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    Passions CAST - Noah Bennett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Bennett Played by Dylan Fergus on Passions Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Fergus

    Birthday: 1980-01-04
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Dylan Fergus
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Macho Gorilla.

    Monday, June 23 2008

    At Tabitha's, Paloma searches for Roberto in his room before turning to Noah. She's about to slap him, assuming that he killed her former boyfriend. Noah stops her and explains that he didn't kill him, he just yelled at him. Roberto started a fight and then jumped out the window in nothing but a towel. Paloma sticks her head out the window and starts to call for him. No luck. She turns back to Noah. He tells her that Roberto had everything set up to seduce her and he had to do something. "What about me? What about my feelings?" she asks. He assumes she must have feelings for Roberto. She insists they are just friends and she can handle things. She doesn't need him "turning into some macho gorilla". With those words, Noah suddenly does turn into a gorilla. "When I see Roberto sniffing around you, it drives me bananas," he says, scratching himself. Paloma bites her lip. After rubbing her eyes, he turns back into a person. She changes the subject and asks him if they should start looking for somewhere else to live. Noah apologizes if he's overreacted. She agrees that Roberto was out of line. They suddenly take off their clothes and have sex. As they bask in bed, he wonders if he can really leave town and med school behind. She worries about Juanita: She's already killed her sister, aunt and cousins. They hear a noise and become scared. He gets out of bed to check. He looks around with no luck and returns. They talk about love and jump back into bed for another round.

    You Killed Roberto?

    Wednesday, June 18 2008

    "That darling man!" Paloma coos as smells a rose from a box that was sent her. When Noah walks in, she hurries over and thanks him. He's confused he didn't send these long stemmed roses but has a pretty good idea who did: Roberto. He reads the love note that Roberto sent with the flowers. Paloma tells him not to lose his temper. He does. As he rants about Roberto, Paloma tells him again to calm down; Roberto can't help loving her. Noah is too furious and storms off, vowing to kill him. She catches him and reminds him that she loves him, not Roberto. Noah thinks Roberto has been looking for a killing and runs upstairs. Paloma paces and worries that they'll kill each other. She would intercede but is afraid it will only make things worse.

    Upstairs, Noah goes into Roberto's room. He discovers that a romantic dinner has been set up. He begins banging on the bathroom door and calling Roberto to come out. Soon, Paloma can hear what sounds like someone being thrown out the window. She runs upstairs but finds the room trashed and empty with the window open. Noah walks out of the bathroom with a towel on his hand. "You killed Roberto?" she asks.

    The Room Stinks Long After She's Left.

    Wednesday, June 11 2008

    Kay and Miguel meet with Paloma and Noah in the foyer of the mansion. They tell them that Pilar wants to take them all on a trip around the world but they have to get married sooner so they can leave. Noah is all for getting married sooner, but he's about to go to med school and he can't just run off. "There's no time like the present," Kay perkily says, ignoring his concerns. The other couple is still not convinced. Whispering, Kay tells them that Juanita is on the way to town to kill them all. Noah wants to stay and fight, but Miguel tells him to realize that Pilar can't take anyone else getting hurt and they have to do this for her. "I'm not sure," Noah says, refusing to go. "What do you mean you can't leave? We'll be getting buried not married if we stay," Paloma says. Noah is unconvinced. Miguel understands but Kay put some pressure on him that finally convinced him. Noah wonders if Miguel will try putting pressure on him. "No," Miguel says. Now they need to talk to Gwen and Ethan. They turn around and Gwen and Rebecca are standing in the doorway. They ask if Gwen is willing to move up the wedding date. "The sooner the better," Gwen smiles.

    The three couples, and Rebecca, gather in the main room of the mansion. Theresa spies on them as they go over their plans. Paloma walks out into the hall and tells Gertrude the news. "You can't do it... you need to call the whole thing off!" Theresa blurts out, revealing herself to her sister. Paloma faints at the sight of her dead sibling. Noah hurries out and asks Gertrude what happened and why Paloma was mumbling Theresa's name. Theresa covers and Noah runs off for water. Theresa wakes her sister up and they embrace. She begs her sister to stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Gwen tells Rebecca that she caught Ethan going through Theresa's things and found another letter. Rebecca tries to talk her panicking down. Gwen has a strange feeling about that letter. Rebecca offers to get champagne for them all. Gwen spots Ethan holding the letter and tries to distract him from reading it.

    The Lies That Come Out of My Mouth.

    Tuesday, May 13 2008

    Upstairs in Tabitha’s house, Paloma recounts the vision she had of Juanita stabbing Theresa. Noah wonders if it was just her imagination playing tricks on her due to stress. Paloma isn’t sure what happened and Noah thinks she’s making too much out of her vision. Paloma caves and agrees and Noah flirtatiously suggests they find a way to alleviate her stress and they kiss. Noah starts to undress Paloma, but she reminds him they are in his sister’s room. Noah says Kay won’t be back for hours and kisses her again.

    Tabitha sees an image of Noah and Paloma in her book and says that every page in the Book of Disasters is focused on Harmony and notes that Paloma’s vision is of the future. She says if Juanita makes it to Harmony, she will kill everyone in the L-F family, including Paloma. Tabitha sees Noah and Paloma kissing and disgusted, closes the book. She wonders what it is about the couple that bothers her so much and thinks it’s all the gushy romance. She would however like to watch Paloma with Roberto because that would be hot! She recalls an interlude she had with Zorro and then makes herself a drink. The book then starts to spin around, sparking and giving off black smoke. Tabitha is curious to see who the next victim will be and the book shoots a bunch of sparks to the ceiling which makes Tabitha nervous.

    Noah and Paloma kiss, undress and fall back on the bed but the sparks shoot straight through the mattress. Freaked out, they leave the room and run downstairs draped in sheets. Noah demands an explanation and Tabitha just laughs at him, saying the tea he made for Paloma earlier was left over from the Summer of Love in the 60’s and was drugged, so they were just hallucinating. They chastise her for leaving drugged tea around where the kids could get into it and Tabitha assures them she will throw it out. Noah and Paloma head back upstairs and the book starts to spark again. Tabitha says, “Sometimes the lies that come out of my mouth amaze even me.” She thinks Noah shouldn’t worry about the tea so much, but should be concerned about the grim reaper.

    A Beautiful Night For Flying.

    Monday, May 05 2008

    In Tabitha’s living room, Kay cries over her wedding dress going up in flames, Tabitha thinks evil is in Harmony, and Noah and Roberto trade snarky barbs. Kay sees a candlestick and blames Noah for knocking it over when he ran into the room, thereby setting her dress on fire. Noah insists it wasn’t him and Tabitha thinks to herself that it wasn’t Noah’s fault, but the book’s. Kay wants to know why Noah rushed into the room and he says it’s because he saw Paloma and Roberto kissing. Everyone turns to look at Paloma and she tries to explain that she doesn’t know why she kissed him. A cocky Roberto pipes up and says sometimes passion just sweeps you off your feet. Noah puffs up and orders Roberto to meet him outside, but Tabitha stops time before the men can fight. She looks through her book to see what’s supposed to happen and the book starts to bleed and then bubbles. Tabitha thinks she’s got the message loud and clear and restores time, telling the men not to fight in her house. Noah lunges for Roberto, but Miguel pulls him off. Paloma asks Noah to believe that she doesn't know why she was kissing Roberto just like she believed him when he didn’t know why he was with Fancy. Noah comes around and says he trusts her and understands. Roberto glibly tells Noah sometimes old feelings bubble to the surface, but Paloma says she doesn’t have feelings for him. Noah instructs Roberto to stay away from his fiancée or else! Miguel tells Noah to calm down and chalks the kiss up to the weird things that happen in Harmony. He reminds them that they are having a wedding and that they should focus on love. The couples profess their love for each other and Miguel says love will keep them together, just as the book starts throwing objects around the room. Tabitha thinks it’s another sign the marriage is doomed and then the madness stops. Roberto wants to know if the whole town is possessed by demons and Tabitha offers that maybe it was a seismic disturbance, but no one believes her. Everyone helps to clean up Tabitha’s house and Paloma worries the broken mirror she’s sweeping up is seven years bad luck. Noah tries to make her feel better, but Paloma sees an image of Theresa running in a piece of the glass. Paloma cries and says it’s a message from the grave, but no one else can see it. Paloma grows hysterical as she sees Juanita holding a butcher knife over Theresa’s lifeless body.

    Will You Marry Me?

    Wednesday, April 30 2008

    In her living room, Tabitha frets over all the warnings that evil is coming to Harmony. Her book starts to glow and crackle and she hides it when Kay and Paloma enter. Paloma asks for Kay's advice on caring for two men at the same time. Tabitha's book starts to spark and Paloma asks what she has behind her back. Tabitha zaps it out of her hands and says there was nothing. Paloma lets it go and she asks how is she supposed to know what she really feels for Roberto and Noah, as both men enter the room. Pilar pulls Paloma aside and tells her to listen to her heart and it will tell her who to be with. Paloma says she can't get the image of Noah kissing the woman at the Blue Note out of her head. Kay tells her to talk to him about it. Paloma asks Noah to come with her and tells Roberto she will talk to him later.

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