but not her child and they finally had to accept that the child had died.

    Sheridan decided that she was going to remain with Antonio, which Luis would not accept. He continued to try to win her over and eventually Antonio died. Now Luis and Sheridan could be together but arguments about who Marty's mother really was started driving them apart. Luis did not believe that it was really Sheridan's child, but the DNA tests proved that it was. Sheridan was upset with Luis for not believing her and at the same time, Beth took Marty and left town. During his search for Beth, his family found out that he had died.

    Later on, Luis was found to be alive in Hawaii at Otto Krause's house. He was on the road to recovery and finally asked Sheridan to marry him. He then found out that Sheridan had already married the man that saved his life, Chris Boothe and that she was going to remain faithful to her marriage vows to him and raise his child and her new baby that she was pregnant with, together. Luis decided to go look for Marty in Rome, but started to form an interest in Sheridan�s niece, Fancy Crane.


    Sheridan Crane (2006 - not legal)


    Sheridan Crane
    Beth Wallace
    Fancy Crane


    Martin Fitzgerald (father)
    Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald (mother)
    Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald (brother - deceased)
    Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (sister)
    Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (brother)
    Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (sister)
    Brian Fitzgerald (paternal grandfather)
    Antonio Lopez (maternal grandfather)
    Maria Lopez (maternal grandmother)
    Florencia Lopez (maternal aunt) (nun)
    Francisco Lopez (maternal uncle)
    Maria Lopez (maternal aunt)
    Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane (nephew)
    Jane Winthrop (niece)
    Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald (niece)


    Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Sheridan - deceased)



    Thursday, August 07 2008: There is Finally Harmony in Harmony.

    As Theresa walks down the aisle Fancy tells Luis that she’s pregnant. Luis is thrilled and Sheridan tells Antonio that will be them some day. Noah comments to Paloma that they will wait to have babies until they have more money, but Paloma tells him she’s pregnant too. Eve tells Julian there’s finally harmony in Harmony. Julian says all is quiet on every front and sadly looks down at his lap and says, "A little too quiet." Kay and Miguel tell him that everyone knows what happened and Kay offers to fix it. Julian and Eve say they would be most grateful and Kay takes his hand and magically corrects his “member” much to Eve and Julian’s delight.

    Tuesday, August 05 2008: The Truest Lovers in Harmony.

    In the church basement, Ethan has successfully disarmed the bomb. Luis tells Theresa that everything will be okay. "All my dreams have died," she says. Pilar tells her that everyone is safe now. Juanita laughs, promising that this is only a temporarily set back. Theresa is more concerned about Ethan. Gwen reminds her that Ethan just renewed his vows to her. Theresa wouldn't want Ethan to betray God would she? Sheridan tells her old friend not to rub it in. Antonio tells Gwen that she should be willing to give Ethan up if she loves him as much as she says. "You people are so ridiculous!" Juanita laughs. Pilar runs across the room to clobber her but Sam holds her back. Juanita still wishes she could kill them all, but knowing Theresa will be tortured by being separated from Ethan is enough to make her happy. The church begins to shake. Juanita imagines this is a sign from God. So does Theresa, but she is sure it's a sign that God doesn't want Ethan to be with Gwen. "Are you going to keep us apart forever?" she asks Ethan. Gwen thinks they should talk to Father Lonigan. Theresa tells them to get an annulment. Ethan tells Theresa that he wants her but he has a duty to his wife.

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