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    Passions CAST - Noah Bennett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Bennett Played by Dylan Fergus on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Fergus

    Birthday: 1980-01-04
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Dylan Fergus
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Theresa Escapes!

    Tuesday, March 11 2008

    After Fancy comes to, Noah and Paloma tell Luis that his love brought Fancy back. Fancy asks what she was doing and they tell her she was walking around like a lunatic. Fancy asks why this keeps happening to her and Luis says the important thing is that she's okay now and they will find out what's wrong with her. He says he loves her and Fancy asks him to hold her. Luis cleans up the blood from Fancy's nose and says he can't imagine life without her.

    Noah tells Paloma that after witnessing how much Luis loves Fancy, he can't imagine his life without her and that he never wants to lose her. Paloma says she's been thinking the same thing about him. Paloma says she loves him and they hug. Noah asks if Paloma trusts him now, after witnessing Fancy's strange behavior and wonders if they can put their past behind them? Paloma says she believes him, trusts him and will never doubt his love again.

    Noah, Paloma, Luis and Fancy discuss how Noah and Fancy keep ending up together and Luis says maybe it's just one of those weird things that happen in Harmony. Paloma hopes she never hears that lame excuse again. Fancy starts to choke because the controller went into the water and hacks up the device that was in her head. Not realizing it came from Fancy's head, Noah finds the device and asks what it is, as Pretty and Sheridan look on and panic. No one has any idea what it is and Fancy says he should get rid of it. Noah agrees and throws it into the water. Noah then asks Paloma if they are beyond a shadow of a doubt back together. Paloma says yes and they kiss. Fancy tells Luis they have to get to the bottom of what's been going on because she doesn't know why she keeps hurting him. Luis tells her to stop worrying because together they will figure out what's wrong with her. He says she's stuck with him and that he has never felt this way about anyone.

    A New Start

    Monday, March 10 2008

    On the docks, Paloma and Luis confront Noah and Fancy while Pretty sneaks around gloating. Pretty fidgets with the controller trying to figure out how to make it so Luis never wants to be with Fancy again. Noah and Fancy try to explain that they don't know why they keep getting caught together and tell Luis and Paloma that they love them. Paloma and Luis say they don't know if they can trust them and Pretty takes the opportunity to crank up the device in Fancy's head. Pretty wants to make Fancy kill Paloma so she will go to jail. Sheridan walks up and sees Pretty turn the button on the controller. Fancy picks up an oar, which Pretty wants her to repeatedly hit Paloma over the head with, thereby killing her. Fancy walks up behind Noah, Luis and Paloma with the oar, but before Pretty can make Fancy do anything else, Sheridan comes up to Pretty and grabs the controller out of her hand. Sheridan demands to know what it is and Pretty tells her all about the device in Fancy's head and how she can control Fancy's every move. Sheridan says that explains everything, but is appalled. The women fight over possession of the controller and Pretty points out that if Fancy doesn't kill Paloma, neither one of them will have a chance with Luis. Pretty tells Sheridan that if she wants Luis for herself, she will give the controller back.

    What's Your Excuse This Time?

    Wednesday, March 05 2008

    On the docks, Fancy happens upon Noah, who tells her to stay away from him. Fancy doesn't understand, so Noah pulls her aside and tells her he doesn't want anyone to catch them together. Fancy says she doesn't want to cause any problems and she doesn't even remember throwing herself at him. Noah tells her he thinks all the evil in Harmony is controlling her and making her act uncharacteristically. Noah thinks the same thing is happening to him and they commiserate over how they are alienating both Paloma and Luis. They agree to concentrate on their love for Luis and Paloma so nothing can get in their way again. As Noah and Fancy try to figure out what's been happening to them, Pretty walks by and sees them.

    Paloma and Luis walk the docks and Pretty sees them. She gets excited, but worries they will miss seeing Fancy and Noah together. She makes a noise so Paloma and Luis hear it. As the siblings investigate the noise, they see Noah and Fancy hugging. Luis and Paloma wonder what their excuse is for being together this time and Fancy and Noah are speechless. Pretty thinks she should use the controller to make Fancy do something that Luis will never forgive and then she can have him all to herself.

    You're All Crazy!

    Monday, March 03 2008

    Noah enters the Crane kitchen where he finds Paloma. She asks what he's doing there and he says Theresa was his friend too and that he wanted to offer his condolences to her and her family.

    Pilar enters the kitchen as Paloma tells Noah to go away. Paloma leaves the room and Pilar stops Noah from following her. Noah offers his condolences and Pilar says that Paloma seems to be in pain, but if he thinks he's the man who can make her happy then she will do what she can to help him.

    Pilar talks to Paloma about Noah, saying maybe Noah has been telling the truth about him and Fancy. Pilar doesn't want her daughter to spend the rest of her life alone and tells her that Noah loves her. Noah walks up and Paloma agrees to talk to him.

    Noah and Paloma go back to the kitchen and Noah pleads his case again. He tells her love can conquer all and asks her to come back to him.

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